Open Letter, Open Transactions, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

12 08 2010


In the last post we wrote about honest mistakes, half truths and propaganda. But now Ronnie Liu, Selangor State Executive Council (Exco) member, says there are also “Spins, lies, innuendos and blatant manipulation of the MSM by the BN … left many of us exco members tired, with not much energy to focus on governing.” Perhaps, not being politicians, there are many things we don’t know or have not mentioned.

As far as that went, perhaps we didn’t want to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth out of respect for politicians. We only mentioned about the not yang berhormat Yang Berhormats who kept shouting (one climbed up a table, stood up and shouted to his opponents) in the sanctimonious Perak State Asembly Hall or the august debating chamber of Parliament. And the PKR Selangor ADUN Yang Berhormat and the PKR Parliamentary Yang Berhormat alleging that Ronnie Liu had meetings with gangsters (“Underworld”) in the Selangor State Government offices.

Ronnie Liu himself is on record for banging the doors of the MACC offices, even the Klang Hospital mortuary, indicating lack of respect for dead bodies, including that of poor Teoh Beng Hock, the witness to corruption investigation in the Selangor State Exco. Teoh who was said to have evidence of the less-than open transactions in the Exco Selangor. Like another case of not-so-open tender transactions involving Ronnie Liu’s letterheads.

There’s quite a bit of brouhaha among the Exco members, hence Ronnie Liu’s Open Letter. The public is hoping for MACC to renew investigation on the previous case as well as this new one and that it will lead to those concerned swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in court.

We didn’t also know that opposition politicians get “tired, not much energy to focus on governing”. No wonder things in the Selangor state government are quite messy now. Read what Ronnie Liu says below.

And the Little Napoleons came back. The story of Little Napoleons that is. By the same Thomas Lee Seng Hock who has written about it earlier. Perhaps he does not belong to the Ronnie Liu group because he is not tired – not tired of talking about Little Napoleons, that is. He was asking that certain civil servants be “whipped”. Read the following article.

And there is yet another kind of half truths or “spins, lies, innuendos and blatant manipulation”, to use Ronnie Liu’s words. It’s “khabar angin” or “wind news” (literal translation), according to Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Some people are saying there is crisis in his relationship with Dato Seri Najib. The Utusan Malaysia report below has the story.

To balance two articles from Sin Chew, we publish another article from Utusan Malaysia – see the last article, on the increasing role and the mushrooming of Malay NGOs, perhaps a sign of the times, of the unsatisfactory performance of the Malay political parties. Even so, we publish it at the risk of being accused pro-Utusan or pro-UMNO. Utusan is an UMNO newspaper, they say. It often quotes the views of Tun Dr Mahathir. Many disliked TDM’s firmness and assertiveness in maintaining order and unity for 22 years in this country. Corrupt, crony-infested, they say. Especially supporters of Anwar Ibrahim who tried to topple him but got sacked instead. And charged with sodomy and corruption. Got jailed, appealed, then got out on technical grounds. But now facing a second sodomy charge under DSN’s administration.

Selamat berpuasa, folks. And when free, do state your opinions about the above here. Non-Muslims who are not fasting, and not tired like Ronnie Liu, are welcomed to state your views as well. In fact, even tired views are welcomed. For or against whatever are said, as well as not said but inferred, or related to, in here.

Those new to this blog, do read the comments and the replies to them as well. The substance is not just in the articles, but in the comments and replies as well.


Open Letter from Ronnie Liu
Friday 6 August 2010

At this juncture, I humbly request that my colleagues and peers to take heed that we should not use the media to voice and settle our differences, if any, but should in a matured and professional manner resolve conflicts through the proper channels in the party and within Pakatan.

When I wake up in the morning, sometimes I wish things were different.

Learning to settle down as part of the government in the state of Selangor has not been easy. I dread reading the MSM (mainstream media). So much energy is wasted as BN and Pakatan Rakyat bash each other, trying to outdo each other, and to show to the public how we are good at condemning each other.

Spins, lies, innuendos and blatant manipulation of the MSM by the BN has left many of us exco members tired, with not much energy to focus on governing.

Trying to deliver our election promises has not been easy, as the little Napoleons in government service continue to make life difficult for us to implement new measures. Lack of orderly and scheduled communication channel among Selangor Pakatan government leaders and party leaders/members create opportunities for BN opportunists to create lies, and most times, trying to create animosity among ourselves.

The ‘fire-fighting’ seems endless. Being new in government, my Pakatan colleagues and I struggle to learn the ropes, sometimes in a very hostile environment of civil servants. I am just thankful we have an effective CEO as MB. The MB has been a very good example of government leadership and has helped us settle down in our respective roles as state exco. However, even his energy is drained because of the ‘over politicking’ environment.

For me personally, in the midst of such a situation, having someone experienced to help me will be definitely an asset. Yet behind my back, my office and letterheads were wrongfully used. It is impossible to keep tabs on everything. That’s why I only recently discovered what was happening when someone sent to my office the ‘abused letterheads’.

In practicing CAT (competency, accountability and transparency), we tried to be fair to Tee Boon Hock by carrying out our own investigations to get to the truth of the matter. However, when it became public knowledge, I believe the party did what it thought was right. As a loyal DAP party member, I have submitted myself to the proceedings of the disciplinary committee and will cooperate to the utmost.

At this juncture, I humbly request that my colleagues and peers to take heed that we should not use the media to voice and settle our differences, if any, but should in a matured and professional manner resolve conflicts through the proper channels in the party and within Pakatan.

Press conferences should only be conducted after the party has resolved issues and not before. We should not create a culture where every issue is discussed through the media. Knowing who controls the MSM, we should not give the BN the opportunity to create spins and lies to distract the public from their own problems.

We must not forget our real battle – to overthrow BN, not our own members. We need to have more regular communication. Among those in government — state exco members, state assembly members, MPs, PBT (local authorites), councillors and Pakatan party members. We are all going through a learning curve, and we need to consolidate our relationships, whatever the ranks and positions we hold.

It’s time to take stock, time to reflect, review and re-strategise! The enemy is BN!

I am not absolving myself from blame over this incident. I am just requesting that all leaders put aside our personal differences and come together more often to re-build and consolidate our relationships.

Our struggle has been long and arduous. At last, we have a chance to really bring change to our beloved Malaysia. Let’s do it right – for our families and the families of all Malaysians. We owe this to our future generation. Let’s build a new Malaysia together.

Ronnie Liu
DAP CC member, Pandamaran state assembly member, and Selangor state executive councillor
Friday 6 August 2010

( The opinions expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect those of MySinchew )
MySinchew 2010-08-06


Enough is enough of Little Napoleons
The Penang Nik Ali fiasco Opinion Little Napoleons 2010-08-10 19:08

By Thomas Lee Seng Hock

It surely comes as a big surprise that less than two weeks after the cabinet lifted the iniquitous illegal curb on non-Muslim religious clubs and societies that a Little Napoleon school head should unilaterally reject the application to set up a Chinese society in his school.

The Sin Chew Daily reported that parents of a school in Petaling Jaya are upset that its school head has rejected the application to set up a Chinese society in school.

A parent was quoted by the Sin Chew Daily that he had been fighting for the establishment of a Chinese society in his son’s school since February this year, but the school head did not give his approval even though there are Chinese language teachers willing to supervise the proposed society.

The Education Ministry has on 4 August 2010 revoked a decade-old directive compelling those who want to form non-Muslim clubs or societies in schools to first obtain its permission.

The federal government decision to revoke the directive came about following the public disclosure of several sham treatments of non-Muslim religious clubs and societies in several schools.

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang, who was at the forefront in demanding for the removal all restrictions on the non-Muslim religious clubs and societies in schools, had contended that such a policy and practice were a direct contradiction of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia initiative to foster national unity among multi-ethnic Malaysians.

Kit Siang has pointed out that the discriminative policy is against Najib’s 1 Malaysia policy and the New Economic Model objective to educate a critical, creative and innovative generation of Malaysians

“What is the use of boasting about Malaysia as a model of ethnic, cultural, religious and biological diversity and Malaysia’s rich and unique cultural heritage when restrictions continue to be in place affecting the formation of non-Muslim societies in schools?” Kit Siang had asked.

Following widespread discussion and debate on the issue, with heightened political and social pressures, the federal government finally conceded to the public demand and revoked the controversial directive.

The month-long controversy was resolved about two weeks ago when the cabinet ordered the Education Ministry to withdraw the directive. Is it truly resolved?

Yet, one obstinate school head has been reported this week to be flexing his Little Napoleon muscles to abuse his authority to prevent the formation of a Chinese society in his school.

I had foreseen that such a scenario would happen. In one of my previous Comments, I said: “I hope the school heads, some of whom practise the Little Napoleon culture, will not make things difficult for the students who want to form such clubs or societies. In fact, the school heads should help the students by providing the meeting place and appointing teachers to be advisors to guide them. If there is the unlikelihood or improbability that a school may not have a teacher practising the faith of any such club, the school concerned should allow a pastor, a priest or a religious elder acceptable to the parents of the students to act as the religious advisor. The school should also allow speakers from the churches or temples to be invited to speak at the meetings of such clubs or societies.”
[Whose credit? Not MCA’s, of course ]

The latest complaint by parents of the Petaling Jaya school should not be taken lightly. How the federal government handles this case has far-reaching consequence to other schools, now and in future.

The federal government, through its Education Minister, should step in immediately to order the recalcitrant school head to stop his nonsense and carry on his duties without any discrimination and bias. If he doesn’t toe the line after a firm warning on the matter, disciplinary action should be taken against him. This is to send out the message loud and clear to other Little Napoleon school heads not to abuse their authority in running their schools according to their own whims and fancies.

Enough is enough! We have tolerated the nonsense by such Little Napoleons for far too long, and we want to see the federal government cracking the whip to bring the contumacious civil servants to toe the line.

If nothing positive and concrete is done to ensure that our civil service is unblemished and impeccable, as far as humanly and practically possible, then it will be a mere illusion that our nation can progress to a developed nation status.

For a start, the civil service needs a thorough mental revolution to ensure that the civil servants are neutral, impartial and non-partisan in the performance of their duties and in serving the elected government of the day.

For example, the recent case of state development office Nik Ali snubbing Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on an Umno platform should not simply be written off, without disciplinary action taken against the unruly officer for participating in a partisan political press conference held by Umno. It is most unfortunate that even the chief secretary to the government doesn’t understand the civil service culture and code of conduct, and condoned the violation of the principle of neutrality and impartiality of the civil service.

Of course, the enormous bureaucracy of the nearly million-strong Malaysian civil service will require a determined Hercules effort and time to reform, but it is not humanly impossible to change it.

In fact, one fundamental objective of the Nasjib administration is the transformation of the government machinery, which is basically the civil service.

The total transformation of the civil service can only happen from top down. The revamp must start from the top with the mental reconditioning, performance recasting, and image remodeling of the topmost civil servants.

Is Najib serious about the need for the transformation of the civil service? If so, he must start cracking the whip, and get the civil servants, especially the Little Napoleons, to toe the line. Enough is enough! We want to see concrete changes, not political propaganda.

MySinchew 2010-08-10


Hubungan saya dengan Najib baik, kata Muhyiddin

10/08/2010 10:25pm

KUALA LUMPUR 10 Ogos — Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin hari ini menolak khabar angin kononnya beliau mengalami krisis hubungan dengan bosnya Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Katanya, hubungannya dengan Perdana Menteri adalah baik dan sokongannya kepada Najib tidak perlu dipertikai dan diragui semua pihak.

“Saya nak sebutkan kerana saya terasa terpanggil bila Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim (Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan) kata kepada saya, dalam muka akhir itu (buku Najib Tun Razak-Melakar Transformasi Malaysia) gandingan mantap “Najib-Muhyiddin” dan itu sudah disahkan.

“Cuma saya nak maklumkan memang tidak ada pihak yang harus meragui sokongan padu yang saya berikan kepada Perdana Menteri sejak awal lagi sampai sekarang ini,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan buku Najib Tun Razak-Melakar Transformasi Malaysia di sini, hari ini.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas kenyataannya ketika ucapan perasmian yang turut menyentuh mengenai sokongannya kepada Najib.

Muhyiddin berkata khabar angin yang mengatakan bahawa hubungannya tidak baik dengan Najib itu sengaja ditimbulkan “pihak sebelah sana”.

“Kalau disorot dari segi sejarah perjuangan beliau sehingga menjadi Perdana Menteri, saya selama ini telah membantu dan menyokong, apatah lagi dalam peringkat sekarang. Beliau memberi kepercayaan kepada saya sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Pelajaran dan saya akan laksanakan dengan sebaik mungkin.

“Dalam konteks ini, ada pihak-pihak di sebelah sana yang nak ambil kesempatan dan kalau boleh nak timbulkan hubungan yang rengang. Pastinya ini tidak berhasil mereka lakukan,” katanya. – Bernama


NGO semakin garang, parti Melayu semakin…?

BENARKAH NGO kini mula mengambil alih peranan parti politik?

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dalam satu pertemuan dengannya pernah berkata ”ini ialah masanya untuk NGO.” Parti politik, katanya sudah lari daripada peranan mereka. Mereka sudah terlalu terikat kepada soal-soal yang terlalu politiking atau terlalu peribadi. Tapi benarkah?

Sayap parti politik yang satu masa dulu menjadi jurubicara rakyat jelata kini muram. Benarkah? Adalah sesekali mereka menunjukkan belang dengan memperjuangkan nasib wanita yang dilarikan jejaka Lombok. Membuat kenyataan demi kenyataan dengan muka terpampang di akhbar. Berteriak di hadapan Kedutaan Amerika, tapi apa lagi?

Rakyat kini memerlukan perhatian untuk membela nasib mereka. Terlalu banyak rungutan yang perlu diselesaikan. Mereka seharusnya berdiri bersama-sama rakyat.

Siapakah orang politik Melayu yang turut padang membela orang Melayu Pulau Pinang sekarang daripada kerakusan Lim Guan Eng? Mengikut orang saya di Pulau Pinang tak nampak, kecuali NGO.

Satu jolokan (bukan saya yang cipta) dalam blog menggambarkan sebuah parti politik Melayu di Pulau Pinang sedang menganjurkan kempen jom tidoq.

Kita tidak bermaksud memperkecilkan peranan mereka, tapi suara mereka kini terlalu senyap. Mereka harus berdiri, buat bising dan berteriak atas nama rakyat.

Guan Eng kini ketawa terbahak-bahak melihatkan tugasnya cukup mudah. Tiada rintangan langsung. Robohkan lagi gerai-gerai Melayu pun tiada yang bangkit bising. Yang ada hanyalah 200 orang kecil membantah tindakan Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang (PDC) menghalang 27 peniaga Melayu berniaga di Bazar Ramadan Komtar.

Mana dia gelombang rakyat tunjuk perasaan – ala Tian Chua – yang memenuhi Jalan Masjid India yang mendapat liputan luas CNN, Al-Jazeerah, BBC dan lain-lain?

Saya berani mencabar di sini, kenapa tidak dilancarkan gelombang ala-Tian Chua itu terus-menerus dari Masjid Kapitan Keling ke Pejabat Ketua Menteri di Komtar saban minggu? Saya tidak menghasut kerana pihak pembangkang tidak akan marah kerana, lagi pun, itulah cara mereka yang kerap dilakukan dulu.

Hanya orang yang cukup selesa sahaja yang tidak akan berbuat apa-apa.

Kasihan orang Melayu Pulau Pinang. Mereka cukup menderita sekarang. Nak berniaga di gerai Ramadan yang tiba hari ini pun susah. Saya hanya boleh bersimpati melalui tulisan ini, tapi mana dia pejuang-pejuang kita yang kononnya berdiri atas nama Alif, Ba, Tha; Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air?

Saya dapat tahu, pihak yang cukup aktif sekarang membela orang Melayu Pulau Pinang ialah Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Mulia, diterajui oleh seorang wanita bernama Kak Min atau Aminah Abdullah. Selain NGO daripada Sekretariat Perhimpunan Melayu Pulau Pinang, Kelab Warisan Malaysia Pulau Pinang (KERIS) dan beberapa buah yang lain.

Kesemua penerajunya tidak ternama langsung, kecualilah Kak Min, bekas ketua wanita PKR yang dikatakan menongkah arus kerana tidak tertahan dengan sikap cauvinis dan rasis Guan Eng.

Begitu juga di Selangor dan Perak, NGO Melayu tumbuh bagai cendawan.

Dengar kata Pemuda UMNO kini ada tektik baru. Mereka dikatakan mengambil pendekatan berhemah (!?)

Sayap muda yang dahulunya garang dan bengis itu dan pernah diberi jolokan Singa UMNO, kini berhemah?

Rakyat mahukan suara mereka, tapi mereka tidak menyahut. Atas sebab itullah mungkin benar kata-kata Tun Dr. Mahathir itu ”ini ialah masanya untuk NGO.”

NGO – Pertubuhan Bukan Kerajaan atau ada yang menyebut No Gaji Organisation mula mengambil alih peranan sayap muda yang lesu itu. Pertumbuhan mereka kini merata. Rata-ratanya atas nama orang Melayu, mereka mula mengambil alih peranan parti politik tertentu. Benarkah?

NGO kini sedang diperhatikan oleh banyak pihak. Orang-orang Melayu pun mula tertarik dengan mereka. Yang tidak suka PKR masuk NGO, yang tidak suka Pas dan DAP pun masuk NGO dan yang keluar dari UMNO dan pemudanya yang berhemah pun khabarnya menyertai NGO.

Mereka ini bukan tidak suka parti pemerintah, tapi tidak sukakan parti pembangkang. Mereka ini mahukan suara yang lebih lantang, dan gerak-geri yang lebih kelihatan.

Dalam zaman aman bolehlah berhemah, ini ialah zaman gawat, oleh itu satu pendekatan yang lebih kelihatan amat-amat diperlukan.

Orang Melayu kini melihat NGO ialah jawapannya. Ia lebih lantang daripada sayap parti yang dulu amat lantang mempertahankan hak-hak mereka.

Parti-parti pembangkang berjaya hari ini kerana kelantangan mereka. Orang tersentak dengan kewujudan mereka. Mereka begitu organised menganjurkan perhimpunan raksasa yang memeningkan kerajaan. Mereka berdemo, disembur air lada dan bersurai. Tiada lain dan tiada bukan untuk menunjukkan kewujudan mereka. Itu sahaja, walau apa orang kata – mereka akhirnya berkuasa di beberapa negeri termasuk Selangor dan Pulau Pinang.

Tapi kini, nampak gayanya, mereka pun lagi teruk. DAP membuat kenyataan yang mengapi-apikan kaum. Sehingga sanggup mempersoalkan apa yang orang Melayu dapat sekarang harus dimansuhkan.

Isu ini harus disuarakan. Sayap muda parti pemerintahan harus bangkit. Apakah senyap lebih baik daripada bersuara? Mungkin saya silap dalam hal ini, tapi rakyat mahu mendengar suara mereka? Sayap parti harus menjadi front runner kepada isu-isu semacam ini.

Orang Melayu Pulau Pinang amat-amat mengharapkan pembelaan datang kepada mereka. Orang Selangor juga mahu melihat perubahan (Gelombang Merah Kuning) berlaku di negeri itu.

Tapi akan berlakukah semua itu?




19 responses

12 08 2010

aiyaaa..!!1 itu loni liu sulat buka ka? loni liu sutah kena korner ka? kipala gangster, kominis cina, kasi tendang itu pintu? manyak gansgster wo! Lu tak kan tadak dengar itu celita, biasa punya celita. Mana-mana pun ala. Lagi lalam underworld, ini celita sutah biasa lor! Celita saksi kena kasi hantam mati sebab itu saksi kasi orang suma tau wor! itu saksi ala celita pasat loni liu wor. Itu loni liu kasi tendang itu pintu. DAP mau cover ini lia punya olang, loni liu, kasi hantam sama MACC. Ciakap MACC bunuh itu sama teoh beng hock. Ala logik ka?

13 08 2010
SSS Admin


For Ronnie Liu to have written such a letter he must have been up to his neck in problems. He must have been desperate to admit tiredness and affecting their ability to govern. The image that Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders have been portraying – fight endlessly with gumption and gusto no matter what – is now torn asunder. Those veterans in the DAP must have been flabbergasted at Ronnie’s “open letter”. This is one which the DAP leaders must have wished was not open.

Ronnie has been a lot in the news apparently for the wrong reasons. The allegations by a colleague, a Selangor PKR ADUN, and one PKR MP, that he cohorts with gangsters (“Underworld”) in the premises of the Selangor State Government offices were damning. All he could do was to say, “Prove it”. That does not sound Exco-like. Very often Lim Kit Siang and the DAP would call for a Commission of Inquiry. Of course, no call for a COI was made on this.

Then he went banging on MACC doors and the Klang Hospital Mortuary doors after the death of Teoh BH, a potential MACC investigation witness on expenditure irregularities by his Exco colleague. Many members of the public associate those door banging acts with gangsterism. It did not endear him to the public and perhaps his colleagues and superiors in the party hierarchy.

Now his Exco letterheads have been found to have been used for irregularities connected with tender awards. His Assistant of the time did it, he said. No, I did it under advise or with consent or whatever, the Assistant, Tee BH, said. People stole his letterheads, Ronnie retorted. I got a few copies of the tender-award-influencing letters, Ronnie admitted. But people gave them to me, he defended. Is it true, the MACC and others may have wondered.

Many people, including some of us in this website, were not aware of the seriousness of the hong-honking among him and his colleagues. Until this “open letter” opened up to the public the accusations and counter-accusations among them. To the extent Ronnie has to plead that they go through the party channels instead of through the press.

Ronnie has his plate full. What he said by way of an “open letter” may not be palatable to his colleagues and superiors. It appears as an attempt to one-up his colleagues, telling them not to wash dirty linen in public. But he appears to be saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” That very open letter is incriminating to him in the eyes of his colleagues and veteran party elders. Why send “open letters” instead of discussing the problems in private, individually or group by group, some might say.

Let us hope Ronnie can find peace in the course of time.

15 08 2010

SETUJU. Tulis selalu la, tuan. Geng diaorang ni dah melampau. Ada yang nak kikis hak Melayu pulak. Melayu bahru nak belajar ngumpul harta dah diskaun beli rumah dia nak buang pulak.

17 08 2010
SSS Admin


Cadangan menghapuskan diskaun Bumiputera untuk membeli rumah itu adalah dengan alasan bahawa banyak Melayu yang telah kaya raya. Rumah harga tinggi seperti RM500,000 keatas dicadangkan tidak diberi diskaun lagi. Tetapi tidak disebut angka-angka berapa Melayu yang sebenarnya sudah kaya. Berdsarkan cadangan itu, maka setiap subsidi yang diberi Kerajaan, yang kaya perlu dikecualikan; mesti ada sistem supaya yang kaya pelu bayar petrol dengan harga lebih, contohnya.

Pada perinsipnya, diskaun itu telah diberi didalam rangka Dasar Ekonomi Bahru yang digubal dari Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Diskaun itu telah menjadi hak Melayu dan Bumiputera. Jika dicadang dihapuskan atau dipinda, timbullah so’al sanggupkah pihak yang mencadang menerima penghapusan atau pindaan status warga negaranya? Ini kerana Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu itu adalah balasan bagi hak kerakyatan bukan Melayu.

Yang mencadang itu adalah dari kumpulan yang memikul sepandok “Malaysian Malaysia”, suatu konsep digubal Lee Kuan Yew dimasa Singapore berada didalam Malaysia 1963-65 dahulu. Konsep itu adalah subversif kapada Perkara 153 Perlembagaan negara berkenaan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. Konsep itu mahukan kesama-rataan dengan tidak mengambil kira bahawa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak ada Kedudukan Istimewa mereka dimaktubkan didalam Perlembagaan negara.

12 08 2010
Semerah Padi

Well in this respect, the so-called ‘little napolean’ school head is a real hero. A patriotric. Even more patriotic than the Education Ministry and Prime Minister himself.

How could any true Malaysian allow any foreign establishment in this soil? Like a hero, the school head stopped this kind of ‘subtle infiltration’ in school to breed “chinese-elements” in the soil of Malaysia despite the “apologetic’ attitude of the PM and Govt.

When will the govt understand that this is Malaysia, not china?

“Di mana Bumi Di Pijak, Di Situ Langit di Junjung”

13 08 2010
SSS Admin

Semerah Padi,

The situation is rather confusing. If a 10 year-old directive was brought back into practice and then the Cabinet revoked it, one wonders if notification of that revocation has reached all school heads. Additionally, considering that the Minister of Higher Education had made an announcement on university students being allowed to take part in politics, such announcement reported by the national news agency Bernama, then the Minister asked newspapers to embargo that news apparently in connection of cabinet decision (see Rocky Bru’s blog), possibly some schools heads have doubts on the revocation of the long standing circular that was issued in 2,000.

More importantly, civil servants may have doubts on the wisdom of the cabinet decision itself and may feign ignorance of the revocation. Really, it’s incongrous and even inconceivable to right thinking Malaysians to allow a proliferation of all kinds of societies in schools. If you alloow one, how about the many others? Christianity has very many sects. The Protestants alone have over 180 sub-sects. Muslim societies have been allowed because Islam is the official religion of the country and is stated in the Constitution.

Who is “boasting about Malaysia as a model of ethnic, cultural, religious and biological diversity and Malaysia’s rich and unique cultural heritage”? Kit Siang ? Of course he does, because he wants Malaysians to be identified as Muslims, Christians, Protestants, Church of England, Hinayana Buddihists, Mahayana Buddhists …… each and every variation of the religions in practice in this country. He also may want Malaysians to be known as Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Kadazans, Jakun, Sakai …… and each and every race and sub-race that exists in this country. So he would have schools with some 20-30 media of instruction and 100 or so different religious societies and clubs. That would mean goodbye to the idea of a Malaysian identity.

We cannot have a rojak or potpourri of races, languages and religions all given the same treatment. The Constitution says Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language and Islam is the official religion. These and other pertinent aspects of the Constitution must be used in determining policies so that a united and harmonious Malaysian society emerges, not a rojak assortment of people said to be delighting in so-called unity in diversity when in fact racial polarisation is about at its worst in many, many years.

12 08 2010

Aysay, we don’t mind it at all, Ronnie. By all means continue using the media to resolve your differences. It’s savvy, it’s groovy, it is very interesting and eagerly awaited by the public.

The media also looking for news about you all all the time. The more sensational the better.

Now the public knows you all are not what Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and others have been saying.

13 08 2010
SSS Admin


It’s not clear whether the open letter is really an open letter. It does not say so on the letter itself, like some open letters do. Neither is there an introduction or explanation as to how the letter was obtained for publication.

Considering that the letter does place Ronnie in a rather good light, telling his colleagues to use the party channels instead of airing their grouses through the media, it may have been intended as an open letter or a not-quite-open one but leaked to Sin Chew. If so, then who leaked it is open to question. If so, the others must be boiling with steam when the letter is steamed open or plainly opened as an open letter. So much opening there, isn’t it?

12 08 2010

“in a matured and professional manner resolve conflicts through the proper channels in the party and within Pakatan.”

How about MCA and Barisan?

15 08 2010
SSS Admin


Yes, it appears that now there are so many people not following protocol, procedures, rules and regulations, even the Constitution of the country. Party matters are their own business. The Constitution is everybody’s business, our business. The Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is clearly a sensitive issue. It is definitely a sedition issue because it has been added to the List provided under the Sediton Act 1948. Those who question it must be apprehended and charged under the Sedition Act. But such action on the part of the authorities has hardly been seen in the last several years. It emboldened irresponsible, even subversive, elements to say practically anything they like, any time they like. Indeed, Police reports have been made in certain cases and results are awaited.

Policies that were laid out under the New Economic Policy starting from 1970 were drawn from the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. The rationale on the need for such policies have been explained time and again these last 40 years. Yet DAP Tony Pua made a proposal that the Bumiputera housing discount be scrapped or modified in such a way as almost like scrapping it – the vast majority of the Malays and the Bumiputeras are in the income bracket that needs the housing discount. So much condemnation has been expressed on the racist intent and the non-respecting of the Constitution reflected in Tony Pua’s proposal. DAP, being an opposition in the Federal Government, would of course be the last one to want to go through the proper / government channels on such issues.

But the unfortunate thing is that the MCA, a member of the ruling alliance, has been coming out with criticisms on scholarship and other policies that come under the ambit of the NEP. The latest, not NEP-related, is the unexpected MCA support on the use of the word Allah. All these are issues that should have been be raised, discussed and resolved within the Barisan Nasional’s doors. Any disagreement could be hammered out and a joint press release should be put out. Even if such a press release states areas of disagreement, putting it out by way of a joint press release gives the impression of a meeting of the minds, of decorum and responsible behaviour, and would be seen at least as agreeing to disagree. Not by way of unilaterlal press statements or random replies to reporters’ questions here and there.

12 08 2010

Aiyoyo, Ronnie say ‘us exco members tired, with not much energy to focus on governing’ ah?

Itiu maciam manyiak susiah la, Lonny. Apa maciam mau angkat Fedelal, pigi Putla Jaya ah? Manyiak bikin tatak betut ka? Ciakap tatak selupa bikin la.

16 08 2010
SSS Admin


There has been a lot of accusations of coruption against the DAP in Selangor. Ronnie Liu has been alleged as the money raiser for party activities, including for election campaign funds. The Selangor State Government does not have much money to carry out big projects that can give big kickbacks. The idea of using the Muslim zakat money for development purposes has been shot down by the Sultan who is the Head of Islamic affairs in the state.

The Pakatan Rakyat coalition government planned to raise revenue from the sale of sand, a lot of which is believed to have gone to Singapore which has been trying to expand its tiny land mass into the sea under what has been called “land reclamation” projects. The entire Selangor state is now littered with sand mining pits, many with pretty huge, deep and gaping holes, making permanent scars and ugly sights. Future generations would suffer as a result. Yet the revenue brought into the state coffers is by no means significant. It is said that so much illegal sand mining has been going on with the government closing its eyes, the DAP taking cash contributions from the illegal operators. Indeed, there has been the suggestion that it is the gangsters who “regulate” these activities. And Ronnie Liu has been alleged by no less than his PKR ADUN colleague and one PKR MP as having meetings with gangsters (“the Underworld”) in the Selangor State Government offices.

Then again there is the mushrooming of illegal factories. The State loses revenues because the license and approval fees go into the pockets of officials. Similarly the proliferation of massage parlours, seedy hotels, choosing-prostitutes karaoke and such lounges. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigation into the Exco expenditures that involved possible witness Teoh Beng Hock’s death and the use of Ronnie Liu’s letterheads to influence tenders strengthen suspicions of corruption among DAP officials. Indeed it is increasingly appearing to be a case of shouting out “Do as I say, not as I do”. Now that these dastardly activities have surfaced into the open and bickering started among them over such misdeeds compounding the problems many times over, the the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor, like DAP Ronnie Liu has admitted, is “tired, with not much energy to focus on governing”.

13 08 2010

Keluarnya banyak NGO Melayu meminta dilebihkan perhatian kapada hak dan kepentingan Melayu adalah kerana Dato Seri Najib kelihatan melebih pentingkan kepentingan Cina. Liberalisasi ekonominya, Ekuinas yang tidak kedengaran lagi, DEB tidak nyata diMEB, berbagai tindakannya terhadap sekolah Cina adalah buktinya.

Saya fikir jika dia tidak menukar haluannya, PRU 13 akan teruk padahnya kapada UMNO dan kepentingan Melayu keseluruhannya.

16 08 2010
SSS Admin


Sebelom PRK Hulu Selangor dan Sibu terdapat ramai juga Melayu menyatakan kesalnya mereka mengundi PR diPRU 2008. Terutamanya bila melihat tindak tandok mereka diDewan Undangan Negeri Perak yang membawa kapada bermesyuarat di bawah pokok. Nyata kapada yang berfikiran waras bahawa itu adalah tindakan yang tidak bermaruah, menurunkan darjat Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri dan juga Dewan itu sendiri, malahan mereka yang berbuat demikian nampak sebagai kanak-kanak. Bertambah pula dengan tindakan ADUN yang memanjat meja, berdiri diatas meja, menjerit kapada ADUN saingan, berkelakuan seperti beruk, sehingga DYMM Sultan bertitah menasihat mereka berkelakuan yang sewajarnya.

Bila Dato Seri Najib nampak melebihkan perhatian kapada kepentingan Cina, mulalah kurang Melayu berkata menyesal atau berniat memangkah Barisan Nasional di PRU13. Bila Najib “walkabout” kepejabat surat khabar Cina, melawat sekolah sekolah Cina, makan malam disatu daripadanya, sehingga Budgetnya diParlimen nyaris tidak diluluskan, maka Melayu mula memandang serong kapada tindakannya. Bila Model Ekonomi Bahrunya tidak menyebutkan Dasar Ekonomi Bahru, mahukan Melayu bertanding dengan Cina dipadang yang tidak rata, maka renyahlah Melayu sehingga keluarnya perhimpunan Perkasa, Gertak, Melayu Bangkit yang disertai lebih 100 NGO Melayu. Sekarang sudah tidak kedengaran lagi Melayu yang kesal mengundi PR diPRU12. Timbul Melayu yang berkata akan tidak memangkah BN diPRU13.

Nyata diPRK Hulu Selangor dan Sibu bahawa dengan umpan berjuta juta Ringgit wang pun, Cina yang lari dari BN diPRU12 tidak kembali kapada BN. Tindakan mengumpan wang itu tidak membayangkan dia serius dengan membasmi rasuah. Kes Tun Ling Liong Sik belom tentu lekatnya. Membiarkan perkara perkara sensitif diungkit dan dibincang sehinga berupa hasutan (seditious) dan melayan kritik ISA sehingga mahu mengkajinya untuk tujuan pindaan atau pembatalannya membayangkan kelemahan Kerajaan sekarang. Banyak sudah dikata disana sini kemungkinan yang dikejar tidak dapat dan yang dikendong keciciran. Najib perlu menukar haluan dan UMNO perlu menentukan dia berbuat demikian.

13 08 2010

The opposition, including non-Malays, want to drive a wedge between PM and DPM. They would like the Malays to be weaker some more. The unhappy Malays want a change from Najib to some other. UMNO second and third liners want to fill in any gap that may appear as a result of any power struggle.

The safest thing of course is do nothing. Just be careful what you say or do and be safe. It’s called being politically correct. Najib used to dopt that be safe policy until some people associate him with Durex. But he going into 2 years in office, dunno what to call him.

16 08 2010
SSS Admin


The power struggle, if it could called that, that led to the withdrawal of Tun Abdullah Badawi from the political scene after the 2008 General Elections debacle involved TS Muhyiddin Yassin. He was a ranking UMNO Vice President then. DS Najib was the the King-in-waiting as then Deputy Prime Minister and was perhaps not expected to do anything to damage his chances to the throne, being just a step away – unlike DS Anwar Ibrahim who tried to unseat Tun Dr Mahathir, got sacked and in a limbo now.

It was the statement(s) of Muhyiddin that made other UMNO Supreme Council members want to break out from their “elegant silence”, say out their piece and had peace by way of a rather orderly transfer of power to Najib. Naturally, when Najib appeared not to be protecting and promoting Malay rights and interests, the focus of attention was on Muhyiddin as to whether he would do anything like before. No doubt he wouldn’t, being now the number two, just one step to the throne.

Age-wise, though, there may not be much chances of Muhyiddin tasting the throne if Najib is found acceptable by the electorate and wants to stay as PM for as long as he can. Muhyiddin’s supporters would of course be egging him on from this angle. It is always the second liners who do the keen watching and the manouvering, except that during Abdullah’s time, it was the inimitable son-in-law who did quite a lot of it. Under the circumstances, it might be good politic for Muhyiddin to keep a fine balance between a satisfactory show of support and full support to Najib to the extent Najib gets very high marks allowing him to stay as PM for far too long.

The opposition would of course want to drive a wedge between the PM and the DPM to the extent that there will appear a serious power struggle and a break up of cohesion within the top rung of UMNO. Practically all parties have been suffering leadership problems of late and are interested to see the divide and gain votes strategy working as much as possible.

16 08 2010

Waaah, even the MB “his energy is drained because of the ‘over politicking’ environment”. The hotang bank RM 60 mill settled ah? Like that pity the man lah. No wonder Ronnie Open Letter one.

17 08 2010
SSS Admin


It is possible that Ronnie Liu got the words “tired” and over politicking” from the Menteri Besar himself. In his late sixties, the man is of considerable age and has less resistance to stress. Even Ronnie Liu himself, in his forties, admitted being “tired and unable to focus on governance”, what more the MB.

“Over politicking” certainly refers to all the intra-coalition (BN-PR), intra-party (coalition member parties), intra-factions or groups of supporters within each party. Even under the ordinary turn of events, there are a whole host of issues that need to be tackled covering those aspects of political life. What more when a series of events of scandal proportions came out, one after another.

This series began with the MACC investigation into the expenditure of funds for Executive Councillors. It led to the death of a possible witness, Teoh Beng Hock and Ronnie Liu banging on MACC doors and Klang Hospital mortuary doors. Then the Inquest into TBH’s death, each turn of events in the much-delayed process bringing possible revelation of irregularities on the part of those connected with TBH. Charges of corruption or irregularities surfaced connected with sand mining, sale of liquor, proliferation of massage parlours, “quickie hotels”, seedy karaoke and reflexology joints, illegal factories, etc.

Then came the discovery of Ronnie Liu’s Exco letterheads used for letters to influence tenders in the State. There was a lack of consistency in Ronnie’s statements in the beginning. Tee BH, his one-time assistant, admitted signing the letters but insisted that he did it under instruction or with the consent of Ronnie. The DAP Selangor disciplinary committee quickly sacked Tee from party membership. All sorts of accusations came out after that, including against Ronnie and scape goating. The damage was not much known until Ronnie wrote that Open Letter.

18 08 2010

Ronnie Liu is really in a hot soup –

Wednesday August 18, 2010

DAP leader Ronnie faces pressure to resign as exco member

PETALING JAYA: DAP leader Ronnie Liu is under growing pressure to resign as Selangor executive councillor after being let off with a severe reprimand over the controversial letterhead issue.

The pressure is coming from his own party leaders who are of the view that the party’s image can only be redeemed if he takes full responsibility for the questionable use of support letters in securing state contracts.

DAP life adviser and a co-founder of the party Dr Chen Man Hin said Liu, who is in charge of the state local government, study and research committee should ask his conscience and act accordingly.

“As the head of the local government (study and research) committee, he should know if there has been a wrongdoing. I leave it to his conscience to act as he sees fit,” he said adding that the issue had affected the party’s image and that the people felt there was something very wrong with the disciplinary committee’s decision.

The disciplinary committee issued a strong reprimand to Liu for the poor management of his portfolio and sacked municipal councillor Tee Boon Hock for misusing the letterheads.

Liu has since pledged to exert greater control over the use of support letters for state contracts.

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi said the “repair work” for the damage done has to come from Liu who is also Pandamaran assemblyman.

“Our share market has dropped because of this. The ball is in his court, he has to bear the consequences and take concrete steps to correct things.

“If we want to be seen as sparkling clean, we must walk the talk,” said Ooi who is also chief-of-staff in the Penang administration. Ooi said online opinions have been very negative on the matter.

“It matters to us because online opinion helped shape the politcial mileage for DAP in 2008,” he said.

Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim, who made headlines for his “OMG, the real culprit let off” tweet, said the honourable thing for any professional who has been accused of wrongdoing was to resign.

“You don’t need to be a fortune teller to foresee how this will damage the party,” said Teng , who was the first to call for both Liu and Tee to resign.

However, Dapsy chairman Anthony Loke said the question of Liu quitting did not arise at the moment but that he should buck up in terms of performance.

Party sources said Liu’s survival would depend on whether secretary- general Lim Guan Eng continued to stand by him.

Lim’s silence on the issue has been read as tacit support for Liu who is his long-time loyalist.

The party’s state elections have also been pushed from October to December for things to settle down before the contests for posts.

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