MPM “demanding single school system”

24 08 2010


This time we publish only one article. It shows the importance we attach to single-stream schooling. There’s no two-ways about the need for it. There has been a lack of a sense of togetherness and mutual respect among us citizens. Unacceptable words, actions, proposals and demands have been bandied about. But the demand for single school system is for togetherness and is acceptable. And necessary.

The prospect of racial cohesion has been thrown asunder. Now there are frequent raising of sensitive issues among the races. Denying the basis of our existence per the Constitution and what has been termed the Social Contract. One group or other trying to erode the rights of the Malays as enshrined in the Constitution. The responses by the Malay Consultative Council, the latest being in the article below. We need to do damage control and improve the existing situation.

The time bomb is ticking fast“, said one columnist in Sin Chew. This time we agree with him. The Government has to act fast. There is a strong need to maintain the peace and harmony we have in the country now.

Without much further ado, let’s talk about this. Let’s find ways to get Malaysians together.


Malay groups want vernacular schools abolished

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal August 22, 2010

MPM is demanding that all students be enrolled in a single school system. — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 22 — Malay rights groups today demanded the Najib administration abolish vernacular schools for a single national school system, saying the variety of school systems can lead to misunderstandings.

The Malay Consultative Council (MPM), the umbrella body for the Malay groups, said such misunderstanding could have led to recent reports that two school principals had uttered racist remarks and added that the police should instead investigate the complainants.

“There should be no compromise when talking about vernacular schools. I urge the government to abolish all vernacular schools and replace it with a single system,” MPM secretary-general Dr Hasan Mad told a press conference here.

The national school system with vernacular schools for Chinese and Tamil students is guaranteed under the Education Act.

Another MPM committee member, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Hilmi Ismail, also claimed that their demands were not “unusual” as many other countries practised a single-school system.

“All of our neighbouring countries follow a standard system. Why must we be an extraordinary case?” said Hilmi.

The MPM also criticised MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek for his request last week seeking additional allocations for Chinese vernacular schools.

“Why give allocations to Chinese schools? Under the constitution, allocations should only be given to national schools.

“Why should Chinese, Tamil schools get allocations then? These schools should be abolished to pave way for a standard national school system for all races where Bahasa Malaysia, the national language, is the main language,” said Datuk Kamaruddin Kachar, another committee member.

Citing the recent case of two principals who were accused of uttering racial slurs in school, Kamaruddin claimed that students from vernacular schools who went to national schools had little understanding of the culture behind national schools.

“When this was reported, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin did the right thing by ordering an investigation… why is it that only the principal is being attacked and condemned? What happened to the student that caused the principal to lose (her) temper like in Kedah?

“Teachers are already stressed out with the behaviour of school children. Now just because a student was scolded by the principal for doing something wrong, it suddenly becomes an issue?” said Kamaruddin.

A principal in Johor and her colleague in Kedah have caused public uproar for uttering racially-tinged statements to their students in the past 10 days. More than 20 police reports have been lodged while the Education Ministry has set up a task force to investigate the allegations.

Johor school principal Siti Inshah Mansor sparked national outrage when her allegedly racist remarks were reported, following a failed initial attempt by the Education Ministry to placate parents.

The SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra principal had reportedly made the derogatory remarks during the launch of the school’s Merdeka celebrations.

“Chinese students are not needed here and can return to China or Foon Yew schools. For the Indian students, the prayer string tied around their neck and wrist makes them look like dogs because only dogs are tied like that,” Siti Inshah was quoted as saying in at least one police report.

The police are currently investigating the case under Section 504 of the Penal Code for provocation, which carries a maximum imprisonment of two years, a fine, or both.

On Friday, Muhyiddin also directed Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom to set up a committee to investigate the matter. Alimuddin had earlier said it was a misunderstanding that had already been resolved.

However, on the same day, another principal, this time from Sungai Petani, Kedah was similarly accused of racism for allegedly telling her Chinese pupils to “return to China”.

The Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Selambau head was said to have accused the Chinese pupils of being insensitive towards their Muslim peers by eating in the school compound during the fasting month of Ramadan, and ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the culture of other races.









24 responses

24 08 2010

In the case of the accused ‘racist’ school principal in Johor, it looks like HINDRAF may have a hand in it. Perhaps the true account of the incident is now starting to unfold. The principal may very well has become a victim of racist individual.

Read here, Low Life Pariah and Filthy Pigs of The Worst Kind?

26 08 2010
SSS Admin


The Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Education said some of the information pertaining to the case has been contradictory and there have been reports lodged with the police. He has a committee headed by the deputy secretary-general (management) of the ministry set up to investigate and get to the truth of the matter.

Attempts to improve the performance of national schools have been going on. Awards have been made on excellent performances and the school principal concerned is one of the receipients. On whether there was anything amiss in her statements to the school assembly, we have to wait for the results of the Police reports and the investigation by the Committee set up by the Ministry.

The volatility of race relations in this country now is such that often statements and actions are quickly exploited as racist. First and foremost, whether racist or not must be based on the intent or motive of the person making the statement or doing the act. The element of antagonism towards other races must exist in anything that may be called racist. The school principle was explaining the concept of 1Malaysia to the pupils at the school assembly. If the Principal was commenting on pupils’ attire such as the wearing of laces of beads on the neck or the arm wrist, it may be in reference to attire or fads adopted by pupils belonging to the many so-called gangs operating in schools in recent years.

Whether such beads worn on the neck or the wrist are religious in nature or not, it has to be defined and determined. If so, the education authorities must be informed by the respective religious authorities and all schools be notified. In the absence of such notification, the wearing of such beads may be interpreted as wayward behaviour that a school Principl is entitled to address.

However, the investigations by the Police and the Ministry of Education Committee will provide a clearer picture, for example, on whether the necklace and wristband are of any religious nature and whether the Principal has committed an offence, legally or culturally.

24 08 2010

Why allow the vernacular schools to continue. Lacking in togetherness among Malaysians there. They mix only among themselves, grow up into adults also like that.

Then not respecting the others. They may not know that certain actions are disrespectful because they don’t mix.

26 08 2010
SSS Admin


This is one of the problems with vernacular schools. By and large they are not multi-racial in attendance. They do not foster a sense of togetherness among children of the various races like the multi-racial composition of national schools does. They appear to be mostly the children of parents who themselves are like that. Indeed, they grow up into adults also like that.

Of course, Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction in such schools are contradicting Article 152 of the Constitution which states that Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language of the country. What has been there, allowed by the British colonialists, since over 50 years ago needs not be right. In fact, it is wrong to have schools in other than Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction. Mandarin is not even the mother tongue of the Chinese in Malaysia, yet most Malaysians are agreed that Mandarin and Tamil can be studied in national schools as elective subjects.

We need to have those who seem to seclude themselves in vernacular schools brought into the mainstream of society. They need to become familiar with and adopt the norms of society. Speaking Bahasa Malaysia and respecting the Constitution must be the norms of Malaysian society. Mutual respect can develop from there.

24 08 2010
Sumo Piar


May I display your logo at my site; perhaps a little copy-pasting of your article too?

25 08 2010
SSS Admin

Sumo Piar,

You are welcome to display the SSS logo at your site. We are delighted that you want to do so. You are joining over 200 other websites that display the SSS logo. That logo in fact belongs to all who believe in single-stream schooling or the concept of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) for solving unity problems in the country today and the bringing about of long-term unity and peace in this country.

You are also welcomed to copy paste any articles in here. We only ask that you also link us so that others who may want to know what you write can get the details. You are also welcomed to publish as much details as you want from the SSS website.

We also welcome you to participate in commenting in this blog. Despite being busy, we will respond by participating in your blog each time you put in a comment here – it does not matter even if it is a short one. We are happy to be associated with you.

24 08 2010

Salam SSS Admin

The time has come, its been a long wait for the project to be picked up but i believe that no one can deny the need anymore.

Will we see a repeat of the 1960’s politics when MCA was cornered into a fight against the alternatives for the chauvinistic role of “Chinese Rights” defender and the Chinese Education Groups becoming more and more political…….

We shall see……..

and we shall act accordingly….

Congratulations are in order my dear SSS Admin..

may Allah bless your noble effort..


26 08 2010
SSS Admin


The fact that the Malay Consultative Council (MPM, being the Bahasa Malaysia acronym) has taken up the single-stream schooling or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) proposal is encouraging. The MPM demand to the Najib Government to to go for a single national school system, saying “the variety of school systems can lead to misunderstandings”, is well lauded. It is indeed high time, considering the various manifestations of racial discord, ill intent and even chauvinist statements, seditious proposals and resolutions.

It is indeed a “variety of school systems” – national schools, Chinese schools, Tamil schools. Even the Chinese in mainland China are enforcing the use of their national language – and it happens to be Mandarin. To the extent that those in southern China who speak Cantonese, Hokien, Hakka etc have demonstrated againnst the Central Government in Canton, Hong Kong and elsewhere in the last 2-3 weeks. These people cannot simply do what they want irrespective of the national interest: insist on mother tongue in mainland China, insist on Mandarin in Malaysia. Have respect for the National and Official Language, for goodness sake.

Dato Seri Najib can still change his strategy of winning the 13th General Elections. He must have seen that the Hulu Selangor and Sibu by-elections did not bring him those 12th General Elections run-away votes even by the offer of millions of Ringgit to Chinese schools. Meanwhile the Chinese have been emboldened to demand all sorts. Imagine, DAP Tony Pua even dares to put up a nasty proposal on the Bumiputera housing discount. More flagrant is the MCA seminar resolution calling for the abolition of the 30% Bumiputera equity. These are sensitive issues and are seditious – the Malay Special Position is protected under the Sedition Act. And the Malays have started to ask for the abolition of the citizenship right of those people on the ground that the matters raised were part of the Malay Special Position, that which was the quid pro quo for their citizenship right.

The MPM had quickly gathered a few hundred thousand supporters soon after its formation. By now there must have been many more joining their ranks. It is said that even UMNO members have supported them by the droves. Indeed, the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir attended their functions and the Menteri Besar of Trengganu attended the Melayu Bangkit Rally held in Kuala Trengganu. Dato Seri Najib can announce at least the carrying out of an in-depth study on the existing education system(s), which will take 1-2 years to complete. The study can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system(s) and make recommendations on their improvement. Decision on implementing the single-stream schooling can be made after that, even after the 13th General Elections. Deciding on the carrying out of the Study will surely bring a lot of votes from the now vocal Malays such as the MPM, as well as what is believed to be the silent majority of the population.

25 08 2010
Rhino Rin

Get first hand about the Johor school principal Siti Inshah Mansor @:

It looks like the work of an agenda-driven Hindraf verncular school staff.

26 08 2010
SSS Admin

Rhino Rin,

As the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education has said, information pertaining to the matter has been contradictory. Police reports have been made and the Police will surely investigate. Additionally, the Ministry of Education Committee headed by a Deputy Secretary General will also investigate. The picture will become clearer after those investigations have become complete. We expect the Public to be informed of the results.

Even under a one-stream schooling like in many other countries, wayward thinking fellows do exist. What more in multiple-streams schooling system like in Malaysia. The problem with multi-streams schooling is that those attending the non-national schools do not mix inter-racially. They tend to develop as closed societies with different sets of values and norms of behaviour. Children in vernacular schools are exposed to such inward-looking attitudes and ways. Entering national schools at the secondary level further complicate the situation. Perhaps the net result is the emergence of gangsterism, rowdy behaviour, loud dressing and attire which may include the wearing of necklaces and wrist bands. These appear to be the aim of the school Principal’s tirade.

Howver, for a more realistic appraisal of the incidence, we would rather wait for the outcome of the Police and the Education Ministry’s Committee investigations.

25 08 2010

Di sini pun ada cerita sebenar insiden di sekolah menengah Johor itu..

Kalau beginilah perangai setengah cikgu kaum Hindraf yang sengaja mencari pasal, bagai mana hendak menyatukan perpaduan berbagai bangsa negara kita?

27 08 2010
SSS Admin


Jika benar guru berkenaan memanggil murid yang ditegur kelakuan atau pemakaiannya, dan mengkomplot atas tindakan yang berikutnya, maka sedih betul keadaan disekolah yang dibidas Pengetua tersebut. Ini adalah keadaan pagar makan padi yang berbentuk lain. Mungkin diajarnya murid membantah, melawan kuasa yang terbina (constituted authority) dan memberontak. Ini membayangkan sejauh mana keruntuhan akhlak sudah meningkat dinegara ini. Maka jenayah berbagai bentuk dan tindakan politik yang melampau melanda landa, sehingga banyak pihak mengeksploitasi keadaan.

Kebetulan pula ayah murid tersebut dikatakan peguam Hindraf, suatu pertubuhan yang diharamkan ditahun 2008 kerana pendirian dan tindakan yang melampau. Hindraf marah kapada semua pihak. DiMalaysia hingga diBritain. Barisan Nasional mendiskriminasi mereka dan Pakatan Rakyat tidak menunaikan janji kapada mereka. Britain meninggalkan mereka terbengkalai (abandoned). Demikian kata suatu penulisan diFree malaysia Today bertarkh 8 Jun 010.

Seorang penggerak utama, P. Waythamoorthy, tersadai diEngland, paspotnya dikatakan dibatalkan oleh Jabatan Imigeresen, Hindraf telah membuat bermacam tuntutan kapada Kerajaan Britain, berdasarkan “first-hand investigation” rekod sejarah disana, kononnya. Waythamoorthy dipercayai berhubung rapat dengan Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang lari dari kejaran Polis yang mahu menyo’al tuduhan-tuduhan liarnya berkenaan beberapa peristiwa diMalaysia. Abangnya, Uthayakumar, menggerakkan saki baki pertubuhan itu diMalaysia. Dia seorang peguam. Ayah murid itu juga seorang peguam keturunan India. Maka timbullah kata kata bahawa hal ini dipolitikkan pihak berkenaan dan Pengetua yang pernah menerima anugerah Pengetua Cemerlang itu menjadi mangsanya.

Mengikut penulisan diFree Malaysia Today itu, penggerak-penggerak Hindraf dilapurkan merancang mengadakan suatu “inaugural national convention” penubuhan Human Rights Party (HRP) pada 8 Ogos yang lalu, walau pun jika tidak mendapat permit bagi nya. Nampaknya tidak. Rapat umumnya tidak jadi – kami tidak terbaca laporan berkenaan dengannya. Jika benar, maka marahlah mereka lagi. Maka besarlah kemungkinan kes disekolah tersebut dieksploitasi bagi tujuan politik mereka.

Sejauh mana betulnya apa yang telah diperkatakan berkenaan perkara ini akan dapat dilihat dari hasil siasatan Polis dan Jawatankuasa Kementerian Pelajaran dalam masa berikutan. Lapuran siasatan tersebut perlu diumumkan, demi kepentingan kebenaran dan pemulihan harmoni yang tergugat akibat peristiwa tersebut.

25 08 2010
Anak Jantan


He is not playing politics.

He is dead earnest in his politics. That of placating the Chinese.

He’ll know if he is dead in politics after PRU 13 – if he tak tukar haluan.

27 08 2010
SSS Admin

Anak Jantan,

There are all sorts of politicians. In this country and in the world. In the United Kingdom, many are highly principled. Enoch (“pronounced I knock”) Powell, the youngest General in the British National Service, a long time Member of the British Parliament, was on his way up but risked his chances of becoming a Prime Minister because he fought for the wishes of his constituents – opposing immigration into Britain. We hardly see this kind of politicians in this country.

Wanting votes is understandable for all politicians. The method they pursue the votes may be questionable. To some, the end justifies the means. One shot an opponent dead decades ago; somehow he was pardoned and escaped the gallows. But pandering to the wishes of one sector of the population is not understandable to many people. It appears as a very risky strategy. The ones you are after may not come to you, the ones who have been with you may abandon you. Indeed, hundreds of thousands have voiced their concern in the form Perkasa and other Malay NGOs rallies.

Dato Seri Najib, being schooled and studied at a university in England, may have Western values. Asking him to change course may not be acceptable to him. Despite the Hulu Selangor and Sibu by-election results. But the law and order situation has been deteriorating. The moral fabric of society has been seriously eroded. Crime rates have been increasing. Corruption has even reached the opposition parties, for example the ruling coalition in Selangor. There is a strong need for Najib to grapple the bull by the horn. Agreeing to the proposal for an in-depth study be done on the existing education system(s) in the country would be in that direction.

26 08 2010
Jebat Must Die

It’s about time MPM officially made their stand on the SSS.

The call for SSS strictly follows the Constitution of Malaysia.

Unity is paramount.

What we have today is the seeds of hate that was sown long time ago had finally come into fruition.

It’s time to stop the erosion of unity in this country by installing the perfect mechanism for national unification and integration of Malaysian people – Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. It’s the only way.

Thank you.

28 08 2010
SSS Admin

Jebat Must Die,

It certainly is about time. Perhaps the MPM has been engrossed with “bread and butter” issues like the NEP and the Special Position of the Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. They started becoming very vocal only when the New Economic Model was announced and the NEP was not much seen in it. They are not a political party and was not formed as a conscious effort at pursuing a political agenda. They appear as a spontaneous show of dissatisfaction at the NEM not incorporating NEP. It’s good that they are now embracing SSS.

Reading the newspapers and blogs gives one the impression that all is not well in the country today. Right from crime rate, racial divide through to plain and simple respect for constituted authority. There are those who keep finding any and everything they can to put down the establishment. The moral fibre of society appears to have broken down. There is an acute lack of unity and social cohesion now. The racial divide is is getting wider. We need mutual respect, a sense of togetherness and the sharing of common hopes and aspirations to build a strong and united Malaysia. The single-stream schooling or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) will get us there.

It has been said time and again that language unites people. Even in mainland China they are enforcing the use of their national and official language, Mandarin. Those in southern China and Hong Kong have been protesting but the authorities are steadfast in their policy implementation. In this country, Bahasa Malaysia is the National and Official Language. The use of it should be enforced, especially as the medium of instruction in all schools. Mandarin and Tamil can be studied as elective subjects.

27 08 2010

Apa lagi yang ditunggukan? Mangkin sehari mangkin menjadi jadi. Kan dah teruk negara ni dari beberapa segi.

Teman tak laratlah nengok macam ni. Tak payah bubarkan sekolah Cina dan India tu. Mintak mereka gunakan BM sebagai bahasa pengantar saja. Nanti lama lama banyaklah bebudak bangsa lain masuk belajar disitu.

Boleh bagi deme bantuan wang bila dah mula pakai BM. Bior deme belajor Mandarin dan Tamil sebanyak mana deme mahu disekolah tu bila dah pakai BM.

28 08 2010
SSS Admin


Kami setuju dengan kata kata anda bahawa sekolah vernakular tidak perlu dibubbarkan dari segi fisikalnya. Hanya bahasa pengantar dan korikulumnya perlu ditukar, jadi selaras dengan sekolah kebangsaan. Maka jika mereka sudah selari dengan sekolah kebangsaan, ibu bapa dari segala bangsa boleh digalakkan menghantar anak anak mereka kesekolah-sekolah tersebut. Bantuan penuh kewangan boleh diberikan, setaraf dengan sekolah kebangsaan.

Pentingnya ialah murid murid sejak umur rebong boleh bercampur gaul berbagai bangsa. Dapat merasai berkawan dan bermain dengan satu sama lain dengan tidak ada rasa janggal atau prejudis. Mereka boleh berterusan hingga keremaja dan dewasa. Tidak seperti sekarang dimana rasa janggal itu timbul dikalangan kanak-kanak sekolah jenis kebangsaan yang masuk sekolah kebangsaan dan akhirnya banyak yang balik bergaul dengan bangsa mereka sahaja.

Harapan bagi yang dewasa dan yang sudah keras kepala bertukar pendirian, mengikis perasaan prejudis dan sebagainya adalah susah. Harapan kita adalah pada kanak-kanak dibangku sekolah yang boleh diserap nilai-nilai kebangssan dan identiti Malaysia dan akan berbangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia berterusan hingga dewasa dan keakhir hayat mereka. Maka perlulah dilakukan secepat mungkin. Kerajaan perlu memulakan langkah-langkah kearah tersebut. Membuat keputusan mengadakan kajian menyeluruh keatas sistem pelajaran yang ada sekarang ini adalah langakah pertama yang perlu dibuat sekarang.

27 08 2010
Ah So

You talked only Chinese schools. Why don’t you talked the MARA schools? Hostel some more. All time in school. No mother father teach manners.

28 08 2010
SSS Admin

Ah So,

The MARA and other fully residential schools take in pupils at the secondary level. They have had several years of grounding and multi-racial mixing in national primary schools. Values and norms of behaviour as far as inter-racial mixing is concerned have been developed at the crucial formative years of primary schooling.

The hostel schools have strict rules and regulations that are enforced not only by the system of “full-time” prefects or “pengawas” but also by teachers, one of whom is on duty every day until lights are switched off for them to go to sleep. Some are called Wardens, others are called Duty Masters. These enable them to learn and practise discipline like many non-hostel pupils are unable to, especially when their parents are both working, often too exhausted to attend to their children after work hours. Especially now when all sorts of bad influences exist, including on the Internet.

It is clear that the vernacular schools are generally not multi-racial in composition. Being secluded to only their own race in their formative years does not expose them to a multi-racial spirit of understanding, mutual respect and togetherness. Most importantly, vernacular schools use the vernacular language as the medium of instruction. In that case, from the word go, the pupils are exposed to the idea of going against the Constitution of the country. Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction contradict Article 152 of the Constitution which says Bahasa Malaysia is the National and Official Language. Surely this exposing them to the practice of going against the Constitution is not good for the pupils’ psyche and is improper from any angle it is looked at.

28 08 2010
29 08 2010
SSS Admin


That’s the picture of a nice, huge old Malay house of some remarkable architecture shown in that blog. However, the message about paying more attention on others than on one’s own family is well taken.

This is the problem when politics is uppermost in the mind of the leader. Winning votes, getting back run-away votes is acceptable so long as it’s not at the expense of the interests of those genuinely concerned about respect for Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language as clearly stated in the Constitution. Annd not at the expense of goodwill and solidarity among the various communities, especially that of the majority. MPM was formed out of a feeling that the interests of the Malays were sidelined, particularly concerning the NEP in the NEM.

Disgruntlement and dissatisfaction have been expressed in various forms and racist tendencies abound these days. Let’s urge the leadership to adjust its thinking and be fair to the majority in this country. They are the down trodden, backward in more ways than one and certainly deserve more attention that those who own vast wealth in the country, control the economy and are leading far ahead in many respects.

9 09 2010
SSS Lame

What are you guys doing? What SSS?
Never go school and learn??
WE are supposed to be :

Pelbagai Bahasa (English, Chinese, Melayu, India)
Pelbagai Bangsa (Chinese, Melayu, India)
Satu Malaysia…

We are suppose to be called PPS!!!
SSS is so racist… What do you mean by SATU BANGSA!!!!!!!!

10 09 2010
SSS Admin

Mr Lame,

Are you one of those the MCMC referred to as a defacer in the news report stating

“There has been an increase in web defacement activities targetting Malaysian websites, says the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

MCMC said it would continue to monitor the situation through its Network Security Centre, which is a cyber security monitoring centre initiated by the commission in line with the National Cyber Security Policy.”

You submitted uncouth comments using unpleasant language and words to so many of our posts, including the one where we publish good wishes to readers on this joyous occasion, Hari Raya.

Doing that only reflects your upbringing. We regret that there are people like you in this country.

You can say whetever your disagreement with what we do here but it must be with decorum and decency. Provide arguments that are justifiable and sensible. But, to show our open mindedness, we print whatever you said. And we give you our replies, which will be copy-pasted against all your comments, wherever they appear.

We don’t mind taking time from Hari Raya visiting and being visited (1-2 replies were prepared yesterday) to humour you. In the spirit of Hari Raya and to let the public be aware of people like you, and speak about the need for good behaviour, proper norms of conduct among all Malaysians in the forging of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia, for long-term peace and harmony in the country.


Mr Lame,

The language and words you use show you do not understand or, by character, simply do not practise decency and decorum in your relations with others. You do not know what goodwill, harmony and mutual respect are all about.

It appears that you have no clue about what national unity is, about what the Constitution is, about respect for and living by the Constitution of the country. And about loyalty to the country that you presumably claim to be a citizen of. You may have developed such narrow mindedness due to secluding yourself from mainstream Malaysiana and it’ll be good if you broaden your social circle.

The SSS has been explained so much in this blog. You only need to look at the FAQs page to know what it is. But then you are not wanting to know about it, are you? You are trying to demean it by asking that question in that manner. Repeating the facts here will hardly do any good to you. Particularly when you follow that question about SSS with the rude questions of whether we have gone to school and learn.

You may even be a juvenile delinquent from one of the vernacular schools, rude, untaught in decency and manners in communication. On a joyous day like this, we feel sorry for you and hope you will get guidance on the conduct of human relations in the course of your life hereafter. We pray that you’ll be a responsible and loyal Malaysian citizen and contribute to national unity in time to come.


Mr Lame,

Your language and words have made your questions appear ill-intentioned and demeaning to SSS. But for the record, and for the sake of other readers, we give below, in brief, the salient facts:

1. Bangsa Malaysia is one which all Malaysians, irrespective of skin colour, creed and breed, can be proud to call themselves by, identify with, at home and abroad. Malaysians will no longer speak in the vernacular languages but in the National Language, Bahasa Malaysia, and will not be thought of or mistaken as Chinese or Indians but as Malaysians especially when abroad. In Malaysia we can be identified as Malaysians without reference to our ethnic origin, including in official documents as far as legally permitted.

2. The definition of racism is where there is antagonism towards another race. There is no antagonism when SSS aims at bringing about unity and cohesion through the single-stream schooling, the use of only Bahasa Kebangsaan as the medium of instruction. Opposition to that is one thing but calling those who want a Bangsa Malaysia racist is in fact being racist.

3. Bangsa Malaysia are citizens who respect, abide and live by the constitution of the country fully. Those who don’t have questionable loyalty because the measure of loyalty is respect for and abiding by the constitution, not just by saying one loves Malaysia or pay taxes, because even the foreign labourers pay tax by way of levy.

Racial polarisation has been increasing in recent years. There is a need to have unity in realistic terms rather than just have a potpourri of races existing under the unrealistic slogan of unity in diversity, without holding to common values, hopes and aspirations as a Bangsa Malayia, and for the country Malaysia.

Unity in diversity is a slogan good only for the billboards to attract tourists. What we want is unity in reality.

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