Honest Mistakes, Half Truths and Propaganda

8 08 2010


We laud any attempt at correcting mistakes pertaining to efforts at bringing about national unity. The question is whether such mistakes are honest ones and whether they are deliberately done to portray some bad light on those who the “mistakes” may be aimed at.

There are such things as slanting the news, misquoting, misleading and misdirecting readers’ attention, and totally deliberate and intentional reporting of half truths and complete untruths. Yet there are such things as propaganda, the carefully selected angles of looking at events, repeated time and again in both crude and subtle forms. In the realm of psychological warfare and secret service operations, there are such things as deliberate misinformation, designed to confuse the opposition and make them land in hostile environment. Read the articles below and decide for yourselves which is which in blogosphere and the other forms of mass media in the country.

In the history of the fight against militant communists in Malaya, one reads a lot about psychological warfare being used to win the hearts and minds of those coerced by the communists. It included the resettlement of those exposed to communist coercion in new villages and giving talks to such people. We won. The communists have been dumped in the Betong salient at the Malaysia-Thai border. But the terrorist leader Chin Peng is still alive, unapologetic and unrepentant, does not want to discard the Communist Party of Malaya. One sometimes wonders if there are communists still operating in the country, using one or more of the above methods in blogosphere etc to further their cause. And are those who accuse Bureau Tata Negara of indoctrinating participants at BTN courses communists or communist sympathisers?

Considering the fact that there have been accusations that there are those high up in UMNO not supporting 1Malaysia fully, the action on the part of the Press Secretary of the Deputy Prime Minister as stated below is very much in order. We note however that out of 30 comments published by Malaysian Insider at the time of our writing this draft, not a single one supports the action taken. All are defending or siding with MI, a number are whacking Utusan Malaysia instead.

We know from a few people that they had in the past tried to submit contra comments to MI but were not published and they shied away from doing so ever since. We now try to present the other side of the picture to what MI publishes. In the interest of fair presentation of views on issues raised and for the sake of better understanding, goodwill and harmonious relations among Malaysians.

Malaysian Insider printed the MCA Pesident’s accusation of UMNO using Islam to compete with PAS for Malay support. That accusation may be the full truth but doesn’t it sound propaganda when one considers that so much of what is written in MI appears detrimental to UMNO and/ or the Barisan Nasional. See the last three articles below.

We are not an UMNO or BN website. Or of any political party for that matter. We are interested in the truths for the sake of harmonious and peaceful existence.

Let’s talk about these.


Error in 1 Malaysia article — The Malaysian Insider
August 04, 2010

Dear Dato Ainon Mohd, Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister,

Thank you for your faxed statement on this matter dated August 4, 2010. The Malaysian Insider would like to apologise for the reporting error in the said article that appeared on August 3, 2010.

As a matter of policy, we add an asterisk and note below an article when it has been corrected. However, we shall accede to your wishes to remove the said asterisk, and the note that follows the asterisk.

Once again, our apologies and herewith reproduced is your letter and the transcript.


Jahabar Sadiq,

Editor/Chief Executive Officer
The Malaysian Insider


Error in 1 Malaysia article

With regards to the above, I would like to express deep disappointment that you had failed to identify the basic and fundamental difference between a correction and a clarification.

I had made it clear in our earlier teleconversation that the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin did not make any mistake in his statement, rather it was your organisation that had made a mistake in reporting and I was desirous that you correct the reporting error.

It is clear from the transcript that Tan Sri never, at any point, said that 1Malaysia is a failure, he merely said that there are Malaysians who have yet to understand the concept and more time is needed than the one year that has passed since its introduction.

Your inclusion of an unnecessary and uncalled for note in the article stating that the article was re-edited to indicate a clarification from myself reflects mischief and malice on your part as we merely pointed out a factual error in the report.

The inclusion of the note is a clear attempt to shift the blame of your reporting error to our office. Such action can be construed as an effort to embarrass the DPM and create confusion and suspicion among Malaysians.

In fact the gross error in you previously uncorrected article can be construed as an effort to derail a very important Government initiative. Such effort to derail the Government efforts to foster national unity is not only unpatriotic but downright dangerous.

We fail to understand why you feel the need to undermine a crucial Government effort to create a harmonious and united Malaysia. A responsible and credible Media organisation is one that makes all effort to improve unity and harmony and are at all times focused on the improvement of society whereas you are clearly bent on sowing discord and disunity.

Thus, we demand an apology from The Malaysian Insider and to publish this letter together with the transcript and to take out the asterisk at the bottom of the article which stated that me and my colleague had clarified the statement.

I hope that in the future your Media organisation will display better understanding of the basic tenets of good journalism and not deliberately misreport an important statement by a National leader.

Thank you.

Dato Ainon Mohd
Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister


Q: Tan Sri, can you comment on the 1 Malaysia slogan needs more explanation and that it failed to unite Malaysians as a whole.

A: Terima kasih kepada Tun Mahathir yang kita hormati, pandangan beliau itu memang saya pun bersetuju bahawa kita tidak berkata dalam tempoh setahun lepas gagasan 1 Malaysia itu dikemukakan oleh Perdana Menteri semua orang faham, tetapi pastinya sudah ramai mula faham dan saya percaya ada juga masih yang belum dapat memahami secara mendalam apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan gagasan 1 Malaysia. Ada kecenderungan tafsiran itu dibuat mengikut pandangan kelompok-kelompok tertentu.

Sedangkan, yang telah dijelaskan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri, gagasan 1 Malaysia ini adalah gagasan yang diterapkan kepada Perlembagaan Negara. Yang itu yang paling kukuh sekali, dan apapun tafsirannya, ia tidak harus lari daripada apa yang terkandung dan semangat yang ada dalam Perlembagaan Negara. Baik dalam soal hak kaum, bukan Bumiputera, soal bahasa, soal budaya, soal kedudukan Raja, agama, itu semua ada.

Jadi apapun, ia tidak harus lari. Jadi pastinya, kerana gagasan 1 Malaysia ini adalah satu perkara yang dinamik. Tapi pasti ada pihak yang akan cuba menafsirkan mengikut kehendak masing-masing. Jadi langkah yang memang wajar dibuat dan masih terus dilakukan oleh pihak kerajaan ialah untuk memberikan penjelasan, mengadakan berbagai-bagai program untuk rakyat lebih faham tentang apa yang dimaksudkan dengan gagasan 1 Malaysia dan kita jangka mungkin dalam satu tempoh akan datang semua orang dapat memahami erti yang sebenar maksud yang sebenarnya. Tidak ada salah tafsiran tentang apa yang dimaksudkan gagasan 1 Malaysia.



Umno warns of backlash over Soi Lek’s remarks
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal and Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani August 06, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 6 — Umno leaders fired back today at MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek for accusing them of using religion to compete with PAS for Malay support, warning him that he risked triggering an adverse reaction from the Malay community.

“Dr Chua needs to stop doing this. He is shifting racial politics into religious politics.

“This is very dangerous. People might start blaming Islam because of what he said… they might blame Islam and say that corruption in the country is rampant because of the religion,” said Umno’s Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, who is also the former Selangor mentri besar.

Dr Chua, the MCA president, appeared to criticise Umno as well as PAS today for using religion to compete for Malay support.

He also blamed this on how the country had been trapped as a “middle income” nation for more than 10 years, claiming that the competition between the two Malay-centric parties had led to some “non-progressive policies”.

Dr Khir told The Malaysian Insider that Dr Chua’s remarks could cause unrest within the country, and disturb the “harmonic balance” created by the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

”We do not want to start blaming each other, pointing fingers… this leads into religious arguments. This is dangerous,” said Dr Khir.

The Selangor opposition leader said that the MCA president should instead focus on rebuilding an already fragmented MCA.

“Dr Chua should look into the Chinese problems. Why is there no support from the Chinese towards BN? In Selangor, there are virtually no new registered Chinese voters.

“I think Dr Chua is too influenced by western campaigns to discredit Islam as a religion. You will only end up making Malay leaders angry and more enemies,” said Dr Khir.

The Umno man insisted that there was nothing wrong with Umno reaching out to Malay voters with Islam, because Islam was part and parcel of the identity of the Malay party.

He dismissed Dr Chua’s remarks that Umno had become conservative in recent years.

“Umno is a progressive, open party. Under BN, we allow other members to join, to contest. We give rights to other races, and make sure everyone is happy.

“Islam is close to Umno, part of our life. You cannot ask for the religion to be separated from the party. It is a part of what Umno is,” said Dr Khir.

Umno Kota Belud MP Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan argued that Umno was a party that followed the wishes of its grassroots, and it will always be the voice of the Malays.

“Umno has always been the voice of the Malays. It is not about what Umno wants really… we are looking at the Malay heartbeat, sometimes they want Umno to be concerned with more religious issues,” said the Umno man.

Abdul Rahman told The Malaysian Insider that Umno was neither liberal or conservative, and that it only responding to the needs of grassroot supporters.

“Umno is only reacting to the wishes of the grassroots. If the grassroots want Umno to be more liberal, we will be as we have been. But if there is a message that they want us to focus on religious issues, then we will do that too,” he said.

Abdul Rahman warned of the dangers of not protecting Malay interests, stressing that the majority race needed to be appeased to avoid any disruption to the existing stability of the country.

“It is important that the Bumiputera majority do not feel restless… they need to be contented, not threatened.

“1 Malaysia is already in place to ensure that everyone has a place in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile Perkasa’s Dr Zubir Harun warned Dr Chua not to politicise the issue of religion as it might lead to Malay voters rejecting BN in the next general elections.

“Chua Soi Lek should instead concentrate on rebuilding and rebranding MCA so that the party could get more Chinese voters.

“MCA should not politicise Islam because the party will alienate Malay voters and affect Barisan Nasional’s chances in the general election. MCA should also stop using the Allah issue to gain the support of non-Malay voters,” Dr Zubir told The Malaysian Insider.

Dr Chua had claimed that the competition between PAS and Umno had led to some “non-progressive policies” formed, resulting in Malaysia being trapped as a middle-income nation for the past 10 years.

His strong words suggest that MCA, the second largest party in the ruling coalition, is no longer content to be Umno’s junior partner.

The party recently came under criticism from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the Umno deputy president, for apparently sharing DAP’s view that the “Allah” ban should be lifted.

MCA was forced to back down from its stand and its leaders were indirectly warned to back off after Muhyiddin announced the Cabinet’s directive to impose a gag order on all parties.

The Malaysian Insider understands that there is also a growing anger among MCA leaders over the recent prosecution of former party president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik over the Port Klang Free Zone scandal.



The rejection of Barisan’s Chinese leaders — The Malaysian Insider
August 06, 2010

Chua Soi Lek. Koh Tsu Koon. Liow Tiong Lai. Kong Cho Ha. George Chan. All these experienced Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians have one thing in common: they are being rebuffed by Chinese Malaysians right across the country, from housing estates in Sibu to villages in Johor.

Mocked as powerless stooges of Umno or self-serving individuals, politicians from Chinese-based parties in the ruling coalition are struggling to find issues or a platform or a niche that can give them some traction with the community they are identified with.

Recent surveys and focus group sessions paint a dismal future for MCA, Gerakan, SUPP.

It shows that disenchantment with leaders from these parties are so deep that the average Chinese believes that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) politicians such as Lim Guan Eng, or Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will be able to resolve issues much more effectively than any politician from BN’s Chinese-based parties.

The consensus is that these politicians do not have the influence either at state or federal level to handle issues deemed important by the Chinese, namely widening economic opportunities, protecting language, cultural and religious space of non-Malays.

Worse yet, the growth of the right-wing voice in Umno and among groups of Malays and the corresponding unwillingness and inability of BN parties to confront the right wing noises has rendered the Chinese politicians almost irrelevant.

Soi Lek’s outburst or comments today should be seen as an attempt by a politician who knows that he will be writing his party’s epitaph if it continues to remain subservient.

But his noise can come too late. A pattern has already been established in the minds of the Chinese Malaysian voter.

They expect Umno leaders to hammer Soi Lek and for deafening silence to reign after that.



MCA, stand firm or close shop — Thomas Lee Seng Hock
August 04, 2010

The arrogance of Deputy Prime Minister and Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in giving a stern warning on August 3 to the MCA over the “Allah” issue simply cannot be stomached and tolerated.

If the MCA has any dignity and integrity, it should not allow itself to be so severely rebuked and dictated to publicly by an “equal” partner in the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The MCA is right in standing up for the right of the non-Muslim community to be allowed to freely practise and express their religious faiths using any word they deem fit in Bahasa Malaysia, which is their national language.

The MCA is absolutely right to ask the federal government, of which it is purportedly an essential component, to rescind the ban on non-Muslims using of the word “Allah”, after Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein expressed regret over the decision to ban its use by his predecessor.

The deputy prime minister had insisted that the MCA must accept the decision of the federal government without questioning, saying that the party should not trigger another debate on the word “Allah.”

The MCA should not allow such haughtiness to go unchallenged, and should ensure its fundamental right is recognised, accepted, and respected as an equal component of the ruling coalition to any assent and/or acquiescence of any decision affecting the nation.

If the MCA is not allowed to voice its views and have a say on such fundamental matters as the right of the non-Muslims to freely use any word in the national language for the purpose of expressing, worshipping, teaching and publishing of their religious faith, then the party should dissolve itself as it is obviously politically impotent, and has no essential practical use to the Chinese community it claims to represent.

Muhyiddin has also questioned the MCA’s intention in sharing the same platform with the DAP.

“I am not sure why the DAP and the MCA have the same stand in this matter,” he said.

In condemning the MCA stand on the “Allah” issue, which happens to align with that of the DAP, Muhyiddin is showing himself to be superficial and perhaps even shallow in understanding the universal fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of the people.

The MCA may not be ideologically and politically compatible with the DAP, but the universal principles and values of the fundamental human rights are applicable to political parties of all tints and shades, including even Umno.

So, for the MCA to make a stand on the “Allah” issue, which is basically a human right issue, is both legitimate and justified, even if it is similar to the stand of the DAP.

Take the case of Umno having a similar stand as PAS on the issue of the need for Malay unity.

If Muhyiddin’s argument on the MCA having the same political agenda on the “Allah” issue as the DAP is seen as perfidy against the Barisan Nasional, then Umno’s willingness to hold unity talk with PAS is likewise a betrayal of trust against the other component parties of the Barisan Nasional.

The MCA must not compromise on this “Allah” issue, which involves the fundamental human, civil, and constitutional rights of the people. If it now shrinks from its responsibility to help preserve, protect, and promote the God-given rights of the people, then it can be sure that its days are numbered and the next general election will be its funeral ceremony.

NOTE: As I had expected, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said in a statement soon after the above comment was published that the MCA “does not share the same stand with the DAP on the call to lift the ban on the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims.” In view of the party backing out on its stand on the issue, I think it should start making arrangement to hold nationwide funeral ceremonies after the next general election. — mysinchew.com

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or the publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.




30 responses

8 08 2010


Yang mana satu MAKLUMAT ….. yang mana satu PENERANGAN ……. yang mana satu PROPAGANDA ……….. asyik nak kata dia bagus, dia bagsus ………. orang lain tak bagus, tak bagus …………. dua dua belah pihak ……….. pendek kata SEMUA PIHAK …………. meluat saya tengok politik ni, Tuan.

8 08 2010
SSS Admin


Ameer dikomennya yang berikut ini telah memberi definasi perkataan “maklumat” dan “keterangan” mengikut Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar dan perkataan “propaganda” mengikut Oxford English Dictionary.

Berikut ini ialah definasi perkataan “propaganda” mengikut Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka penerbitan tahun 1970:

1. penerangan atau penyiaran (ideoloji, faham, pendapat dll), ideoloji atau pendapat yang dihebahkan untuk mempengarohi orang ramai, da’ayah; contohnya, pemberontak2 komunis telah memperhebat kempen2 propaganda mereka diSaigon.

2. berpropaganda = menerangkan pendapat (ideoloji, fahaman dll) dengan tujuan untuk mendapat sokongan dari orang ramai.

3. iklan barang dagangan dll.

Tidak disebut pula so’al benar atau tidak perkara yang dipanggil propaganda itu. Tetapi adalah yaakin bahawa propaganda termasuk perkara yang kebenarannya menjadi tanda so’al.

Bila maklumat itu benar, dia tidak dipanggil propaganda tetapi menjadi penerangan. Mungkin jika disebut bertubi-tubi, penerangan boleh menjadi propaganda. Tetapi, bila perkara itu tidak betul, atau separuh benar, disiarkan seolah-olah benar, itu biasanya dipanggil propaganda.

8 08 2010

Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar kata

maklumat = information, explanation, notification

penerangan = [tak ada sebut]

keterangan = explanation, clarification, caption, information, brightness

propaganda = diayah

The Oxford English dictionary says

propaganda = 1. (Congregation, College, of) the P…, committee of cardinals in charge of foreign missions.
2. Association, organised scheme, for propagation of a doctrine or practice; doctrines, information, etc, thus propagated; efforts, schemes, principles, of propagation [Congregation for propagation of the faith]

propagate = 1. Multiply specimens of (plant, animal, disease, etc; reproduce
2. Hand down (quality etc) from one generation to another
3. Disseminate, diffuse (statement, belief, practice)
4. Extend the operation of, transmit

Hope it helps readers a bit.

9 08 2010
SSS Admin


Terima kasih kerana memberi definasi perkataan-perkataan tersebut.

As far as the word “propaganda” is concerned, a lot depends on the intent of the party putting out the information or explanation and the manner of doing so. Some people may deliberately put out information that is not exactly correct but may be plausible as to be believed. It may also be termed deceitful information. In fact, during wars, such is quite often done. We hear of the “propaganda machine of Joseph Goebels, one of Hitler’s right-hand men during World War II, churning out all sorts, including on the so-called “purity of the Aryan race” and DNA experts today say no such thing exists considering the thousands of years of human civilisation.

Hardcore communists believe that it does not matter what you say, so long as you say if often enough, some people will believe you. This, of course, is the anarchistic line.

And of course, between opposing political parties, because of long-standing differences or even new issues that they always disagree with, what is said is disputed and appears as half-truths or, when said repeatedly, appears as propaganda. Especially in a country where Yang Berhormats shout at one another, even in full Yang Berhormat regalia or formal attire, one even standing on a table shouting at his opponents in the august law-making chamber, disagree they always do, in more ways than one.

8 08 2010
Semerah Padi

Nampaknya, dari segi politik, kita masih jauh lagi ataupun kini bergerak lebih jauh lagi dari SATU BANGSA dan SATU BAHASA walaupun kita semua tinggal dalam satu negara.

Kita agak faham arah tuju politik DAP selama kini. Kita lihat Gerakan pun hanya tinggal pada nama, dan nampak isinya sudah hampir serupa dengan DAP. Kini, MCA pula menurut jejak.

Oleh itu, baiklah kita buat masa kini mengamalkan politik perkauman. Tidak ada juganya ada rakan politik kaum lain yang menjadi lebih kepada duri dalam daging. Ingin saya menyeru agar kita semua bersatu padu. SATU MELAYU, BANGSA KITA, NEGARA kita. Kepada dua parti terbesar orang-orang Melayu, UMNO dan PAS, renungilah masa depan bangsa Melayu kita. Kepada ahli-ahli PKR yang berbangsa Melayu, kajilah semula sokongan kepada Sdr Anwar Ibrahim.

Kita, orang-orang Melayu – ayuhlah berjuang dan kembalikan semula SEMENANJUNG TANAH MELAYU bersama rakan-rakan Bumiputera kita di Sabah & Sarawak. Kembalikan Bumiputera Sabah dan Bumiputera Sarawak di sana. Di sini, orang Melayu berjuang untuk mengembalikan tanah air, biarpun nama UMNO dan PAS terpadam tapi hakikatnya kita Orang Melayu, Bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu akan bersatu padu, bercerai roboh.


9 08 2010
SSS Admin

Semerah Padi,

Polarisasi kaum nampaknya semangkin menjadi. Rasanya bermula dengan cogan kata “Malaysian Malaysia” yang bermaksud menghakis Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan tidak menghormati Perkara 153 Perlembagaan negara berkenaan dengannya. Bila penganut-penganutnya menang pilihanraya umum 1969, berarak dan berkelakuan yang provokatif, ia membawa kapada rusuhan kaum 13 Mei. Bila pemerintahan Tun Abdullah Badawi, yang digelar “flip flopping, auto piloting and sleepy”, membiarkan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dibincang walau pun dilindung dibawah Akta Hasutan, berlanjut hingga ke pemerintahan sekarang, mangkin bertambah cobaan menghakis Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. Hingga Tony Pua berani mencadangkan diskaun perumahan Bumiputera diketepikan. Maka banyaklah Melayu memaki hamunnya. Ini semua tidak baik bagi kesejahteraan negara.

Beraninya mereka berbuat demikian dikatakan kerana kelemahan akibat berpecah belah kaum Melayu. Tun Dr Mahathir berkata Melayu sudah pecah tiga – UMNO, PAS dan PKR. Dengan pendirian Dato Seri Najib, nampaknya mula pecah empat – tambah dengan kumpulan Perkasa, Gertak, Melayu bangkit dan lebih 100 NGO Melayu. Maka dicoba usaha usaha berkerja sama UMNO dan PAS. Tidak diketahui menjadi realiti atau tidak.

MCA juga berpecah belah dan bermasalah kepimpinan partinya. Kaum Cina banyak berpaling tadah kapada kaum chauvinis dan apa yang dipanggil “ultra kiasu” atau melebihkan kepentingan diri sendiri dengan amat sangat. Apabila dikritiik tidak lagi banyak berpengaruh dikalangan kaum Cina seperti terbukti diPRK Hulu Selangor dan Sibu, timbullah pucuk pimpinannya mengkritik Perkasa dan sekarang menuduh UMNO mahu bersatu dengan PAS dengan menggunakan agama.

Namun didalam parti pembangkang pun ada berpecah belahnya. Gejala yang dipanggil katak lompat pun ada. Ada yang lompat keparti lain, ada yang hanya melompat keluar menjadi wakil rakyat bebas. Seorang ADUN PKR Selangor dan seorang Wakil Rakyat PKR menuduh Exco DAP melayan gengster (“underworld”) diIbupejabat Kerajaan Selangor. Exco Khalid Samad dirtuduh tidak menguruskan perkara penempatan semula kuil India diShah Alam hingga timbul ketegangan kaum akibat “heretan kepala lembu”. Menambah kapada polarisasi kaum.

Semua pihak harus sedar apa dia batu asas negara ini. Asas kedudukan negara sudah dimaktubkan didalam Perlembagaan negara. Sudah dibincang sebelom Merdeka, semasa Malaya Merdeka dan semasa penubuhan Malaysia. Perlu setiap rakyat patuh kapada Perlembagaan negara. Itu tulang belakang negara. Tidak ada Perlembagaan, tidak adalah negara, hanya segerombolan maanusia yang hidup mengikut undang-undang hutan, yang pandai maju, yang kuat meperkosa yang lemah. Marilah kita menggesa semua rakyat supaya ta’at setia, hormatkan dan hidup dengan Perlembagaan negara sepenuhnya.

10 08 2010

You should give MCA a chance to get back the Chinese votes that went to the Opposition last GE. They say the BN loss was a group responsibility not just MCA alone. Some BN policies not acceptable to Chinese.

Also, Tony Pua’s suggestion on Bumi house buying discount was qualified by value of houses. It was meant for the high range houses. Those who can buy them have a lot of money therefore no need discount.

12 08 2010
SSS Admin


We certainly should give MCA a chance to get back the run away votes. But they have to think of ways other than stepping on the feet of others or biting the hands that they should hold together to move forward. Ask for discussions with UMNO and/ or the BN coalition members, raise the issues that are important to them, that they think would help them get back the lost votes, trash out the issues, get a coalition strategy established, then stick to the strategy. This could not be done in the last 1-2 years because of the MCA leadership squabbles. Since it appears to have been resolved now, this should be done. But if they want to raise what some UMNO members have plainly said are “non-negotiable subjects” like the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, then it would be a non-starter.

But surely there must be other subjects that they can get accomodated with. DS Najib has accomodated a lot already like on Chinese schools. But letting MCA Youth leader deal with UMNO Youth leader may not help because both of them appear not acceptable, by their stand and views, to the UMNO members at large. The UMNO Youth leader had been heavily criticised during his father-in-law’s administration and it may have contributed a lot to the debacle during the last general elections. UMNO found him guilty of money politics and he got only just a little more than a third of the votes during the last party elections and pleasant words about his performance as the UMNO Youth Leader are hard to come by.

The Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is a sensitive issue. That was why it was included in the List protected under the Sedition Act. Tony Pua should know that very well but perhaps because of the non-action against the raising of sensitive issues all these years, he had become emboldened and dared to suggest the doing away of the Bumiputera housing discount, an element of priviledges under that Special Position. The vast majority of Malays and Bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak are still finding it difficult to own houses and the very idea of suggesting doing away with that discount is unacceptable. Qualifying eligibility is a huge job by itself and leaves room for abuse. In any case, the intention of Tony Pua is very much questionable, especially in the light of the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” concept that he and his party profess, a concept that is subversive to the Special Position Article 153 of the Constitution.

8 08 2010

Kenapa susah sangat nak faham 1-Malaysia ni?

Memanglah susah, kerana cakap yang keluar dari bibir merah bak delima batu tak serupa bikin. 1-Malaysia nampaknya menghasilkan “Melayu dipinggirkan, Cina Di Utamakan”. Lainlah kalau negara ini negara Cina Republik!

Kalau tak gitu, tak kan Perkasa, Gertak dan NGO-NGO Melayu lain bangkit begitu sekali. Bagus mereka-mereka ini bangkit, kalau tidak memang nasib Melayu sudah tergadai dalam MEB tak guna yg diannoucekan oleh pemimpin Melayu tapi dirangka oleh punah-sihat punah-sinah cina dan tingkat 4.

Najib nampaknya hanya umumkan saja kerja-kerja yang dirangka oleh punah-sihat punah-sihat ini sehingga Melayu kian tergadai. Kenapa? Najib tak ada penasihat-penasihat yang berbangsa dan berjiwa Melayu kah?

9 08 2010
SSS Admin


Susahnya nak difahami slogan 1Malaysia mungkin disebabkan tidak banyak penerangan dilakukan didalam berbagai bentuk, termasuk “subtle propaganda”. Ini pula mungkin disebabkan mereka yang mempunyai tugas melakukannya sendiri kurang faham maksud dan tujuan 1Malaysia. Ciri-ciri disebalik cogan kata, iaitu niali-nilai murni bagi rakyat Malaysia, memang senang difahami, seperti juga nilai-nilai Rukunegara. Tetapi maksud dan tujuannya mungkin tidak jelas.

Tidak dinafikan ada juga yang tidak setuju atau waswas dengan maksud dan tujuan 1Malaysia itu. Jika dipandang secara kasar tingkah laku Dato Seri Najib sejak memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri, nampak mirip kapada melebih pentingkan kaum Cina, tidak kapada kaum Melayu yang majoriti dinegara ini. Berbagai tanda-tanda sudah diperkatakan berkenaan perkara ini disini dan dilain-lain tempat. Kempen SSS amat kecewa dengan pendiriannya berkenaan sekolah Cina dan bahasa Mandarin, seolah olah tidak menghiraukan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan. Perkasa dan sebagainya kecewa dengan pendiriannya terhadap Dasar Ekonomi Bahru. “Decision makers” diperkhidmatan awam mungkin tidak senang dengan Model Ekonomi Bahrunya yang belom membuktikan penyerapan DEB didalamnya dan dengan itu tidak menunjukkan “innovasi” yang dimahukannya. Maka susahlah maksud dan tujuan 1Malaysia mahu diterima oleh orang biasa. Penganut dan penyokong parti pembangkang sudah tentulah mencari helah menyemar 1Malaysia.

Najib mendengar lebih penasihat-penasihat bukan Melayunya, seperti Omar Ong, yang dipahatnya kedalam Lembaga Pengarah Petronas walau pun ditendang kali pertamanya sebab Omar Ong adalah “Petronas loan delinquent” sehingga diheret keMahkamah. Bahawa orang yang seperti itu pun mahu dipahat Najib ke LP Petronas juga menyebabkan tanda so’al kapada maksud dan tujuan 1Malaysianya. Ada banyak bukan Melayu yang geliga dan tidak berlatar belakang busuk seperti Omar Ong. Ketua Eksekutif Petronas, Tan Sri Hassan Merican, yang telah menerajui Petronas dengan cemerlang selama berbelas tahun disingkir Najib. Digantinya dengan seorang yang lebihkurang sama umur dengan Hassan tetapi tidak diketahui kecemerlangan kerjanya. Ini juga membawa kapada tanda so’al maksud dan tujuan 1Malaysianya.

8 08 2010
San Peng


It all boils down to warped-minded liers telling lies by. They invent and fabricate to control minds to achieve their diabolical ends. Disrupt and destroy is all they care. As long as they can suppress the truth and bring to light all things else, they would have achieve their initial goals.

Its always rewarding to blow the whistle on them.

10 08 2010
SSS Admin

San Peng,

Disrupt and destroy is the common ploy of the anarchists. It is also the modus operandi of the communist terrorists. Hit and run. Ambush and run. Anything that will give them advantage. Even if the advantage is merely to scare the public against joining mainstream activities or cause confusion so that the public becomes indifferent or, worse still, create alarm and despondency. They always benefit by offering salvation in that situation. Even if it is mere promises but veer off when they gain power.

They promise to look after the interest of all the citizens. Yet they want to erode the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. The interest of the majority of the population. Nearly 70% of them. The disadvantaged group. Left far behind after 80 years of British colonial rule. Now they are proposing that the Bumiputera housing discount be set aside. They are disrupting and destroying goodwill and harmony by doing so.

They call for one Commission of Inquiry after another. Yet keep quiet when things go amiss in their own group. They shout against corruption all over the places. Yet they were being investigated for irregular expenditures and it involved witness Teoh BH’s death. They blamed MACC even just as the Police were starting their investigations; the cause of Teoh BH’s death is not known until now. They succeded in getting at least an Inquest carried out to determine the cause of death. That has at least temporarily hijacked the investigation on the irregular expenditures from government fund.

Then came the irregular use of an Exco’s letterhead to influence tender decisions. MACC is believed to be investigating Tee BH’s case. No doubt, all forms of corruption must be abhorred and shouted against, irrespective of any one’s political party, position and standing. But jumping about it, yet engaged in it, suggests so much of propaganda-ising. They should avoid saying “Do as I say, not as I do”.

8 08 2010

Mereka olah situasi pengundi Melayu begitu rupa hingga seolah-olah Melayu mesti mengemis undi mereka kalau hendak terus berkuasa.

Mereka juga tekankan jika berlaku unity antara UMNO+PAS ini akan membuktikan ketidakikhlasan PAS begitu begini.

PERKASA dimomokkan sebagai perusak dan Dong Zhong sebagai pembina ….

Orang Melayu yang terbiasa melihat kepada kekuatan bangsa orang kadang terlupa akan keupayaan bangsa sendiri.

Ini semua sudah cukup untuk mengundang gelabah dan resah jika sisasaran memandang hanya melalui perspektif lawan.

Melayu harus hormati pandangan mata dan hati sendiri juga. Tidak wajarlah hingga seperti Melayu liberal yang memandang bangsa sendiri seperti helang memandangan merpati.

10 08 2010
SSS Admin


Adalah menjadi kepentingan besar mereka supaya PAS tidak bergabung dengan UMNO dalam apa bentuk pun. Mereka mesti menjaga kepentingan mereka walau apa pun. Tujuan mereka memang melemahkan Melayu sejak mulanya cogan kata “Malaysian Malaysia”. Konsep itu subversif kapada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. Tidak mengambil kira Perkara 153 Perlembagaan negara. Itu sebab mereka dipanggil chauvinis dan ultra kiasu.

Pendirian tidak mahu ketinggalan (kiasu) itu tidak salah. Tapi tidak mahu kalah (juga kiasu) itu adalah merunsingkan. Sebab so’al menang kalah tidak timbul. So’alnya ialah hanya mengurangkan jurang perbezaan ekonomi dan pelajaran anatara Melayu dan Cina. Kaum Cina adalah jauh lebih maju dari kaum Melayu dan lain-lain. Mereka menguasai ekonomi sejak keluarnya penjajah Inggeris. Mereka penuh dibidang kepakaran dan professionalisma kerana faedah sekolah Inggeris (kunci kejayaan dizaman British dan berikutnya) yang dibina dengan cukup diperingkat rendah dan menengah dibandar-bandar. Kebanyakan mereka tinggal dibandar. Dengan kekayaan kaum mereka, banyak yang boleh berlajar diuniversiti. Diinstitusi tempatan dan diluar negeri.

Tidak cukup dengan kekayaan dan kepakaran yang kaum mereka sudah ada, mereka mahu tindakan affirmatif Dasar Ekonomi Bahru dihentikan. Ini sudah melampau. Ultra kiasu. Bila Melayu menyuarakan supaya DEB diteruskan didalam Model Ekonomi Bahru, Perkasa di tohmah macam macam. Pada hal nenek moyang mereka sudah setujukan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu, yang mengikut penjajah British telah sedia ada “since day one”, dirakamkan didalam Perlembagaan negara. Dan untuk itu, nenek moyang Melayu persetujukan hak kerakyatan mereka. Maka itulah sebabbya mereka dikatakan tidak tahu berterima kasih. Kaum mereka tidak mempunyai kerakyatan apa apa pun (stateless) diseluruh zaman pemerintahan British dan sebelomnya.

Melayu yang memikirkan dirinya liberal harus sedar ini semua. Mereka sudah merasa nikmat DEB dalam satu bentuk atau lain. Tiada siapa Melayu yang boleh mengatakan dia tidak. Lihat sahaja dimana bapak, datuk nenek mereka dahulu. Mereka lupakan asal usul. Mereka lupakan daratan. Kita tidak boleh marah, iri hati atau dengki kapada mereka yang kaya raya dan maju berbagai segi. Yang miskin perlu bantuan. Tetapi mereka yang mahu mengikis hak dan kepentingan Melayu tidak boleh dibenarkan berbuat demikian.

8 08 2010

Mereka cipta dan ada-adakan hujjah-hujjah anti-Melayu anti-Islam.

Ada pula golongan Melayu yang sudah terbang tinggi memandang kebawah terhadap bangsanya seperti helang mengintai ayam, padahal dia itu ayam juga.

Kesemua ini tidak sesuai malah merusak usaha pengintergrasian dan muhibbah …. kalau itu matlamat.

Mereka semua ini harus dinyahkan sejauh dan secepat munkin.

10 08 2010
SSS Admin


Yang mencadangkan diskaun perumahan Bumiputera dihentikan nyata anti-Melayu. Yang anuti konsep “Malaysian Malysia” juga anti-Melayu sebab konsep itu subversif kapada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. Pendirian mereka itu ada lah rasis kerana “antagonistic” terhadap kaum Melayu. Kita telah bincang apa yang rasis apa yang tidak dipos yang lalu.

Mereka yang mahu menggunakan kalimah Allah bagi agama mereka tidak mengambil kira sensitiviti orang Islam. Begitu juga mereka yang menyokongnya untuk mendapat faedah politik. Hal bahawa diIndonesia kalimah itu telah digunakan, atau hal bahawa orang Kristian diTimur Tengah telah menggunakan kalimah itu beribu tahun, tidak relevan. Yang relevan ialah orang Islam diMalaysia, bila sedar cobaan menggunanya, telah membantah. Maka perlulah mereka sedar sensitiviti orang Islam diMalaysia dan coba elakkan perselisehan berkaitan dengannya. Agama adalah amat sensitif. Islam adalah agama resmi negara ini. Namun demikian, perkara ini sekarang berada diMahkamah Rayuan dan tidak wajar kami mengulas lebih lanjut.

Memang dinegara demokratik rakyat boleh bersuara dan bebas bertindak. Tetapi dimana mana negara pun, ada hadnya. Termasuk dinegara komunis. Biasanya, lebih ketat kawalan kebebasan rakyat dinegara komunis. Di Amerika yang dikatakan begitu bebas itu pun ada berbagai had kapada kebebasan bersuara dan bertindak. Sejak peristiwa pengeboman Twin Towers diNew York, kawalan dibawah Home Security menyebabkan rakyatnya tidak begitu bebas. Rakyat dan pelawat diperiksa disana sini. Sehingga ada tahanan tanpa bicara diGuantanamo Bay. Amerika sendiri menggunakan alat kawalan Internal Security Act yang sibuk segelintir rakyat Malaysia membantahnya. Mereka yang tidak senang tinggal dinegara ini boleh berhijrah kenegara lain. Banyak telah berbuat demikian sejak berpuluh tahun. Penjajah British pun telah berkata bahawa, kalau ia pun, banyak dari mereka adalah “transient” dinegara ini.

8 08 2010

Orang kampong pangge propaganda tu cerita lama, tuan. Kekawan saya pangge cerita lapok. Ada pulak yang kata cerita busuk. Hahaha.

Mane tak busuk nye kalau membohong. Macam tuan kata le, tak bohong penuh, bohong separuh saja. Kekadang keluor pekong deme. Ha, itu busuk semata.

DiSelangor kena selidik sampai melibatkan Teoh BH mati. Sekarang nak kena selidek pulak surat rekomen Exko yang Ahli Majlis Tee BH sain. Cerita pasir udah le memasir. Di blog Ridhuan Tee sekarang ada tulih pase semua kontrek Majlis Bandaran Ampang Jaya disapu DAP. Kalau betui begitu, disitu banyak iblis diMajlis.

11 08 2010
SSS Admin


Perkara separuh kebenaran atau “half truths” itu mungkin berlaku bila mahu menutup pekong. Atau bila menohmah dengan tidak ada bukti yang cukup. Contohnya, Amerika dan Britain menohmah Iraq mempunyai senjata menjahnam besar-besaran atau “weapons of mass destruction, WMD). Maka dikata Iraq sedang membina senjata itu dan menyimpan gas membunuh besar-besaran.

Kerana bukti yang dikeluarkan ialah gambar-gambar tempat yang mungkin boleh dipercayai untuk pembinaan bom nuklear, masakan tempat tersebut boleh juga digunakan untuk membina kuasa letrik nuklear, maka alasan yang diberi berupa separuh benar. Demikian juga benar, Iraq telah menggunakan gas pembunuh kapada kumpulan Kurds diutara negeri itu disuatu masa yang lalu. Tetapi selepas menang peperangan dan mendudukki Iraq beberapa tahun mereka tidak menjumpai bukti simpanan gas pembunuh besar-besaran tersebut.

Maka politik tempatan pun begitu juga rupanya. Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa ditohmah rasis masakan mereka hanya mahu mempertahankan hak dan memajukan kepentingan Melayu. Sepintas lalu nampak sebagai rasis tetapi jika diikuti definasi dikamus, pendirian sesaorang atau sesuatu pertubuhan menjadi rasis hanya bila ada niat tidak baik kapada sesuatu bangsa lain seperti Hitler dan parti Nazi mahu membasmi bangsa Yahudi.

8 08 2010


Anader one complaining (in Rocky Bru’s blog dis one) dat Malaysian Insider not printing his lawan comment –

Anonymous said…

Malaysian insider has always been irresponsible. They were the first who started the reporting of shah alam cow head incident as a racial issue. It was pure Khalid samads incompetence which caused the issue but they blew up stoking racial incitement.

There were too many instances. But the most hypocritical is their fight for freedom of expression. They claim government curtailed this right. But when I criticise directly their journalism standard they censor my comments and refused publication. What loads of rubbish the Malaysian insider is.


3.47 PM


11 08 2010
SSS Admin


One cannot understand why Malaysian Insider does that because, as Maju points out in the comment below, the Editor and CEO had worked with Reuters, the well known British news and information agency for many years. He must have learnt the standard and the integrity of journalism from that agency. He should not have censored the comments of writers submitted to the website. Not publishing comments submitted is in fact worse than censorhip where only certain words, phrases or sentences are deleted. Complete discarding of comments suggest an ulterior motive(s) on the part of Malaysian Insider.

Their policy becomes more perplexing when one finds fact that they keep criticising the lack of transparency and the “curtailing of citizens’ rights by the Government”. They appear to be saying “Do as I say, not as I do”. They appear to want to put out articles and comments that show the weaknesses of the ruling establishment and views that show the ruling coalition in bad light. They may belong to or are funded by the Opposition but not publishing contra comments is a lamentable act on the part of Malaysian Insider.

In saying the above we wish to reiterate what we have periodically said – that we are an independent group, not financed by or beholden to any party, political or otherwise. We are a group of concerned citizens seeking long term unity for the country, beginning with single-stream schooling or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS).

9 08 2010

Googling the man one is told that the Malaysian Insider Editor / CEO has Reuters background. Represented the well known British news and information agency in Indonesia and the like. But strange that he left Reuters for Malaysian Insider which doesn’t sound to be of high integrity as stated by Ellse above.

Did MI become what it is under him? What is he after, one wonders. Is he given full independence there or has he to tow the owners’ line? Is he the owner, partly with others?

The fact that they have reporters interviewing personalities etc suggests they have an organisation that needs financing. Who finance them, one wonders.

11 08 2010
SSS Admin


It may be a question of journalistic independence of the Malaysian Insider Editor/ CEO. He obviously has to tow the bosses’ / owners’ / funders’ line and, if they are leaders of a political party(ies), the Editor has to tow the party line. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for not publishing the comments and views that disagree with or even criticise Malaysian Insider, or the the political party(ies) they represent. Publishing them would make them appear more credible and respected by the discerning public as well.

Perhaps they are more concerned with getting their views across to the public at large, the masses, so to speak. It is logical to think so because the masses are prone to read accusations rather than hard facts which bore the thinking person rather easily. In India even a bandit could become elected to the Legislative Assembly of one state. Her banditry made her a folk hero of sorts, her name easily remembered, stories about her abounded, and got read because they were more interesting than news about the economic or other development of the state.

We already have those who are boistrous, one climbing a table and shouting at opponents, in the august State Assembly in Perak. Let us hope we will not get bandits and goons elected to the State Assemblies or the Parliament of this country.

10 08 2010

Apa dia cakap ini Thomas Lee Seng Hock –

“The arrogance of Deputy Prime Minister and Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in giving a stern warning on August 3 to the MCA over the “Allah” issue simply cannot be stomached and tolerated.”

Dia tak tahu ke Muslim majoriti dinegara ini. Dia tak tahu ke kalimah Allah tu sensitif kapada Muslim? Diaorang tak boleh pakai perkataan Tuhan ke? Kenapa MCA nak sokong penggunaan kalimah Allah? Banyak Cina menganut Kristian ke?

Kan dah sampai Mahkamah perkara ini. Nak tunggu rayuan. Tak boleh tunggu ke? Macam ni ke dikatakan pemimpin? Macam ni ke dikatakan ahli BN?

12 08 2010
SSS Admin


Menyebut TPM TS Muhyiddin sombong angkuh (arrogance) tidak wajar sama sekali. Dia tidak menghormatkan jawatan TPM itu. Jawatan itu memberinya hak untuk memberi amaran. Amaran itu penting bagi menjaga keharmonian dan kesejahteraan negara. Penulis ini nampaknya keterlaluan.

Sudah dibincangkan beberapa kali mengapa Muslimin diMalaysia tidak mahu kalimah Allah digunakan penganut agama lain. Perkataan Tuhan sudah mencukupi bagi merujuk kapada Tuhan mereka yang berbentuk “The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit”. Tetapi Allah adalah Maha Esa, Hanya Satu. Menggunakan kalimah Allah bagi tiga bentuk Tuhan mereka tidak sesuai dan nampak mempersendakan kalimah Allah itu. Hal bahawa kalimah itu digunakan diIndonesia sejak lama dahulu dan oleh orang Kristian diTimur Tengah sejak beribu tahun tidak relevan. Yang relevan ialah Muslimin dinegara ini membantah penggunaannya bila menyedarinya. Muslimin majoriiti dinegara ini. Perlu hormati sensitiviti kaum majoriti. Bukan so’al mengabiakn kepentingan minoriti – perkataan Tuhan sudah mencukupi bagi tujuan mereka, melainkan ada tujuan lain yang tidak diketahui. Dan perkara ini sekarang ada dimahkamah rayuan.

Nampaknya MCA sudah jadi seperti cicak putus ekor. Setahun lebih pemimpinnya bertelingkah berhabis-habisan. Porak peranda dengan timbulnya berbagai kumpulan (faction). DiPRK Hulu Selangor dan Sibu nyata mereka diketepikan pengundi. Presidennya sendiri merungut pusat pilihanrayanya diKuala Kubu Bahru tidak ada ahli ahli MCA mengendalikannya. MCA tidak dapat menarik pengundi larian yang DS Najib mahu kejarkan. Maka dia membuatkan keputusan mahu “lebih bersuara” bagi mendapatakn perhatian pengundi Cina. Tetapi tidak banyak pun pengundi Cina beragama Kristian. Nampaknya hanya mahu “lebih besuara” untuk mendapatkan perhatian. Jika demikian, ini adalah politik murahan.

10 08 2010
Anak Jantan

The man is talking thru his nose when claiming that “the competition between PAS and Umno had led to some “non-progressive policies” formed, resulting in Malaysia being trapped as a middle-income nation for the past 10 years.”

I agree with the opinion “Chua Soi Lek should instead concentrate on rebuilding and rebranding MCA so that the party could get more Chinese voters.”

MCA certainly should not politicise Islam because it will alienate Malay voters and affect Barisan Nasional’s chances in the general elections. Yes, it should stop using the Allah issue to gain the support of non-Malay voters.

12 08 2010
SSS Admin

Anak Jantan,

There is no explanation on what the “non-progressive policies for the past 10 years” are and how the UMNO-PAS competition has led to them. He appears to be referring to the “flip flopping, auto piloting and sleepy” past administration until now. It is non-progressive if he refers to the letting of practically anybody saying almost anything they like, including things that are seditious. It is non-progressive if he refers to the almost flagrant raising and discussion of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, a matter that is protected under the Sedition Act. It even reached the level of proposing the doing away of the Bumiputera housing discount. The hoo haa and the noises made in defence of that Special Position might have contributed to scaring investors, if any, and part and parcel of the “non-progressive” situation he referred to.

Chua Soi Lek may be throwing a red herring, trying to divert the attention of Chinese voters from the leadership and other problems his party has been riddled with. He may also be preparing for the fall out from the Ling Lion Sik scandal that would be brought up in court. It is a huge “non-progressive”, even damaging, situation involving billions of Ringgits concerning the Port Klang Free Zone.

It is unfortunate that in the attempt to rebrand the MCA, Chua Soi Lek appears to be pushing itself away from UMNO and the Barisan Nasional coalition. He should know that religion is a sensitive issue among the Malays. In any case, the matter of the use of the word Allah is at the Court of Appeal now and he should refrain from throwing petrol to the still smoking ambers. Let’s call on him to think of unity, in the party and intra-party.

11 08 2010

Why only what you say is right? What we say also right. Dont say what we say is wrong and popaganda. You dont agree your bisness la but dont say popaganda and all. Be democracy.

13 08 2010
SSS Admin


We think you got the wrong impression. We don’t say what others say are wrong all the time. But we pick out articles from various newspapers and blogs and comment mainly on those we think are not right so that we can give the other side of the story. You must realise that there are always two sides to any story.

The views we comment upon are usually those that are not mainstream or not belonging to the majority. Like on Chinese schools. Clearly those wanting Chinese schools and Mandarin as the medium of instruction are not the majority. We must go by majority voice. That is democracy.

11 08 2010

“warning him that he risked triggering an adverse reaction from the Malay community.”

He is already triggering an adverse reaction from us. Can the fellow not find some other issues to take up? Issues that are not so sensitive to the Malay race, to the Muslim religion.

What is his purpose in doing that? What does he hope to achieve by doing that? Destory the Barisan? Polarise the races some more? Can’t he think rationally? Does he want to do politics of the gutter? Doesn’t he know that two can play the game? Maybe UMNO leadership may not do so but the lower hierarchy and the rank and file will. He should remember that.

Does he have to follow the DAP? Is he trying to bring MCA into the Opposition? Does he want to be in the opposition? Senseless, stupid fellow. Irresponsible leadership.

13 08 2010
SSS Admin


We are wondering if he is not exploiting the weak Malay situation where the Malays have been divided into three – UMNO, PAS and PKR. With the advent of Perkasa and the many Malay NGOs asking Dato Seri Najib to protect and promote Malay rights and interests, the Malays have been divided into four. But then the Chinese have also been divided into three – MCA, Gerakan and DAP; despite DAP and Gerakan claims of of being multi-racial, they are mainly Chinese. And the MCA itself has been divided into a few factions as a result of their leadership crisis for the last 1 1/2 years.

UMNO has not exploited the Chinese leadership crisis. UMNO President / Barisan Chairman and his Deputy have given advice where necessary, mostly preferring not to interfere in their internal party problems. When UMNO members were not happy with Najib’s policies as far as Malay interests are concerned (e.g the New Economic Model), the disgruntled UMNO members went to Perkasa and Melayu Bangkit rallies. But when MCA was not happy with BN policies, their Youth Section attacked policies of the very government they are part of. When a lot of criticisms came out on their not being able to attract Chinese voters, the MCA President supported the use of the word Allah, to the chagrin, even the anger of the Muslim Malays. Are the MCA exploiting the weak Malay situation, diverting the attention of the Chinese from their own weak situation, now touching even on sensitive issues?

We hope not. We hope it is only a matter of being helter skelter and somewhat panicky coming out from their leadership squabbles with a lot of scars and bruises, now faced with a potentially huge and contagious scandal on the Ling Liong Sik (former MCA President) prosecution for cheating connected with the alleged billion Ringgit irregularities concerning the Port Klang Free Zone project. It may be just a distraction or an attempt to one-up the DAP on the issue of the use of the word Allah. It is unbecoming of MCA to do so.

Let us urge all those concerned to work on unity issues rather than the divisive ones.

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