Perkasa “Communists”? The views of “The Others”

21 06 2010


The defunct Malayan Communist Party, headed by the terrorist Chin Peng, was mostly Chinese. The few Malays there were placed in the Committee as stooges to make the appearance of mass appeal as Malays formed the majority of the population. Yet the fellow who wrote the article below implies Perkasa are communists. Saying it jokingly, he says. And presumably “The Others” in Malaysian Insider, which publishes the article, also say so.

These are the kind of “The Others” that are “crazy, ultra kiasu and fanatics of the extreme kind”, to borrow a few of his words. They know the difference between trying to protect our rights (Perkasa) and and trying to encroach upon our rights and keep raising issues (some of “The Others”) pertaining to the Special Position of the Malays which is enshrined in the Constitution. Yet they dong and bong on with their accusations, snide remarks and innuendos. Ha, they’ll even try to make fun of the word “enshrined”. Well, two can play the game.

The Constitution doesn’t even mention the word “Chinese”, not even a single time. They are just referred to as “The Others”. They were given citizenship in consideration for the Malay Special Position being placed in the Constitution. But they always keep asking for more, more and more, without offering anything in return. And grudge at the Malays, try to make fun of the Special Position, the Malays using what they call “Tongkat” (crutches), etc. We will not allow that. We have been pointing out that they have also been using crutches under the British and even earlier, and even now. We will continue to point that out and at the same time justify the affirmative action taken for the Malays.

Here we try to strip them naked (of their narrow, selfish and chauvinist views). Whether successful or not is up to the readers to judge. But like hell we’ll try. We cannot allow them to say whatever they like, as and when they like, and anywhere they like, without being challenged. We, however, are merely trying to get others see the other side of the coin. In the hope of getting a better understanding of the situation among Malaysians and hopefully contribute towards national unity.

1-2 other articles below show the thinking of these chauvinistic, greedy and extremely selfish fellows. And we also print 1-2 articles giving the other side of the story. Let us discuss them as usual.

Readers should read the comments and the replies to them to know the other side of the coin.


Are you communists in disguise?
April 05, 2010

Expert undercover journalism by The Malaysian Insider has uncovered (undercovered?) the shocking and disturbing truth behind what has up to now been seen as a deluded bunch of crazy extremist Malay rights fanatics.

Parkosa, with their silly-looking weapons, skirts and chef hats have for so long been thought of as being so mental that they constitute a genuine threat to the delicate fabric of Malaysia’s soft and silky multicultural society.

But an embedded The Malaysian Insider reporter got so deep inside Parkosa that s/he had to take a two-week crash course with Biro Tata Negara, Malaysia’s best brainwashers, to recover (reundercover?).

This reporter has discovered (disundercovered?) that Parkosa is actually short for Parti Komunis Asia, and are in fact, the continuing legacy of the fiendish Chin Peng and his band of guerrillas who wanted to unite all of Asia under one red flag of equality and fraternity.

“At first, it was all Melayu this and Melayu that. But very soon, I started to discover, I mean, disundercover, that they had strange ideas about who deserved what,” our daring detective detailed during ‘d’ daunting debriefing.

“For example, sometimes you get things like the women’s caucus and Hindraf asking for a larger quota for positions than people who actually want those positions. Now, that makes sense. If you want to be some kind of activist, you need to start from a high bargaining point and negotiate to the level which you actually want,” the courageous covert communicator claimed.

“But Parkosa only want exactly 67 per cent of the pie! Exactly the ratio of Bumiputera in Malaysia!” our fearless fact-finder put forward.

As the debrief went on, it became clear that if Parkosa’s logic held the public imagination, it would not be long before the Chinese would counter-argue that they deserved their ratio too and demand a quota for themselves, thinking it a clever political strategy. So too would the Indians and the “lain-lains”.

“What Parkosa would do obviously, is suddenly accept that it all made sense, and every ethnic group would have its own quota. Then each ethnic group would find its community saying that it would logically follow that each individual deserved an equal share. Hence… communism!” our masquerading mole made manifest.

This shining source of sensation worked his/her way through hundreds of dangdut parties, dikir barat performances, songkok fittings and kain sampin shopping trips to finally eyeball what was in Parkosa Youth chief Armand Karl Zizek’s songkok that kept it so stiff and upstanding all the time!

“It was a copy of Das Kapital!”

An autographed copy of the Red Book, signed “Dear Ibrahim, Always be your Main Mao!” was also spotted in a wardrobe located in the nondescript changing room located at the Parkosa headquarters.

“It was this that really led me to the truth. How can the leader of an apparently feudalistic organisation share his shower with the grassroots membership?” intoned the intrepid investigator.

S/he also added that this was why Parkosa continuously attacked DAP for its social democratic stance.

“What Parkosa believe is that DAP is in fact, a socialist party. So they need to knock DAP off its perch and be the only communist champions in the country. On top of that, all this high-handed nationalism and stupid alliteration with regards to Malaysia, you know, Malaysian Malaysia-la, Middle Malaysia-la, Parkosa hates it because they are for a Pan-Asiatic community,” concluded our charismatic cuckolder.

It is expected that such news would not shock Parkosa patron saint, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed who himself, is a great Asian communalist. It may even be that he was the mastermind behind such a move.

In the same way that Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is being accused of being a Chinese agent, Mahathir himself was bending over backwards for the Japanese when he proposed the East Asia Economic Caucus back in the 1990s. Most recently, he has continued to flirt with the Japanese, asking them to dump the sloppy, McDonald’s-chomping Americans for the svelte and exotic Asians.

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.

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Where is the NEM in the 10th Plan? — Dr Lim Teck Ghee
June 19, 2010

The 10th Malaysia Plan was heavily advertised as the plan that would usher in a new economic era for all Malaysians built on a New Economic Model. The key features of the NEM were:

• Merit and excellence criteria for all implementation decisions and processes,

• Transparency, accountability and integrity as part of normal business practice,

• Dismantling of quotas, preferences, APs, closed tenders and other non-competitive processes.

Now that it is out, I searched in vain for all these criteria and for signs of the major policy reforms that were supposed to be in the pipeline.

Some of the rhetoric remains in the document. There has been a tweaking of strategy here and there. But at the heart of the 10th Plan is still the same model of state-dominated development, and ethnic and crony preference that has driven all the other Malaysia plans.

The New Economic Model had promised that there would be a focus on raising income levels of all disadvantaged and marginalised groups, irrespective of race. The policy would be “market friendly”, “merit-based”, “transparent” and “needs-based”, and would emphasise the bottom 40 per cent of Malaysia’s income strata, whether individually or regionally, according to the prime minister when he first publicly unveiled the NEM.

Clearly, the prime minister has beaten a hasty retreat from the paradigm shift that was promised. What we have with the latest Malaysia Plan is not NEM but the same old economic model.

30 per cent unmoving target

Consider, for example, the 30 per cent Bumiputera corporate equity ownership target which has been the centrepiece of eight previous plans and which resulted in the wrong emphasis on allocation of scarce resources to a privileged and wealthy Malay class and non-Malay cronies. Not only does this target remain but it is being reinforced beyond corporate equity to other properties and business assets.

The mind boggles at the new wealth opportunities created for the Malays — now extended to other Bumiputera and non-Malay elite. Under the earlier NEP-dominated model, much of public monies and resources have ended up in the hands of various distributional coalitions tied up with trusteeship of the NEP and related programmes; namely, political, bureaucratic, military and aristocratic.

These coalitions, although dominated by Umno, the No.1 in the ruling coalition, is to some extent multi-racial, has overlapping membership and is built on an intricate network of convergent interests arising from kinship, business and professional relationships (extending even to multi-racial marriages!)

Trusteeship and control of decision-making has resulted in a very rapid process of wealth accumulation under the control of the Malay elite trustees and managers. These consequences follow from biased decision-making in which private and public brokers and facilitators collude behind the scenes.

Taking advantage of their positions and freed from the rigorous checks and balances necessary to ensure that genuine Bumiputeras and the public interests are fully safeguarded, these groups have been given licence to engage in self-enrichment through rent-seeking behaviour, exaction of high transaction costs and other forms of non-competitive bargains. These coalitions have emerged as the fatal deadweight burden on the Malaysian economy, augmenting its non-competitive aspects.

Tightlipped warning

No evidence has been presented in the 10th Plan that it will not be business as usual for the distributional coalitions. Instead, the highly lucrative divestment, outsourcing and public-private projects that comprise a key component of the plan promise a new bonanza.

It is significant that the normally taciturn Yong Poh Kon, the co-chair of the Special Task Force to Facilitate Business, has seen it fit to warn that “open tenders [are] necessary to get the best deals for the nation or Malaysia would be saddled with high tariffs and fares for many years to come, making it burdensome to users and affecting the competitiveness of the economy

Enter Ibrahim Ali …

The scope for abuse by the distributional coalitions led by Umno and the bureaucracy is compounded by the continuation of the overall ethnic approach to development.

The proponents of the NEM had advocated for the cessation of ethnically-driven policies. They failed to take into consideration the political clout of the Malay hardliners. Led by Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and his patron Dr Mahathir Mohamad, these extremists have reduced the non-ethnic approach largely to platitudes.

When Ibrahim told reporters in Parliament after the unveiling of the 10th Plan that “it was really worth our effort [put into the Bumiputera Economic Congress that voiced their public objection to NEM] and it shows that Prime Minister Najib Razak paid heed to the needs of the Bumiputeras”, he was not boasting. He was merely stating the truth.

Except that Ibrahim missed out mentioning the needs of the Bumiputeras he was allegedly safeguarding were in fact the elite interests.

In an earlier setting when he first floated the NEM, our chameleon prime minister had said: “We risk losing our competitive edge altogether if we do not act quickly to address structural barriers to growth that stand in the way of an effective response to the changing economic environment.”

I guess we will have to wait for the 11th Plan to see if this dismantling of structural barriers will finally take place. By then it may be too late to recover from the tailspin in our economic development. —

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or the publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.


Let’s make Malaysia Boleh a reality — Lim Mun Fah
June 17, 2010

I was away from the country when the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) was unveiled. On my return, I took some time to study the document.

At the first look, the 10MP seems like an excellently packaged master plan with an ambitious magnificent vision for the nation.

An in-depth study of the documents, however, uncovered some fundamental flaws, the most glaring, perhaps, is the conspicuous retention and reiteration of certain racially exclusive policies and programmes.

Another unfortunate weakness is surely the lack of a determined and expeditious practical attempt to liberalise and promote a more open education environment, particularly for Chinese education.

The proposed move to gradually end the overseas scholarship scheme is a regrettable myopic policy, lacking foresight and pragmatic insight.

The failure to accept and accord formal recognition to the Chinese school system’s Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) is certainly unfortunate and regrettable. And, graduates of Chinese independent high schools who wish to join the Chinese teachers training will only be considered if they hold the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

It has been reported that Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had promised to “consider” allowing UEC holders to apply for the Chinese teachers training programme if they have a pass in the SPM Bahasa Malaysia paper.

As a father of three UEC holders, I am extremely disappointed with the government’s lack of firm commitment on the matter. It could only pledge to “consider”, not give an absolute validity, meaning that any application for the Chinese teacher training scheme is dependent on the whim, bias or prejudice of whoever process it.

The federal government has publicly declared that having a multiple-lingual society is an asset in the increasingly competitive and borderless world, but it has not matched such an acknowledgement with affirmative concrete measures.

For decades, Chinese independent school-leavers have been marginalised and left on the periphery of the nation-building process, the conspicuous lack of Chinese in the civil service being a very glaring example.

However, the majority of these Chinese independent school leavers have been unfazed by the adverse situation and are able to overcome the unfavourable circumstance that hinders their progress and advancement, becoming shining examples of skilful, productive citizens in their various professional fields. All on their own efforts, too.

The UEC is recognised and accepted as an admission qualification by the top universities in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and many leading universities of the world, including those ranked among the top 100 and even top 10 in Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Yet, the sad irony is that our own motherland, Malaysia, does not grant recognition to the UEC whose standard is comparable to or even better than most high school qualifications in most of the top schools in the world.

The Chinese community is deeply disappointed and disheartened with such an unreasonable and unjust national education policy, which alienates those who study at the Chinese independent schools.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese independent school-leavers are asking the same lamentable sorrowful question: “I love my motherland, but does my motherland love me?”

It is certainly unpleasant for the federal government to hear this, but as long as the status of Chinese independent schools and the UEC are not accepted and recognised, as long as matters like the development, teachers and relocation of Chinese schools are not resolved, the issue of Chinese education will forever be the grindstone hanging from the neck of the Barisan Nasional (BN).

If the 10MP is an opportunity for Malaysia to take its first step towards the reform and regeneration of the nation, then all discriminatory and unjust policies must be removed, with the disambiguation of the government agenda undertaken to define and make clear the meaning, purpose and actions of the government.

The fundamental objective must be the elimination of racial exclusivity from the administration and operation of the governing process, with the recognition, acceptance, and promotion of the pluralistic lifestyle and the democratic ideals in our multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation being made the norm.

Let us think and strive with a broad, open heart to make Malaysia a great nation where everyone, irrespective of colour, creed, culture or class, will find a comfortable personal niche and enjoy to the fullest the resources and benefits of the motherland.

Malaysia Boleh? —

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or the publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.


Kedudukan Melayu berterusan dipersoal — Rejal Arbee
June 17, 2010

Dalam tempoh sebulan dua ini akhbar berbahasa Cina, iaitu Sin Chew Jit Poh, China Press dan Nanyang Siang Pau senada mempersoalkan kedudukan Melayu yang dikatakan mendapat segala keistimewaan hingga menjejas kedudukan bukan Melayu khususnya Cina.

Boleh dikatakan setiap hari ada saja makalah atau surat yang berterusan menimbulkan isu bagaimana Cina, terutama dianak tirikan walaupun kerajaan berterusan melaungkan slogan 1 Malaysia.

Jadi pada mereka ini, apakah 1 Malaysia itu bermakna Melayu harus ketepikan kedudukan mereka, walaupun ia termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan? Sesiapa saja yang cuba mempertahankan kedudukan yang dijamin Perlembagaan itu adalah pelampau?

Maka itulah, apabila Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak menyebut matlamat memperjuangkan Melayu dapat menguasai 30 peratus daripada ekonomi negara pun, akhbar Cina ini mempersoalkannya.

Dipersoalkan juga kenapa mahu berterusan dengan dasar diskriminasi begini? Tetapi apakah matlamat supaya orang Melayu menguasai 30 peratus ekonomi negara ini pun mahu dipertikaikan? Yang salahnya kerajaan terlalu konservatif menetapkan hanya 30 peratus, walaupun jumlah Melayu dalam negara ini sudah mencecah 60 peratus.

Akhbar itu juga mempersoalkan hasrat kerajaan hendak menambahkan hartanah kepunyaan Bumiputera, meningkatkan teknologi usahawan Bumiputera, mengembangkan jumlah usahawan Bumiputera serta mengambil profesional Bumiputera secara keseluruhan kononnya sebagai tidak senada dengan semangat Model Baru Ekonomi.

Kononnya ini bercanggah dengan hasrat awal hendak mengutamakan keberkesanan kemajuan ekonomi tanpa menghiraukan bangsa. Inilah sikap mereka yang tidak senang dengan usaha untuk mengurangkan jurang perbezaan pendapatan antara kaum.

Dilihat pendapatan isi rumah Melayu dengan pendapatan isi rumah kaum India pun, orang Melayu masih ketinggalan, jangan kata hendak dibandingkan dengan pendapatan isi rumah orang Cina. Anehnya kebanyakan tulisan yang dimuatkan itu disebut sebagai tidak semestinya mencerminkan pandangan akhbar terbabit. Sungguh mudah untuk berselindung.

Maka tidak menghairankan kenapa timbul suara dalam akhbar Melayu apa lagi yang orang Cina mahu? Ini juga sudah pun dijawab beberapa orang Cina tertentu dan juga akhbar Cina. Mereka mahu kuota di institut pengajian tinggi awam (IPTA) dihapuskan, biasiswa diberi mengikut kelayakan dan merit, tempat lebih banyak dalam perkhidmatan kerajaan, kenapa syarikat Cina saja dikehendaki juga dipegang 30 peratus Melayu, kontrak kerajaan jangan diberikan kepada Melayu saja.

Dengan itu Melayu sendiri sudah berasa amat gelisah dan tidak sedap hati dan berfikir apakah selama ini Cina dipinggirkan? Sebenarnya semua sepatutnya melihat persoalan ini secara rasional dan tidak harus digembar-gemburkan seolah-olah orang Melayu begitu ekstrem sekali hingga menyekat kedudukan masyarakat Cina.

Apa sebenarnya kedudukan mereka sekarang? Apa sebab Melayu masih mempertikaikan apa yang disuarakan orang Cina ini dan kenapa kini ada di kalangan Melayu memberi reaksi dengan menubuhkan Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa).

Tetapi dalam pada itu, penubuhan Perkasa juga tidak disenangi orang Cina kononnya mereka ini memperjuangkan keadaan yang mana bukan Melayu akan berterusan dipinggirkan hingga ada yang mengandaikannya sebagai satu perjuangan Quixotic, yang sia-sia seperti Mat Jenin, dengan mengambil cerita klasik Sepanyol, Don Quixote yang banyak berangan-angan tidak munasabah.

Sebenarnya, Melayu sendiri tidak pula mempertikaikan penubuhan pelbagai pertubuhan Cina, iaitu pelbagai Dong yang begitu lantang memperjuangkan kedudukan sekolah Cina dan lain-lainnya. Dalam pada itu, pertubuhan itu memberi gambaran orang Cina sepatutnya memasuki sekolah Cina saja.

Mereka ini seolah-olah tidak mahu wujudnya pergaulan antara kaum di sekolah. Sememangnya sekarang ini sudah tidak wujud lagi pergaulan sihat antara anak Melayu dan anak Cina khususnya apabila dilihat kedudukan jumlah murid di sekolah kebangsaan mengikut kaum. Jika ini berterusan apa akan jadi kepada negara ini?

Terakhir timbul pula soal kerajaan mahu semua peruncit yang menjual tiga barangan kawalan, gula, tepung dan minyak masak, dilesenkan yang dianggap sebagai sengaja mahu menyusahkan peruncit yang kebanyakannya terdiri daripada Cina. Mereka ini mempertikaikan keputusan Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan.

Ini disambut persatuan peruncit yang mengarahkan semua ahlinya memboikot jualan gula, tepung dan minyak masak. Ini pun sudah dijadikan suatu hal perkauman.

Dalam pada itu, wujud pula ancaman daripada mereka ini bahawa Cina tidak lagi akan mengundi BN pada pilihan raya akan datang sekiranya kerajaan berterusan hendak mensyaratkan mereka mempunyai lesen jualan barangan itu.

Mereka berkata, ini akan hanya menyusahkan peruncit dan pegawai penguat kuasa kementerian berkaitan akan mengganggu mereka serta memberikan satu lagi jalan untuk rasuah. Sebenarnya ini tidak akan berlaku sekiranya peruncit benar-benar patuh dengan soal tidak menyorok barang atau melakukan yang bertentangan peraturan.

Apa pun sasaran mereka ialah mempersoalkan kehendak Melayu juga diberi peluang untuk menguasai 30 peratus daripada ekonomi negara ini, tidak tepat. Apa yang sepatutnya mereka persoal dan perjuangkan ialah menghapuskan sistem patronage dan kroni di mana syarikat yang tidak layak diberi kontrak atau di mana yang mendapat kontrak mengagihkannya (beri kontrak (sub) projek itu kepada kontraktor lain) dengan mengambil komisyen saja.

Ini tentunya akan menyebabkan kerja yang dilaksanakan tidak menepati mutu dikehendaki. Misalnya apabila sesuatu kontrak bernilai RM100 juta diberikan kepada kontraktor yang tidak layak menerimanya, dia akan subkontrakkan kerja itu kepada kontraktor lain dengan harga yang lebih murah, iaitu harga setelah ditolak komisyennya mungkin sehingga 20 peratus.

Maka projek yang sepatutnya bernilai RM100 juta kini dilaksanakan sebagai sebuah projek bernilai RM80 juta saja. Jadi bagaimana hendak menjamin projek yang berkualiti? Maka itulah timbul pelbagai kejadian di mana projek apabila siap ada saja masalahnya.

Sistem patronage inilah yang sepatutnya dihapuskan dan yang orang Cina juga patut perjuangkan. Sistem ini sepatutnya sudah dihapuskan dan kontrak sedemikian dilaksanakan secara terbuka dan telus. Demikian juga pemberian kontrak sepatutnya diberikan kepada yang layak dan yang boleh melaksanakan sesuatu projek itu dengan baik dan dengan mutu seperti mana diharapkan. — Berita Harian


Memperkasa Melayu hadapi tuntutan, asakan — Ruslan Kasim
June 10, 2010

Pada zaman Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang, permasalahan orang Melayu tidak begitu kompleks. Kehidupan mereka seadanya. Sembang-sembang politik tidaklah mendalam dan mendasar. Kehidupan harian sangat sederhana dan berligar di sekitar empat penjuru tiang halaman rumah masing-masing.

Tetapi, orang Melayu tahu menilai maruah dan harga diri. Tidak ada yang lebih dipelihara melainkan soal maruah, harga diri dan air muka. Maruah adalah segala-galanya bagi bangsa Melayu.

Banyak peristiwa “amuk Melayu” berlaku sejak tahun 1944 yang dipimpin oleh Kiyai Salleh sehinggalah kes Natrah pada awal tahun 1950-an di Singapura dan tragedi berdarah 13 Mei 1969 membuktikan pemilikan bangsa Melayu pantang diusik atau diganggu gugat oleh sesiapapun, apatah lagi daripada anasir-anasir luar lingkungan bangsa Melayu sendiri.

Soal agama dengan segala bidang dan institusinya, bahasa, hak-hak yang terkanun dan tidak terkanun, institusi Raja yang berdaulat, norma-norma sosial bangsa Melayu yang begitu halus mengakar pada adat dan budayanya serta perkara-perkara lain yang dianggap sinonim dengan persoalan maruah bangsa tidak boleh dilanggar dan dipalit oleh sesiapapun.

Kesemua perkara ini juga termaktub kemas di dalam Watikah Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu yang dimeterai pada 31 Ogos 1957.

Pada peringkat awal kemasukan kaum- kaum pendatang ke Tanah Melayu dahulu, tidak banyak berlaku pergeseran kaum dan pencerobohan hak-hak orang Melayu kerana mereka tahu menjaga batas dan menghormati orang-orang Melayu.

Ia wujud mungkin kerana pada waktu itu mereka terpaksa menumpukan perhatian kepada soal-soal asasi seperti mendapatkan tempat tinggal, mengembangkan perniagaan dan terbukanya peluang dominasi ekonomi di wilayah baru (tentunya dengan perancangan dan bantuan pihak Inggeris), masalah kewarganegaraan, akomodasi dalam arus politik perdana Tanah Melayu, ketakutan mereka untuk pulang ke China akibat suasana politik di sana yang lebih menekan dan tidak menentu membuatkan mereka melihat Tanah Melayu lubuk yang lebih selesa bagi mengaut untung.

Namun, senario itu berubah setelah mereka memperoleh hak kerakyatan, pegangan ekuiti dan pemilikan sumber ekonomi yang semakin mencengkam, perkara-perkara tersurat dalam Perlembagaan yang boleh diberikan tafsiran semula dan dieksploitasi untuk lebih menghimpit orang Melayu serta beberapa perkara lain membuka ruang untuk mereka menangguk di air yang keruh.

Agenda menggoncang sendi-sendi bangsa Melayu dapat dilihat pada gelagat Lee Kuan Yew dan disemarakkan lagi dengan kenyataan Dr Tan Chee Koon (pada waktu itu beliau memimpin Parti Buruh) yang mengkritik kerajaan tentang rancangan pendidikan dan sikap berat sebelah yang kononnya memberi kelebihan kepada anak-anak Melayu, tentang Maktab Mara dan sebagainya.

Pendekatan yang agak komunal dengan mengemukakan statistik yang tidak tepat (perbandingan di antara pelajar Melayu dengan bukan Melayu dalam kursus-kursus profesional di IPTA ) bukan saja boleh menimbulkan dan membakar semangat kebencian antara kaum, bahkan ia boleh juga disifatkan sebagai jenayah politik yang sangat merbahaya pada waktu itu.

Khir Johari yang pada masa itu menerajui Kementerian Pelajaran menjawab tuduhan dan tohmahan tersebut dengan kata-kata beliau, “Sebahagian besar daripada mahasiswa Universiti Malaya dan Maktab Teknik adalah keturunan Cina dan tiap-tiap orang mendapat subsidi daripada kerajaan. Begitulah juga dengan Sekolah Tinggi Chung Ling Pulau Pinang yang mempunyai 3,500 orang murid dan 100 peratus terdiri daripada murid-murid Cina yang mendapat bantuan penuh dari kerajaan. Sekolah-sekolah lain seperti Victoria Institution, St John, MBS di Kuala Lumpur, St Michael dan ACS di Ipoh dan Penang Free School, kebanyakan muridnya terdiri daripada murid-murid Cina”.

Sementara itu, Tunku Abdul Rahman yang sangat kecewa dengan sikap kaum imigran yang menyerlahkan tindak-tanduk seperti “kacang lupakan kulit” pula memberikan kenyataan berikut: “Membina universiti Cina bererti menegakkan sesuatu yang sentiasa mengingatkan orang-orang Cina akan sifat Cina mereka dan bukan sebagai orang-orang Malaysia.” Namun seperti biasa, jawapan dan kenyataan itu bagi mereka tidak cukup kuat untuk tidak mengizinkan kaum mereka menentukan dasar pelajaran sendiri.

Selepas terkeluarnya Singapura dari Tanah Melayu, pergolakan politik semakin kritikal khususnya setelah pihak pembangkang yang diterajui oleh beberapa parti politik bukan Melayu mendapat kejayaan di luar dugaan semasa Pilihan Raya Umum 1969 hingga akhirnya membawa kepada berlakunya tragedi berdarah 13 Mei, 1969 akibat reaksi keterlaluan dan di luar batas kesopanan yang ditunjukkan oleh para pengikut mereka.

Setelah PAP menutup bukunya di Malaysia, DAP mengambil alih tugas sacred mission PAP dalam meneruskan perjuangan meleburkan benteng dan meranapkan kewibawaan bangsa Melayu dengan melontarkan gagasan Malaysian Malaysianya untuk mewujudkan padang yang “sama rata”.

Persoalannya apakah perubahan sikap dan pendirian kaum imigran terhadap orang Melayu itu menjadi bertambah baik dan usaha pemupukan perpaduan kaum meningkat? Apa yang nyata ialah asakan dan tuntutan mereka semakin menjadi-jadi serta menampakkan kegilaan yang sukar dibendung, apatah lagi warna perkauman DAP terutamanya, yang amat pekat itu kini dicairkan oleh penglibatan dan sokongan sebilangan orang Melayu yang lupa di mana bumi dipijak dan tempat langit dijunjung. — Utusan Malaysia





35 responses

21 06 2010

The fellow saying Perkasa communist is he a communist himself?

What warped thinking, what demented mind, what a stupid joke.

22 06 2010
SSS Admin


Aside from a bad joke, the writer and the Malaysian Insider Admin concerned do reflect a communist mentality. Communist terrorists in Malaya/ Malaysia had all along been planting the seeds of dislike, hate, ill will and friction among the populace. They irritate and instigate. They always try to instill fear, alarm and despondency because they then can exploit the situation to their advantage. They don’t mind, even want, anarchy and instability. They thrive under those conditions. They terrorize. Then they claim to be the saviour of the people and offer salvation here and there.

The writer appears to be doing these. Abetted by the blog Admin fellow(s). For the purpose of furthering their own agenda, declared or otherwise. We must not have communists and communist-minded people in this country. There were such minded people during the period prior to the outbreak of racial riots in 1969. A few might well have participated in the election victory celebration that led to the clashes. Indeed it had been mentioned by people occasionally in the past. We need sane, mutually respectful and peace loving citizens for long-term peace and security in this country.

21 06 2010
Anak Jantan

My goodness me, do these people seriously think it possible the 30% corporate wealth target could be lowered? Do they think the Malays will accept anything less? And not yet counting other forms of wealth.

They’ve got the bloody cheek to think so, don’t they? They should be sent to Papua New Guinea and eaten up by the cannibals there. Their hearts, their brains and their balls.

22 06 2010
SSS Admin

Anak Jantan,

These unreasonable people forget or choose not to remember that they also had affirmative action for them that enabled them to progress well ahead of the others. Here are examples of where the Chinese have used the Tongkat or crutches in the past, right up to the present:

1. Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim lent some of them money and made tin mining land available to start mining operations in Larut, Perak in the latter part of the 19th Cntury

2. The British colonial masters gave them mining licenses, mining land leases, licenses to run lotteries (easy money, no blood sweat and tears) throughout British colonial history in this country. No competition, no tender, especially for lotteries where Muslims are not allowed to engage in

3. The Malaysian Government gave

a. Robert Kuok the monopoly to import and to refine sugar for a long time and he became known as the sugar king and grew to be a billionaire

b. Banking licenses on no-tender basis since the time of Tengku A Rahman. Just look at the number of Chinese-owned banks operating in the country now. Were there any tenders for the issue of such licenses?

c. Licenses to operate lotteries like Sports Toto and Empat Nombor Ekor. Were there any tenders for the issue for such licenses? The Muslims would of course not bid, but wouldn’t the Indians and others not be interested? It cannot be said that others had no capability of running such operations when there was no pre-qualification exercise to determine such. Ananda Krishnan never had the experience of operating satellite TV but he succeeded in doing so from scratch and is now a billionaire.

There’s a long list of such Tongkats being given and used by the Chinese. It is nonsensical and plainly unfriendly for them to mock and ridicule the Malays for getting affirmative action. It has been pointed out that even the Chinese in mainland China had affirmative action and quotas. The Manchu Emperors gave the southerners 25% quota for places in the civil service as they were deemed the disadvantaged compared to the northerners. The Chinese in this country should know that as their forefathers came from southern China. They should be reasonable and respect the Constitution for long term unity in this country.

21 06 2010

Kominis kepala hotak dia. Orang macam tu patut dihantor ke Betong selatan Siam suruh diam dalam hutan sama Chin Peng. Cilaka punya orang.

22 06 2010
SSS Admin


Orang yang mahu mengetawakan kumpulan yang hanya mahu mempertahankan hak dan memajukan kepentingan bangsanya memang tidak berhati perut. Mereka rasis jika tidak mahukan Melayu maju sehingga jurang perbezaan ekonomi dan pelajaran Melayu dengan Cina dirapatkan. Mereka tidak ta’at setia kapada negara jika tidak menghormatkan Perlembagaan negara. Mereka tidak wajar menganggap diri mereka rakyat jika tidak menerima Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang timbul dari Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. Sebab Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu itu adalah balasan bagi kerakyatan mereka.

Selagi jurang perbezaan itu tidak dirapatkan selagi itulah rasa iri hati, tidak puas hati akan berterusan. Kita perlu bersatu padu bagi keamanan dan kemakmuran negara yang berterusan. Mereka yang tidak mahu ini berlaku tidak dialu-alukan dinegara ini dan boleh diam bersama Chin Peng jika Kerajaan Siam membenarkan.

21 06 2010

Imagine a PhD being against the NEP on grounds of cronyism, elitism, etc. Where does he put his analytical brain, if he has one at times like this writing.

He can’t see the bush for the trees. If you are against the elite benefiting, you condemn the NEP implementation, not the concept, man. Or you are among the “chauvinistic, greedy and extremely selfish” fellows who grudge the Malay Special Position and want more, more and more, without offering anything in return?

Lu tatak baca Perlembagaan ka? Atak Per 153 Mulayu lapat Special Position lu olang lapat kelakyatan lor.

22 06 2010

I’m happy to read him say “They (NEM people) failed to take into consideration the political clout of the Malay hardliners. Led by Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and his patron Dr Mahathir Mohamad, these extremists have reduced the non-ethnic approach largely to platitudes.”

I don’t like him call Ibrahim Ali, TDM and others extremists. But it’s good that he knows these people have “political clout”.

23 06 2010
SSS Admin


Extremists, the PhD guy says. This sort of word and unjustifiable labeling comes out from the limited confines of his brain. We note that not all PhDs (Doctors of Philosophy) are philosophical or put deep thoughts into their words or are humble such that they think fully before they say, or try to justify offensive words they use so that what they say doesn’t become shitted by readers and the public at large.

How can defending one’s right and promoting one’s interests be extreme? It’s not robbing from anybody or taking what one group has and giving it to another. And, contrary to the opinion of the misled, the Chinese are not the largest tax payer in the country; Ministry of Finanace or Inland Revenue figures show that the Chinese pay only about 30% tax, the Government Linked Companies (GLCs) pay 40% (the largest tax payer), the rest paid by Malays and others including foreigners. The Chinese appear to have the largest income in the country but how much dodging from paying tax practiced by them is quite another matter.

But questioning the New Economic Policy which is derived from the Malay Special Position is extreme. It’s even seditious as the Malay Special Position is in the list of matters protected under the Sedition Act. Being in control of the economy in practically all aspects, having tremendous wealth as a community, yet denying the right of the majority Malays who have been left far behind by 80 years of British colonial rule – these are extremists of the worst kind. The political party said to have a manifesto of ridding the Malay right if they come into power is not only extremist and seditious, they are also the dangerous kind and those responsible should be hauled into jail or detention. That kind will cause another racial riot like in 1969 if allowed free rein in this country.

22 06 2010
SSS Admin


The man was expecting merit-based policies, the dismantling of quotas, preferences, APs, closed tenders and such. All these are against the interest of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who have been left far behind economically and educationally. One would have expected a PhD scholar to understand and accept the Social Contract, the relevant articles of the Constitution that embodies elements of the Social Contract. One would have thought that he is broad-minded enough to know that, while the Chinese have had their Tongkat as has been explained here earlier, and that the Chinese have been controlling the economy, for the sake of long-term peace and prosperity in this country, the huge economic and educational imbalance between the Malays and the Chinese must be corrected.

It appears that the man is not broad-minded enough. It seems that he is not even educated enough. With a PhD, he should be using his power of analysis on what needs to be done to bring about unity in this country. Surely not the asking for the structure for affirmative action be dismantled? Surely not expecting that the Malays compete on an uneven playing field?

He should be researching facts and figures on the wealth of the Chinese compared to the Malays and the others in all aspects of economic activity and show which aspects are already satisfactory and which are not. He should be digging at figures on Chinese professionals in the various professions compared to the Malays and then argue which professions are already satisfactorily represented by the Malays. Then there will be meaningful discussion. Or even dig up figures on the so-called brain or investment drain. Then argue how and why they badly affect the economy of the country or retard its growth. What a waste of talent (if it is one, anyway) and column space.

22 06 2010

The Dr was complaining about “the wrong emphasis on allocation of scarce resources to a privileged and wealthy Malay class and non-Malay cronies”. He is not hitting at the policy per se.

He said it is now “extended to other Bumiputera and non-Malay elite … public monies and resources have ended up in the hands of various distributional coalitions tied up with trusteeship of the NEP and related programmes; namely, political, bureaucratic, military and aristocratic.” He is concerned about the “genuine Bumiputeras” and asks for checks and balances to ensure “that genuine Bumiputeras and the public interests are fully safeguarded”.

23 06 2010
SSS Admin


As shown in the comments on this Lim Teck Gee man and the replies to those comments, he is saying more than just hittimg at the method of implementation of the New Economic Pplicy (NEP). His opening statement itself is telling. He was expecting those facilities and the infrastructure for affirmative action to be removed from the New Economic Model (NEM). We have no problem at all about justifiable comments on the methods of implementation as we, too, would like a fair spread of the benefits of the NEP.

But the elements of the NEP should be in the NEM in order to redress the huge imbalance in the economic and educational situation between the majority Malays and the minority Chinese. We are repeating the words majority and minority in order to emphasise the severity of the problem. That serious imbalance has been the latent or underlying cause for the racial riots of 1969. The rowdy and rude actions displayed during election victory parade around the Malay area of Kampong Bahru merely acted as sparks that ignited the tension, discontentment, grudges and frustration that have been building since independence whence the Malays got better education and realise their sad predicament in their own country, especially having agreed to citizenship being given to non-Malays most of whom are Chinese – that which made the 80% size of Malay citizens to 60% now.

There must be reasonableness on the part of everybody for long-term peace and security in this country and those asking for more must take into account not only of the Malay Special Position but also their predicament being relatively backward in this country and not having a culture of profit-taking, doing business and wealth accumulation, starting to learn to do it only under the NEP about 40 years ago. The Chinese have been at it since time immemorial, helped by the British and also given the Tongkat by the independent Malayan and, later, Malaysian Governments, as has been pointed out earlier on.

22 06 2010

Saya sokong pendapat Rejal Arbee “Yang salahnya kerajaan terlalu konservatif menetapkan hanya 30 peratus, walaupun jumlah Melayu dalam negara ini sudah mencecah 60 peratus.”

Kalau diaorang tak habis habis mempertikaikan matlamat DEB, memang wajar kita minta lebih. Supaya diaorng sedar Melayu sangat berpatutan, diaorang melampau. Semua orang mesti sedar matlamat dulu 30% itu hanya dalam bidang korporat, tidak masuk lain lain aspek kekayaan.

23 06 2010
SSS Admin


Memang sudah ada yang minta lebih dari 30%. Banyak juga yang menyarankan setahap peratus Melayu sebagai penduduk Malaysia, ia-itu 60%. Ketua Pemuda UMNO pada satu masa dahulu berkata diperhimpunan Pemuda bahawa, jika mereka bisingkan angka 30%, kita minta 70%. Tetapi dia mungkin mengikut bapak mertuanya yang memimpin secara “flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy”, kata Tun Dr Mahathir.

kita perlu ingat bahawa 30% itu hanya dibidang ekuiti korporat. Belom disebut bidang-bidang perniagaan lain, saperti harta tanah, harta bangunan-bangunan komersial. Hanya Kg Bahru tinggal kepunyaan Melayu dikota Kuala Lumpur sekarang. Itu pun pentadbiran DS Najib mahu beri 40% dari 80 ekar yang dibawah nama Kerajaan kapada bukan Melayu. Sudah disebut Menteri Wilayah minggu lalu. Kita mesti bantah dan laungkan bantahan kita. Dan mula desakkan peratus kekayaan yang sesuai dibidang lain ekonomi negara. Ingat, China menguasai ekonomi negara hampir didalam semua aspek. Bila kita dapat capai matlamat-matlamat tersebut, mereka akan masih lagi menguasai ekonomi negara. Tetapi sekurang-kurangnya jurang perbezaan diantara kita dan Cina akan berkurangan. Diharap itu akan mendorong kapada rasa lega sedikit pada orang Melayu dan membawa kapada suasana harmoni dinegara ini.

23 06 2010
Will the real phd please stand up?

Haiyaaaa… that “Dr.” is a typical SJKC-educated pseudo-intellectual lah, like that “economist” Tony Pua. The lace their bullshit with bombastic words to impress the naive but upon further inspection you’ll find their analysis fatally flawed. Itu semua style anwar ibrahim, tapi anwar buduh sikit belajaq tak pandai masa degree pun. I say we should close down these kilang-kilang jenis haram so that we wont have anymore phonies.

23 06 2010
SSS Admin

Will the real phd please stand up?,

It is believed that by and large the products of Chinese schools continue to have inward-looking and non-mainstream views through their adult lives as well. It is the seclusion from mainstream society, the values they are instilled with during their formative years, the kind of people they associate with in school and thereafter. Even those who attend national schools after their primary years tend to group among themselves, developing inferiority complex of sorts due to poor BM and English communication skills. Many simply find a cultural shock because of hardly mixing with non-Chinese in primary school. Those attending Chinese middle schools (secondary level) of course continue to mix only with Chinese until 17 years old and are likely to do so after that as well.

Non-mainstream in views is one thing. But being anti-Malay is another. That manifests itself in non-acceptance of the Social Contract, non-respect for Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays, criticism against the New Economic Policy which is derived from that Special Position. They go to the extent of opposing Perkasa and the 76 Malay NGOs, Gertak and the 58 Malay NGOs of Trengganu, ridiculing them, even spinning the attendance figures of the Melayu Bangkit Rally in Kuala Trengganu last Monday. Yet those organisations merely want to protect Malay rights and promote Malay interests, never talking about taking anything owned by the Chinese to be given to Malays.

This situation is not healthy for racial harmony in the country and racial polarisation has been increasing since the days of the “flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” administration of Tun Abdullah which hardly did anything to check such criticisms and at times they were even seditious. Unfortunately, the present administration has not shown much difference in that respect, apparently in the attempt to regain the 2008 run-away votes of the Chinese, no matter what.

There is a strong need for firm and resolute leadership to tackle the many ills in the country now. Let us keep urging those responsible and those having a say in the selection of leaders to to find and act towards that objective. For so long as that doesn’t happen, it would be extremely difficult to expect the closing down of such “kilang-kilang” by merging them with the national schools. We must have a single-stream education system to bring about changes in the direction of racial harmony and national unity in the country.

23 06 2010

The writer speaks about “the conspicuous retention and reiteration of certain racially exclusive policies and programmes … a more open education environment, particularly for Chinese education.’ When the Government reacted, he cries baby, saying “The proposed move to gradually end the overseas scholarship scheme is a regrettable myopic policy, lacking foresight and pragmatic insight.” As if only he and the likes of him have foresight. His may be foresight but squinted, not looking at the need for national unity and respect for the Constitution.

As has been said often by others, they always want more, more and more. DS Najib has allowed vernacular schools to continue with Mandarin and Tamil as medium of instruction, gave financial grants to Chinese schools, allowed the Chinese schools to have a different syllabus and a lower standard of pass for Bahasa Malaysia. Now they want the Chinese school system’s Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) to be recognized. Now they accuse the Government all sorts, including bias, prejudice and marginalization, for their misfortune arising from decisions of their own choice. Isn’t that being unreasonable?

They devised their own system of grading qualifications from the non-recognised Chinese schools. Not satisfied with being recognised and accepted as an admission qualification by some universities in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore as claimed, they want more and more. They want the whole education policy of Malaysia revamped to suit their preferences. Never mind the Constitution Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia. Isn’t that being unreasonable?

Then comes the statement: “I love my motherland, but does my motherland love me?” Have they a clue about what loving my country entails? It is certainly not just saying so or shouting it out or paying tax. Do they know the criteria used for love of country? Let alone “love” or patriotism, what just “being loyal” to country is? These are people who say: Give me what I want, then only I’ll give what the country wants. Instead of the other way round. Do they think about respecting the Constitution and living by it as a prerequisite for loyalty to the country? When will they realize that having schools with Mandarin as the medium of instruction is contrary to Article 152 of the Constitution?

Sin Chew, Nanyang Siang Pau, Malaysian Insider and others often express those kinds of attitudes. Obviously many belong to the opposition camp, especially the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” crowd. This writer says “the issue of Chinese education will forever be the grindstone hanging from the neck of the Barisan Nasional (BN).” As if Chinese schools will be forever in this country, in complete disregard of the Constitution, when Mandarin can be learnt in national schools as an elective subject. The time will come when a strong and assertive leadership emerges and will enforce the Constitutional provisions fully.

24 06 2010
SSS Admin


The matter of reasonableness (patut) is indeed important to the Malays. It is an intrinsic part of Malay psyche. As has been pointed out in the comments to the previous post, reasonableness is one of the inherent characteristics of the average Malay. Looked at from the angle of business and wealth accumulation, it may even be a weakness. They, as a civilization, applied that to all aspects of their dealings, including trading – the traditional barter trade was based purely on that reasonableness. The exchange of goods, which were mainly their daily necessities and not for long-term use, was based on what was perceived as reasonable. There was no measure by way of kati, pounds or kilos. There was no value attached like yuan, dollars and cents until modern Malay history when duit, sen and ringgit came into being. There was no element of making “profit” and wealth accumulation in such “transactions” at all.

In modern times, such Malay reasonableness was reflected in politics as well. It meant accomodation, give and take though of late it lacks a two-way street. Tengku A Rahman was very accomodating, agreed to citizenship for the non-Malays to the extent that, as Tun Dr Mahathir said, the Malays constituting 80% of the rakyat pre-Merdeka was reduced to 60% with the non-Malays being given citizenship after Merdeka. Hence many non-Malays loved TAR and not quite TDM who rebelled and was thrown out of UMNO at that time. Lee Kuan Yew was at first shocked but later was very grateful to TAR for giving him Singapore free of charge. And LKY was one of those who knew the Malay sense of reasonableness and tried to exploit it to the fullest with his so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan until he and Singapore was “kicked out of Malaysia” in 1965. The DAP picked up the slogan and carried on exploiting the Malay sense of reasonableness. It has appeared that the likes of MCA Youth has been following that – MCA a member of BN yet publicly seen opposing some of BN policies.

All of these have led to a growing sense of uneasiness among the Malays. Reasonableness, like freedom has its limits. Perkasa and the 76 NGOs, Gertak and the 58 Trengganu NGOs have begun to feel so and expressed themselves at rallies and roadshows. They are still reflecting the sense of reasonableness, though. They are merely asking the Government to protect Malay rights and promote Malay interests, nothing like taking anything from others and so on.

We must have reasonableness among all Malaysian citizens in the interest of goodwill, harmony and peace in the long term.

24 06 2010

Bukan kah Melayu sudah banyak sangat berpatutan? Tidak kah sudah berlebihan?

Se liberal-liberal Tengku A Rahman, dia sedar “Membina universiti Cina bererti menegakkan sesuatu yang sentiasa mengingatkan orang-orang Cina akan sifat Cina mereka dan bukan sebagai orang-orang Malaysia”, saperti katanya, yang ditulis Ruslan Kasim itu.

Tapi kenapa dibuat jugak? Kenapa sekolah Cina dibiarkan? Malah digalakkan dengan bantuan wang dsbnya?

23 06 2010

tuan ruslan kassim

saya tak pandai cakap …. tak pandai tulis …. cuma nak kata tolong tulis selalu. … …………bagi diaorang tau jangan hina kita … jangan nak ambik tempat kita dinegara ini. .. dia dok ditempat yang patut…..

dan jangan nak cubit hak kita.

23 06 2010

bro, dorang bukan cubit jer, direntap terus tanpa belas kasihan, tak terasa ke???

24 06 2010
SSS Admin


Disini, dan pada umumnya, tidak penting pandai bercakap atau menulis. Yang penting adalah perasaan dihati sanubari kita, sama ada kita sedarkan pergolakan negara, mahukan kemajuan, pentingkan keseimbangan diantara bangsa bagi mendapatkan harmoni dan persepaduan negara.

Kaum Melayu jauh ketinggalan dibelakang kaum Cina yang minoriti tetapi mengusai ekonomi negara ini hampir didalam semua aspek. Melayu yang dibiarkan penjajah British dalam rangka dasar mereka mahukan Melayu terus sebagai peladang tanam padi dan menangkap ikan, sudah sedar keadaan mereka sejak Merdeka. Sabenarnya ada Melayu yang sedar lama sebelom Merdeka lagi, meminta sekolah Inggeris (punca kejayaan dimasa itu) didirikan dikampong saperti diKerian dan diKelang, tetapi diabaikan British. Maka Melayu hanya ada 2% kekayaan dan kurang dari 5% dalam jawatan professional dimasa berlakunya tragedi 13 Mei 1969. Dengan Dasar Ekonomi Bahru mulai 1970, bertambahlah Melayu maju dan sekarang ada 18% kekayaan korporat, walau pun Cina mangkin bertambah kekayan mereka dan masih menguasai ekonomi negara.

Maka amat tidak patut dan melampaulah mereka yang mengetawakan Melayu saperti Ibrahim Ali dan kumpulannya yang coba meminta Kerajaan memajukan kepentingan Melayu. Oleh itu perlulah kita terus menyuarakan perasaan kita dengan bercakap dan menulis sebanyak mana yang kita boleh dari masa kemasa. Tujuannya ialah untuk mendapatkan sefahaman dan keharmonian diantara bangsa dan mengelakkan berlaku lagi peristiwa yang merbahaya.

23 06 2010

assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..adapun kita telah pun membaca coretan di atas. Pelbagai andaian dapat dibuat. Bagaimana dan apa yang akan terjadi nanti. Adapun kita sebegitu kesal jua dengan keadaan yang berlaku pada hari ini. Umpama kata orang “Diberi betis hendak peha pula”. Demi Allah hari ini maka kita-kita melihat jua.. sejauh mana puak-puak ini ingin pergi dan sampaikah ke tujuan mereka itu.. mereka sudah lupa dari mana mereka datang dan mengapa dan bagaimana datang ke mari. Dengan siapa mereka berhutang. Dengan budi baik mereka kita bersahabat jua.. sudah lupakah itu semua.. demi Allah tatkala itu kamu melupakannya tunggulah.. kita-kita tiadalah lupa. TIADA LUPA JUA. Kalau-kalau lupa silalah lihat di balairong seri Istana Besar Johor itu. Apa yang nenek moyang mereka sembahkan kepada kita dahulu.. harap janganlah dilupa..

24 06 2010
SSS Admin


Keadaan sekarang ini memang tidak memuaskan. Melayu jauh ketinggalan dibidang ekonomi dan pelajaran tetapi Dasar Ekonomi Bahru (DEB) untuk membaikki keadaan itu diungkit, malah usaha-usaha mempertahankannya diketawakan oleh penulis tidak sopan diMalaysian Insider itu. Model Ekonomi Bahru (MEB) sudah diumumkan tetapi belom nyata sejauh mana unsur-unsur DEB dimasukkan kedalam MEB.

Mereka yang mahukan lebih, lebih, lebih mencaci DEB, malah ada yang mengharapkan DEB tidak lagi ada didalam MEB saperti ditulis seorang Cina yang kononnya berkelulusan tinggi dan sepatutnya pandai menganalisa kedaan dan nampak jurang perbezaan diantara kaum majoriti Melayu dan minoriti 23% Cina itu. Mereka patutnya sedar bahawa selagi jurang itu tidak dirapatkan dengan memuaskan, perasaan tidak puas hati dan iri hati akan berterusan dan ini tidak baik bagi kesejahteraan negara.

Mereka perlu sedar akan keadaan ini. Begitu juga teraju pemimpin Melayu yang sekarang nampaknya berat sebelah kapada kepentingan Cina. Liberalisasi ekonomi, isu sekolah Cina, MEB adalah contohnya. Maka kita perlu bertindak dengan matang dan wajar. Kita boleh teruskan mengeluarkan suara dari masa kemasa. Bukan sahaja supaya mereka yang bangkang DEB sedar tetapi mereka yang melayan kehendak Cina kerana kejarkan undi pun berfikir dan beralih haluan. Kita mahu pucuk pimpinan beri perhatian kapada hak Melayu dan memajukan kepentingan Melayu juga. Bila jurang perbezaan diantara Melayu dan Cina itu berkurangan akan berkuranglah perselisehan atau “polarisasi” kaum dinegara ini.

24 06 2010

Sekira-kira begitulah.. pada hari ini kita dapat lihat keadaan sudah berubah.. mereka sudah lupa siapa yang datang ke mari dengan bercawat.. dengan siapa mereka mendapat tempat.. dengan perkenan siapa mereka dapat menumpang di sini.. adapun yang kita zahirkan mengenai balairong seri itu adalah sebagai taat setia bangsa itu kepada pemerintah melayu. Oleh yang demikian kita menyeru jua kepada puak juak kita.. janganlah kita menghilang hak kita.. janganlah lupa ini adalah tanah air kita.. janganlah kita kelak disumpah seranah 7 keturunan lamanya.. muafakatlah kita semua agar mendapat berkat.. sesungguhnya dengan nama allah jualah kita berserah..

26 06 2010
SSS Admin


Kami setuju berkenaan ta’at setia itu. Amat penting setiap rakyat ta’at setia kapada negara. Maka bukti ta’at setia itu ia-lah hormat dan patuhi Perlembagaan negara. Itu undang-undang tubuh negara, tulang belakang negara. Tiada Perlembagaan tiadalah negara. Ia adalah undang-undang yang paling tinggi disetiap negara demokratik. Undang-undang lain timbul dari undang-undang Perlembagaan negara.

Maka undang-undang Perlembagaan termasuk Perkara 152 yang mengatakan Bahasa Melayu / Malaysia adalah Bahasa Kebangsaan dan Perkara 153 berkenaan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu itu tidak boleh dirungutkan, dijakikan atau diiri hatikan. Sebab ia ditulis didalam Perlembagaan sebagai balasan orang-orang bukan Melayu diberi kerakyatan. Orang putih British pun mengakui Hak Istimewa Melayu itu telah ada sediakala dinegara ini. Ia ditulis didalam Perlembagaan sebagai mengesahkannya.

23 06 2010

Dengan hormatnya, untuk ma’aloman dan bagi membantu Encik Ruslan dimasa berucap atau menulis berkenaan Perkasa mempertahankan dan memajukan hak dan kepentingan Melayu, benarkan saya menyatakan bahawa diperingkat awal kemasukan kaum pendatang beramai-ramai keTanah Melayu dahulu, sudah “berlaku pergeseran kaum dan pencerobohan hak-hak orang Melayu” yang nyata menunjukkan mereka tidak tahu “menjaga batas dan menghormati orang-orang Melayu”, dan tidak tahu berterima kasih.

Contoh yang paling menjolok mata ialah kaum Ghee Hin dan Hai San diPerak. Diberi peluang dan kemudahan melombong tetapi membawa kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster, bergaduh, melibatkan pelombong-pelombong Melayu, tidak lama kemudian menguasai industri lombong bijeh timah diPerak, kemudiannya diSelangor dan lain-lain tempat. Akhirnya, 350 lombong Melayu lenyap. Ini disebutkan dibuku berkenaan sejarah negeri Perak yang ditulis (Professor) M.A Fauzi Basri, diterbitkan Yayasan Perak.

Fikirkanlah. Ditahun 1860an, Menteri Larut, Ngah Ibrahim, telah membawa masuk orang Cina dari Pulau Pinang untuk membantunya memodenkan lombong-lombong bijih timahnya – orang Cina ditanah besar China telah terkenal dengan teknik perlombongan mereka sejak beratus tahun, mereka diMalaya kemudiannya memulakan penggunaan enjin disel melombong secara memancut air, dipanggil “monitor dan palong”. Kemudiannya, bagi memajukan daerahnya dan mendapat lebih cukai, dia telah menyediakan modal untuk beberapa orang Cina membuka lombong bahru. Saya fikir inilah yang dimaksudkan dikomen diatas bahawa kaum Cina sudah diberi Tongkat dan menggunakannya sejak mula berada dinegara ini.

Maka dibawa mereka gejala kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster keLarut, berebut harta dan kuasa, bergaduh, berbunuh, melibatkan pekerja dan pelombong Melayu, membawa kapada apa yang disebut dalam sejarah sebagai Perang Larut. Peristiwa itu sangat menjejaskan kedudukan perlombongan Melayu sehingga akhirnya suku kaum Ghee Hin dan Hai San serta kongsi gelap dan gengsternya menguasai industri perlombongan. Fikirkanlah bahana mereka itu.

Maka persengketaan dan pergaduhan antara mereka itu membawa kapada Kapitan Cina dan 44 kongsi gelapnya menandatangi Surat Desakan atau Petition meminta Residen British diPenang masuk kePerak menolong mendapatkan semula lombong bijih yang telah ditawan oleh kongsi gelap lawan. Ini akhirnya membawa kapada British campur tangan dan menjajah Malaya mulai dengan Perjanjian Pangkor ditahun 1874. Lihatlah durjana dan pengkhianatan negara yang dilakukan mereka.

Maka Melayu sekarang perlu sentiasa berwaspada dan mendesak pemimpin Melayu jangan melepaskan hak dan kepentingan Melayu kapada mereka lagi. Cukuplah dengan Tengku A Rahman melepaskan Singapura ditahun 1965, suatu perbuatan yang tidak direla, dikeji dan disumpah oleh banyak orang Melayu sehingga kehari ini.

25 06 2010
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Sifat keterlaluan, melampau atau “etxremism” perlu dibendung dimana mana dan dikalangan apa apa bangsa sekali pun. Sifat itu akan mendatangkan mudharat, perselisehan faham, pergaduhan dan kacau bilau dalam negara. Begitu juga sifat berterima kasih perlu dipupuk diantara rakyat tidak kira bangsa, warna dan agama. Sifat itu boleh mendatangkan saling menghormati, salitur-rahim dan harmoni didalam negara.

Semua rakyat perlu mengambil iktibar dari sejarah, yang baik dan yang tidak baik. Tidak perlu sesiapa bosan mendengar kata-kata: yang baik diikuti, yang tidak baik jangan dibuat lagi. Rakyat berbilang banga perlu hidup bersama mengambil kira fakta-fakta sejarah dan berdasarkan Perlembagaan negara. Gejala kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster perlu dikawal seketat-ketatnya. Pemimpin-pemimpin kaum yang hidup dengan gejala ini sehingga seolah-olah menjadi budaya mereka perlu sekurang-kurangnya tidak melayan mereka yang jahat seperti itu. Jika dikacau atau diugut, laporkan kapada pihak Polis yang boleh mengawalnya. Malangnya apa yang dipanggil pemimpin pun ada melayan mereka (the Underworld) diIbupejabat Kerajaan Selangor seperti dikatakan seorang ADUN PKR dan seorang Wakil Rakyat PKR tidak lama dahulu. Ini tidak seharusnya berlaku dan tidak boleh berlaku. Rakyat harus berwaspada dan jangan memilih mereka seperti itu keDewan Negeri atau keParlimen. Jahanam demokrasi dan negara jika kuasa didapti dan dipanjangi melalui gejala kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster seperti itu.

Gejala itu tidak semestinya menentukan kuasa yang berpanjangan. Mereka yang menggunakan “kuasa” kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster, yang menakutkan rakyat sehingga diam tidak bercakap atau bertindak sewajarnya pada masa-masa yang diperlukan, dibencikan masyarakat umum dan perlu dipulaukan atau dipencilkan. Gejala itu berleluasa diChina Town dibandar besar dimerata dunia. Yang berlaku diIbupejabat Kerajaan Selangor itu mesti dihentikan bagi menjaga maruah sebuah Kerajaan. Walau pun jika Kerajaan itu dahulu terkenal sebagai puak pembangkang. Berharaplah kita supaya pihak berkuasa, terutamanya Polis, mengawasi pergerakan dan tidak membenarkan ahli-ahli kongsi gelap atau genster masuk keIbupejabat Kerajaan Selangor itu. Kerajaan Selangor sendiri perlu mengambil tindakan tegas menjaga maruahnya sebagai Kerajaan yang bahru merasa kuasa dinegeri itu.

23 06 2010

bercerita pasal menteri larut tak guna tuh, teringat aku masa melawat bekas tapak istana raja apa kebenda namanya (malas nak ingat) dlm ceritanya berbangga pulak pihak pentadbiran menceritakan bagaimana raja tersebut membawa masuk orang china utk mengusahakan lombong bijih, pertanyaan dibenak ‘kemana perginya orang Melayu tempatan’ sbb mereka tidak pandai melombong ke? Kalau tak pandai belajar sampai pandai, tak boleh?
raja-raja (sebenarnya lebih kpd warlord) kita dulu pun tak boleh diharapkan sangat, mereka ini jugalah yang membantu china maju, sekarang digalang ganti oleh pembesar-pembesar (again another warlord) UMNO dan Najib takut akan pembesar-pembesar ini, kalau dia berani dah lama dia tukar kabinet, menteri besar dan sebagainya…so pengampu besar china sekarang adalah Najib la???

25 06 2010
SSS Admin


Menteri Larut itu nampaknya serupa dengan pemimpin sekarang yang amat sibuk mengejarkan “developed status”. Pemimpin sekarang mengejarkan kemajuan ekonomi dengan tidak berapa mementingkan Hak dan memajukan Kepentingan Melayu. Mereka yang berlajar diEngland sejak belom peringkat universiiti tentu tidak berlajar sejarah negara dan mungkin tidak pernah dengar sejarah Menteri Larut. Kalau dengar pun, mereka ada ajenda sendiri.

Pokok pangkalnya adalah mahukan kuasa selama-lama yang boleh. Dijangkanya kuasa boleh berterusan melalui Model Ekonomi Bahru (MEB) dengan konsep liberalisasi, Suruhanjaya Kesamarataan yang tidak pasti berapa banyak faedah Melayu akan dapat dibandingkan kaum Cina yang sudah jauh lebih maju dinegara ini. Bagus mahu menaikkan gulongan 40% berpendapatan rendah dinegara ini tetapi janganlah menganjurkan kosep Melayu bertanding dengan Cina dipadang yang tidak sama rata sebab itu tidak realistik dan sudah berkali kali diterangkan diblog ini. Sudah disebutnya MEB dijangka beroperasi sekurang-kurangnya 10 tahun, maka diharap akan memberinya peluang memegang kuasa selama sekurang-kurang 10 tahun itu. Kita tidak ada masalah dengan UMNO tapi belom nampak pemimpin yang ada sekarang kuat memperjuangkan Hak dan Kepentingan Melayu.

Kita mengharapkan unsur-unsur Dasar Ekonomi Bahru (DEB) diserapkan kedalam MEB sepenuhnya bagi merapatkan jurang perbezaan diantara Melayu dan Cina. Begitu juga Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Kita juga mahukan kaum lain saperti India diberi bantuan menaikkan ekonomi mereka. Supaya timbul rasa bukan sahaja kaum Cina, yang banyak sudah kaya raya, tetapi yang kurang maju dinegara ini juga dijaga kepentingan mereka. Dengan itu akan timbullah semangat bersatu padu dinegara ini.

25 06 2010

So much attacking on some one who wrote some thing in jest ha. Give the fler a chance la. The editor says he is the resident humorist lor.

26 06 2010
SSS Admin


It is said that there are three kinds of funniness – funny haha, funny curious and funny stupid. From the comments against the first article it appears that it does not belong to any of the three categories. It is not funny stupid and, as one comment put it, it is a stupid joke.

We are a multi-racial country and everybody must be aware of and respect the sensitivities of all the communities for harmonious existence. What perhaps irked readers in this instance is that not only the writer wrote it, the publishers published it. It therefore appeared as double whammy there. That is not good of the writer and not being responsible on the part of the publishers. We must urge all concerned not to engage in such discourse in the future. In the interest of goodwill and harmonious relations in the country.

1 07 2010

salam… gitule bila melayu masih dipimpin hak yg xbrape cerdik. marah ke peme pn xguna sbb yg pilih kite. mlm td g kampar, perak. kat bdr baru. 90% milikan asing gamaknya. knapa tok bomoh santau xbllh nak buat kat depa? tok pekong depa “perkasa” sgt. yg kump. dong tu kongsi gelap! pnyamun! penyangak.. kot btopeng! amuk kan aje! klu ada telur?

1 07 2010
SSS Admin


Amatlah penting kita memilih pemimpin yang berjiwa dan bersemangat seperti kita. Malangnya sekarang kita sudah berpecah tiga. Tiap satu mahu kejarkan undi untk mendapat kuasa. Sehingga orang lain coba mempersenda kita.

Maka perlulah kita mencari jalan untuk bersatu. Kumpulan agama, kumpulan reformasi dan kumpulan konservatif perlu bersama. Memang senang cakap dibibir sahaja. Politik memang banyak kerenah dan tahinya. Tidak kurang baling membaling tahi diantara mereka. Tetapi kita boleh dan perlu sentiasa mencoba. Tidak lama dahulu ada pihak-pihak UMNO yang mengura-urakan perdampingan dengan PAS. Si Tok Guru nampaknya keras dengan pendiriannya, minat bersekongkong dengan Cina yang mahu melemahkan Melayu. Mungkin masanya akan sampai apabila pengaruhnya lenyap dinegara.

Tok Guru sangat ghairah dengan perhubungannya dengan mereka yang ingin memecah belahkan kita. Kampar itu adalah satu daripada kubu mereka. Bandar itu juga berasal dari industri perlombongan bijih yang pada suatu masa dahulu sangat ketara; seperti juga diLarut (Taiping), kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster berleluasa. Maka Dong Zong dan sekolah Cina pun tersebarlah disana.

Kita berharap semua pihak sedar akan perlunya perpaduan antara semua bangsa kita. Ini boleh timbul jika hormat menghormati antara satu sama lain, termasuk tidak mempersendakan Perkasa dan menyokong sistem sekolah yang menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan. “Kongsi” yang tidak gelap dan “Dong” yang hormatkan Perkara 152 Perlembagaan boleh memainkan peranan kearah itu.

1 07 2010

komen td tu, lawak x?

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