The Ugly Malaysians

2 07 2010


Now about Malaysians. The good and “the ugly Malaysians”.

There was a time when people often used the phrase “The Ugly Americans”. They opposed the Vietnam War, they disliked American policies encroaching upon their way of life, were displeased over certain American personal characteristics, and called them “Ugly Americans”. Are there not “Ugly Malaysians” now in Malaysia? What kinds are they? Let’s talk about it.

Here are a few articles picked from blogosphere that might point to the ugly Malaysians. There are of course the usual pro and contra views, but let’s say them out here. Hopefully they can become a guide as to the kind that can be called “The Good Malaysians”. The kind that we can nurture for harmony and long-term unity in this country.

The Star publishes an article saying that the campaign we are running in this website is racist. Is it? Are we, really? Every now and then we pronounce in our write-ups and replies to comments in this blog that we are promoting togetherness, common values and unity. But are the writer of the article on “Kempen Satu Sekolah” below, and its publisher, The Star, promoting togetherness and unity? Are they not themselves racist in hitting at a website promoting unity through the single-stream schooling system? Be the judge yourselves.

One mitigating factor is that The Star does allow and publishes contra comments as well. But the website Malaysian Insider writes an article against Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) saying Malays can become a minority in this country and, as usual, hardly allows or publishes contra comments. The various comments they publish are practically all condemning TDM, many doing personal attacks on TDM’s 25% Indian ancestry which he himself has admitted. We publish here – below the article referred to – one fairly mild comment but look at the figures quoted. It was published without the ridiculous figures being verified or rectified. And very strange that there was not a single comment defending the Elder Statesman being published. However critical Malaysian Insider may be of TDM, there must be something good TDM did during his 22 years of Premiership, said by others, don’t you think?

The “keris and Chinese blood” article below talks not only about the keris wielders but also those precipitating and reacting to the alleged keris wielding.

And in the process, someone says to Party Keadilan Rakyat to “pack up and go”. The good or the ugly Malaysians there?

The last article says Malaysians are “gambling their freedom away”. He is referring to the issue of licensing football betting but let’s see the extent he goes in trying to point out the good and the ugly Malaysians.

Let’s now discuss which is which and who are what so that we may have a better idea and try at being the good and avoid being the ugly Malaysians. And, in so doing, contribute to building a harmonious and peaceful nation.



“Kempen Satu Sekolah” is Racist!
Posted by: peace4all

According to this website, the reason for the racial tension in this country is the existence of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools as quoted here “Sekolah Vernakular (SJKC dan SJKT) adalah punca utama ketidakserasian dan ketegangan kaum di negara kita tercinta.”

So, is it? Why blame racial tension in the country on SJKC and SJKT? These schools have been producing good students and have contributed tremendously to nation building. The huge number of parents choosing these schools is testament to this. Today, I can see so many Malay and Iban students in my daughter’s Chinese primary school. So, why do so many parents of all races want to send their children to vernacular schools? The answer lies in the quality of education being provided by these schools. The facillities may be lagging compared to national schools but the dedication of the teachers cannot be beat. You can tweak the UPSR or PMR results to make students from national schools score better but that won’t prepare them for their adult working lifes.

If the SJKC and SJKT are to blame for racial tensions, what about the religious schools and Mara colleges which cater to only one race? This campaign is actually bullshit and the only purpose of it is to create more racial tensions.
UNITY IN DIVERSITY!! All Malaysians should be proud of our diverse cultures. Salam 1Malaysia to all.


Malays can become a minority, warns Dr M
July 01, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested today that future government leaders could open the immigration floodgates to dilute the number of Malays in the country.

He said in a posting on his popular blog that the current national leadership appears to believe that Malays would continue to account for 60 per cent of the country’s population.

“(For them) we are 60 per cent, we will continue being 60 per cent, maybe the percentage will even go up.”

“But anything can happen in future. You only need to open the door to immigration and the percentage changes,” he said.

Dr Mahathir’s latest remarks marks a continuation of a more strident right-wing tone adopted by the former prime minister in recent months in his push for a siege mentality among Malays.

Last month, he argued that the community’s political leaders are now under the thumb of “the others” and need to be united again for the sake of its future.

He illustrated his argument by referring to the fall of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government which he characterized as being “led by a Malay (but) a certain race considered it the fall of a government belonging to their race.”

Dr Mahathir has been stepping up his rhetoric in recent months to lobby for the current Umno leadership to respond to disquiet among conservative Malays.

Backed by increasingly influential right-wing Malay groups like Perkasa, Dr Mahathir and his supporters have rattled Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s reform agenda.

Dr Mahathir and Perkasa have not directly criticised Najib, but they have slammed some of his ministers and proposed policies for not fulfilling the “Malay agenda.”

The former PM also told a gathering last month of right-wing Malay groups that Malays are in a crisis and risked becoming marginalised like “Singapore Malays” because of political divisions.

In his latest remarks today, Dr Mahathir pointed out that Malays were a minority before 1930 under the British administration.

He said there was no guarantee that future governments would maintain the country’s strict immigration policies.

“Looking at the antics of Malay leaders who are crazy about becoming PM until they are willing to do or promise anything, looking at how easy it is for corrupt leaders to win because of how cheap it is to buy votes, is it impossible that the door to immigration is eventually open because of corrupt leaders?”

Dr Mahathir expressed concern that the majority of Malays were not prepared to compete and would end up as labourers and chauffeurs.

“But never mind. Is it so bad to be a labourer or a driver?” asked Dr Mahathir.


Malaysian• 10 hours ago

Believe it or not, it will come a time that Malaysian will be a minority in this country. If my calculations are not entirely wrong, we now have over 5 million Indonesians here, 3 millions Vietnamese; 3 Million Indians from India, 4 Million Bangladeshi’s and the list goes on. The numbers above alone stats that there are over 15 million immigrants in a country with just over 28 Million Malaysians. Do the maths and lets stop playing the racial card amongst ourselves.


So what was that about the keris and Chinese blood?

By Zaidel B or Sinatra_Z is an electronics engineer and he blogs at Catatan Seekor Lipas.

June 24, 2010

Malaysian politicians say the darndest things. So says a book by Amir Muhammad recollecting some of the most infamous and inglorious quotes ever spewed by our politicians.

Looking at our political scenario I wasn’t at all surprised when he managed to compile twovolumes of it, and looking at how things are going now perhaps a third book is on the way. It includes some of the most epic (fail or win) quotes like:
“Malaysian men are easy to service, (their) libido lasts only five minutes. A shorter period would mean more customers and that makes it more lucrative for the sex workers to conduct their activities here.” (Dr Khir Toyo, Malay Mail 14th February 2003)

As much as I would like to rebut his statement or even query how he managed to get that fact (experience perhaps) judging by the number of ads hanging by the road which have taglines like “Ubat Lelaki Kuat” and the large market for “Tongkat Ali” beverages, I would have to admit there is some truth in what he said. Perhaps if there was an Olympic event for it, we’d probably have our very own Usain Bolt, nine seconds flat baby!

However, there is one quote that is conspicuously missing and it involves our current prime minister. There are many stories on the Internet when it comes to the current PM, from photoshopped pictures of him and a deceased Mongolian model (published by an MP amazingly) to the alleged statutorial declaration in which he is actually a Hindu and not a Muslim. Now one of the most infamous stories involving Najib Tun Razak allegedly said “Bathe the keris with Chinese blood” at a rally in Kampung Baru during the heydays of 1987 to 1989. Now indeed this is quite serious. Imagine a prime minister of Malaysia who is supposed to be the leader of all Malaysians uttering such a sentence for political gain.

So why is it not mentioned in Amir Muhammad’s book? Or will it be featured in the third volume?

How did it surface?

If I am not mistaken it was first mentioned by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in one of his articles. From then on it was picked up by several people and somehow it became a fact and by that I mean it was mentioned (until recently) in Wikipedia. Apart from dodgy Internet sources and an encyclopedia open for editing by anonymous users, this alleged quote was also recently featured in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

In a speech made by former Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin at Kuala Kubu Baru: “Itu Najib, sikalang dia jadi satu Peldana Menteli satu Malaysia, itu hali masa dia jadi Najib Pemuda Umno, sana stadium di kampung baru dia bagitau sama Pemuda
“Umno Melayu, dia angkat itu Umno punya keris itu karat punya keris tada pakai sikalang, itu chinwu (??) stadium dia cakap kita mesti basahkan keris ini dengan darah cina, ni siapa cakap itu? Najib! And then dia boleh kata kita mesti bajirkan pekan Kuala Lumpur dengan darah Cina.”

Apart from the bizarre Apek slang by Nizar Jamaluddin, either he was thinking the KKB folks can’t understand proper Malay or his BM oratory skill has been deteriorating lately, there was some inaccuracy in his statement such as the “keris” which he was referring to. If indeed it is the keris of Pemuda Umno, which is known as “Keris Panca Warisan”, it did not exist during Najib’s Pemuda Umno days. The Pemuda Umno keris “Panca warisan” was first unveiled during the “reign” of Pemuda Chief Hishamuddin Hussein.

Between fact and fiction

So did Najib really say that? Let us do some homework and differentiate between fact and fiction. First and foremost, there is not a single reference point apart from some blogs or Malaysia Today article.
There are no links, newspaper cuttings or quotations from the year 1987 to 1989. Now the thing is, this is during the heated days of Operasi Lalang so if indeed Najib said those words at an open rally, it would most definitely have been mentioned in the papers.

If some were to argue that it was not reported by the mainstream media then at least it would have been mentioned by the Chinese papers. It would have been on the front page especially when Chinese politicians were at loggerheads with young Umno right wing politicians then.

Secondly this issue has actually been brought up in Parliament by none other than DAP chairman Karpal Singh. On 15th June 2009, Karpal Singh did pose a question in Parliament about whether Najib Tun Razak uttered those words and whether he was ready to issue an apology to the Chinese community.

“If it was true, are you prepared to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese community?”Najib replied: “The incident did not take place. I have never said that. The one who should apologise is the YB concerned, not me.” (Malay Mail June 17, 2009)

“I wanted to know if he said it, and he gave his answer, let’s just leave it as it is, the matter should not go on further,” Karpal said. (Malay Mail June 17, 2009)
If anyone would be kind enough to point out to me any credible links, articles or sources please do so because failure to do so means that after all this while, some of these Pakatan Rakyat politicians have been fanning racial tensions by quoting misinformation for the sake of politics.

Operasi Lalang

Now based on the absence of proof and the statement by Karpal Singh, one has to wonder what incident triggered Operasi Lalang? Now we know there was no threat with the keris, but if there is one thing that we are very sure of it’s that there was indeed a mammoth rally and it was that rally which triggered Operasi Lalang. Interestingly enough I found an interesting article which says:

“UMNO Education Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced the holding of a mammoth rally in KL to celebrate its 41st Anniversary, which it was claimed would see the attendance of half a million members. The proposed UMNO rally was the ostensible reason for the Inspector General of Police to precipitate the 27 October crackdown. Had the rally been held it was not improbable that racial riots could be sparked by the incendiary speeches of UMNO politicians.” (Aliran Monthly, 1988, Vol. 8:3)

Please note that it was taken from Aliran Monthly, a magazine which is quite known to be pro-DAP.
Fiction: Najib said “To Bathe the Keris with Chinese Blood”

Fact : Anwar Ibrahim triggered Ops Lalang.
Not happy with my logical deductions? Write to Aliran then!


The thing is racial politics is fanned by both parties in this nation. It is sad to think that our politicians and MPs base their speeches on baseless accusations with racial overtones. The thing is we Malaysians are a lazy lot, we take what is being said at fiery “ceramah” as the truth without even bothering to check its validity.
This leads to the popularity of politicians who give speeches not based on facts but rather on what can give the most fiery and entertaining moments.

While some may wonder if indeed our PM uttered those words, there is no denying Umno was fanning the racial fire back then. I admit that indeed back then there were some Umno leaders who were very racist. But we have learned from our mistakes and have gotten rid of those politicians who refer to non-Malays as “pendatang.”

And for the sake of reference and historical accuracy, here is the link in which racial politics was rampant in Umno’s heydays in Biro Tata Negara.

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.


Please pack up and go, PKR — Martin Jalleh
June 26, 2010

Once again we hear of trouble, turbulence and turmoil in a political party that talks every other day about taking over the government in the next general elections. We will tolerate their nonsense no more. Yes, even if it means throwing out the baby with the bath water!

Please, please PKR stop pushing your fanciful dreams about occupying Putrajaya when you are in such a pathetic and pitiful state with your prima donna politicians parading their shameless petty and puerile politics in public.

As a party you have become laughable, and as RPK predicts you could be facing your last days! Your political representatives are resting on their laurels and the increasing number of loudmouths and loose cannons are just longing to blast the party into oblivion!

Your endless intra-party squabbles, spats and skirmishes and splintered groups sicken those of us who once supported, voted and stood steadfastly by you. The strong and solid support many of us showed you have now turned into scorn.
We are fed up of your internal feuding and festering that has resulted in a fragile and faltering coalition and a farcical government-in-waiting! Your foolhardy ways will only be a fast-forward to your self-destruction. All Umno needs to do is gleefully watch you finish off each other!

We are tired of your MPs and Assemblymen’s threats to resign, their taunts to one another to quit and their theatrics and tantrums to be turncoats. Truly, we have never seen such a dysfunctional horde of politicians! We will not take any of you seriously nor treat the party with respect anymore!

We have had enough of your high-browed haughty leaders who hurl accusations and insults and humiliate one another and members of the coalition. Enough of your hypocrisy! You cannot get your own house in order and yet have high hopes about controlling Parliament House! Take a hike, PKR!

Your disunity is disgusting. Your politicians delight in washing dirty linen and in denigrating each other in public. They are an absolute disgrace. Please have some dignity and decency, and dismiss yourselves. You do not deserve our confidence.
Your politicians are made up mainly of clowns who crap, crow, clamour for and cry aloud about change but cling on to their political charades, chicanery, claptrap and conspiracies, instead of collaborating at all costs in your professed commitment to bring about concrete change.

We are not interested in the reasons and root causes of your grievances against each other. Two years and more after the last General Elections and you are still unable to get your act together. Yet you make grand claims of being ready to govern this nation. Get real, PKR!

At times you look like a bunch of incompetent idiots, no different from the several insolent imposters who chose to insult our intelligence by leaving the party to be independent of party discipline and the wishes of the people in the last General Elections, out of purely selfish interests and greed.

Please spare us your excuses. The manipulative mainstream media and the maneuvering of key institutions of democracy by a desperate malevolent Umno are to be expected. But at the end of the day your erratic, eccentric and egoistic representatives are to be blamed. Enough is enough!

Instead of translating into reality the promise of a “revolution in the (country’s) political culture” you “reward” the rakyat with your never-ending rumblings, rancor, political roguery and now a “rebellion” in Selangor by your MPs. Is this what “reformasi” amounts to? Sheer “rubbish”!

Yes, go for your weekend retreat PKR leaders. I hope you will prove me and many others wrong but my guess is that you will still be a party weak, wavering, wobbling, wandering and wanting to do each other in…as you chart your way into political wilderness!

The road to Putrajaya requires stomach, stamina, synergy, solidarity and the sacrifice of personal agendas for the larger national agenda. Sadly, this journey has been stymied by your somnolent, selfish, self-centered and supercilious political representatives, whom Bolehland can do well without.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or the newspaper. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.


Gambling your freedom away

By Praba Ganesan is a Hulu Langat boy with a penchant for durians and debate. He is part of balairakyat, an NGO promoting ideas exchange. More of him at prabaganesan.
July 01, 2010

There was a time when lynch mobs were a blast. Back then you find someone who fits into the category of “unfit” according to the prevailing social structure, lean on public support, gather some roughnecks and you are in business. Don’t forget the rope.

The victims were, at one time or another, blacks, women, gypsies, homosexuals, mulattos, socialists, writers and the odd dreamer.

Today, people are not lynched, but they are hounded for being different.
Populist rule is not very nice to those who do not share its vision of good and appropriate. “A different life is a wrong life, so get in line!” thinking dominates.

Which brings us to gambling, or sports betting. An issue which extends beyond just that, it really is about how a reasonable society acts.

A lot of people gamble in this country. And they still will after the present hullabaloo dies off. Gambling outdates all political theories not because it is a powerful dogma, but because it is imbued in our human nature. Want to bet on that?
So the debate will always go on, whether Vincent Tan gets his licence or not.

This is where I stand on the matter.

No former Mahathir sycophant deserves my sympathy and any gambling licence must be distributed fairly — because it is a cash-cow — and regulated. Organised gambling has to be watched over and that is the practice worldwide.
However, individuals and political parties cannot target one gambling licence in the country, and ignore all the other remaining licences.

Tan’s Sports Toto collects still, so are the other 4D/3D operations. The road to the Genting casino still well paved so there are numerous means besides the Internet to indulge your gambling inclinations, so why this licence only?
Because it is a low-hanging fruit, a pet issue for religious leaders to galvanise the troops.
I do think people are flogging this dead horse into mush.

First, the debate on whether gambling is a sin or not is not over. There will always be people bitterly divided on the matter, and just deciding based on your own personal convictions to end the debate and proclaim yourself in the right is just not on.

Having said that I can see a complaint coming. The bloke at the back of the room barracking me, demanding that I tell the “good” that comes from gambling.

I don’t have to prove any “good”.

A lot of people spend their money on things that to most of us makes no sense. But it is their money, and unless you want to dismantle the concept of property then you better start getting used to the fact most people see things different from you.

In a democratic free-market economy people don’t have to justify their likes.

To me spending millions to become a space tourist — irrespective if it is the money of a lonely billionaire who bemoans a lost childhood, or a modestly populated tropical country trying to look advanced — is wasted money. No science is achieved by sending such a person, but to a many it is value.

So who are we to judge?

I respect private spending as long as that spending does not lead to the detriment of others.
But life is full of risks. What are the risks inherent inside gambling which are objectionable?
That it can lose you a fortune immediately? There are various financial investments which can result in your losing all your funds.

So the objection to gambling is not risk alone. It is that risk inside gambling is subservient to randomness. And that you make a quick buck.

The second is a bit of a red herring. Unlike in the 6th century the financial system has advanced so much that the sudden movement of funds based on hunch, confidence or guesswork can reward you. It can hurt you too. We do make quick bucks all the time.

And yes there are many people who do not spread their risks and probably put too much fate on chance. But how different is that from the Indian who opened a pizza eatery in Rome or this friend of mine: He dropped out of university so that he could conceptualise a contraption in his living room. He gets an aunt abroad to lend him a lot of money and he builds himself a globally-recognised product.

Professional poker players will tell you that you can spread your risk and if there is a good spread and sensible application you are unlikely to lose big, but likely to make something more often than not. How is that any different from currency to oil speculators?

And then there is classic argument that you get addicted. Of course you can. You can to almost anything, but that does not mean people have the right to decide for you because in their hearts of heart they are convinced they are better than you!

You engage communities and individuals. That is why education is so important. Not that a group of elitists in Putrajaya can give you a list of things to live by and they make you memorise it to pass exams. No. But that it gives you the thinking skills to consider their obligations to themselves, their community and what is reasonable behaviour.

The real issue is for individuals to decide how they want to live their lives and it is not true that someone else or some religious dictate will be better than your own brain.

People do a lot of silly things because of religion, we don’t ban religion do we?

We work out what are the issues, we weigh what are the competing values and interests and decide what is best. We use your faculties, our reason.

And yes we regulate.

Remember, a consistent cry for banning of gambling as a universal value will eventually question the right for people to socially gamble at home with friends and family during festive holidays.

It allows all kinds of access for people you don’t know to come and decide for your life, because apparently they are better
educated and they know better.

Where does it stop, this moral vigil?

And are we not witnessing just a group who feel since they have a “mandate” from a silent majority going about demonising acts that don’t fall under their idea of “good”?

Paraphrasing Voltaire: I may not agree with what you do, but to the death I will defend your right to do it.
Because I might be next.




39 responses

2 07 2010

Aysay, calling himself Peace4all but accusing others racist. How can, man. If that is not ugly, I don’t know what is.

Defend vernacular schools as much as you like. But don’t call others racist la.

3 07 2010
SSS Admin


A whole host of arguments have been put forward with supporting facts and figures since May 2009 and earlier to show how vernacular schools have mostly not been multi-racial in composition, have not provided an atmosphere of togetherness for children of the various races, the sharing of common values, hopes and aspirations, at the tender age, in their formative years. The Deputy Minister of Education himself revealed in 2008 that 25% of those from SRJKCs drop out at SMKs, a lot due to problems adjusting to a multi-racial atmosphere with children of other races and their inability to cope with Bahasa Malaysia which is of a higher standard than what they have been used to at SRJKCs. Many of them end up working as sales assistants in shops, mechanical assistants in workshops, construction labourers in the fields or plying DVDs of various types and other commodities of dubious manufacture at shopping malls, car parks and elsewhere, susceptible to misdemeanors and the ills of society.

We have been saying let the vernacular schools merge with the national schools in order to get the opposite effects in the interest of long-term national unity. Is that being racist? After all, Article 152 of the Constitution says Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language and vernacular schools, using Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction, run contrary to that.

The claim that the vernacular schools “have been producing good students and have contributed tremendously to nation building” have hardly been proven. So is the claim on “The huge number of parents choosing these schools”. When the writer says, “You can tweak the UPSR or PMR results to make students from national schools score better”, isn’t that a clear indication that he is an ugly Malaysian? He goes to the extent of accusing the school or Education authorities of the country “tweaking” examination results.

The MARA Colleges take in children who have attended national schools at the primary level i.e have had their grounding at the multi-racial national schools at their formative ages. As far as religious schools are concerned, reproduced below is an example of the kind of arguments given by supporters of single-stream schooling that we try to promote for the sake of national unity:

007zain on May 20, 2009 –

FYI, the so-called “Muslim” schools actually has for centuries, been the ONLY type of school of the States within Tanah Melayu here on the MALAY Peninsula.

Back then, circa 1700+ (18th century) when the Dutch slowly concentrated more in East Hindia (Indonesia now – as they don’t know what to call those islands situated far-east of India yet!..), before they split States North of Selat Melaka to be “managed” by the British & South of Selat Melaka to be “managed” by the Dutch in 1824; the Malay States started to stabilize & shools which were known as “Madrasah” (Arabic word for “school”) were built.

FYA — since the people of the Malay Peninsula embraced Islam (officially declared during Sultan Muhammad Shah’s reign 1424-1444, of the Melaka Sultanate Empayar), the lingua franca in this region, as we all know, is Malay & the “writing” of the Malays are based on the Arabic scriptures, is called JAWI.

Anyone & everyone (including the far-away European people) who’re doing business with the Sultans of the States in this Malay Archipelago region, simply had to learn the MALAY Language & also its Writings!…If one is Humble Enough to realize, ALL of the agreements/treaties/etc. with the Malay Sultans & the heads of provinces, etc. were written in Malay’s jawi.

When the British started to “govern” some States on this Malay Peninsula in mid-1800s, the schools were popularly known as sekolah pondok – don’t know why it’s called as such but maybe the British called it as such as the schools then were just like a big pondok/hut – ie. without proper walls.. (maybe like that P. Ramlee movie DoReMi if you watched it! where, it is more like an informal setting for the kampung folks to gather & learn (& crowd together); & in a pretty hot & humid environment.

Anyway, after Merdeka, the sekolah pondoks evolved into Sekolah Agama as we know them today. So, it is the Original Schooling system here, & is now known as religious Islamic school — which is, the nation’s Agama Rasmi (national religion), anyway!…

I sincerely believe there’s Actually NO Issue here — ie. as what DAP was 24/7 trying hard to twist/spin FACTS. Sigh!

So, hope you could please take note objectively.”

2 07 2010

What is this thing called “siege mentality among Malays”? Whatever it is, I like the writer say “Backed by increasingly influential right-wing Malay groups like Perkasa, Dr Mahathir and his supporters have rattled Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s reform agenda”. I don’t like Najib reform agenda because a lot favouring Chinese and not much favouring the majority population.

4 07 2010
SSS Admin


They probably are trying to say the Malays are locked in their minds about protecting their rights and promoting their interests. This began when more and more Malays got better educated and realized that many Chinese have been asking for more, more and more. This appears to be a natural reaction because however big the cake is, they have been having a huge share of it despite being only 23% of the population. Yet there has been the New Economic Policy (NEP) enunciated after the racial riots of 1969 to assist the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak to acquire a bigger share of the cake. They even grudge that despite the fact that the Malays and the Bumiputeras have a Special Position stated as Article 153 of the Constitution and that it was in exchange for their citizenship right which they have already used and will continue to use.

Starting to learn business and the methods of profit taking, which are alien and not a part of their culture – unlike for the Chinese who have been at it since time immemorial even in mainland China – the Malays have acquired only 18% wealth after 40 years. Largely as a result of their grousing, the leadership started the so-called “reform agenda” paying more attention on their wants, less on the Malay wants. The New Economic Model at first even appeared to be devoid of NEP features. Concerned groups of Malays started expressing their dissatisfaction as manifested by Perkasa and the 76 Malay NGOs, Gertak and the 58 Trengganu Malay NGOs, the Melayu Bangkit Rally in Kuala Trengganu attended by Tun Dr Mahathir and the Trengganu Menteri Besar.

Having a huge share of wealth, controlling almost every aspect of the economy, having the biggest number of those qualified in the various professions since the British colonial days is one thing. But wanting more, more and more, grudging the affirmative action for the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak and endlessly criticizing the NEP – which was derived from the Malay and Bumiputera Special Position – that raises questions concerning the good and the ugly Malaysians. It is a matter of reasonableness, and being reasonable separates the good from the ugly. Let us have more of the good for the sake of harmony and unity.

3 07 2010

Aiyyoo, talk about keris and Chinese blood ha? But never mind lah because he also talks about Malaysian men lasts only five minutes! And about the ex-Perak MB talking pidgin Chinese also. Trying to get votes.

He is a joker lah

4 07 2010
SSS Admin


The writer is pointing out that “Malaysian politicians say the darndest things”, picking out quotes used in a book and written elsewhere about it.

The Internet is full of quotes written with a wide range of intent, some mischievous, others not so. One of them is where Dat Seri Najib, the current Prime Minister, allegedly said at a rally in Kampung Baru some time between 1987 and 1989, “Bathe the keris with Chinese blood”. The writer has pointed out that was a serious allegation and quote. “Imagine a prime minister of Malaysia who is supposed to be the leader of all Malaysians uttering such a sentence for political gain”, the writer said. But that allegation was exploited by a less-than-responsible blogger who is now a fugitive from Malaysian law and believed to be hiding in London, to the extent that an opposition member raised it in Parliament. The motive of the Internet writer is not known but that of the opposition MP is quite clear – political mileage out of something that could be racially sensitive. Of course he knew that he had Parliamentary privilege to do so and exploited that to the fullest, too. Najib had flatly denied uttering those seditious words.

However, on a matter as sensitive as this, and having been denied by Najib in Parliament, such acts must stop or be stopped. The blogger concerned is being hounded and the MP can be restrained by not voting him again. And as aministrators of this blog, we choose not to say too much about the sensitive yet non-existent quote hereafter.

3 07 2010

Ugly Malaysians? Make it The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Clif fame.

Some Malaysians take the pig as a symbol of prosperity or whatever (because the feed it takes goes out from its behind within four hours, or is it because it can reproduce up to sixteen piglets at one go?); and the dog as a symbol of faithfulness (because it wags its tail and licks?) Outwardy aparent.

Other Malaysians connect the pigs and dogs to everything that is haram or unlawful. Pigs symbolises willful obstinacy while dogs refers to the self which instigates or incite to evil. Inwardly hidden.

ahhhh…. add the evil now we have the good the bad the ugly and the evil to which the pigs and dogs snuggle for temporary comfort.

5 07 2010
SSS Admin


What is unclean to some is clean to others. The pig is unclean not only to Muslims but also to the Jews. Some say Kosher or Jewish food is edible to Muslims. Some others say that, while Kosher food contains no pork or lard, the slaughtering of the animals does not include recital of Islamic verses and therefore it is questionable for eating by Muslims.

Pigs have been known as carriers of diseases since ancient times. The ban for Muslims from eating pork is precisely on that ground. Some say that with the advancement of modern science the risk of diseases from pigs is negligible. Yet the current scourge, H1N1, is traceable to pigs. However, in line with the United Nations World Health Organisation practice, in Malaysia the disease is not referred to as pig’s disease at all but as H1N1. In official and in private communication. Even when talking among themselves, Muslims in this country refer to the disease by its technical name. Muslim Malaysians certainly avoid being ugly Malaysians in this case.

Good non-Muslims return the gesture, for example, by not complaining against the hallal food regulations or the azan (the call to prayers for Muslims) that are broadcasted from mosques all over the country. The few who found it disagreeable and stated so in blogosphere etc as their reason for migrating elsewhere are not missed. The good, the bad and the ugly exist everywhere – in all corners of the world. Thank God, there are more of the good than the other kinds in the world. World War III has been averted many a time in the last 65 years since World War II.

3 07 2010

What are these people talked about bathe keris in Chinese blood? If first mentioned by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, then picked up by others, how to say it true Dato Seri Najib said it? How it became fact if mentioned in Wikipedia. “dodgy Internet sources” and wikipedia open for editing by anybody.

5 07 2010
SSS Admin


Yes, Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been known to at times be a questionable source of information. Anything written by him being picked up by others carries the same questionable reliability. It follows from that that the quote cannot be ascribed to Dato Seri Najib without being questioned.

Similarly, what is said by Wikipedia cannot be taken as the gospel truth. The fact that Wikipedia allows practically anybody to edit whatever is being written at any time at all shows the questionable integrity of whatever is being said. There was an instance that an article on the so-called history of the Larut Wars of the 1860s placed blame on the Malays for starting those Wars. Established Malaysian history elsewhere states that the secret societies, thugs and gangsters brought into the Larut tin mining community by the Ghee Hin and the Hai San clans from Penang started gang fights and killing one another in the rivalry for ownership of the tin mines. The Malays under Manteri Larut, Ngah Ibrahim, were dragged into the war. The Kapitan Cina and 44 of his gangsters signed a petition to the British Resident in Penang to come and help them recover tin mines lost to rival gangs. This led to British intervention in the affairs of the Malay State of Perak and finally British colonial rule in Malaya. The treachery that went on the mid-19th Century is not lost in present day Malaysia.

What is important is that Najib has flatly denied in Parliament that he said the words quoted. It was raised in Parliament by people belonging to the group whose actions in the past were not far from being treacherous. They flogged the so-called Malaysian Malaysia concept which is treacherous to the Social Contract whereby the non-Malays got citizenship right and the Malays got their Special Position reaffirmed as Article 153 in the Constitution. They celebrated the 1969 election victory in such an irresponsible way as to spark racial riots that ended in the suspension of the practice of democracy for nearly two years. Readers can judge whether they were / still are ugly Malaysians or not.

Hopefully those opposing whichever Government in power would do so within the confines of the law and the rules of decency. This is necessary in view of the need for harmony and national unity.

4 07 2010

salam.. brapa byk sjkc, sjkc, private chinese etc? can someone chart it? bosan dgn reason yg depa dok argue pasal perpaduan dlm kepelbagaian yg selindung & xmahu akui hakikat bhw satu aliran bahasa pengantar adalah lbh baik. yg lebih perkauman, utarakan pendpat mcm paku dulang paku serpih.. keturunan tionghua dr tanah besar pun berbagai suku yg saling bercakar.. depa dah lupa diri, stelah d beri ruang.. dtindas pula mcm lepaskn anjing tersepit! dgn populasi yg dominasi ekonomi yg mengasingkan komuniti secara jelas dgn bahasa, sikap prejudis dan amalan xpeduli demi material, byk sumbang pepecahan.

5 07 2010
SSS Admin


Link berikut memberi data sekolah seperti dibawahnya:


SRJK 5,826
SRJKC 1,291
SR Agama 16

Jumlah 7,685


SMK 1,876
SMC 59
SM Agama 55
SM Teknik 35
SM Vokasional 53

Jumlah 2,237

Adalah dipercayai bahawa sekolah Cina merecup dan meningkat naik jumlahnya didalam beberapa tahun yang lalu dengan naiknya ekonomi People’s Republic of China dan dibawah pemerintahan yang dipanggil “flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” Tun Abdullah. Mereka yang “kiasu” tidak mahu “ketinggalan” peluang berniaga dengan negara itu. Mereka mendakwa bahawa pengtahuan Mandarin perlu bagi menjalankan perniagaan tersebut. Pada hal Mandarin boleh dipelajari diseklolah kebangsaan sebagai matapelajaran pilihan. So’al berapa dalam pengtahuan itu diperlukan belom dibuktikan. Namun demikian, sedalam mana pun pengtahuan Mandarin diperlukan untuk tujuan perniagaan, masih boleh dipelajari disekolah kebangsaan.

Dato Seri Najib telah mengumumkan dilawatannya kesekolah Cina tidak lama dahulu bahawa sekolah Cina boleh diteruskan dan dia nampaknya telah menggalakkan sistem sekolah Cina dengan lawatan kesekolah Cina, makan malam disekolah Cina, memberi bantuan wang berkali kali diPilihan Raya Kecil Kuala Trengganu, Hulu Selangor dan Sibu. Ini dilakukannya walau pun selepas cadangan sistem sekolah satu aliran heboh dibincang diakhbar, TV dan lain-lain media massa dan telah dibawa dan dibincang diParlimen. Dia telah mengatakan bahawa sitem itu boleh dilakukan apabila rakyat mahukannya. Tetapi dia tidak mengatakan bagaimana cara menentukan sama ada rakyat mahukannya sekarang atau tidak dan kami telah berterusan mencadangkan bahawa cara yang paling baik dan selamat dari segi politiknya ialah melalui pungutan suara secara referendum.

Nampaknya Najib tidak minat ada pertukaran, mahukan keadaan “status quo”, mungkin lebih dari itu, mahu mengambil hati pengundi Cina dan menjanjikan serta menunaikan bantuan wang kapada sekolah-sekolah Cina. Maka perlulah kita terus menyuarakan pendapat kita supaya dia sedar perlunya tindakan diambil bagi menyatukan sekolah Cina dengan sekolah kebangsaan dibawah satu sistem dan satu bahasa pengantar, ia itu Bahasa Malaysia atau Kebangsaan. Demi kepentingan perpaduan negara dijangka masa panjang.

Mereka saperti persatuan Dong Zong sebenarnya tidak ada alasan yang kukuh bagi mahu berpegang kapada Mandarin sebagai bahasa pengantar. Mereka hanya mengeksploitasi keadaan politik dimana pemerintah nampak berkejar-kejaran undi kaum Cina. Nyata tidak dapat undi yang dikejar itu diPilihan Raya Umum 2008 dan nyata tidak dapat ambil kembali undi larian diPRU Hulu Selangor dan Sibu walau pun dengan habuan berjuta juta wang tunai. So’al “ugly Malaysian” atau tidak adalah satu perkara. Pemerintah telah melebihkan
kapada kepentingan kaum yang tidak mahukan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa pengantar disekolah-sekolah. Dengan itu timbullah pula so’al kera dihutan disusu, anak dikendong kehausan.

4 07 2010

Ei mok, dah melampo bebenor le deme tu. Tun Mahathir nak cakap pase berape Melayu ade di negara ni pun deme nak bising. Ape deme ni?

Teman menyampah sesetengah deme tu, tak habih habih nak lebih, dah tu nak mencaci pulak.

5 07 2010
SSS Admin


Mereka sudah keterlaluan dengan mahukan bermacam macam dinegara ini. Tidak cukup dengan kekayaan yang amat sangat dan mengusai ekonomi negara dihampir kesemua aspek. Dicacikannya Melayu “feeling insecure” dan ada kompleks, katanya. Pada hal jenis kompleks yang Melayu ada ialah kompleks dibawah Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu yang memberi kita dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak keistimewaan dibanding dengan yang lain. Kompleks seperti bangunan atau pusat membeli belah besar-besaran memang Melayu tidak mempunyai. Tetapi mereka mempunyai kompleks jenis yang takut ketinggalan atau “kiasu” dan kompleks tidak mendapat sebanyak kuasa yang mereka mahukan. Harus disedari bahawa diantara bukan Melayu pun ada perpecahan dan Cina sentiasa berkejar-kejarakan undi diantara MCA, Pergerakan, DAP, dan parti Cina Sabah dan Sarawak.

Benar kata Tun Dr Mahathir bahawa jika tidak diawasi, kemasukan dari negara yang penuh sesak dengan 1.2 billion maanusia itu akan menjadi masalah besar dinegara ini jika mereka tidak ditentukan keluar sehabisnya tempoh pas lawatannya. Kerajaan “auto-piloting and sleepy” yang lalu telah membenarkan kemasukan dengan tidak susah visa dan sebagainya, kononnya untuk menggalakkan pelancungan. Pada hal People’s Republic of China bukannya seperti ahli persatuan ASEAN dan tidak ada perhubungan istimewa dengan Malaysia. Malaysia pula dilanda rasuah dan pihak penguatkuasa di Jabatan-Jabatan Kerajaan yang berkenaan mesti menentukan tidak ada “over-staying” dikalangan mereka dan keluarkan mereka yang tidak tahu sepatah Inggeris atau Bahasa Malaysia pun berjual dipasar malam, pasar tani dan sebagainya. Tidak ada pas Imigeresen yang membenarkan mereka berjaja dipasar seperti itu.

6 07 2010

You keep talk about Chinese over stay. Millions Indons stay illegal in the country. What the govenment doing?

7 07 2010
SSS Admin


We can’t speak for the Government but may only say what we know based on newspaper reports and other information deemed reliable.

As far as Indonesians staying illegally is concerned, the Malaysian Government has continually had discussions with the Indonesian Government to reduce their number. That is why there is the existing arrangement whereby those wanting to work in this country enter through the proper channels, obtain passports and employment permits. The Malaysian Government has got the Indonesian Government to make the necessary arrangements to register employment agencies in Indonesia, arrange for the passports, the medical check-up and the Health Certificates for those workers. The Indonesian workers are needed by Malaysians, both Malays and non-Malays, in the various sectors of the economy and regulating their presence is being done.

The Malaysian Government also arranges with the Indonesian Government to provide incentives to attract the illegals to surface and become legal – recorded and processed as regular foreign workers. They do this by offering amnesties, especially before Hari Raya, for the illegals to return to Indonesia for the festivals through the normal ports of entry or departure, no fines for their illegal stay, their particulars recorded and they are advised that they can re-enter Malaysia provided they follow the procedures of going through the employment agencies, obtain passports and work permits before re-entry.

5 07 2010

I was in an italian airport while queing to board my flight. Among those who also queing in the line were malaysians??? (they hold malaysian passports).

They spoke ENGLISH among themselves, in italian land.

When we reached United Kingdom, again we were in line, queing to clear the immigration.

Again, they spoke ENGLISH among themselves, in english land.

It is so very damn familiar situation to see the same/similar faces in MALAYSIAN airport, speaking NOT Bahasa Kebangsaan, but some foreign language with occassional english words in between. And they hold Malaysian passports.

They can speak english (the 2nd Language) in England and Italy (and else where too, except Malaysia and China perhaps) among themselves while holding Malaysian passports. Yes !!! English !!! and NOT their mother tongue in England & Italy.

They dont speak Bahasa Kebangsaan among themselves in Malaysia, but their mother tongue, NOT English! And yet they hold MyKad ????!!!!

So, are they ugly Malaysians or are they NOT Malaysian at all?

5 07 2010
Kembara Jalanan

I’ve had my share of being in such scenarios too. Imagine a bunch of them speaking in Manglish at the Malaysian High Commission at London. And when they did speak in Bahasa Kebangsaan to the counter staff, damn I feel like slapping their ugly faces back and forth. The poor tudung-clad makcik over the counter had to speak the same wavelengths with these retarded Malaysian passport holders, so she said something like “awak angkat ini borang….pigi sana fotostat… lain tahun tak payah datang…”. Two things here:- Why the hell do WE have to make ourselves sound like a retarded bunch in order to speak to these clowns? We’re being over magnanimous in dealing with these retards. I’ve had my fair share of global carbon footprint but I’ve never been to any part of the world where the locals would dumb down their language to make themselves clear to the outsiders. And why the hell do they cant even converse in decent Bahasa Kebangsaan despite being a Malaysian passport holder? I remember reading in The Star about a tax-payer who complains on the unavailability of tax forms in Mandarin! This is freaking unbelievable!

6 07 2010
SSS Admin

Kembara Jalanan,

The Malaysian High Commission or any Malaysian diplomatic mission in a foreign country is, to all intent and purposes, Malaysian territory. No other laws except Malaysian laws apply there. The local Police cannot run after criminals if any crimes are committed in or suspects go into a diplomatic mission, hence one read about an opposition politician “seeking refuge” at the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur some time back. The sanctity or non-violability of a diplomatic mission has been so under international laws for a long time and became entrenched under the Charter of the United Nations. That status is accorded on reciprocal basis.

No doubt the use of Bahasa Malaysia is not deemed as law and is not a legal requirement. But respect for Bahasa Malaysia and its use becomes more pronounced when citizens are in the premises of the Malaysian High Commission. It is, to say the least, rude not to speak Bahasa Malaysia to the tudung-clad Makcik behind the food counter at the Malaysian High Commission.

That these people even expect tax forms to carry Mandarin language is a reflection of ignorance, arrogance, being misled and being ugly Malaysians. Ignorant of Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language, arrogance in thinking (very wrongly, too) that the Chinese pay the most taxes in this country, misled into believing that in Singapore at one time all four main languages were made official languages. Treasury / Inland Revenue statistics show that the Chinese pay only about 30% tax, the Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) pay 40%, the rest paid by Malays and others, including foreigners. Those having this kind of thinking are usually the seclusive, narrow-minded, ill-informed and non-mainstream Malaysians. Asking for Mandarin on official documents suggests they are the products of Chinese schools who are inward in their thinking and perspectives.

The Malaysian Government should merge the vernacular schools with the national schools so that only Bahasa Malaysia is used as the medium of instruction and so that respect for the National Language is imbibed into the hearts and minds of all children such that they will grow into good Malaysians.

6 07 2010
SSS Admin


Malaysian Chinese speaking Chinese and Malaysian Indians speaking Indian when overseas would be deemed Chinese and Indians respectively by foreigners because of the huge number of Chinese and Indians and because their physical characteristics and languages are easily identified in the world. It does not help to promote the image of Malaysia at all to the outside world. Whereas Malaysians speaking Bahasa Malaysia when abroad may arouse the interest of foreigners on their nationality because of the uncommon sounding language.

Who cares, they might say, when even in Malaysia, where Bahasa Malaysia is, by the Constitution, supreme, the authorities are not bothered to impress on the citizens so. This is more so when the Prime Minister stated that vernacular schools can continue and gave financial grants to Chinese schools during several by-elections in recent times. Government policies in the past so many years have hardly produced loyal and patriotic citizens in this respect. Loyalty is based on respect and living by the Constitution. Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language is clearly stated in the Constitution. Those using Bahasa Malaysia and support its use in all official and public communication are good Malaysians. Those who do not may even appear ugly from the perspective of creating a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia.

Malaysians who do not habitually speak Bahasa Malaysia should be thankful that no one has asked for or tried the Thai, Indonesian or Filipino ways of making their citizens adopt the language and the culture of the locals, and that Tun A Razak, ruling the country under Emergency Powers with the support of the military with Parliament suspended after the racial riots of 1969, had not thought of doing so. Malaysians ought not exploit the situation and comply fully with the requirements of the Constitution so that we all can live with the Constitution at all times. Without the Constitution, the situation can get ugly.

We must continue to exhort and earnestly urge all Malaysians to respect the National Language and live by the Constitution of the country. It is the duty of all Malaysians to respect and abide by the Constitution in the interest of togetherness, harmony and peace in the country.

5 07 2010

That is a good warning by Tun Dr Mahathir – “the current national leadership appears to believe that Malays would continue to account for 60 per cent of the country’s population … we will continue being 60 per cent, maybe the percentage will even go up. But anything can happen in future. You only need to open the door to immigration and the percentage changes,” he said.

The authorities should check on those at pasar malam and such places who do not speak any word of Bahasa Malaysia or English. And those at hotels and massage parlours who are of the same kind. Also those who are not at any of those places but operating from private addresses offering sex via SMS text messages as reported in the newspapers – in Penang and elsewhere. They might be over-staying their tourist visas for the pleasure of sending SMS messages in this country!

This is census year and the Statistics Dept census takers and enumerators must be told not to include these people in the figures reported to HQ. The HQ people must have a foolproof mechanism to detect such inaccurate or wrong reporting of the number of people in the country.

Check on corrupt enforcement officers of the various departments concerned, too.

7 07 2010
SSS Admin


True, it is a good warning. It is a valid concern. Already, since after Merdeka, there has been a tremendous lowering of the percentage of Malays in the country; Tun Dr Mahathir said that the Malays constituted 82% of the population during British colonial days. But because the non-Malays were accepted as citizens under the Social Contract, the Malays percentage dwindled significantly after Merdeka. Now the percentage of Malays, together with the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, is only 68%.

In 2005, an EPU planning document says the Chinese constituted 22.7% and in recent years the Chinese have been complaining of lower population numbers, for example in Penang, due to lower birth rate and migration from Malaysia. Many of those designated as “British Overseas Citizens” of the former “Straits Settlements” (including Penang and Malacca) have migrated to Britain. Others migrated to Australia, Canada and elsewhere. There should therefore not be any increase in the Chinese population percentage in relation to the Malays in the coming population Census; based on what the Chinese themselves have stated in the newspapers, there may even be a decrease in the number of Chinese.

Population Census is carried out every ten years and 2010 is a census year – in fact census taking has just begun. One cannot expect any drastic changes in the population figures pertaining to racial composition, unless some serious hanky panky goes on. It is therefore important for us to observe closely how the Statistics Department, which is responsible for carrying out the census, conducts the census enumeration and determine the census headings. What constitutes citizens, non-citizens, residents and non-residents, legal and illegal foreign workers – if the last category gets counted, unintentionally or otherwise.

The comment published by Malaysian Insider that “we now have over 5 million Indonesians here, 3 millions Vietnamese; 3 Million Indians from India, 4 Million Bangladeshis .. that there are over 15 million immigrants in a country with just over 28 Million Malaysians” is farcical – the writer may be an ugly Malaysian saying, strangely, there are so many immigrants from everywhere but not from China. The figures quoted formally in recent times are that there are about 2 million legal foreign workers and about 1.2 million illegal workers in the country.

There are at least 3 ways non-citizens can “slip in and get counted” in the population Census – (a) legal workers claiming to be citizens or obtaining fake citizenship i/c (b) illegal workers counted as permanent residents, (b) over-staying tourists counted as residents.

The Visa On Arrival (VOA) scheme introduced in 2006 to promote tourism had 30% over-stayers, numbering 75,462, in 2009. Early that year India, Pakistan and Afghanistan were excluded from the VOA scheme due to “national security” consideration, said Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop in Parliament. The Chinese have been coming in big numbers and the Immigration Department needs to ensure they return at the end of their permitted period of stay and the Statistics Dept need to ensure that they do not slip in and be counted in the 2010 Census.

The rule says that those who are here for more than 6 months would be counted in the Census under the heading of non-citizens. The Statistics Dept needs to ensure that their enumerators or census takers scrutinize the documents of those interviewed and treat them accordingly in their field reports. Similar scrutiny and care in recording needs be done at their headquarters.

5 07 2010

Some body say earlier Malaysian Insider does not print opinions they dont like. Here is what some body say in Rocky’s Bru blog –

Anonymous said… (to Rocky’s Bru 4.7.10)

At least you are balanced. The Malaysian insider is the most hypocrite. The editor came out brazenly that the government is denying freedom of speech. But it itself censored my comments so many times. It never gave a thought on freedom of speech when one criticises Malaysian insider or the opposition. But suddenly now proclaim the saviour of freedom of speech. What a bunch of imbeciles these Malaysian insider editors.

Ellese A
3:14 AM

7 07 2010
SSS Admin


There have been others complaining the same thing of Malaysian Insider as Ellese A does in Rocky’s Bru. Those complaints go to show that what are said in that portal need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The qualification and experience of the editors or Admin personnel who decide on what to publish is not known. Their understanding of the words “freedom of speech” as in the case you mentioned leaves much to be desired. Freedom of everything in life and everywhere in the world is not unlimited. The Americans still have detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay; that practice is very much Malaysia’s Internal Security Act. The rationale for the annual licensing of newspapers, the Sedition Act, and the Internal Security Act have been spoken in Parliament, written and explained practically everywhere from time to time. People who choose to disregard them appear to have their own agenda. Whether they belong to the category of “Ugly Malaysians” or not, it’s up to the readers to judge.

6 07 2010


7 07 2010
SSS Admin

Salam Sdr kassim,

Boleh kata apa sahaja. Sebanyak mana dan berapa selalu yang Sdr suka. Kami janji akan jawab dalam bahasa yang sama.

Kami telah mulakan blog ini didalam Bahasa Malaysia. Kemudian kami lakukakan dwibahasa. Kerana kekurangan tenaga menterjemah, kami mulakan dasar menulis dan menjawab didalam dua bahasa, mengikut keadaan yang sesuai dengan tujuan kami. Dasarnya hingga sekarang ialah menulis menggunakan bahasa mengikut rencana-rencana orang lain yang kami keluarkan untuk dibincang dan menjawab didalam bahasa yang pihak mengeluarkan komen guna.

Memang tujuan kami ialah supaya pesanan-pesanan yang kami keluarkan difahami sepenuhnya oleh mereka yang berkenaan. Pesanan, rayuan, gesaan dan desakan kapada Pemerintah tidak ada masalah sama ada didalam Bahasa Malaysia atau Inggeris. Tetapi mereka yang tidak hormatkan Bahasa Malaysia, dan mereka yang menyokong pihak yang tidak menghormatkan Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris adalah lebih difahami mereka. Ini boleh dilihat dari rencana-rencana dialam citra selain dari yang dalam bahasa vernakular.

Kempen SSS bertujuan melahirkan dan memupuk persepaduan melalui sistem sekolah satu aliran atau Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. Sistem sekolah satu aliran telah dihebahkan dimedia massa seperti akhbar, TV, radio dan alam citra. Dan telah ditimbulkan dan dibincang diParlimen. Dato Seri Najib telah berkata bahawa sistem itu akan dilaksanakan apabila rakyat mahukannya. Tetapi dia tidak menyatakan bagaimana menentukan jika rakyat mahukannya sekarang atau tidak. Apabila dia membuktikan pendirian yang berat kapada melayan kepentingan Cina seperti bantuan wang kapada Sekolah Cina diPRK Kuala Trengganu, Hulu Selangor dan Sibu, dia melawat sekolah sekolah Cina, makan malam disekolah Cina, mengumumkan sekolah Cina boleh diteruskan, maka kami telah meluaskan liputan kami dari Kempen SSS semata mata kapada segala isu lain yang boleh mendatangkan perpaduan negara.

Dengan itu kami telah melayari alam citra dan memilih rencana-rencana yang didapati tidak sesuai pendapat-pendapat dan pendiriannya dengan tujuan perpaduan negara dan perlu dibincangkan supaya pendapat-pendapat dan pendirian pihak-pihak lain boleh dikeluarkan bagi faedah mereka yang menulisnya dan lain-lain yang membacanya. Oleh itu, keluarlah rencana-rencana didalam Bahasa Inggeris dan, pada masa masanya, dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

Penumpuan dan haluan Kempen SSS ini boleh bertukar lagi, termasuk penumpuan bahasa yang digunakan. Pertukaran itu akan berdasarkan kapada keadaan dan suasana politik semasa, termasuk pendirian pemimpin yang mungkin akan sedar dayusnya mengejar undi kelarian yang tidak akan mendatang.

Silalah teruskan mengeluarkan pendapat pada bila bila masa dan sebanyak mana dan seberapa selalu yang Sdr suka. Walau bagaimana jauh atau serius pun perbezaan pendapat diantara kita semua dilaman citra ini, kami berjanji akan menerbitkannya. Demi kepentingan saling memahami diantara kita sebangsa dan seagama, namun diantara kita berbagai bangsa dan agama. Mudah-mudahan akan aman dan damai berterusan negara kita ini.

6 07 2010

The “peace 4 all” fler “bullshit” people ha? What kind of peace the bloke is talkin about?

Then said “the only purpose of it (Kempen SSS) is to create more racial tensions”. Is he not the one doing it, the bugger? I’m at least honest about it, just wantin to put him in his proper place.

He shd come to this blog and read all the arguments put out for SSS. Just read the FAQs Sheet oso gud enuf.

Is there such thing as “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”? Many people said it’s only empty slogan. No common identity, hopes and aspirations. Not even a common language. What unity in diversity?

8 07 2010
SSS Admin


There are many of this kind of people in blogosphere. Writing in the English language. And we do not know those writing in the vernacular languages. Writing in the name of peace but saying things that are not peaceful. Using words that are not the words of peace.

They are often lacking in knowledge. Of the law, of the Constitution, of mainstream thinking based on the Constitution. They appear not to have mixed much, have a different set of norms and values. They do not, for example, know that the fact that Chinese schools have existed for over 50 years does not mean that the system is right. Bahasa Malaysia is clearly written in the Constitution as the National Language. Mother tongue can be used for other than official purposes but schools are the official business of any country and therefore should not have Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction. Mandarin is not even the mother tongue of Malaysian Chinese but nobody minds Mandarin, and Tamil, being taught as elective subjects in national schools.

Here we are at Kempen SSS trying to promote national unity through togetherness of all Malaysian children attending one type of schools viz national schools. As you have pointed out, all the arguments have been put out in this blog. Even in the newspapers, TV, radio and even in Parliament when the subject of single-stream schooling was raised and discussed. We need to keep on pointing these out as often as possible and as and when the “peaceful” kind of fellows speak not peacefully. We just point out to them the need to have the prosper perspective about peace in this country and that perspective must be based on the Constitution.

6 07 2010
Anak Jantan

Malays should not, cannot and must not be minority in this country. It can become so only if the enforcing agencies become fully corrupt. The Government must do its best to prevent that. If not, we’ll get the Government out.

7 07 2010

On the matter of over-staying, entering and staying in the country illegally, what is worrying is that the extent of corruption in the enforcing agencies (Immigration, Police, even Rela) would enable increasing numbers of Chinese not just from the Mainland but also from Vietnam (they are disliked by the ethnic North Vietnamese a few of whom support and even signed the SSS Petition) to come in and stay, as brides or whatever.

We may be having an influx of Chinese again, like during “Manteri Laroot” Ngah Ibrahim in the 2nd half of the 19th Century and during the British colonial days thereafter.

Right now if you are a foreign, non-English speaking Chinese frustrated with the situation wherever you may be or want to try your luck elsewhere, Malaysia is about the best place on earth – although those who are here may say the grass is greener elsewhere. You have affinity with your own kind in Malaysia, liberal policies to protect and promote your kind, compared to, say, Papua New Guinea. You can live fairly satisfactorily without knowing a word of Malay!

The sad thing is that there has not even been a significant campaign against corruption apart from Policemen wearing badges and displaying car stickers. No consistent big-guys prosecutions. Among the political masters and the enforcement agencies, it may be a case of people in glass houses not throwing stones at one another.

The Government really must do something drastic about this. The leaders must find the political will to tackle the corruption bull by the horn.

8 07 2010
SSS Admin


Dato Seri Najib has stated he would tackle corruption. It was encouraging that he has begun action on curbing money politics. Changes to nomination procedures for party posts have been introduced. However, not much further has been heard. Like the single-stream schooling concept which he has said would be implemented when the rakyat wants it, nothing further is heard about how to determine whether the rakyat wants it now or not. Either he has a memory problem or he switches his mind on to placating the Chinese wishes and wants. So much in that respect appears to have been done by him during PRK Hulu Selangor and Sibu. Unfortunately, the votes he was after didn’t come to him.

There has hardly been any corruption charges “preferred” on high-level personalities. There has been so many accusations and allegations of corruption among politicians on both sides of the political divide, committed by Malaysians of all races, in the Government and in the private sector. Those like the Minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit, those involved in the Port Klang Free Zone, the Maika shares issue, the sand mining in Selangor etc have been linked with corruption allegations. The MACC has taken to court a member of the EPU Minister’s staff and, whatever the result may be, there should be more prosecutions made.

Najib must harness the political will to crack down on corruption in a serious, sustaining and no-nonsense way. He has to get rid of the notion that people living in glass houses do not dare throw stones at others. Minimizing corruption will help minimize illegal entries and over-staying visitors.

8 07 2010
SSS Admin

Anak Jantan,

Indeed, Malays cannot be the minority in this country. Opening the floodgates of immigration in this country will lead to disturbing the already fragile balance in attitudes and perspectives among the people in the country. We must avoid disturbance of a racial nature. We need to live in peace and maintain the status quo as far as this is concerned.

Corruption in the enforcement agencies must indeed be tackled. They are in the front line in the efforts to check illegal entries and over-staying “tourists”. Praise goes to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for hauling in the Director General of Immigration who was found to have about RM100,000 cash on his person during office hours and over RM100,000 cash in his house last year. We hope the replacement DG is a person of integrity and that those down the line take seriously the message from the arrest of the big boss. More of such, please.

We support the call for the MACC being given the powers to prosecute. They need to be given the teeth to bite to the bone. The new MACC Commissioner has earlier this year made encouraging statements on his stand concerning MACC line of action. We hope he would carry out what he has committed to do with vigour, without fear or favour, and we wish him well there.

7 07 2010

I agree that The Government really must do something drastic about this. The leaders must find the political will to tackle the corruption bull by the horn.

8 07 2010
SSS Admin


The Government has been having a multitude of problems since the breakdown of the moral fibre of Malaysian society that occurred especially during the “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” administration of Tun Abdullah. The 2008 General Elections was dismal, the Government lost their two thirds majority in Parliament, the second time after the one that led to the racial riots of 1969. Racial polarisation has been on the increase and Dato Seri S Najib appears to be facing problems as to which way to go in terms of uniting the various races in the country.

Anti-corruption can be a strong election platform for him. Abdullah won the previous General Elections quite resoundingly when he used the anti-corruption platform. Those engaged in corruption, though many, are actually a small percentage of the population. The vast majority of the people are not involved, do not have the means to engage in the scourge, or are simply fed up about corruption. Abdullah lost the 2008 General Elections quite a lot due to corruption during his “non-rule”. Let us hope that Najib realizes that anti-corruption can be a strong weapon he can use to win the coming General Elections and acts accordingly.

13 07 2010

salam, admin. balasan komen sblm ini dpsetujui terutama para akhir. dwibahasa, boleh capai lebih khalayak. cuma, harap salah tafsir akibat kekangan bahasa kurang impaknya. terlintas juga knapa Mandarin jadi pengantar? setahunya yg tiba & terus berada, bukan guna mandarin pun. Kantonis lagi utama kalau rancangan tv jadi ukuran. sedih apabila pimpinan leka, sampai 2 rangkaian tv ada! kejarle undi deme.. biar tgadai bak Pak Kadok! ikut je Si Luncai terjun… sedang depa hanya ambil (baik @ x ) tp x beri pun! kalau beri, mcm bagi susu balas tuba. mana kerja depa yang untuk semua? untuk depa sendiri ade le, org lain tempias je. depa bsikap buruk dengan lontar batu sembunyi tangan & tuding org! cth jelas apabila pak berahim ajak kekawan pertahan hak, depa kata nak rampas / sekat! sedangkan depa yg rampas & sekat hak & peluang org lain sebenarnya. tu yg jadi masalah, depa xngaku salah! bmuka2.. kokok, ekor penuh tahi. terima kasih.

14 07 2010
SSS Admin


Mandarin memang bukan bahasa ibunda bangsa dan suku-bangsa Cina diMalaysia, malahan bukan bahasa ibunda bangsa Cina diPeople’s Republic of China. Mandarin telah digunakan untuk menyatu-padukan bangsa Cina di PRC, maka wajarlah Bahasa Malaysia digunakan bagi menyatu-padukan rakyat Malaysia.

Perlembagaan negara menyatakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan dan membenarkan bahasa ibunda digunakan selain dari urusan resmi. Maka sekolah adalah urusan resmi dimana mana negara pun. Oleh itu Bahasa Malaysia wajar digunakan sebagai bahasa pengantar disekolah. Walau pun Mandarin bukan bahasa ibunda, kebanyakan rakyat tidak menghalang Mandarin diajar disekolah-sekolah, tetapi hanya sebagai mata pelajaran pilihan, tidak sebagai mata pelajaran wajib, dan tidak sebagai bahasa pengantar.

Kegunaan bahasa Kantonis, Hokkien dan sebagainya diTV dan lain lainnya diMalaysia telah menjadikan negara ini menggunakan dan pemerintah membenarkan bahasa rojak. Sedap dimakan tetapi tidak tenntu hasiatnya.

Sesiapa mengatakan Pak Berahim dan yang seangkatan dengannya mahu rampas atau sekat hak dan peluang orang lain itu mengarut dan merepek. Mereka mahukan Dasar Ekonomi Bahru diteruskan diModel Ekonomi Bahru. DEB bukan merompak, merampas, menyekat hak dan peluang orang lain. Kemudahan kemudahan DEB diambil dari peluang-peluang bahru. Peluang itu kepunyaan semua tetapi DEB menentukan sebahagian dari peluang-peluang itu “diperuntukkan” kapada Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Kita perlu sentiasa membalas apa apa tuduhan seperti itu, Kita perlu memberi penerangan sebanyak mana dan seberapa selalu yang boleh. Tidak kira mereka mahu terima penerangan kita atau tidak – yang “hardcore” atau kepala batu tidak akan pecah jika dihempas kebatu sekali pun. Tapi kita ikut cara yang sesetengah mereka lakukan – cakap dan perkatakannya seberapa selalu yang boleh, lama kelamaan ada 1-2 yang keras kepala pun mungkin terima penerangan kita.

21 07 2010

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23 07 2014
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Professional life

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