Be “Less Communal” … Najib is said to have said … to MCA

11 10 2010


In Parliament, they debate the Agong’s speech. In here, we’ll discuss Dato Seri Najib’s speech. Made at the MCA gathering. The MCA which recently organised an Economic Congress that resolved asking that the 30% Bumiputera equity target be abolished. That was as seditious as never seen from MCA before. The party that represents the Chinese which, as a community, has acquired tremendous wealth and control the economy of the country. That shocked the Malays. The majority in the country that was left far behind economically and educationally by British colonial rule. That made people anxiously wait for Najib to do more than ask everybody to respect everybody. That made us want to write a post solely on this, this time. Using what was reported in the Malaysian Insider.

If he was telling the MCA to be “less communal”, it was just a tap on the finger. He should have done much more. He obviously was still placating the Chinese. Telling them that they are all loyal citizens. Wonder what his measure of loyalty is. No doubt many Chinese are loyal to this country. But what about those not respecting the Constitution. Nobody in the Government has ever tried to define what loyalty is. The basis for determining one’s sense of belonging to this country. Not even the Ministry of Information and Mass Media. There has been no sustainable campaign to instil a sense of belonging or loyalty to this country. Of bringing the Dong Zong and the adherents of Chinese schools to mainstream Malaysiana. Of instilling a sense of togetherness, common values, hopes and aspirations.

We even print the comments to the MI post. We can discuss them as well. Just look at the first one which practically says “Give me what I want, only then I’ll give what the country wants”. He has never heard what US President J.F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country”. Or the expression in use in Europe and elsewhere for hundreds of years – “My country, right or wrong”. Some might sell the country by shouting “My kingdom for a horse”. The kind where “When the going is tough, the unloyal gets going”.

In the interest of mutual respect, goodwill and harmony, we can only call everybody to respect everybody. Because we don’t have the power to haul people into the Courts and charge them with sedition. Najib has that power. But he chose to speak the above i.e as reported below. Nevertheless, the Police has started to investigate a few people on sedition matters. Including the MP for Teluk Intan and the MP for Lembah Pantai.

Let’s discuss them as usual. Your comments are welcome.


Najib tells MCA to be less communal
UPDATED @ 06:02:21 PM 10-10-2010By Clara Chooi October 10, 2010

Najib’s message suggested Umno may be growing weary of MCA’s “demands.”

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 — Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak delivered a clear directive to MCA leaders today to stop being overly communal in their political struggles and to employ the spirit of “give and take” when making demands of the government.

In his 48-minute speech at the MCA annual general meeting here this morning, the prime minister told party leaders to fight for the rights of all races and not just those of the Chinese community.

“Serve the people, not just the Chinese community but all races. If you see a poor Malay or Indian, go and help him.

“I encourage Umno to do it, too. During the fasting month, I gave aid to the poor Chinese and the Indians too… so what is wrong?” he said.

He pushed MCA president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek to so some “ass-kicking” and ensure that all his party’s grassroots leaders were loyal and committed to the BN’s struggles.

“Dr Chua, you have to do some ass-kicking, as the Americans say. Move the machinery at the district level… they are getting lethargic and demotivated.

“They have to be loyal and committed, and if they are not, please leave the party; we do not need them around… make way for others who believe in our cause,” he said.

Najib’s words appeared to contain a thinly-veiled message to MCA leaders that many of its BN comrades in Umno were growing increasingly uncomfortable with the Chinese-based party’s relentless demands for the abolition of affirmative action policies that were not needs or merits-based.

In its recent economic congress, MCA leaders called on the government to remove the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity target, earning the wrath of many Umno leaders.

Its demands sparked an argument between the two BN allies and saw leaders from both sides issuing scathing statements against one another.

Today, Najib, who is also Umno president, chastised parties that only knew how to make demands of the government without taking the “national perspective” or “national interest” into consideration.

“That is why when I say that MCA has to become the voice of the Chinese community, it is not just in the context of just demanding.

“Everyone can make demands. I go to MCA, they demand. I go to Gerakan, they demand. I go to MIC, they demand. I go to Sabah and Sarawak, they demand. I go to the Telegu community, too, they demand.

“Everybody demands… this is a normal process by you need to put in the national perspective, not only just for your own community but sometimes, we have to have the spirit of give and take.

“That is what makes Malaysia so special, we have the spirit of give and take for the sake of national interest. You look after me, I look after you,” Najib said.

Najib also noted the difficulties he faced as prime minister when trying to be more inclusive in his policies, explaining that he would be bombarded with queries from Umno members on whether the Chinese community had responded in kind.

“I am also the president of Umno. My Umno leaders tell me, look, you want to give [the Chinese community] this and that, what are [they] doing? Are they responding?

“I tell them, ‘yes, they will respond in time’… but please… do not wait too long,” he said.

Najib called on MCA to communicate the urgency with which the Chinese ought to return their support to the BN, pointing out that this plea was about “beautiful Malaysia”.

“Tell them not to wait too long… do not hold back… to proceed with the spirit of the BN. The Indian community is more responsive. The Chinese are holding back. Tell them, frankly, this is not just about the Chinese community, this is about this lovely country, about beautiful Malaysia,” he said.

At the same time, Najib also assured MCA that all BN component parties, particularly Umno, would give them room to make their demands.

He told MCA leaders that he did not agree with the term “pendatang” used on the Chinese community, pointing out that they were all “loyal citizens of the country”.

“Yes, you came here at one time, but that was three, four, five generations ago. Now, you are all loyal citizens of the country,” he said, to rousing response.

“As such, we in the BN, including Umno, must give space to MCA. We have to give some space and latitude to MCA because gone are the days when you can say, oh, I fight for the interest of the Chinese community but maybe the community, especially the youths, maybe they do not believe us. They ask… are you really fighting for us? Are you really carrying out our interests?

“So if we do not give room to MCA, how can we, when the next general election comes, hope that MCA can deliver?” he admitted.

Najib pointed out that BN needed to be more realistic and understand that it required the support from all races to retain power.

“We have to be realistic and we certainly should not be racist. We should embrace the need to work together, just like how our forefathers had shown us,” he said.

He pointed out that in their fight for independence, the nation’s leaders had moved to form the Alliance as they had recognised that inter-racial co-operation was the only way forward for the nation to survive.

“We must not forget history, the philosophy behind it and the thinking behind it but this must be translated into modern times.

“My dream for Malaysia is to make it a truly world class 21st century nation… not a second-rate mediocre one,” he said.


Comments (65)

phsoon · 1 day ago
you help me, i will help you.

wakeup · 1 day ago
‘Malaysians tell UMNO/Najib to be less racist’
Try this new headline for size…..

lembu susu · 1 day ago
Hello, start with your own backyard first. U let your lieutenants n your boys to scream at Ketuanan Melayu, but you pretend you are fighting for every races. What a bluff!

MainDuaBola 120p · 1 day ago
The trouble is UMNO is always want to take, take and take and not to give leh.

heart2heart · 1 day ago
MCA make your stand and see where you stand. MCA will be stagnant and extinct if they don’t have the guts to make their stand to pullout of BN if there are no actions taken the racial insults or threats of closing Chinese schools.

MainDuaBola 120p · 1 day ago
I gave aid to the poor Chinese and the Indians too… so what is wrong?” Dear PM Its only one month but for the other 11 months its take, take, take and take.

Anak Jitra · 1 day ago
UMNO serves the Chinese and Indians ? LOL !

They only serve the 2,800 Division Heads and their cronies. They do not even take care of the poor Malays. If they do, why are there so many poor fishermen are Malays ?

MainDuaBola 120p · 1 day ago
“That is what makes Malaysia so special, we have the spirit of give and take for the sake of national interest. You look after me, I look after you,” Since we have all these why warn MCA not to be communal.

yezdi · 1 day ago
Can you believe the ceek this guy has?

maha · 1 day ago
The only party that get without demand is UMNO and UMNOputras.

Newchief · 1 day ago
mca …. this is truly a SMACK ON YOUR FACE !!!! high time you think of your positions as bn partners !!!! umno president now acts like BIG BULLY to non-malay components !!!!

Albert 119p · 1 day ago
Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak delivered a clear directive to MCA leaders today to stop being overly communal in their political struggles and to employ the spirit of “give and take” when making demands of the government. In my mind, as far as UMNO is concerned, if you talk about non-malays & the sidelined poor malays, you are being overly communal & must practise “give and take”. But if you are talking about the demands of UMNO Malays & its cronies, you are not being communal & allowed to “take” only. I simply cannot see the logic in PM Najib’s argument.

Old Malaysian · 1 day ago
It reads everyone (non-malays) give, UMNO takes. Since when has UMNO give way to other community?

Albert 119p · 1 day ago
“In its recent economic congress, MCA leaders called on the government to remove the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity target, earning the wrath of many Umno leaders.” UMNO leaders have conveniently forgotten that RM50 out of RM52 billion worth of bumi equity was disposed for quick profit during the tenure of Mahathir as PM. Mind you the RM50 billion is at IPP price & are sold at probably RM80-100 billion by the UMNO malays & cronies. Do we honestly think that the UMNO leaders are reasonable people & query the whereabouts of these RM 50 billion bumi equity instead? I seriously doubt it.

joepublic · 1 day ago
A spot on speach by Najib.
That is how it should works.
Give and take, but dont take from others.

Avinder · 1 day ago
UMNO must practice what it preaches

communal · 1 day ago
Is UMNO also to be less communal ??
LKY has mentioned that UMNO in Malaysia is communal ??
If we are all Malaysians, WHY we need these communal parties ?? communal differentiations ??
That apply that UMNO still want to be a communal party more than others ??

1RegressNation · 1 day ago
What an ironic these words came from a leader whose 300,000 mainly UMNO members are member of an untra, no hold, invincible, untouchable and suffered from ” foot-in-the-mouth” disease group. How’s that for an advise from a smoker asking another smoker to quit smoking. Sheesh!

Tan · 1 day ago
I told you so MCA is getting more irrelevant in BN as the day pass by. Some of the demand are real pressing such as education where the vernicular school are left to fend off themselves in funding that leads to continuous donations drive to sustain its operation. If the government is truely appreciating the brains in the country, education should be free for all irrespective of which medium of instructions the students choose to study. Aren’t they the national assets and future leaders? They are only good at acting by magnifying issues when some pittance amount was received for a cause on ad hoc basis. After 53 years of independent and as a major partner in BN, this clearly show that MCA is quite useless and easily outdo by outsider such as Perkasa when it matters.

change28 · 1 day ago
What a hypocrite Najib is!

UMNO hypes up the “special rights” issue and insists on 30% of this and that. And he claims it is others who is overly communal.

The proper thing for Najib to do is to call on everyone including UMNO and Perkosa to be less communal.
Even your own Deputy claims to be a Malay first and a Malaysian second. How communal is that?

Najib will be what he really is, a man with no substance who has to rely on such devious psychological tricks to pull the wools over the eyes of ignorant citizens.

That Najib believes he can get away with these “accuse others before they accuse you” tricks demonstrates the disdain and contempt he has for the rakyat!

I have absolutely no faith in this man!

Bosan · 1 day ago
Hahaha…that’s a real big slap on MCA’s face, if they have one. MCA have got it all wrong. To gain the support of the chinese does not means that they have to be more like chinese perkasa than malaysian chinese…..

lol · 1 day ago
“I encourage Umno to do it, too. During the fasting month, I gave aid to the poor Chinese and the Indians too… so what is wrong?” he said.

For 1 month in every year, Indians and Chinese qualify for aid?

Sean · 1 day ago
“so what is wrong?” “I gave aid to the poor [communal label] and the [communal label] too”
“so what is wrong?”
At least he asks us easy questions!

Alwyn · 1 day ago
Yes Najib, please start with UMNO. Let’s see UMNO being less communal.

Bluemoon · 1 day ago
Yes, PM is right on the spot. The more MCA is trying to overcome their inferiority complex the more communual they are. MCA is urging everybdy except themselves to draw a line between extremist. Notably, they have singled out UMNO and Perkasa while at the same playing lovey-dovey with DJZ. In fact MCA is now worst than DJZ. Both are communually extremes to the core.

Guest · 1 day ago
Please tell it to your Deputy and his kind first.

AyerTawar · 1 day ago
The “prime minister told party leaders to fight for the rights of all races and not just those of the Chinese community”. “I encourage Umno to do it, too.”, said the PM. Mr Prime Minister, the stupid MCA leaders did not know how to subcontract the work to people like Ibrahim Ali and that’s why they have to do it on their own. You should encourage them to do it, too.

tiuniasin · 1 day ago
Hahaha … he’s right you know, you give and we take ….. all of the time !!

Buta Singh · 1 day ago
I pity this man with a schizophrenic double speak personality.

Bright Lights · 1 day ago
Yes Bro Talks are easy, let see the real Results in a few years from now

Foo Wy Len · 1 day ago
Can you please tell UMNO to be “less” racial ?

joepublic · 1 day ago
I observed all race based political party nowdays is playing the racial card, not only UMNO.

Joder Umbudra · 1 day ago
A very good sweet talk but do you tell your umnoputra to do the same? Actions speak louder than words. Why do you not take action against your umnoputra? Why no action is taken against Ibrahim Ali who causes these problems?

zainal hj abdullah · 1 day ago
people have the rights to make demands ….but it must be within the framework of our constitution

kokdiang · 1 day ago
Is UMNO getting less communal? IS Utusan MalaysiaKuno less communal. Yet this paper is owned by UMNO. Charity begins at home Mr PM.

cinacelup · 1 day ago
Najib chose the wrong audience to deliver his speech. Go tell it to Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa, BTN and school teachers. Everything will be fine if they take your advice.

joepublic · 1 day ago
Here lies the problem, whenever there is racial issue crop up, UMNO will be put to blame.
Open your eyes, it will never end, unless we malaysian stop playing and harping racial tunes.

wengman · 1 day ago
A person can talk all he wants, it is his action that everyone will judge him by.

I help you, you help me. I look after you, you look after me. Don’t be so communal and demand so many things. All of these words should also be repeated verbatim to Perkasa.

Greg 77p · 1 day ago
Hmm…very rich from the leader of a political party that has nothing but taken everything for itself.

lee terry · 1 day ago
Mr PM just for your information the Malaysian has give away alot since the 1st NEP, from our chinese bank, education, goverment position, business optunities and many many more, we will not give away anymore, and we need equal share in all

JOE · 1 day ago
Give and take? Najib, all you do is take, take, and take.

Sepank · 1 day ago
Right I’m just considering is a cobra’s venom or Najib’s message is more toxic? like Lee Terry said, we will give away no more.

Jack 77p · 1 day ago
That is good, MCA should be less communal, so must UMNO and MIC. maybe Najib should remover the rock in his eyes before asking others to remove the dust from their eyes.

Does this guy knows what he talking about. maybe he is one of those who talk and shoot first abd think later.

chanjerping · 23 hours ago
this pm is talk talk talk only. the things he said overseas are rubbish. he dun do at home, those things he preaches overseas! curb extremism? stop brain drain? be less communal?

bigjoe99 · 1 day ago
This is the problem when you have poor quality leaders. When they don’t know how to do their job, the talk and talk and talk.

rodneytan · 1 day ago
Chinese will not trust UMno ledership any more, because they had hurt the chinese in the past 52 years.

ckm · 1 day ago
.. there is a difference bewteen being loyal to the country and supporting UMNO / BN ..

.. If one do NOT support BN , does not mean one is NOT loyal to the country ..

.. in fact , I love Malaysia so much , that by not going against BN , I will be doing the country a disservice , i.e to fight corruption and racism .. we need Change ..

rookie · 1 day ago
Time to let another alternative to run the Federal????

aries 120p · 1 day ago
If the Malay can have a Perkasa, why not the other communities?

Why make the hell of a scene when there were suggestions to come up with one?

Isn’t that hypocritical? The people has the right to do some “ass-kicking” too, when they are being pushed around too much. After all isn’t it all about People First? If it isn’t, stop using the slogan even for one more time.

Justlee · 1 day ago
It is easier to issue an order even indirectly to mca than to umno because mca is more compliant after years of kowtowing to ketuanan melayu. National interest according to pm means dont stir up a hornet’s nest. What has been working so well before dont question or ask for changes.By now mca should know better that pm’s talk carries no weight. It is just talk without action otherwise why so many pendatang issues are still unresolved or not resolved fairly.Pm just wants mca to keep on bluffing chinese voters with sweet talk and other smaller incentives in order to pull in votes for umno.

hak ka king · 1 day ago
Seriously if Najib is not one of the UMNO clowns, he should issue the same directive to UMNO, his number 2 idiot and the number one ticket holder of Perkasa. Better still as BN chairman, he should direct that all communal components of BN be dissolved henceforth.

Flim · 1 day ago
Like KLSE, why not merge all the component parties into BN only and then do some ass-kicking like the Americanoes to be 1Malaysian

Kilo · 1 day ago
Mr PM, how many times must we tell you that MCA does not represent the Chinese?
Why do you keep barking up the wrong tree?

As a marketing person you are just replacing ‘racist’ with ‘communal’. They are all the same.
This is the root of the problem is racist parties. What is wrong with MCA protecting the Chinese when umno is protesting the Malays? MIC is right in protecting the Indians too.

You know that we know that racist parties are outdated. So dissolve all communal parties and have a BN parties that ‘struggle’ for Malaysians and proud to be Malaysians. if not all these are just marketing talks and talk and talk…. And the ‘disunity’ issues will continue.

Kacauman · 1 day ago
Now the truth of the 1Malaysia originator speaks of his view! MCA is created to serve Chinese, UMNO serves Malays and MIC serves Indian, which is well known and can’t change. Now Najib wants MCA to stop asking for what they suppose to be, where’s the spirit of 1Malaysia?

Now we all know what’s the real thinking of Najib for 1Malaysia! It’s merely a slogan and it serves no purpose. No wonder all these while Najib just keep mum on all those racist issues because he himself is a racist too!

2sen · 1 day ago
i have always wondered… why those from came from Java and Sumatra 3 or 4 generations ago are not pendatang?

kenu13 110p · 1 day ago
hahaha look who’s talking. This wont’ descend to a failed state, it’ll become a funny state

Malaysians · 1 day ago
If recognised we all Malaysians, regardless of ethnic group, then we should be under 1 race = Malaysian, with different in believes/religions/languages/customs.traditions. Also with true equality in all angles, then there shall not be Bumi and non-Bumi, we all are Malaysians, just like Indonesia, if they can do it, why not Malaysia ??
Dun said with forked tounge and walk with the talks the soonest before GE13 …..

chanjerping · 1 day ago
in a way, pm is directing MCA not to make demands against malay rights. get it? so CSL, pls shut up and be more “communal”. tit-for-tat in BN govt.

joe_mamak · 1 day ago
BN should be less communal too. Scrap all component parties and merge into one party. Things would really get interesting then.

Anonymous · 22 hours ago
This society is not build on the justice, how can you ask them to help each other.

Rammittru 97p · 22 hours ago
the chinese have been giving and giving and giving, including being the largest contributor to national revenue. isn’t it now time to take a breather and take something? but not crumbs please. no anymore.

GNT · 19 hours ago
Mr. PM, please clarify who gives and who takes.

Durian Besar · 18 hours ago
UMNO practise “Give and Take” :- You give I take!

MainDuaBola 120p · 10 hours ago
During the fasting month, I gave aid to the poor Chinese and the Indians too… so what is wrong?” There is nothing wrong PM but you give during the muslim holy month and in the hope of getting blessing from God. You give hoping to get back something in return but what about other months?. Hehehe

MainDuaBola 120p · 10 hours ago
You give to fulfil a religious obligation only mah. What about other months?

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37 responses

12 10 2010
San Peng.

“… “Yes, you came here at one time, but that was three, four, five generations ago. Now, you are all loyal citizens of the country,”

…. ermmm may be ….

Mr PM …. but these “loyal citizens” are acting like pendatangs … they take and take and take and demmand and demmand … and they never give. They are antagonistic … like the feller who raps the negarakuku. They display attittudinal problems … sadistically enjoying poking fun at the indegenous people and his religeon.

From one side we hear you praising them. What have you got to say about the other side?

We read their vernacular newspapers … the editorial columns. These hardly sound like loyal citizens. Which are we to believe? Our ears which we lent you or our eyes which peruse their papers?

We are taught by our kebudayaan “…i.e to get by giving ..”. So when these people greedily “get by grabbing, by demanding …” … many are left terpinga-pinga …. and when we give a little tap on their dirty hands, they turn nasty. ….. And when we are berlembut with them, they read us as weak.

And now, not only the Chinese but also the Malays read that the PM as weak.

12 10 2010
SSS Admin

San Peng,

What determines loyalty to the country Dato Seri Najib did not say. Nor has he, nor anyone else in the Government, ever defined it. This statement of his was obviously a political expediency, playing to the gallery, hoping to inspire the MCA to work hard to get votes in the coming general elections. The party that has admitted at various times that they lost so many State and Parliamentary seats during the last general elections. The party that has been in a limbo over leadership problems for nearly two years. It involved party in-fighting among various factions and resorting to the crude tactic of video taping Chua Soi Lek’s hotel room sexual tryst and distributing it to members. Somehow CSL won the leadership post despite that. It therefore indicates the kind of man and his supporters who even dared the seditious and racist act of calling for the abolition of the 30% Bumiputera equity target.

Loyalty must be based on respect for, abiding by and living with the Constitution in all aspects, the most important ones being Bahasa Malaysia as the National and Official Language, and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. There must be a lot of weightage to the Special Position as it was the quid pro quo for the citizenship right of the non-Malays. The loyalty of those not respecting the Malay Special Position is therefore questionable. Najib himself was reported to have “chastised parties that only knew how to make demands of the government without taking the “national perspective” or “national interest” into consideration”.

Funnily, they say they are the ones who have been giving. Just because they pay tax. They claim to be paying the most tax. But it has been variously pointed out that the Chinese pay only 30% tax, the GLCs 40%, the Malays and the others including foreigners 30%. And the tax they pay also goes to building and improving the economic infrastructure which has been used largely by them as they form the highest number engaged in business.

Calling for the abolition of the 30% bumi equity target is definitely antagonistic to the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Hence it is both racist and seditious. CSL being called to the Police Station to give a statement is not sufficient. There must be a deterrent action by the authorities – that which will deter others from doing the same or similar things.

Najib clearly wants the votes of the Chinese and wants the MCA to play the role of getting back run-away Chinese votes. But it is quite clear from PRK Hulu Selangor and Sibu, even from the comments to the article published by the MI, that despite offers of cash to Chinese schools, they just took the money and couldn’t be bothered to give their votes to him. Najib has to be bold and aggressive. Rethink his strategy, get the Malays united, count more on the Malay votes and look after their interests as well. National unity may be difficult to come by so long as there is no Malay unity.

12 10 2010

Salam Tuan Admin,

Reading thru the comment section, onlyone thing comes to mind – We need Satu Sekolah ASAP and a whole new history lesson, more comprehensive with special atention as to how the nation was built. And not forgetting the lesson of 13th May 1969.

12 10 2010
SSS Admin


Indeed the single-stream schooling or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) proposal should be implemented. But for so long as DS Najib continues to pander to the interests of the Chinese in running after their votes, it may not materialize soon and we will keep on calling for it.

Najib should realize that he needs to rethink his strategy of winning the coming general elections. Despite giving money to Chinese schools etc, he got his own BN coalition member biting his backside – demanding (to use his own word) the abolition of the 30% Bumiputera equity target, to the chagrin of his Party leaders and the Malays as a whole.

He should spend time on uniting the Malays as they form the majority and their votes, despite being split three ways at the moment, are significant in numbers. The Chinese are 23% of the population, also split among the MCA, DAP and Gerakan. Even if MCA and Gerakan can get half of the Chinese votes (remember DAP attracted the biggest number of new voters to register recently), it’s still smaller than the number of Malay votes that can be obtained by focussing on Malay unity. Of course, they say they are the experts, but the experts were wrong twice – in 1969 that led to the race riots, and again in 2008 when the Coalition again lost their two thirds Parliamentary majority.

The good thing is that he has revealed to the MCA Assembly that his UMNO leaders, presumably including those at the Majlis Tertinggi and Divisonal Heads level, have been voicing their concern for his “giving” to the Chinese and the Chinese “demanding” from the Government endlessly. He has asked them to give instead of just take, to respond in kind and not to wait too long to respond. However, this may also be grandstanding in view of the coming UMNO Annual General Assembly.

Another consolation for us is that Najib told them “We must not forget history, the philosophy behind it (the fight for independence) and the thinking behind it”. Indeed history must be made compulsory in schools so that all Malaysians know what “national perspective” and “national interest” are that Najib spoke about. Najib had not allowed rallies be held to commemorate the 1969 racial riots. He should have, not to scare the citizens but to make them, especially the younger ones, aware of and avoid seditious and racist words and actions to prevent that ever happening again. We need unity and we certainly do not want another May 13.

12 10 2010
Semerah Padi

“Be Less Communal”

The “Pendatangs” especially the chinese, have been known to be very “communal”ever since they came here. I said “chinese”, I dont mean those Malaysians of chinese ethnic.

See how very communal they are, right up until today they still bark for their vernacular education system. They are just waiting for the Malay leaders to become weak before they heightened their barkings. Now they bark at almost every issue that has to do with the Malay & Bumiputera. These chinese are real ungrateful lot.

While the (is it a warning?) “suggestion” to be less communal is appropriate coming from PM, it caem rather a bit too late in time. But nevermind, a good “advice” is still a good “advice”. We shall see how sincere is the PM with his advice, taking into consideration his apologetic stance in the past. Hopefully the PM already “done with”, with that stance. If PM maintain the good advice, we now can say that he is sincere the efforts in building this nation.

We shall see.


13 10 2010
SSS Admin

Semerah Padi,

There’s nothing wrong in being referred to as “Pendatang”. The DAP attached a racial overtone to the word when they protested against its use by one Penang UMNO Division Leader some time back. He used the word out of frustration at the statements and actions of the DAP which rules Penang. DAP and its leader Lim Kit Siang has often been referred to as chauvinist, protesting and making political issues out of almost everything, including the Deputy Prime Minister saying he’s Malay first and Malaysian second.

“Pendatang” for them is a historical fact. Even the Prime Minister calls himself a “pendatang”, although more out of wanting to placate the Chinese and perhaps being apologetic over the Malays using that word. The Malays, including those who came from Indonesia and south Philippines, are not “Pendatang”. The large Family of Malays or Rumpun Melayu, which includes the Malays, the indigenous population of the country, the Indonesians and the Filipinos, have been in the Malay Archipelago for over 5,000 years, in and out of this Malay Peninsular since time immemorial. A commenter calling himself Dot has written comments about this based on the book, “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, by Mohd Arof Ishak, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia.

Ingratitude under the present day situation comes from not honouring the Social Contract entered into by our forefathers. They got citizenship and the Malays had their Special Position written in the Constitution at Merdeka. Ingratitude also stems from non-respecting and non-abiding by the Constitution which incorporates the elements of the Social Contract and Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language.

The PM was talking mainly about getting votes for the next general elections which may not be far away. Skepticism still lingers as to the sincerity of his advice to be “less communal” in the light of vote-getting. He has not said a word about the seditious call for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target, as reported by MI. The MCA-owned news organisation, The Star, reported the event without any mention of the PM giving “the advice”, nothing about a “reprimand”, as if all was normal in this beautiful country called Malaysia, to use DS Najib’s words. His sincerity can only be said to exist when he takes positive steps to have those responsible for the seditious call brought to book, others deterred from doing similar things. That needs to be done for the sake of maintaining unity in the country.

13 10 2010

Perkasa should appoint somebody whose job is mainly to make Police reports against those being seditious. That way, investigations can at least be started, those concerned asked to turn up at the Police Station to make statements, and some message gets into their heads.

15 10 2010
SSS Admin


There’s a lot of sense in that suggestion of yours. As the Police appears to take action only when there are Police reports, making such reports would then get action on the seditious fellows. True, getting called to the Police Station is at least some deterrent to others, but getting charged in court, irrespective of the strength of the cases, would be a stronger deterrent. In view of the rampant and flagrant acts of sedition in the country nowadays, perhaps the Attorney General may want to consider setting up a section in his office that specializes in or concentrates on sedition cases. Calling for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target is getting to the level of extremities. It creates ill will and may cause racial flare ups which must be prevented from happening.

What constitutes sedition has been well explained in the Sedition Act 1948. That Act was drafted by the British in their frustration against the subversive communist elements out to disrupt peace and order in the country. Communist activities have started with the demise of the adventurouus and armed so-called Bintang Tiga anti-national elements when the British returned to take over power at the end of World War II. Now another kind of anti-national elements have surfaced. Those whom Dato Seri Najib said do not have the “national perspective” and do not know what the “national interest” is. Right now, the supreme national interest is respect for, abiding by and living with the Constitution of the country in all respects, including Bahasa Malaysia and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. The ultimate national interest is national unity.

The Perkasa, Gertak and Melayu Bangkit rallies have generally been a spontaneous response to the lack of mention of the NEP in the NEM. It shows how important and how close to their hearts the NEP is to the Malays. Perkasa having a team of lawyers advising and acting for them in anti-NEP and anti-Malay seditious acts would help prevent others from taking the Malays for granted or exploiting the situation of weak Malay leadership. Perkasa needs sound logistics, both manpower with the necessary expertise and funds.

The Chinese have been flush with funds and have never been short of donors or contributors. UTAR even rejected a RM30 million donation from a Chinese millionaire philanthrophist. There are quite a number of millionaire Malays. Let’s urge them to contribute to the cause of protecting and promoting Malay rights and interests that Perkasa has been trying to do. That which is necessary because the NEP is not fully in the NEM. Let’s appeal to their sense of helping those who have not tasted much the benefits of the NEP.

Perkasa has never said they want anything from what the Chinese already have. They just want a reasonable slice of the growing economic cake, the very premise of the NEP when it was first conceived. The Chinese already have huge wealth and educational advancement. They must not begrudge the NEP. In the interest of racial harmony, MCA must never again try to touch the 30% Bumi equity target. Especially when it is still a target, not yet achieved.

12 10 2010

“The Indian community is more responsive. The Chinese are holding back.” –

Apa ini?

13 10 2010
SSS Admin


The Chinese have been emboldened in their utterances and demands because of the weak Malay leadership. That weakness can easily be discerned when, instead of at least staying mum on Chinese schools, DS Najib had, since PRK Kuala Trengganu when he was Deputy Prime Minister, announced huge financial contibutions to Chinese schools which run contrary to Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language and use Mandarin, instead, as the medium of instruction. He continued doing so at PRK Hulu Selangor and Sibu although the votes he was running after did not appear.

By saying the above to the Chinese at an MCA Annual General Assembly, Najib has realized the attitude of the Chinese. But he is still trying to placate them by saying they are not “Pendatang” and they are loyal citizens. It was strange for him to be saying those because being non-“Pendatang” does not equate to loyalty. And how can he easily decides on their loyalty when they ask for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target. That clearly is seditious and brings ill will to the Malays and it affects racial harmony in the country. They know full well that it may lead to a disruption of racial harmony and can they be loyal when perpetrating that?

They are as a community already the richest in the country and the most advanced in educational achievement. Wanting to thwart or block the attempt at restructuring society through the New Economic Policy, at bridging the huge gap between the economic and educational position of the Malays compared to the Chinese – is that not racist? Are racists who do not see the “national perspective” and protect the “national interest” (to quote Najib’s words) loyal to the country?

Najib is right on one thing, though. The Chinese have to practise “give and take” and respond by way of giving, and respond fast, too. Loyalty is not just by saying I love this country or by paying tax. Loyalty is by respecting, abiding by and living with the Constitution fully. That is very much needed now to preserve racial harmony.

12 10 2010

Aiyoyo, he baca tinggi ha? He England university ha? Why he said “I gave aid to the poor Chinese and the Indians too… so what is wrong?”

Number 1 Mr PM, it was fasting month. So many poor Muslims fasting hard. not enuf mani to get good breaking of fast la. Yo can give poor Chinese and Indians during Chinese New year and Dewali, man.

Number 2, far bigger number of desperate Malays and Muslims la, Mister. You dont realise ha? You baca England too long ha? In malaysia you live ivory tower ha? How to vote for you?

13 10 2010
SSS Admin


The Muslim practice of giving alms to the poor may not stipulate religion, though it is conceivable that during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad there were poor pagan Arabs and Jews living with the Muslims.

However, you are right in that in Malaysia the Muslims, especially the Malays, constitute the largest number of the poor. The definition of poor may be those earning RM1,000 or less per month. But in the kampongs, a big number of the Malays who do not own any rubber or oil palm smallholding still earn much less than RM1,000, working for those who do. And there are very many kampongs and very many Malays. Of course, the PM is not expected to travel all over the places to give alms.

The issue is the PM, in his zealousness to get votes for the coming general elections, appears to show he cares a lot for the other races whereas his own race, the Malays, feel that they are, in the process, sidelined. They would not have felt so if they see the New Economic Policy fully continued in the New Economic Model he is introducing. It’s a bread and butter issue in that it is so important for them in the effort to catch up with the Chinese to a satisfactory level.

He knows the Malays have only 18% corporate equity despite 40 years of affirmative action but he should realize that doing business, profit-taking and wealth accumulation are alien to the Malay culture, which is one that developed from the practice of exchanging goods for daily subsistence or barter trading. He talks about his dream of making Malaysia “a truly world class 21st century nation… not a second-rate mediocre one”. He has no need to rush to reach world class, and it would be a bad dream if he tries to do it at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. We need unity and he has to pay attention on the interests of the people who form the majority in the country.

12 10 2010

The Star Online report 12 October say nothing like you say above, man…. So, how?

13 10 2010
SSS Admin


We merely reproduced, in toto, the article and comments in Malaysian Insider. The MI became controversial when their reporter manged to sneak into a closed-door UMNO Puteri meeting and reported some racist remarks allegedly made by a Bureau Tata Negara senior official. That official has not only denied using those words but also lodged a Police report against the reporter and the news portal.

On this report, we have not come across any denial on what has been reported by the MI. Unless and until that happens, we take it at surface value. What was reported appears to be plausible in the context of the present state of affairs in the country. We therefore have no reason to disbelieve the report. That report has also been referred to and written about in other web sites.

The Star is of course owned by the MCA. One therefore can tell the bias in reporting, the need to preserve the image of MCA as a responsible and so-called “fighting for Chinese” party, competing with the DAP for Chinese votes. DAP has been criticisizing anything that has to do with heavy Malay presence, from the Government to the Police, the MACC and the Armed Forces – they should really think of an alternative because the Malays form the majority in this country.

But the MCA appears to want to copy-cat the DAP in trying to win Chinese votes, although the reason for the Chinese running away to the DAP was the dismal performance of the “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” administration under Pak Lah and, in the last 2 years or so, they ran away from MCA because of the incessant in-fighting among the various factions causing a protracted leadership crisis, membership disenchantment and supporters walking away. The MCA would do well to take the PM’s advice. They no longer have a need to distract members and supporters attention from internal party problems as their leadership crisis appears to have been solved. Or has it really? The MCA Youth and Wanita Annual Genaral Meetings were reported to have only 50-60% attendance. But, whatever they do, they must not be seditious. They must be a responsible party.

12 10 2010

I’ve given up reading the comments section in sites like Malaysiakini or malaysian insider. The ammount of moronic and thoughtless arguments spewed forth by supposedly the “englighten” non-malays are numerous. And these are the same people who go to the nationalist blogs and shout “racism!”. Apparently free speach isnt applied to everyone. Amazing.

14 10 2010
SSS Admin


Sites like Malaysian Insider has been known to not publish comments that contradict their stand. One of us has personally experienced that. A few others have complained of the same in here and elsewhere. That’s democracy and free speech for you as far as MI is concerned. Yet they’ll be the ones jumping about and shouting for press freedom and the like the moment the Establishment does anything sounding a lack of that.

Many have ceased visiting MI altogether for the unbalanced views they put out. They are read by those disgruntled with the Establishment for one reason or another. We were advised that it is financed by a key mass media player of the previous administration. Once that administration was booted out after the last general elections debacle, the man also lost his job. But with lots of money made under the crony system of the time, he uses it to present views suited to his own political stand, in line with that of the non-Malays, often against the present Establishment.

Those frequenting MI are not the “enlightened” non-Malays. They are the conservative, traditional and narrow minded ones who even Dato Seri Najib had spoken to during the recent MCA Annual General Assembly – those who do not have the proper “national perspective” and appreciate what is the “national interest”. They are so because they do not respect the Constitution and the Social Contract. More than that, many are racist and chauvinist to the core.

Asking for more is tolerable but being antagonistic to another race is plain and simple being racist and chauvinistic. Encroaching on the Bumiputera housing discount and asking for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target are not only being racist but also seditious. They create ill feelings to the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Those responsible for doing so should be hauled in under the Sedition Act to deter others from repeating the folly and to preserve racial harmony.

12 10 2010

It is seditious, unreasonable, uncouth, unfriendly, hostile, antagonistic to the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak to be calling for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target. It is seditious because it creates ill feelings among the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. It is racist because it is antagonistic towards the Malays and the Bumis.

They are already bloody rich and control the economy. It’s selfishness and greed of the most extreme kind. Like the Jews who were hated every where they went since ancient times because of their extreme selfishness and greed.

I have more words to throw out at them greedy Chinese but am mindful of the Sedition Law. I can only say I understand fully the counter-reaction asking that the citizenship right of those concerned be also abolished.

14 10 2010
SSS Admin


We agree with you fully. That’s also the line we have been plugging in this blog and elsewhere. Those daring acts must not be allowed to be precedents. They will become precedents if not checked in a terse and no-nonsense manner. Charging those responsible in court is the appropriate preventive and damage control measure. The one who drafted the MCA-sponsored Economic Congress resolution calling for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target is certainly one of them. The one who stood up calling for the resolution to be discussed and adopted is another. Other main culprits include the MCA President. He has been called to the Police Station and has given his statement. Charges should be preferred against him now.

There should be ample proof on the fact that they did it. They will argue, trying to justify their act in political terms. Let the Court decide. The important point is that no one should be allowed to commit seditious acts and getting away scot free. If not charged in court, it will embolden others to do the same. There already have been reactions calling for tit-for-tat abolition of their citizenship right. These must be nipped in the bud for the sake of maintaining racial harmony, peace and order.

Dato Seri Najib must himself consider the national interest on this issue. Deterring further acts of sedition has priority over some votes that may be affected as a result of bringing court charges. It can begin with the ones drafting the resolution and tabling it for discussion and adoption at the Economic Congress. It’s blatant sedition and must not be condoned or tolerated. It’s not a matter of being “less communal”. It’s a matter of not being racist and chauvinistic. It’s a matter of preserving racial harmony, peace and order.

13 10 2010

Najib said “We have to be realistic and we certainly should not be racist. We should embrace the need to work together ..”

Is he referring to MCA only or other people also?

14 10 2010
SSS Admin


We indeed have to be realistic. The reality is the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak are nearly 70% majority in this country, yet are far behind the 23% Chinese, economically and educationally. The reality is that the Malays now have only 18% corporate wealth and the target of 30% does not include wealth in other aspects of the economy, which are also dismal in terms of Malay and Bumi ownership. The reality is that the huge disparities have largely contributed to the race riots of 1969, which were sparked by the unbridled behaviour of those celebrating election victories. The reality is that for so long as the huge gaps are not narrowed down to satisfactory levels, long term peace and prosperity may not appear.

Indeed we have to work together. DS Najib’s statement is applicable to all Malaysians. We must work together on the basis of the Constitution of the country. The basis of co-operation has already been drawn up since Merdeka 53 years ago. It was agreed to by the representatives of all the races in Parliament at Merdeka and at the formation of Malaysia. There is no other way. If we do not abide by the Constitution and everybody goes his own way, we’ll end up as a failed state. The military might step in as happened in Fiji where even the majority cannot have their way. We must preserve our democratic way of life and make the system work. We must “give and take”, said the Prime Minister.

And we must have the proper perspective of what is give and what is take. Citizenship to about 1 million non-Malays was a huge give. Let’s not go into details on the machinations and the British arm twisting during the negotiations for independence. The blog Pure Shiite has provided the historical facts in its latest post. Buying the products and services provided by the Chinese all these years is another huge give – the Chinese take the profits and accumulated huge wealth – no complaints or demands for legislation curtailing their business activities, including the unIslamic ones, like lotteries. Letting the Chinese make money unhindered is also a huge give.

The comments published in the Malaysian Insider blog show a skewed perspective. It’s not not giving enough just by paying tax. Everybody pays tax, even the foreign labourer pays tax in the form of a levy. And it has been pointed out that the highest income tax revenues come from the Government-Linked Companies (GLCs), not the Chinese, as believed by some. The giving must be by fully respecting the Constitution.

Let’s live and let live. The Chinese can make money unfettered. In Papua New Guinea, now independent for over 30 years, they even resent Chinese doing retail trade, saying they are taking the jobs of the locals. Let the Malays learn to do business and try to catch up with the Chinese to acceptable levels. Don’t begrudge the New Economic Policy. Without affirmative action, they can’t even have the capital to start a business. True, there has been weaknesses in implementation. But hit at the implementation, not the concept. Asking for the 30% Bumi equity target be abolished is hitting the concept and goes way beyond the line. Legally, morally and realistically.

14 10 2010

See what Najib give and what they take –

1. Public Service Department scholarships for students with 9A+
2. Education Ministry paying utility bills for Chinese primary schools
3. RM45,000 scholarships for 50 bright students from Chinese independent schools each year
4. Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) from Chinese independent schools being entitled to enrol in teacher training colleges

– The Star.

The Star news report is very happy. Expecting some more coming elections.

13 10 2010
Orang Lama

In The Star report, they say Dato Seri Najib spoke about loyalty to the party. MCA. Nothing about loyalty to the country. Or about respect for the Mlays and the 30% Bumi equity.

He said “loyalty was of paramount importance to a party, as those who were not committed to the party’s well-being or agenda should leave and make way for others”.

15 10 2010
SSS Admin

Orang Lama,

DS Najib did reprimand the errant MCA members, those not having the “national perspective” and the “national interest”. He did so right to their faces at their annual gathering. But he tempered that with platitudes like saying they are not “pendatang” and are all loyal citizens. He has cheapened the word loyalty. It was convenient for him not to define the word. But, for that matter, he has not even defined clearly what 1Malaysia is. Elder Statesman Tun Dr Mahathir himself said in his blog that many people do not understand what 1Malaysia is and suggested Najib spend a lot of time explaining what it is.

The Minister of Information and Communication needs to use the resources at his disposal to dispose off the problem of understanding the slogan and knowing what loyalty is. The national news agency Bernama has to be more pro-active in disseminating news that will help explain the concepts. They should look out for and pick up each and every bit of news that has the slightest bearing on 1Malaysia and on loyalty. They should also allow the public to copy and paste articles from their website, which currently appears to be copy-proof. One completely fails to understand why they make their website copy-proof. Allowing copying helps disseminate the news they put out. There is no fear of adverse consequences from copy pasting them if they are confident of the accuracy of their reports. Since they mainly report on news created by and about the Government, there is no reason to fear civil suits and the like.

Loyalty is a subject that Bernama must cover and report extensively on. They know that they can even create the news simply by asking Government leaders their perceptions of the word loyalty each and every time there is a news conference and the like. Similarly, the views of well known and responsible academics could be sought. Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim and others in his league have in the past readily given constructive views when asked. Of course, the pseudo-liberals should be avoided – they are bound to say that the US is the most liberal country and do not realize that they, too, have detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay.

The political stand, views and inclinations of Bernama staff, especially at the senior editorial and management level need to be scrutinised. They cannot be projecting the concept of 1Malaysia or loyalty well if they have their own personal agendas. To use Najib’s words at the MCA General Assembly, some “ass-kicking” needs be done, those “lethargic and demotivated” because of disagreement with policies of the Government they are supposed to serve, not “loyal and committed” should be kicked out. We need the rakyat to understand what loyalty is and what 1Malaysia is all about for the sake of orderly progress and unity in the country.

17 10 2010

This has been a perplexing situation in this country. We have been a multi-racial citizenry since independence, racial cohesiveness fractured since 13 May 1969, people have been talking about “what I want” much more than “what the country wants”, yet nobody has really attempted at explaining what loyalty to the country is all about.

What the Bureau Tata Negara of the Prime Minister’s Department have been doing during the civics courses conducted by them may have included explanations about loyalty but they were aimed at Government Officers and personnel of semi-Government organisations, not to the public at large. We again have to question what the Ministry of Information, with their names and functions changed almost every time a new government is formed after every general elections, has been doing in this respect.

It is high time that the Government conducts a sustaining, comprehensive and thorough campaign at explaining what loyalty is, what being a citizen means, what responsibilities are attached to being a “rakyat”. A very important word which must be clearly understood and appreciated, both by Malays and non-Malays alike. There have been far too many actions and utterances made by everybody, politicians and the average person, that show a lack of respect for the Constitution, the highest set of laws in the country.

Loyalty must be based on respect for, abiding by and living with the Constitution. Saying “I love my country”, paying tax and displaying the Malaysian flag on suitable occasions are simply not a sufficient measure of loyalty to the country. It’s respecting the entire contents of the legal institution that forms the basis of the country’s existence, the agreement among the various parties that have been discussed, debated and approved by the representatives, in Parliament, of practically all the communities existing in this country – twice, once at independence, another at the formation of Malaysia.

18 10 2010
SSS Admin


There has been so many problems surfacing in the country in the past several years that, in addition to calling for Bahasa Malaysia to be the medium of instruction in all schools, Kempen SSS has also been asking that History be taught in schools as a compulsory subject. Now it looks like civics is also important and may need be also made compulsory in schools. Such civic classes can teach the Constitution and loyalty to the country based on respect for, abiding by and living with the Constitution.

A comment has just come in from DingDong in Dublin, Ireland, pointing to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying multiculturalism does not work and those non-ethnic Germans (immigrant workers permanently residing there) who do not speak German fluently have no place in Germany. Remember, Adolf Hitler and the belief on the superiority of the Aryan race has long gone. The Chancellor belongs to a new breed of German people who accepted the presence of a significant percentage of foreign immigrants seeking employment in Germany in the past decades. They are asking that these people should conform at least as far as language is concerned. We have been asking that in Malaysia which the German Chancellor now speaks about as leader of the large German Republic.

The situation in Malaysia has been brought about by the British colonial rule. The British believed that the Chinese were a transient community and did in fact, during the negotiations for the terms of independence and the drafting of a new Constitution for an independent Malaya, say to the Malays that the Chinese will be leaving the country even if citizenship were agreed by the Malays to be given to them. The British had allowed Chinese schools in the country. When Malaya became independent and a new Constitution was adopted, it has as Article 152 Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language. The matter of Chinese schools should have been resolved at that time but in the euphoria of independence, it was swept under the carpet, until now.

Wanting vernacular schools with Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction and not speaking Bahasa Malaysia other than when in private means non-respect for the Constitution. Allowing mother tongue to be taught does not mean allowing it to be used as the medium of instruction in schools. Bahasa Malaysia is the Official Language of the country and schools are the official business of any country.

13 10 2010

Amboi mak ha, semua 65 komen mencaci Dato Najib. Hampir semuanya Cina. Deme diMalaysian Insider tak bagi komen sokong Dato Najib masuk ke? Kan Dato Najib dah banyak buat baik pada deme?

15 10 2010
SSS Admin


Sudah dinyatakan sebelom ini bahawa Malaysian Insider tidak menyiarkan pendapat yang menentang pendirian mereka. Beberapa komen telah dikeluarkan menyatakan tidak puas hati menghantar kommen yang tidak setuju dengan pendapat mereka tetapi tidak disiarkan. Maka MI menjadi satu pihak sahaja atau “one-sided” dalam penyiarannya. Nyatalah tidak demokratik dan kudut.

Mereka yang membuat komen dan kakitangan Admin MI yang meluluskan hanya sedemikian komen sahaja adalah jenis yang dimaksudkan DS Najib dengan kata katanya tidak mempunyai “perspektif nasional” atau tidak memahami apa dia “kepentingan negara”. Mereka yang tidak langsung tahu apa dia ta’at setia kapada negara, yang memikirkan ta’at setia ialah dengan melafaz Aku Cintakan Negara dan membayar cukai sahaja. Kebelakangan ini mereka pun kurang mengkibarkan bendera negara, selalu mengatakan “Beri apa yang aku mahu, hanya selapas itu bahru aku beri apa yang negara mahu”. Ini jenis yang dipanggil “ultra kiasu”, bermakna sentiasa mahu menang, sentiasa mahu lebih, lebih dan lebih, tidak kira apa dan siapa.

Jenis ini melompat dan gemuruh bersorak dan bertepuk tangan didewan perhimpunan bila DS Najib berkata, ” You look after me, I look after you”, tidak menghiraukan kata-kata yang mendahuluinya – “the spirit of give and take for the sake of national interest”. Mereka mematah belitkan kata kata pemimpin negara, menyesuaikannya kapada kepentingan mereka sendiri.

Mereka jenis ini pentingkan diri sendiri jauh lebih dari mementingkan negara. Kapada mereka negara mesti memberi semua apa yang mereka mahu, mereka tidak perlu beri apa yang negara mahu. Bila sudah dapat apa yang mereka mahu, mereka mahu lagi. Sudah dapat hak kerakyatan dan kekayaan, mereka mahukan sama rata, dengan tidak menghiraukkan janji atau Kontrak Sosial bahawa kerakyatan itu adalah balasan kapada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu.

Marilah kita teruskan usaha-usaha mendapatkan mereka sedar bahawa kerakyatan itu membawa tanggung jawab. Dan tanggung jawab itu ialah ta’at setia kapada negara. Caranya ialah dengan menghormati dan mengikuti apa yang termaktub didalam Perlembagaan negara.

14 10 2010

“So if we do not give room to MCA, how can we, when the next general election comes, hope that MCA can deliver?” –

What room is he talking about sir?

He got one room olely and they video-taped him, hahaha.

Dat not the reason MCA could not deliver ah?

15 10 2010
SSS Admin


So much room has been given to the MCA. Sura, below, has listed some of them. The MCA President, DS Chua Soy Lek, put out a longer list of gains they got from DS Najib in his speech at the Annual General Assembly recently. To the extent that UMNO leaders, according to Najib himself, have questioned him what could be expected of MCA. An Utusan Melayu article has said that the MCA is short of time.

They lost nearly 2 years of bickering and in-fighting for party leadership. The fight for the Presidency went to the extent of one faction allegedly circulating an illicit sex video involving the current President. Yet he won. The leader who lost out wrote an article explaining that the onslaught of “fund raising” and money politics had contributed significantly to the wins of the current batch of leaders. The MCA Youth Leader was allegedly implicated in the financial scandal over the huge Port Klang Free Zone project in connection with which another former President of MCA was charged in court a few weeks ago.

Chua has admitted the weaknesses of MCA. He has vowed “business no longer as usual”. Let’s hope that it is solely directed at delivering Chinese votes. Not any more seditious calls on Bumiputera rights and interests. Doing so may gain him a few votes from the ultras, but would lose Najib many Malay votes, unless he has Chua charged in court for his recent misadventure on the 30% Bumiputera equity target. His statement caused a furore among the Malay community.

14 10 2010
Basic confusion on 1Malaysia leads to divided nation |

[…] Act. This applies both ways. These days, only the Malays are subjected to sedition act while the non Malays can say or create Youtube videos in whatever forms they […]

14 10 2010

Aren’t we glad Najib said

“My Umno leaders tell me, look, you want to give [the Chinese community] this and that, what are [they] doing? Are they responding?”

It’s high time, brother. Even overdue. Now hang on there, old boy. Count the responses. Don’t go back pandering to their wishes. You may win some votes but you may lose more if you do.

Remember the Malays are the majority, have a lot of votes. Remember the Chinese didn’t give you the votes you ran after even with cash promises for Chinese schools etc at PRK Hulu Selangor and Sibu.

15 10 2010
peng san

Salam all.

Reading the comments from the MI, I had the impression that Malaysia is becoming more polarised than ever. There is no respect at all for the Malay Establishment, the Malays in general, in fact anything Malay at all. MI being LKY’s stooges are Malay haters. LKY is a Malay hater extraordinaire. Every time, he opens up his mouth, he’ll put the Malays down. So these stooges and their cheerleaders do the same. What is so surprising?

Having said that, where is the appreciation of the Chinese towards the Malay government after what had been given to their community, ie. scholarships, money for their schools etc? What is this shit insinuating that the country must give something first and then they will reciprocate? This is greediness of the highest order. It is not patriotism at all. It is more of kiasuism. If this is the case, then I think that something should be done to change the attitude of these ALIENS towards Malaysia. In fact, they have shown so much hatred, non-respect towards the Malays/Islam etc and I think that asking them to give up their citizenship and leave Malaysia is the ultimate answer. Why stay in a country that makes you so unhappy, right?

I feel the country needs the SSS to remedy this. Maybe to its critic, it is not the best system but at least the fundamentals of having future true blue Malaysians with same aspirations, same patriotism, same ideals are guaranteed. Children should be taught tolerance, acceptance of one’s differences, integration and assimilation from young. Learn it from the French or the Japanese or the Germans…..if not the Indonesians, the Thais and the Pinoys.

One cannot but cross one’s fingers! May Tuhan/Allah/God have mercy on the country. Amen!

17 10 2010
SSS admin


This is a revelation to many Malaysians. That UMNO leaders have been
questioning DS Najib on giving too much to one community, that whch
has already advanced far ahead the others economically and
educationally. That which can afford to provide for their own, even to
help the others, as Najib had stated at the MCA Annual General
Assembly. That which even rejected a RM30 million donation by a
Chinese millionaire philanthrophist – UTAR.

And why does he have to give scholarships worth RM45,000, annually
recurring, to Chinese students? When they have vast amounts to give
unto themselves – RM30 million rejected is no small amount. What about
the millions of others, including Indians and left-behind communities?
No millionaire philanthrophist has been known to have given them
scholarships. There may be maillionaires in their communities but not
so many as in the Chinese community. Which has many billionaires even.
It’s lop-sided.

Clearly Najib is going for the votes and is prepared to go to great
lengths for that. But there must be limits. UMNO leaders have to tell
him the limits. And there are limits too in trying to placate them.
Not taking court action on the asking that the 30% Bumi equity target
be abolished is the last straw in placating them. It’d become a
precedent. A dangerous one at that because the reaction to that is
also seditious. And may seriously affect racial harmony. Let’s call on
Najib to view the matter from the “national interest” (Najib’s words
to the MCA AGA) and the national unity angle.

17 10 2010
SSS admin

Peng San,

It has been clear for decades that the chauvinistic Lee Kuan Yew wants
to put the Malays down. Though not much said about, he did want to
become Prime Minister of a much bigger country than the city state of
Singapore. He therefore had not protested and agreed to the idea of
Singapore joining Malaysia when he was the Chief Minister of

He devised a clever “Malaysian Malaysia” scheme to get the support of
the non-Malays. He didn’t really care that that concept was subverting
the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and
Sarawak. Though he and Singapore were booted out of Malaysia in 1965,
that concept was hogged by his ardent admirer Lim Kit Siang and the
DAP and it had contributed to the race riots of 1969.

In Malaysia, equality – which that concept seemed to promote – has to
take into account the Malay and Bumi Special Position. He knew that
fully because he is a lawyer. But his politics has not been one of
respecting the rights of others, until this very day. Singaporeans are
known to be living with “Big Brother always on the wall”, listening to
and watching whatever the citizens say and do.

That Malaysian Malaysia concept is anathema to mainstream Malaysiana.
The DAP talked of changing it to “Middle Malaysia” but people
commenting in blogs and private conversations have given them the
“Middle Finger” instead. They appeared to have ceased talking about
that new name.

The MCA President had admitted to the lack of awarness of the history
of the country among the young. This confirms our belief on the need
for history to be made a compulsory subject in all schools. The
single-stream schooling or SSS proposal needs to be implemented. But,
although he has said in his 1Malaysia blog that it will be implemented
“when the rakyat wants it”, so long as Najib keeps pandering to the
wishes of the Chinese, it will remain a politician’s clever statement.
Perkasa has stated their wishes for SSS but UMNO has not done so.

Najib has stated to the MCA AGA that UMNO leaders have been
questioning him about pandering to Chinese wishes. Let’s hope that
those UMNO leaders will continue questioning him, including on
implementing SSS. Waiting until after the next General Elections to
start seeing the urgent need for unity, the “national perspective” and
the “national interest” (Najib’s words used at the AGA), may be too
late for UMNO’s interests.

17 10 2010

“Najib’s words appeared to contain a thinly-veiled message to MCA leaders that many of its BN comrades in Umno were growing increasingly uncomfortable with the Chinese-based party’s relentless demands for the abolition of affirmative action policies that were not needs or merits-based.” –

Well, if it would make everybody – repeat, everybody – be careful with what they say so that all of us Malaysians can feel less uneasy in the country now.

“In its recent economic congress, MCA leaders called on the government to remove the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity target, earning the wrath of many Umno leaders.” –

I hope the reactions will also cease, as both action and citizenship reaction are seditious.

18 10 2010
SSS Admin


It does not appear to us as “a thinly veiled message”. DS Najib was quoted as saying, in clear terms, that his UMNO leaders have told him, “look, you want to give [the Chinese community] this and that, what are [they] doing? Are they responding?” He even told Dr chua Soi Lek, in no uncertain terms, and again quoted by the reporter as, “Dr Chua, you have to do some ass-kicking, as the Americans say … They have to be loyal and committed, and if they are not, please leave the party; we do not need them around… make way for others who believe in our cause,” he said.

These quotes must be either from his prepared speech or recorded in situ. There appears to be no mistaking about that. Such a speech must have been recorded on tape and kept for posterity by MCA and others because Najib said a number of nice things for them, including about loyalty and declaring them non-pendatang.

Indeed, all Malaysians must be careful with what we say. More than that, we must not plan to resolve asking for the abolition of the Malay and Bumi 30% equity target. It’s inconceivable that the resolution at the MCA-sponsored Economic Congress was not premeditated and planned.

And we agree with you that the reaction of asking their citizenship status be also abolished should also cease as that is also seditious. Let there be no one raising sensitive issues, much less be seditious asking the rights and interests of the Malays and the Bumis be abolished. It’s utterly unacceptable to them who form nearly 70% of the population yet have been left far behind economically and educationally for a long time.

22 05 2013

I comment whenever I like a article on a website or I have something to add to
the discussion. It’s caused by the passion displayed in the post I browsed. And on this article Be Less Communal Najib is said to have said to MCA | Kempen SSS. I was moved enough to post a thought 🙂 I do have 2 questions for you if you usually do not mind. Could it be only me or does it appear like some of these responses come across like coming from brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional sites, I would like to follow anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list the complete urls of your social sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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