Unified Examination Certificate and How Money Can Get You Everything – Almost

17 09 2010


This is the story of a sector of the population that does not want to abide by the Constitutional provision of Bahasa Malaysia being the National Language of the country, having a vast amount of wealth, set up 61 fully privately funded Chinese schools at secondary level, not recognized by the Government but managed to get recognition by several universities abroad, have a lot more money to promote themselves but cannot get everything they want, and ask the Government for more and more.

And in so doing, they want the facilities available for the economically and educationally disadvantaged others, like scholarships and places in local public universities, be given to them as well. Yet they already also have privately owned and privately run universities and university colleges.

The British colonial masters had allowed Chinese schools to exist, the independent Malayan and Malaysian Government had adopted Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language but had swept the problem of vernacular schools under the carpet and now the existence of three systems of education existing in the country viz National Schools, Chinese schools and Tamil schools, is not helping to promote the badly needed national unity.

The promoters of Chinese schools devised their own system of pre-university qualification and the vast wealth of the Chinese in this country afforded them the organisation and the funds to promote it overseas, and secured recognition from several universities abroad and now they have access to university education as much as, if not more than, the disadvantaged others. Scholarships and funding from the rich Chinese are available to Chinese sudents, as shown in the following articles.

The Chinese, as a community, have a lot of money and they control the economy. Their system of mutual help through the traditional and exclusive clan associations and business guilds means that bright Chinese pupils can always get help from fellow Chinese. Such is not the case of the disadvantaged others who have to depend on government scholarships and places in local universities.

Yet 50 of those with UEC got scholarships totalling RM2.25 million from 1Malaysia Dev Bhd, as the first article below shows. Yet they have so much money that the Chinese owned and operated Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is not even keen on the RM30 million offered by a Chinese millionaire philanthrophist – see the subsequent articles. They must have had enough money donated by the very many wealthy Chinese, one of whom is said to be be sending out money to build schools in China.

If they get recognized by the Government, it may mean they get everything they want. It is not right in the context of the Constitutional provision on Bahasa Malaysia. It means recognition of the system that uses Mandarin, the official language of China, as the medium of instruction. It is not fair to those others who have been disadvantaged due to the British colonial policy that provided facilities in the towns where most Chinese live, and did not look after the economic and educational well being of the majority Malays who mostly lived in the rural areas, and the British wanted them to continue being farmers and fishermen.

Let’s discuss these.


UEC still in a state of perplexity
Opinion 2010-09-15 16:35

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE

The Chinese independent schools and the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) are currently in a vague dilemma.

Fifty Chinese independent school students, who excelled in the UEC were recently awarded scholarships worth a total of RM2.25 million by the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Also, Chinese independent school students are acceptable into teachers training colleges with the conditions requiring them to have the UEC and three distinctions and a pass for Bahasa Malaysia in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

The two situations cannot be assumed to be a de facto acceptance and recognition for the UEC.

No doubt, the government has made a few concessions in education liberalisation over the past few years, but the progress is certainly at a snail speed..

We cannot be satisfied with such a little progress and should never forget the pursuit for a great liberalisation even after we have tasted some sweetness.

We must not forget that fighting for government recognition of the UEC is still an unrealised dream for the Chinese community.

It is still a long, long and tough path.

However, even though the UEC has not gained recognition from the government, it has been recognised by many foreign universities.

Many of the top 200 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2010 have recognised the UEC and allowed direct admission for Chinese independent students based on their UEC results. This indicates the high standard of the UEC academic status.

Today, many Chinese independent students have gone abroad to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other places to study, and have excelled in the more free and fair environment.

They have been swimming against the stream, but today, many Chinese independent students are standing proud as quality graduates from some of the top universities in the world. They are looking forward to serve in their motherland, but the question is whether or not they will be given the fair opportunities to do so.

The quality standard of the UEC is certainly an indisputable fact, and the government has no valid reason to deny recognition for it. So, the efforts to get the UEC recognised should not be slackened.

Sin Chew Daily

MySinchew 2010-09-15



MCA howler over RM30 million donation
Opinion 2010-09-09 20:03

Press Statement by
Philanthropist Koon Yew Yin

Thursday 9 September 2010

I want to know why the MCA rejected my RM30 million student-aid offer

I called a press conference to refute the statement made by Ipoh MCA politician Thong Fah Chong as published a few days ago. He said that I wanted a seat on the Utar (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman) council and because of that the university cannot accept my RM30 million donation to build hostels within its campus in Kampar, Perak.

I have never wanted a seat on the Utar council and what Thong said is not true.

The Ipoh Echo and the Centre for Policy Initiatives carry an advertisement of my offer of scholarships to help poor students whose family income is less than RM2,000 per month. In the last three and half years, I have given scholarships to about 70 really poor students and most of them are studying in Utar Kampar.

Scholarship recipients do not need to pay me back the money I give to them nor do they need to work for me. They only have to promise me that when they are financially solvent, they will help other poor students. In this way, I believe many who have benefitted from my charity will continue to do charity after I die.

Before the end of the year, my first scholarship holder will be graduating as an accountant. This student had 10A1 for his SPM but failed to get a scholarship from anywhere. Moreover, his father died soon after he completed his SPM. He is one of many thousands of bright but poor students who do not have the resources to further their education.

There are currently 12,500 students in Utar and 2,100 students in TAR College. The student population is increasing by 2,000 a year and is expected to hit well above the 20,000 mark soon.

As reported, the Perak state government has allocated 520ha of land and Utar has utilized less than 100ha for current development.

After receiving confirmation that Utar has no plan to build hostels, on 19 August last year, I offered a RM30 million donation to Utar to build hostels with all the net profit to go towards building more hostels. I have openly declared that my intention is to help the students and I do not want any part of the profit for myself.

The following is my original donation offer written on 18 August 2009:

Proposed hostel development within Utar campus, Kampar

I wish to donate RM30 million to Utar for a hostel development within the Utar campus on the following conditions:

(1) I solemnly declare that all the benefits derived from this hostel development is only for Utar in Kampar and not for my personal gain.

(2) A foundation to be set up under the control of a board of directors with me as chairman and four directors to be appointed by Utar council with my approval.

(3) The main object is to provide suitable accommodation with recreational facilities for Utar students within the campus.

(1) The rental rate must be sustainable and competitive. The return from the investment must be able to generate a profit of at least one million ringgit a year for scholarships to help poor students and additional funds for maintenance and new development.

Advantages of hostel and recreational facilities within the campus:

(1) To help students, especially new ones, to solve their immediate accommodation problem.

(2) Hostel environment is more conducive for learning and the development of human relationships.

(3) Currently the 9,500 Utar students are scattered all over Kampar and the university has practically no control over them after lectures. They are free to drink and gamble as much as they like. Moreover, they have the constant worry of their landlords kicking them out or they have to find new accommodation before the start of the next semester. Can you imagine living with this constant fear while you are burdened with lectures, examinations and financial difficulties? This situation cannot continue if the Utar council has a good alternative.

(4) University students are always burdened with a lot of difficulties and some students will develop irreversible psychological problem. Studies have shown that living in hostel have many advantages including the reduction of dropouts.

(5) Living in university hostel is the most pleasurable period of a student’s life. The hostel facilities will generate happiness and comradeship among fellow students. As a result, students are better prepared to face the competitive world after their graduation.

After having waited more than six months for Utar’s acceptance of my donation, on 1 March 2010 , I met Lau Yin Pin, chairman of Utar board of trustees and Prof Chuah Hean Teik, president/CEO of Utar council, in Kampar and I gave them in writing my final donation offer as follows:

Final donation offer letter to Utar made on 1 March 2010

Koon Yew Yin’s objectives and conditions for his RM30 million donation:

KYY’s mission is to help Utar students, especially the poor students in their access to university residential accommodation and scholarships.

(1) All the RM30 million donation and the profit from the rental and other income must be used for building hostels and other associated residential buildings for the use of students within the campus of Utar, Kampar.

(2) All construction contracts exceeding RM10,000 must be open to competitive tenders.

(3) The task force is to be composed of 7 members, 4 members to be nominated by Utar and 3 members to be nominated by myself or by my nominee.

(4) I will be appointed by Utar as adviser to the task force. The role of adviser must be spelt out and agreeable to me. This position will be a lifelong one. Any change to be made to the position has to be sanctioned by me or by the executors of my estate.

(5) Utar will utilize a team of people to manage the hostel on a commercial basis. The rental rate must be competitive and profitable but at the same time it should not burden the students.

(6) Koon Yew Yin and his estate reserve the right to authorise Utar to use a portion of the net income to create a Koon Yew Yin Charity Foundation to help poor students by offering scholarships or loans to Utar and other needy students.

(7) In honour of his donation, Koon Yew Yin wishes to have a tablet prominently displayed with these words inscribed:

“Recipients of Koon Yew Yin’s scholarships and residents of Koon Yew Yin’s hostels have only to promise him that when they graduate and are financially solvent they will help other poor people.”

The whole residential village is to be named Koon Yew Yin Residential Complex. Each hostel block should be named after the fundamental rights of citizens such as Liberty, Justice, Equality, Fraternity, Freedom, Integrity, etc.

From the start of the negotiation, Utar has insisted on having full control of the spending of my own money. This seems so ridiculous, yet I was willing to accept, and only adding the proviso of clause (3) above.

For the past one year, it is a puzzle why the board of trustees and council of Utar have had such difficulty in accepting my donation offer. Any reasonable donor, anywhere in the world, would have lost patience and given up much earlier.

It is with deep regret and disappointment that I now inform you that I wrote to all the members of Utar board of trustees and council yesterday to withdraw my donation offer.

As a result of Utar’s rejection of my donation, thousands of students will miss the advantages of living in hostels within the campus and thousands of parents will suffer in paying higher cost for accommodation for their children.

It is now up to the public, Utar students and parents to push for the building of the residential colleges using the university’s own resources. The public has the right to ask the MCA president the true reason why UTAR cannot accept my donation offer.

[Koon Yew Yin,77, is a retired chartered civil engineer and was a founder of IJM Corporation, Gamuda and Mudajaya Group — all leading public-listed construction companies.]

( The opinions expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect those of MySinchew )
MySinchew 2010-09-09



Utar issues clarification on RM30 million offer
Opinion 2010-09-14 16:30

The Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar) Board of Trustees and Utar Council have issued a joint press statement to clarify their position in the controversy over philanthropist Koon Yew Yin’s offer of a RM30 million donation to build a hostel on the university’s campus in Kampar, Perak.

Koon had on Thursday 9 September 2010 issued a media statement to refute Ipoh MCA leader Thong Fah Chong’s claim that he had wanted a seat on the Utar council and because of that the university did not accept his RM30 million donation. Koon has said that he had never wanted a seat on the Utar council and what Thong said is not true.

Koon’s media statement was published in full on this news portal. To be fair to the Utar authorities, mysinchew.com is also publishing their statement in full.

Press Statement by
the Board of Trustees of the Utar Education Foundation and Utar Council
on the donation offered by Koon Yew Yin
for hostel development in the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar) Perak Campus

Petaling Jaya, Monday 13 September 2010

The Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar) is a tertiary education institution wholly-owned by the Utar Education Foundation with a tax-exemption status whereby all donations from the public, be it big or small, are welcome.

Since its inception, the Utar Education Foundation has received donations and contributions from individuals and corporations with no conditions attached.

Many people are supporting education selflessly for a good cause. For instance, all members of the Board of Trustees of the Utar Education Foundation and Utar Council serve on a voluntary basis to contribute to the planning and development of Utar and they are not paid any remuneration or allowance.

We wish to assure the public that all donations to the Utar Education Foundation are handled and managed with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

The Board of Trustees and Utar Council thank the public, corporations and privateindividuals for their interest in UTAR. We hope they will continue to support us.

Utar did receive a proposal from Mr Koon Yew Yin who wished to donate RM30 million to Utar for the purpose of building hostels on the Utar campus in Perak. In Mr Koon’s letter on the proposed donation, he stated many conditions such as the setting-up of a foundation where he will be the Chairman and be in full control.

For specific kinds of donations such as Mr Koon’s proposed donation where there are many conditions, the Board of Trustees and Utar Council would require time to study the details and legal implications in order to decide in the best interest of the university.

There was a series of face-to-face discussions and correspondence via email between representatives of the Board of Trustees and Utar Council and Mr Koon to discuss the terms and conditions of his proposed donation.

A lawyer was then appointed to study all the conditions and the legal implications.

The Board of Trustees and Utar Council in their letter dated 15 December 2009 to Mr Koon informed him that they “will accept your donation of RM30 million for the stated purpose in accordance with the established practice and tradition of Utar.”

From the above chronology of events, it is clear that discussions are ongoing between the Board of Trustees and Utar Council and Mr Koon, and to say that the university has not responded to Mr Koon’s proposed donation is unreasonable.

In spite of the effort by the Board of Trustees and Utar Council to continue discussing with Mr Koon, he continues to issue press statements, articles and e-mails in the Internet and social networking media with many allegations and insinuations, not pursuing to a conclusion.

If Mr Koon wishes to donate his money without conditions to Utar, the Board of Trustees and Utar Council are happy to accept. However, the Board of Trustees and Utar Council will have no objection for him to donate to other good causes.

The Board of Trustees of the Utar Education Foundation
and Utar Council

See Koon’s statement at http://www.mysinchew.com/node/44744






48 responses

17 09 2010

Since they have lots of money, let other people got the schloarships la.

18 09 2010
SSS Admin


Again we’ll say that’s the idea. That’s what it should be. But some of them say they pay lots of tax and therefore want a part of the disbursement of the tax money. Actually, according to Ministry of Finance / Inland Revenue figures we came across some time back, the Chinese pay only 30% tax, GLCs pay 40%, the Malays, Indians, others including foreigners, pay 30%.

Yet they have to take into account of all the expenditures of the Government in all aspects of socio-economic development. Theu must realise that they have been enjoying, benefitting from those expenditures that create the infrastructure for doing business more than the majority Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Even the rural roads. Just look at the number of vehicles carrying produce from the rural areas to the towns and then to the ports and airports. They are mostly Chinese owned and Chinese operated lorries, vans, trucks, containers, etc. They are the ones who make the profits. From the facilities provided by government expenditures as well.

Therefore there should be a reasonable attitude towards that part of the government expenditures that cater for the upliftment of the Malays and the Bumis under the NEP. Those who have been left far behind economically and educationally by 80 years of British colonial rule.

20 09 2010

Nak dapat duit atau bantuan atau apa-apa bentuk pengiktirafan, sepatutnya penuhilah dahulu syarat rukunnya.

Semua orang kena ikut paraturan yang sama … termasuk UEC.

23 09 2010
SSS Admin


UEC ialah kelulusan yang direka oleh penganjur sekolah-sekolah Cina yang menggunakan Mandarin sebagai bahasa pengantar, tidak Bahasa Malaysia yang termaktub diPerlembagaan sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini. Maka oleh kerana itu UEC tidak boleh diiktirafkan. Ia tidak menghormatkan Perkara 152 berkenaan Bahasa Kebangsaan. Mengiktirafkannya bermakna menggalakkan rakyat melanggar peruntukan diPerlembagaan negara.

Memang sekolah-sekolah Cina sudah ada selama lebih 50 tahun. Tetapi yang sudah lama ada tidak semestinya betul. Kerajaan perlu menyerapkan sekolah-sekolah tersebut kedalam sistem Sekolah Kebangsaan yang menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa pengantar. Sekurang-kurangnya Kerajaan tidak menggalakkan penerusan sistem sekolah Cina, biarkan mereka dengan sendirinya, menunggu masa yang sesuai bagi penyerapan itu dilakukan.

Sudah banyak dan sudah lama dibincang bahawa sekolah vernakular mengasingkan kanak-kanak, kebanyakannya berlajar diantara kaum mereka sahaja, tidak bercampur dengan kanak-kanak ethnik lain, tidak dapat perasaan hidup bersama, saling memahami dan menghormati antara satu sama lain. Mereka membesar dengan nilai-nilai hidup yang tersendiri, tidak menganuti nilai-nilai rakyat Malaysia pada umumnya. Maka rumitlah masalah perpaduan akibatnya.

17 09 2010

Good that they don’t assume there’s recognition of the UEC. They cannot be given recognition. They must not be given recognition. The most important reason is they do not respect Bahasa Malaysia as Bahasa Kebangsaan. It’s written in the Constitution, man.

Recognizing UEC is like looking into the sky and spitting out – it lands on your own face.

18 09 2010
SSS Admin


From the angle of Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language, the UEC cannot be given recognition. From the angle of allocating scholarships and places in universities to the disadvantaged lot in the country, the UEC cannot be given recognition. From the angle that they have a lot of money and are not hindered from trying to gain recognition and do gain recognition from foreign universities, there is no need to give them recognition.

In fact, giving UEC government recognition means condoning, even encouraging, the utter disregard for Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language and should be used as the medium of instruction in those schools producing UEC. It also means that they will be entitled to places in local universities.

With the kind of money they have and the number of foreign universities giving them recognition, it means that they will be in universities all over the places locally and abroad, not so the disadvantaged Malays and Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak who form nearly 70% of the population. Educational opportunities will become lop-sided in favour of the minority Chinese who, as a community, own vast wealth and control the economy as well. That will be unfair. After all, they are the ones who chose to have the Chinese schools using Mandarin, not using Bahasa Malaysia or the National Language as the medium of instruction.

17 09 2010

Salam Tuan Admin,

Najib selain dari memperjuangkan bantuan berdasarkan ‘need based’ patut tambah satu lagi ayat – ‘benefactors existed or not’. Saya yang dah memang sedih ngan nasib sekolah cina, menitik airmata baca report diatas. Punyalah banyak duit diaorang sampai boleh reject 30juta !

Ulang balik…… REJECT RM30 JUTA ! Orang Melayu dapat RM1000 je, bukan setakat boleh approve jadi penasihat, jadi penceramah disurau, masjid pun boleh !! Kalau RM30 juta, ngan mesjid, ngan anakdara semua pun boleh angkat borong….

20 09 2010
SSS Admin


Dato Seri Najib perlu sedar bahawa sekolah Cina tidak harus dibantu kerana mereka memilih menggunakan bahasa pengantar yang menyanggah Perkara 153 Perlembagaan berkenaan Bahasa Kebangsaan. Sekolah Cina juga tidak perlu diberi bantaun kewangan kerana mereka ada sistem bantu membantu, mengikut budaya persatuan sukubangsa (clan associations) dan pertubuhan perniagaan (business guilds) mereka yang diMalaysia pun telah berjalan beratus tahun.

Kaum mereka begitu kaya sehingga, bukan sahaja tidak mahu menerima RM30 juta seperti UTAR ini, tetapi ada pula jutawan Cina yang dikatakan menghantar wang kenegri China untuk membina sekolah seholah disana, seperti yang dikatakan dilakukan pemunya sebuah akhbar Cina diMalaysia. Jika benar, mungkin siCina itu pun tahu bahawa ada banyak jutawan lain akan memberi wang kapada sekolah Cina diMalaysia. Dia lupakan bahawa China sekarang meningkat jadi nombor dua ekonomi terbesar didunia dan mampu membina sekolah dengan cukup diatas daya mereka sendiri. Dia juga lupa perkara kesetiaan (loyalty) dan persa’an cintakan (patriotism) negara sendiri. Mungkin dia tidak faham makna perkataan-perkataan tersebut. Mungkin dia Cina totok.

Mungkin hal bahawa ada bersepah wang derma boleh dipungut dari kaum mereka menjadi satu sebab mereka tidak pedulikan Najib coba mengejar undi mereka. Mereka terus mengundi parti pembangkang walau pun dijanjikan berjuta Ringgit wang diPRK Hulu Selangor dan Sibu. Cukuplah wahai Dato Ser Najib dengan memberi pandangan lebih kapada kepentingan kaum Cina. Tolonglah beri pandangan lebih kapada kaum majoriti yang ketinggalan jauh dibelakang dari segi ekonomi dan pelajaran – Melayu dan penduduk asal Sabah dan Sarawak.

17 09 2010

Aiyoyo, RM30 million also don’t want to accepted, ha? Gimme some la. Just give dont give rules la. Takut corruption and wrongly spend your money ka? If corruption also among Chinese what.

UEC people so much money still want more. You go get univerities all over the world la. Give other poor people use goverment money and places in goverment universities in Malaysia la.

20 09 2010
SSS Admin


Perhaps it is the conditions attached to the RM30 million donation offer that was not preferred by UTAR. Nobody likes assistance with strings attached. Especially those with flush funds or donors.

The stipulation for tenders for fund expenditure exceeding RM10,000 may have arisen from a pure need for prudence on the part of the Engineer philantrophist who succeeded in business. He must have known and experienced a lot of hanky panky in the course of his work as an Engineer and as a businessman. Corruption is known to be practised among themselves in the Chinese community.

Corruption was rife among the Chinese in China since some 2,000 years ago, made rampant by the Consort families and the palace Eunuchs. The Eunuchs came from the lowest rung of society and the situation became so bad that for anything at all that the citizenry wanted from the Emperor, including positions in the Civil Service, the Eunuchs must be paid – and paid in gold. This fact is recorded in the Chinese annals and written in history books.

True, with the kind of money, organisation and manpower at their disposal, the UEC people should be concentrating on getting recognition from universities abroad. Let the university places and the scholarships available locally be dished out to the unfortunate and the disadvantaged others in the country. The Chinese can make use of so many other amenities provided by the government, like the many economic infrastructure that are being used mainly by them anyway.

17 09 2010
Semerah Padi

Masih tidak faham dengan konsep keadilan samarata Najib dlm MEBnya. Nak berlaku adil ke, nak tak habis-habis berlutut?

1Malaysia = Malaysian Malaysia

Sudahlah berhempas pulas mempertahankan sekolah vernakular cina, apa lagi Najib nak buat untuk pinggirkan lai orang Melayu?

20 09 2010
SSS Admin

Semerah Padi,

Nyata Dato Seri Najib mahukan undi. Hanya ini sahaja sebab yang kebanyakan Ahli UMNO senyap dengan berbagai kelakuannya yang amat condong kapada kepentingan kaum Cina sehingga nampak mempinggirkan kepenting kaumnya sendiri. Dan partinya yang telah ditubuhkan untuk memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan Melayu.

Namun demikian, telah terbukti bahawa banyak juga Ahli UMNO telah menunjukkan ketidak puasan hati mereka dengan mengikuti perjuangan Perkasa. Ketua suatu Bahagian UMNO diKelantan yang juga memegang jawatan penting diKementerian Kewangan telah mengakui bahawa banyak dari Ahli UMNO diBahagiannya telah menyokong dan mengambil bahagian didalam kegiatan Perkasa. Perkasa adalah sebuah NGO, bukan sebuah parti politik, katantanya.

Jika Najib seorang yang dipanggil “liberal”, dia sebenarnya tidak liberal selagi dia tidak melksanakan dasar-dasar yang mengambil kira sepenuhnya dan melebihkan perhatian kapada kepentingan kaum majoriti dinegara ini – Melayu dan penduduk asli Sabah dan Sarawak. Tidak kurang dari itu. Itu adalah asas demokrasi. Yang majoriti mesti dilebih pentingkan.

Jika dia berterusan dengan dasarnya melebih pentingkan kaum minoriti, yang sudah kaya raya dan mengawal (control) ekonomi negara, dia akan kehilangan kuasa suatu hari nanti. Walau bagaimana pun dia mahukan ekonomi negara maju dengan cepat, dia tidak bleh mengabaikan kepentingan majoriti. DEB mesti diteruskan didalam MEB sepenuhnya.

18 09 2010

salam tuan admin,

Just want to highlight a recent news – NST 17/9

KUALA LUMPUR: A single school system is the answer to the quest for unity, but only if teachers go the extra mile to encourage students of various races to interact with one another.
That was the collective opinion of participants at the 1Malaysia Foundation’s conference on “Living in a Multi-Ethnic Society” at the Securities Commission yesterday.

The session, which was moderated by foundation trustee and AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, had participants discussing what helps and what hinders the unity of Malaysians.

“Most are for a one-school system but Chinese and Indian parents continue to send their children to vernacular schools because there are teachers who sabotage the success of national schools, such as making racist remarks which are being highlighted by the press,” said Fernandes.

“We should create a school that focuses on nurturing the strengths of all races. People are in favour of having a one-school system but how sure can they be that certain races won’t be victimised?”

Read more: One-school system is the key http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/3sin/Article/#ixzz0zrQ5sFlT

21 09 2010
SSS Admin


Indeed it’ll be good ” if teachers go the extra mile to encourage students of various races to interact with one another.” But DS Tony Fernandes should also look at the circumstances and the environment that led to the racist remarks made by two teachers reported so far. People should not take a simplistic view of happenings and straightaway blame one party. Teacher training includes imparting discipline and disciplining themselves in the process. There must have been causes and effect, stimuli and responses, of the magnitude or severity that tax the two teachers’ patience to explosion point. These include the overall breakdown of the moral fibre of society that goes beyond the scope of teachers disciplining children in school. The breakdown has been going on for the past many years since the previous administration.

In any case. the results of the Police investigation on the Johore incidence have not been made public. So are the findings of the high-level committee headed by the Ministry of Education Deputy Secretary General, appointed by the Education Minister. Those results would provide clearer and more reliable details on what transpired, although the school principal concerned was reproted to have apologised, presumably out of pressure from various quarters.

Fernandes is wrong in saying “Chinese and Indian parents continue to send their children to vernacular schools because there are teachers who sabotage the success of national schools, such as making racist remarks ..” It’s unbecoming of a supposedly high-level and rather prominent business executive to be saying it in such a manner. He should at least have waited for the results of the Police investigation and the Education Ministry Committee findings. But then, the breakdown in the moral fibre of Malaysian society is not limited to school children only.

Let’s hope more Malaysians in responsible positions would be prudent in their choice of words and phrases or start seeing events in a wider perspective. Racial victimization are strong words to use there unless the Police investigation and the Ministry Committee findings point in that direction. The incidence could otherwise be a mere explosion of temper or an improper choice of words that the Johor school principal had apologised even before the Police investigation was complete, or the Ministry Committee started its work.

21 09 2010
jebat's fren

It’s your duty to chastise the principal/teacher if you guys want to promote SSS. Not trying to justify the actions of the teacher/principal.

What if I said some nasty remarks about malays and thereafter I justify by saying that because of the pressure I have gone through and it’s also due to the breakdown of moral fibre of society?

I am sure I will be hauled up under ISA and UMNO/Perkasa will go mad and blow up all ways to crucify me. But when it happens to a malay, all justifications were given.

22 09 2010
SSS Admin

jebat’s fren,

Your comments are replied first as they appear in a series and the views expressed need such an action.

You appear to be wanting in your English or Bahasa Malaysia for none of our comments have been meant or shown to justify the actions of the school principal. What we said was that people should wait for the results of the Police investigation and the findings of the Committee appointed by the Minister of Education, and that, for the time being people may look at the circumstances surrounding the utterances made by the principle in light of the breakdown of the moral fibre of Malaysian society since recent times.

“Chastising” the principal when investigations (two of them) are going on now, when the full facts of the case are yet to be established, when the Principal has tendered an apology in any case, is not the kind of things rational people do. It’s only done by people like you and the likes of DAP Lim Guan Eng, who issued a letter blaming MACC for Teoh Beng Hock’s death even as the Police were just starting their investigation, and yet the cause of TBH’s death is not yet determined by the Inquest until this very day. Those doing so are the dangerous kind, especially when they complained on what they perceive as a lack of justice and fair play. How can you have fair play and justice when you make a judgment even when two investigations are going on and the full facts have not been established yet.

Please be informed that ISA is not for dissent but for subversive and terroristic activities. Of course you’d be jumping up and pointing to the 1-2 cases under Ops Lalang where politicians were hauled in under ISA in the past. The Government of the day had the justifications for their action. However, we would like to have you know that we at Kempen SSS do not say that ISA can be applied willy nally.

Do rest assured that neither Perkasa nor we will crucify you if you criticize the Malays within reason. For example, criticizing the faults of implementation of NEP is acceptable but not the concept of NEP. You are talking about bias in favour of the Malays which is not the case as far as the school principal is concerned because the results of the investigations are still awaited. But bias as reflected under the Constitution Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is something that all Malaysians must accept because that Special Position has always been there “since day one” as stated by the British in their Parliament, and because that has been agreed by the leaders prior to and at independence, as well as by the representatives of all citizens in our Parliiament, once at independence and another time upon the formation of Malaysia.

22 09 2010
jebat's fren

Well, you mentioned any remarks on citizenship vis-a-vis on article 153 deserve to be put in ISA, so, should they put the principal in ISA?

Have you ever considered some Act are outdated?

22 09 2010
SSS Admin

jebat’s fren,

If you go on that basis, what to you is not outdated? If you talk about amendments or changes to Article 153, can the Article pertaining to right of citizenship for you and your descendants be also changed? Where is the limit?

We have not said those who breach the Sedition Laws e.g Article 153 be hauled up under ISA. We said hauled up under the Sedition Act. Hope you know the difference between ISA and the Sedition Act.

22 09 2010
jebat's fren

So, the Parliament has the right to amend the Sedition Act? and the Parliament also has the right to abolish ISA?

I know it’s 2 different thing but your beloved UMNO govt uses it interchangeably.

22 09 2010
SSS Admin

jebat’s friend,

You are a queer fellow. You use the words “your beloved UMNO govt” when you do not know whether we are UMNO or even whether we love the government. Loose talk again, eh? It doesn’t help your cause or your argument, man. You can get picked just on your silly presumptions. Use discretion when you talk, old fellow.

Otherwise you are just laughed at and you get no where with whatever you are trying to say. Don’t be accusatory, instead be argumentative – with solid facts, and avoid assuming things that are not factual, like we are not UMNO or associated with the Government in any way. We are even not pleased with the Government on the matter of Chinese schools and you should read some of our posts here, and especially our replies, instead of just rattling whatever comes into your mind. Not knowing is excusable if you are not accusatory and comment in decorum.

And accusatory you are again – saying the government uses ISA and the Sedition Act “interchangeably”, without justifying your statement. You don’t explain or give examples on your accusation. This is because you don’t even know what ISA is and what the Sedition Act is. Yet you want to talk and make all sorts of accusations about them. What a chappie you are.

Parliament has the power to change any Act. But before the changes are made, such proposed changes are discussed first. At the level of the political party(ies) in power. These will invariably be also discussed in the newspapers etc. Then such proposals, if agreed, are submitted to the Speaker of Parliament who decides whether to allow them tabled for Parliamentary debates. If tabled, after due debates, votes are taken and, may be passed, according to simple majority or two-thirds majority, depending on the subjects concerned. Article 153 requires two thirds majority. It also requires not only the YDP Agong but the Conference of Rulers to assent before any further action can be taken.

As has been pointed out in our earlier reply to you, if you want to talk about amendments or changes to Article 153 Malay Special Position that is protected under the Sedition Act, the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak will want amendments or changes to your right of citizenship and that of your descendants as well, even before your proposed amendments can reach Parliament. It is a sensitive matter and may cause racial disturbances. That’s why it’s protected under the Sedition Act and is not allowed to be discussed.

You have not answered if you want your citizenship right be amended or changed as well. But it’s really futile and seditious to talk further about this. We have already said enough to make you realize that it is hopeless, futile and seditious to question the Malay Special Position. Questioning that will make others question your citizenship right. Because that was considered as the exchange or the quid pro quo. Having explained this, we propose not to entertain your comment on this matter any further as it will become an offence under the Sedition Act.

If you do not want ISA, do let us know which country’s laws you prefer to live under. Singapore? USA? China? Do know that Lee Kuan Yew has practically been appealing that Malaysia not abolish ISA because it’ll make him look bad as he is retaining it indefinitely. Do also know that the USA also has ISA – detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay; about 200 detainees are still in that detention centre. And have you not heard the more “draconian” laws that communist China has? Every other serious crime has the death penalty. You try bribing in China and you might end up in front of the firing squad.

22 09 2010

And it is your duty to chastise the people who had been responsible for pushing the principal/teacher right up to or beyond the limit of a normal human being. Knowing the principal/teacher a Malay, we suspect she had been long tolerated the barkings and squealings of pigs and stray dogs until such a point that she could not tolerate it anymore, thus, the burst of words.

Got get some sticks and stones and chase out these pigs and stray dogs from this beloved land. It is your duty as well as ours, if you call yourself a jebat’s fren.

22 09 2010
jebat's fren


What kind of logic to blame it on others for what the principal did? Can I do something stupid and blame it on the principal/SSS community?

Can I become racist and justify that after reading and knowing what the principal did, I have a right to retaliate?

And the students aren’t dogs or pigs. Please have some respect for the non-bumis. Which religion teach you to label others dogs and pigs?

23 09 2010

jebat’s fren,

Using your same logic, why blame the principal if she utterred the racist remarks? Why made police report? I believe the principal justt did not utter something out of nothing.

Yeah, not all students are dogs and pigs but there some pigs and dogs amng the students. Please have some respect to the adat resam of this country. And which religion teach you to be dogs and pigs, barkings & squealings like mad,so biadap?

24 09 2010
jebat's fren


You mean the principal should not be faulted for making racist remarks? You said you believe she said something because of something. Can you tell the police the reason you steal because you are poor? I am sure if you are in the police force, there won’t be law and order because you will justify for the criminals.

Looking at the way you are labelling others dogs and pigs, not only you are biadap, you should go and learn more from the Book. I guess you have not learned to be good during the puasa month. Beyond help, indeed.

My religion teaches me to respect and to show love to everyone regardless whether they are of the same faith or not. And it also never teaches me to label others dogs and pigs.

26 09 2010
SSS Admin

jebat’s fren,

The Minister of Education has said that a report has been sent to the Public Services Department containing the results of the Education Ministry’s Committee’s investigation. We are not privy to the contents of the report. We do not know, for example, whether they were premeditated or on-the-spur-of-the moment comments made by the school Principal. We also do not know the results of the Police investigation that was carried out based on reports made.

The Minister had earlier said they were conflicting information about the incidence. What exactly were uttered became questionable, appearing to have been largely based on newspaper reports at that time. Some have suggested that the issue was politicised, with the involvement of the extremist group Hindraf. To what extent the reports were based on exaggerated statements by the people interviewed was not known.

The Minister has also said he has no power on the disciplining of senior Government Officers. It is the prerogative of the Public Services Department, which is responsibe directly to the Prime Minister or a Minister in his department designated to handle the portfolio. Enquiries made with the relevant authorities show that the PSD has a Disciplinary Board comprising of the most senior Government Officers who deliberate on cases involving senior Government Officers, drawn largely from the Administrative and Foreign Service, the top most in the country.

Decisions have never been summary; they have reached such positions in their career from decades of dedicated service and due concern for the image of the Civil Service. Decisions have in the past included transfers and recommendations for dismissal. For those senior officers appointed by YDP Agong, recommendations for dismissal, upon approval of the Minister concerned or the PM, are submitted to the Agong for assent.

Of course, those who have been habitually anti-Establishment will put out all sorts of arguments against such a lengthy procedure or the rigorous Disciplinary Board’s hearings – yes, they have hearings, too, though not like Court hearings – where the accused are given their chance to state their cases. Those with political motives are known to have criticised even the civics courses organised by the Bureau Tata Negara of the PM’s Dept.

24 09 2010
SSS Admin


People need to remember that the Principal was one of the Excellent Awards receipient. Her sense of responsibility and management of teachers and pupils must have been exemplary to have been nominated and received that award. As you said, there must have been extenuating circumstances that led to her exploding the way she was alleged to have done.

The breakdown in the moral fibre in Malaysian society does not preclude the schools. Mat Rempitism, drug-taking, “kutu-embonism” or late night outings, rampant sex, discarding babies, and most importantly, gangsterism in schools have been widely reported. Indications of gangsterism could be what the Johor school Principal might have been after when she blurted out the remarks. And these wayward behaviour among school children transcends race; in addition to Malays, there have been newspaper reports of Chinese and Indian boys and girls frequenting the late-hours restaurants and snooker outlets in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Late night outings occur even in small towns like Gemas on the Negri Sembilan / Johor border.

The Minister of Education has yesterday announced that his Ministry’s Committee’s report on its investigation has been submitted to the Public Services Department and he would leave it to the Disciplinary Committee of the PSD to take action on the matter. The school Principal is of a senior grade and falls within the powers of the PSD to do the necessary.

24 09 2010
jebat's fren

SSS admin

Late night hang-outs does not confine to a section of race. People like to hang out and it’s their freedom to do so. You will be surprised to find many malays and chinese and indians lepakking and enjoying each other’s company in Dsara Uptown, Bangsar, Jln Sultan Ismail and clubbing.

1Malaysia Hang-Out

26 09 2010
SSS Admin

jebat’s fren,

What you said is exactly what we said in our reply concerned. We repeat that such late night until early morning outings have not been confined to just one race or two.

The idea of mixing freely is good for the prospect of long-term harmony and unity in this country. But the idea of it happening until the early hours of the morning is not good for the development of a strong moral fibre in Malaysian society. In the first place, school children should be at home by midnight at the latest.

Adequate sleep is essential for a healthy body, and a healthy body makes a healthy mind. Beer drinking is only for adults and for non-Muslims. Boisterousness under the influence of alcohol may lead to a number of unhealthy doings. There have been many cases of motor accidents involving the young driving under the influence or DUI. A number also engage in random sex and the discarding of unwanted babies is the result. Trauma, tension in family atmosphere, loss of focus on productive activities and the whole jingbang of unhappy consequences come out.

There is no such thing as a 1Malaysia hang out if it involves late night or early morning outings among school children and teenage students. If you are a minor yourself speaking for such things, your parents should look after you properly. You may not be tucked into bed but at least repeatedly told to behave in accordance with the norms of behaviour necessary for the spread of responsible citizenry among Malaysians.

21 09 2010
jebat's fren

One more thing,

The more I read SSS page, JMD, DN, Onda and the commenters, I can’t help but seeing a very similar behavior/mindset with UMNO and Perkasa. It’s inter twined. So, it’s really difficult to give SSS the benefit of the doubt that your movement is genuine in moving the country forward.

22 09 2010
SSS Admin

jebat’s fren,

Moving the country forward must be based on the Constitution of the country. There’s no two-ways about it. That’s precisely what we have been trying to do – get all Malaysians to respect, abide by and live fully by the Constitution. The Constitution is the foundation stone, the backbone of the country. Without the Constitution, we are just bands of marauders living by the laws of the jungle where the strongest and the fittest bully the weak and the disadvantaged, those with vast amounts of wealth can buy practically everything in the country, the others just grin and grimace.

There are many wayward fellows out there. Those irresponsible and subversive group that the Perak Mufti said was having “a new constitution” (draft maybe) may be wanting the laws of the jungle, attempting to pursue very ill-conceived plans. It may not include Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language and may attempt to amend or omit the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. If allowed to be pursued, that will lead to bloody protests, chaos and the laws of the jungle. That, surely, cannot be allowed, and we must speak up against such things, in the interest of peace and unity.

More Malays have been educated and speaking up – thanks to the NEP, which is opposed by some precisely for that reason. They speak up here, there and everywhere. That you get the impression you mentioned from SSS blog, JMD, DN, Onda etc are the manifestations of more Malays speaking up, not just grinning or looking dumb and sombre like during the heydays of the Lee Kuan Yew’s so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan subverting the Malay Special Position, creating an atmosphere that exploded in the 1969 race riots. The Malays then were told not to “melawan orang tua” Tengku Abdul Rahman, who chose the easy way out by giving Singapore to the nasty and mischievous Lee Kuan Yew. We must not allow such things to happen again for the sake of unity in the country.

We must have unity for long-term peace and prosperity. The country must move forward on the basis of the Constitution of the country. SSS is definitely one of the ways forward.

22 09 2010

and one more thing…

If you find the mindset similarity of these people you mentioned including Perkasa and (not all of) UMNO with SSS then it just mean that they are struggling to uphold the Rukun Negara and Constitution of this country.

And if you find that you are in difference, cannot share the mindset as displayed by them in general, maybe you ought to look deep in your own mirror. You have got yourself lost in one foreign country to you. Go and find your own ………. and be …. from here!

24 09 2010
SSS Admin


Indeed, the mindset of all Malaysians must be on the Constitution of the country and the Rukunegara. If not, their minds need to be re-set. And if they cannot accept the salient provisions of the Constitution that reflect the Social Contract, and the Rukunegara, they need to seriously think about finding places where they can accept the Constitution and the laws of those countries. This is a multi-racial country. The Sedition Act was thought of and made into law not for the fun of it. Certain provisions of the Constitution cannot even be discussed without endangering racial harmony. That must be observed at all times.

There is no other way. Members of the Armed Forces and high public officials are sworn to protect the Constitution. All citizens should be made to do so formally upon issue of Mykad, which is proof of citizenship at an age of understanding right and wrong. Citizenship is a serious matter. Far too often people claiming to be Malaysian citizens are taking free rides in this country, just doing as they please without due respect for and fully abiding by the Constitution. That must stop. We must find leaders with sufficient guts and dexterity to enforce respect for and abiding by the Constitution in their daily lives. We need to continue looking for, speaking up and promote such people to rise as that kind of leader(s).

18 09 2010

Waah, unibersiti prebet pun Gomen Perak beri 520 ha tanah? 1,000 ekar lebeh tu. Kan dema banyak duit? Dapat lagi ke deme? Tak habih habis le deme dapat. Ape ke he ni?

23 09 2010
SSS Admin


Peruntukan lk 1,000 ekar tanah itu mungkin mengikuti apa yang telah dilakukan untuk universiti-universiti dibina Kerajaan Persekutuan, seperti Universiti Malaya. Tetapi UTAR adalah universiti swasta dan menjadi tanda so’al sama ada patut diberi kemudahan yang sama, terutama memandang kapada kekayaan kaum mereka yang menganjurnya, sehingga pemberian peribadi RM30 juta pun tidak minat diterima.

Perkataan “peruntukan” atau “allocattion” digunakan kerana tanah tersebut tidak diberi percuma sepenuhnya. Ada bayaran “premium” dikenanakan. Tetapi adalah dianggap sebagai “pemberian” kerana premium itu biasanya jauh lebih rendah dari harga pasaran. Nyata mereka mendapat untung dari perbezaan harga tersebut. Ada masanya berganda untungnya dari kes seperti itu. Keuntungan itu sahaja boleh digunakan sebagai modal tambahan bagi melakukan kegiatan atau perniagaan lain yang besar besar.

Inilah yang dikatakan yang kaya menjadi lebih kaya. Yang senang menjadi lebih senang. Yang sudah banyak terpelajar menjadi lebih banyak terpelajar. Adalah disedari bahawa tidak semua kaum Cina yang kaya dan senang mendapat pelajaran tinggi. Tetapi sudah disebut terdahulu dari ini bahawa kaum mereka banyak yang kaya raya, yang sanggup membuat sumbangan wang bagi kemajuan ahli-ahli kaum mereka yang kurang bernasib baik, dan mereka ada sistem persatuan suku kaum dan persatuan perniagaan yang telah semula jadi membantu ahli-ahli yang kekurangan apa sahaja.

Kaum mereka telah menggunakan kebanyakan kemudahan yang disediakan oleh Kerajaan, terutamanya kemudahan infrastruktur untuk perniagaan dan memajukan ekonomi. Maka patutlah mereka membiarkan kemudahan seperti biasiswa dan tempat-tempat diuniversiti yang dibina Kerajaan supaya boleh digunakan kaum-kaum lain yang ketinggalan dibelakang.

20 09 2010

PERIHAL KAUM KESAYANGAN NAJIB yang dipetik dari blog Hidup Tuah!

Jika isu sensitif ini tidak diurus dengan berhemah dan cermat maka, dengan kombinasi beberapa isu sensitif yang lain seperti isu bahasa, budaya, ekonomi, politik, Tan Lian Hoe, Namewee dan Ismail, ia berpotensi untuk membakar seluruh Negara.

Isu tuntutan Sekolah Cina, seperti isu desakan menghapuskan kuota 30% untuk Bumiputera, di samping diselimuti dengan emosi, mempunyai pelbagai implikasi lain. Tiga langkah, terutama langkah ketiga, yang dikemukakan oleh KSK di bawah mempunyai impak yang luas ke atas kesucian Perlembagaan (khususnya Perkara 152 & 153), Akta Pendidikan, Dasar Pendidikan Negara, kedudukan sekolah kebangsaan, SJK (T), kedaulatan Bahasa Kebangsaan, kebebasan berbahasa ibunda, peruntukan biasiswa, tempat di IPTA, kewangan kerajaan, ekonomi, perpaduan kaum, identiti rakyat Malaysia, 1Malaysia dan seterusnya.

Dalam pada itu, nampaknya cara isu tersebut dirongkai selama ini tidak langsung dihargai serta tidak berjaya mengembirakan masyarakat Cina dan jauh sekali mereka berterima kasih..

23 09 2010
SSS Admin


Perkara berterima kasih yang disebut pemblog Hidup Tuah itu mungkin tidak timbul didalam pemikiran kebanyakan kaum mereka yang berkenaan mungkin kerana sifat “ultra kiasu” mereka, ia-itu, sesangat tidak mahu ketinggalan, tadak mahu kalah, sentiasa mahu menang. Ini bermakna adalah semula jadi bagi kebanyakan mereka sentiasa mahukan lebih, lebih dan lebih. Bila pemikiran sudah semula jadi demikian, maka tidak timbul atau terlintas langsong kesedaran perlu berterima kasih.

Maka sekolah sekolah vernakular dibenarkan berterusan. Mereka berterusan dngan sifat dan nilai nilai hidup tersebut, tidak nampak dan tidak meresap nilai-nilai hidup lain yang sepatutnya ada bagi rakyat berbilang kaum.

Pengajaran sejarah pula tidak dimestikan disekolah sekolah. Maka itulah sebabnya Kempen SSS mengsyorkan supaya mata pelajaran sejarah dimestikan supaya semua kanak kanak mengtahui latar belakang negara ini. Bila mengtahui umpamanya mereka yang mula diam dinegara ini diabad 19 tidak mempunyai kerakyatan beratus tahun sehingga selepas Merdeka, maka mereka akan peka kapada perlunnya berterima kasih bahawa mereka sekarang menjadi rakyat negara ini. Bila mereka berlajar diseklolah bahawa Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim memberi mereka peluang berkerja dibahagian negeri Perak yang diperintahnya, malahan mengeluarkan modal bagi beberapa pekerja Cinanya membuka lombong lombong bijih timah, akan timbul perasaan terima kasih dan tidak mengetawakan tindakan Kerajaan sekarang membantu kaum Bumiputera, yang disebut mereka sebagai “tongkat”. Sebenarnya mereka telah diberi tongkat sejak lebih seratus tahun dahulu, terus diberi tongkat dizaman British hingga sekarang – jutawan Vincent Tan masih mengharapkan tongkat tetapi DS Najib membuat keputusan tidak mengeluarkan lesen judi bolasepak yang diharapkannya.

Benar kata Hidup Tuah bahawa masalah-masalah tersebut berpotensi membakar negara. Selagi sistem sekolah Cina masih belom diserapkan kedalam sistem Sekolah Kebangsaan, UEC tidak boleh diiktiraf. Mereka yang memilih sekolah yang tidak menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa pengantar. Mereka kaum yang mempunyai kekayaan yang amat sangat dan ada keupayaan mendapat pengiktirafan dan tempat-tempat bagi lulusan UEC berlajar diluar negeri. Perlulah biasiswa dan tempat tempat diuniversiti tempatan diberi kapada kaum yang ketinggalan jauh dibelakang mereka.

20 09 2010

This one is among only a few who wish to be known donating. There are many who have been giving quietly for private hospitals, schools etc since scores of years ago.

Many smart ones don’t want to be known because in case a new government comes into power and find out they have been giving to those belonging to or aligned with opposing political groups, susahlah.

24 09 2010
SSS Admin


It is true that quite a number of Chinese philanthropists make donations quietly. People like Robert Kuok are not heard of doing so. The reasons are varied, including perhaps a personal nature of shunning publicity, unlike that of the British Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, or the American Donald Trump, real estate developer.

The many Chinese clan associations and business guilds buildings and office premises like Chin Woo near the old Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur would have plaques and commemorative boards giving the names of donors over the scores of years they have been in existence. Such clan associations and business guilds have been in existence for hundreds if not thousands of years and have become a part of the Chinese culture. In Malaya, the names Ghee Hins and Hai Sans had been made famous by their acute rivalry in tin mine ownership in the 19th Century to the extent that they employed thugs and gangsters to outdo each other. The Larut Wars started by their so doing, Malay tin miners got dragged into the fights and the Malay tin mines (at one time numbering some 350) disappeared as a result, and they petitioned the British in Penang to help recover tin mines lost to the rival gang and it eventually led to British colonial rule in Malaya.

The smart multi-millionaires are concerned about their “support” or donation to groups affiliated with certain political parties being known not only when a change of government occurs, they also do not wish it to be known during ordinary times because of the rivalry, and in some cases, the enmities among the various factions. All political parties have factions and a political party like the MCA even owns and operates the Universiti Tengku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) that refuses to accept the RM30 million donation for some other reasons.

It is in the nature of highly successful business people not to retire and the business of making money is done until death, especially when it is easier when you have a lot of money and the saying goes that money makes money. Therefore quite a number of the seasoned businessmen philanthropists prefer no publicity on the donations they make. But the fact remains that many Chinese multi-millionaires donate to their clan associations and business guilds, and the Chinese have a lot of financial resources for the advancement of their community, especially in the field of education. They already dominate the professional field. They are the majority, for example, among the number of qualified accountants registered with the relevant regulatory bodies. They should therefore not ask for recognition of the UEC, for scholarships and student places at public universities in the country because they already have their own university and the resources for attending overseas universities, which students from the other communities do not have.

21 09 2010

“Fifty Chinese independent school students .. recently awarded scholarships worth a total of RM2.25 million … Also, Chinese independent school students are acceptable into teachers training colleges with the conditions … ”

Dapat le kamu undi Cina, Najib. Tapi tak tahu berapa undi Melayu cabut lari dari kamu.

21 09 2010
jebat's fren


So, undi melayu cabut and lari ke mana? ke Perkasa?

24 09 2010
SSS Admin


It is not known whether all the fifty come from families that cannot afford financing their university education. Also whether such scholarships are for studies at public universities. For the sake of inter-racial exposure and long-term unity, it is good to have, though not necessarily based on the population ratio, of Chinese students, and students from the other communities as well in the public universities, even though it may mean more and more Chinese get university education. But meritocracy as far as Chinese students are concerned must take into account the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and the fact that the Chinese have the financial resources and places at Chinese-owned and operated university. But UEC recognition is a nono, like explained in many places in this post.

Those with UEC must not be entertained because they come from schools that do not recognize Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Kebangsaan as stipulated under Article 152 of the Constitution. As has already been pointed out, recognizing the UEC would be another slap in the Government’s own face. Some say that the Government i.e PM Najib, who of all people must respect and abide by the Constitution of the country, has already slapped his own face by saying Chinese schools, which use Mandarin as the medium of instruction, can continue and by giving cash contributions to Chinese schools. Let’s hope that the people won’t do the slapping by way of votes in the coming general elections. His preoccupation with 2008 run-away Chinese votes has drawn a lot of flak from those who want him to pay more attention on the rights and interests of the majority of the population – the Malays and the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak who form nearly 70% of the population.

True, the rights and interests of the minorities must not be ignored. But Najib’s catering to the interests of the Chinese community has been seen by many as having exceeded the limit. Starting from liberalization of the economy to giving millions of Ringgit to Chinese schools, and the marginalization of the NEP in the NEM.

23 09 2010

Benda ni perlu dipandang serius sebelum menyokong kempen “SSS” secara buta – buta. Bila sesuatu benda tu direndahkan tarafnya semata – mata untuk syok sendiri atau ego persendirian maka benda seperti inilah yang akan berlaku dan tidak laku :-


Kalau ada kualiti punya benda dan yang free punya yakni bangsa sikiasu tidak akan kiasu.

24 09 2010
SSS Admin


Kami setuju bahawa pentadbiran perlaksanaan dasar-dasar pelajaran perlu dijalankan mengikut peraturan-peraturan tertentu, tidak mengikut kesesuaian atau kehendak Pegawai Pelajaran yang berkenaan. Walau bagaimana pun, benar tidaknya markah kelulusan atau greding diturun-naikkan seperti yang anda dengar itu tidak dapat dipastikan. Jika ada bukti yang kukuh, selain dari yang didakwa secara perbualan guru-guru sahaja, maka perkara itu pelu diberitahu kapada Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran diKementerian Pelajaran untuk menyiasatnya.

Biasanya Pegawai Pelajaran Negeri (State Chief Education Officer) mengikut perintah, peraturan dan garis panduan yang dikeluarkan Kementerian Pelajaran diatas segala perkara dasar. So’al gred dalam peperiksaan adalah perkara dasar dan adalah difikirkan bahawa PPN tidak diberi budibicara (discretion) didalam perkara seperti itu. Jika itu benar, tetapi ada dilakukan diperingkat pelajaran daerah atau negeri, hal itu perlu dilapurkan keKementerian Pelajaran.

Dasar pelajaran negara merana kerana beberapa kali ditukar dan dipolitikkan. PPSMI adalah contohnya. Yang menanggungnya adalah murid-murid disekolah, guru-guru dan keberkesanan dasar pelajaran itu kapada negara. Tambahan pula gejala keruntuhan akhlak telah berlaku dengan membimbangkan sejak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini. Semua pihak perlu memainkan peranan meningkatkan mutu pengajaran dan pembelajaran disekolah-sekolah. Bukan sahaja guru-guru dan pegawai-pegawai pelajaran, tetapi juga ibu bapa sebab kanak-kanak berada diluar sekolah lebih 2/3 masa tiap-tiap hari, dan sepenuh hari dimasa cuti sekolah.

24 09 2010

Saya kurang faham apa dia “benda” yang disebut anon diatas dan mengapa timbul “menyokong kempen “SSS” secara buta – buta.”

Jika benda itu merujuik kapada penukaran marka kelulusan dan pembocoran so’alan-so’alan peperiksaan, bukan kah itu bab lain?

Sokongan kapada SSS boleh dilakukan berasingan, namun secara buta-buta, asalkan nampak Perkara 152 Perlembagaan menyatakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsa’an dan semua sekolah sepatutnya menggunakan BM sebagai bahasa pengantar, tidak Mandarin atau Tamil.

27 01 2012

f*ck u

19 02 2013

I’m a teacher but sorry i will say NO SK and SMK school to my children. When you are in it, you will know how dirty and unqualified the current PBS in education system.

19 02 2013

You are like the usual Opposition fellows who write 1-2 lines of accusation or snide remarks, without proof, justification, explanation or even details on “how dirty and unqualified the current PBS in education system” that you say it is?

How can people believe what you say, that way?

I can also say that you are a sorry example of a teacher – if indeed you are (there are so many impostors and masqueraders in the Internet) – irresponsible in putting down the place of your employment, biting the hand that feeds you, instead of making suggestions on how to improve the situation and doing the best you can.

You should resign, you know. Don’t be a sucker, man. Or woman.

14 05 2013
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