Tolerating National Language Illiterates; The Established Immigrant Dilemma

19 11 2010

The recent statement by the Deputy Minister of Education confirms our observation on the current state of these Illegal Institutions.

Wee: Improve your BM
IPOH: Pupils from Chinese and Tamil schools need to improve their proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia as early as at the primary level, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said.

The Deputy Education Minister said pupils in vernacular schools should know the importance of the national language and how it could help them in their education.

Dr Wee noted that the percentage of pupils in vernacular schools scoring As for both Bahasa Malaysia comprehension and writing skills had declined by 2.9% and 3.4% respectively.

“One of the conditions for students to get their SPM is for them to pass or obtain a credit in the Bahasa Malaysia test. Passing the Bahasa test will also help them gain places in local universities,” he said after opening the national-level SJKC and SJKT Bahasa Malaysia Oral and Written Test Prime Minister’s Trophy contest here yesterday.

Dr Wee also noted that Bahasa Malaysia was among the world’s top five most important languages.

There are some who say Bahasa Malaysia is not important, which is an unfair view. There are many people who use the language internationally,” he added. More here

Mr Deputy Minister

By your own admission the current state of our National Language mastery by the Vernacular School going children is poor (by virtue of the “need to improve from primary level”). Not only it is poor, their understanding of the importance of National language is also suspect.

Why the “international usage” justification? Are you implying that languages and in this case OUR National language importance is only tied to it’s international appeal?

How such justification can come from someone representing the Education Ministry is beyond comprehension.

It’s the National Language of the Country, a language that every MyKard carrying individual must master to a certain level of proficiency that allows them to be a Citizen of this country.

Unless you plan to follow the line of thinking that the Majority need to Impress the Bahasa Illiterate Minority

KUALA LUMPUR: Police must master communication skills and languages to enhance interaction when dealing with community problems.

Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) vice chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said training in such fields was important to avoid any misunderstanding, miscommunication or claims that police were not friendly.

They (police) must be trained or undergo courses related to communications to enhance their interaction skills when faced with difficult situations and foster goodwill.

“If equipped with such skills, police will know how to handle situation more professionally and what is required of the person who lodged the report. If will help erase any wrong perception of the police,” he told reporters after a roundtable on NKRA For Crime Reduction at Wisma Bernama on Tuesday.

Just imagine if a Malay police officer spoke to the Chinese in Mandarin when carrying out his duties. This will certainly impress them.” More here

Strange indeed.

Such basic national language skills are clearly missing in some segment of our “Malaysian” community.

How different is this situation we now face with foreign workers?

PETALING JAYA: The sudden dependence on Cambodian maids – due to Indonesia’s freeze on its domestic workers – is not without its problems.

The biggest handicap is language, and many employers of Cambodian maids are having to use “sign language”.

“Employers need to be patient with them,” he said. Go here

And how do we Malaysians should feel when after more than 50 years of being “Malaysians” some people could only utter basic words

“我們希望華裔同胞重視母語教育,不過也須掌握英語及國語,因為我們不能成為單一語文的種族,只懂中文而不懂其他語文。” 蔡細歷還說,最近有一名專科醫生向他表示,很多華裔病人來到醫院或診療所,不懂國語也不懂英語,只懂中文,只會說“Demam“、“Sakit”、“Panas”幾句而已。

“We want Chinese compatriots attention to mother tongue education, but also have to master English and Mandarin, because we can not be a single language in the race, only know Chinese but do not understand other languages.”
Chua also said that recently a specialist told him that many Chinese came to the hospital or clinic patients, did not understand English do not understand Mandarin, only know the Chinese, would only say “Demam”, “Sakit”, “Panas” a few sentence only.
Dr Chua Soi Lek refer here (Translated using Google)

Well Dr Chua,

What about Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of the country in which you were born?

Or are you following the same line of thinking of DAP supremo Mr Lim Kit Siang who in 1969 incited communal hatred


Speech by DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the establishment of the Damansara elections Sub-Committee held at the Salak South New Village DAP Branch on Friday, 28th Feb. 1969 at 8p.m.

Last Tuesday, at the opening of the Yoke Nam National Type Primary School, the Assistant Minister of Education, Mr. Lee Siok Yew, said that “the national language should not only be used for lessons in schools, but also at home and in conversations wherever people meet.”

I will like to ask Mr. Lee Siok Yew, and his colleagues in the MCA. Including Dr. Lim Swee Aunn, Mr Khaw Khai Boh, Mr. Michael Chen, Mr. Quek Kai Dong, Mr. Siow Loong Hin, Mr. Chua Song Lim and Mr. Chan Chong Wen, whether they use the National Language at home, when they speak to their parents, wives, children and relatives? I will not ask Tun Tan Siew Sin this question as he does now know a word of Chinese.

I will also like to know from Mr. Lee Siok Yew, whether when in conversation with his MCA colleagues, like Mr. Michael Chen, they speak in the National Language?

Mr. Lee Siok Yew, when he called for the use of the National Language in homes, was trying to implement the UMNO policy of ‘one nation, one language’ in Malaysia. The UMNO fanatics will not permit the other languages free growth, and that is why they do not permit the use of Chinese and other languages in the Parliament, State Assemblies, correspondence with government, public notices, and as a media of instruction and examination in schools.

Ultimately, the UMNO fanatics want to see the end of the Chinese and other languages altogether – so that in public places, shops, homes, only the National Language is used.

Who was it who aided and abetted in the suppression and destruction of the Chinese language, education and culture in Malaysia? The MCA. More here


We would also like to suggest to our readers to go through the various speeches of Lim Kit Siang prior to the May 13 incident. That would give you an insight into his thinking and how the issue of language was politicised.

The same eerie scenario will be created against our Noble Satu Sekolah effort.

Ask yourselves fellow Malaysians

How long do we have to be patient with other “Malaysians” who cannot speak our National language?

These basic Nationality requirements have been there but implementation of the Language Board have been poor when dishing out the Malaysian Citizenship to the Pre-Merdeka Immigrants.

Wonder if the Language qualification requirement had been implemented strictly would we be facing this situation that we are in today?

Perhaps we should have gone the French way of paying them to go home.

Under the scheme, Paris will provide each family with a nest egg of €6,000 ($8,000) for when they go back to their country of origin. A similar scheme, which was introduced in 2005 and 2006, was taken up by around 3,000 families.

Hortefeux, who heads up the new “super-ministery” of immigration, integration, national identity and co-development, said he wants to pursue a “firm but humane” immigration policy.

The new ministry was a central pledge in Nicolas Sarkozy’s election campaign, who had warned that France was exasperated by “uncontrolled immigration.”

To be integrated, you need language skills and a professional activity,” he told RFI, and said he is considering introducing a language test to prospective immigrants. More here

Mmm……a bit too late to consider but A Ministry of National Integration and National Identity would be a welcome addition to the Cabinet.


The Uranus Monkey




12 responses

19 11 2010

Any way to implement the French way?

2 12 2011

Yay! So agree with you on this. The French also have world class research and education; they have renowned journals in their mother tongue AND ALSO PUBLISH IN ENGLISH.

You don’t have to sacrifice your national language to be competitive, so there.

19 11 2010
19 11 2010
21 11 2010

Salam SSS Admin,

Yes, Malay must always ‘impress’ them… and Najib being the master impressor is showing the way. 1Malay 1Impress.

21 11 2010

Startegi sekarang tidak berkesan, kita mesti lebih keras dalam menuntu satu sekolah untuk semua dan penghapusan bahasa asing dalam sekolah di M’sia. Tiada cara lain kecuali demonstrasi boleh membawa mesej kepada kerajaan. Kalau diharapkan ahli politik, mereka hanya pandang undi, dan tambahan lagi mereka hipokrit, dalam satu tempat mereka menyahut yang lain, tetapi di tempat lain buat yang sebaliknya. Rakyat majoriti harus turun ke jalanan, itu saja caranya.

21 11 2010

Hmm just wondering who the candidate for The Minister of National Integration and National Identity will be?

These candidates comes to mind the “Malaysian First” refuse to retire DAP supreme Leader Mr Lim Kit Siang and the Deputy could be Mr Wee Ka Siong are good candidates. Any other candidates?

21 11 2010

What about Karpal Singh? He would insist on Bahasa to be used in courts. I think he is a good candidate. Also, what about Prof. Khoo Khay Kim?

Just my 2 cents.

PS……I have friends from Ghana, Africa. I asked them about their schooling etc…They told me that in Ghana, the language of instruction in schools is English and nothing else. If the students want to learn other languages or dialects (Ghana has over 50 tribes/dialects), they can take them up outside of school hours. So, people, no need to use the First World countries as examples, even in Africa, they use a single stream education. This is important to unite all the tribes.

24 11 2010

is this the sama bahasa that just lifts english word at every whim? spelt differently is all?

29 11 2010

No, it is the bahasa kebangsaan of a country named Malaysia where you, t, is not a citizen. If you somehow set your dirty foot here, then you are obviously a pendatang and should go back to wherever your soil is.

If you are not a citizen of Malaysia at all, then, that is so wonderful. Malaysia dont need people who claim to be citizen yet has no respect toward the Constitutions. Malaysia will just say “thank you for your interest in our bahasa. We recognise that our laws are not that far reaching to stitch the foul mouth of a non-citizen.”

19 04 2011
Joe kamarn

Racial Unity effort in US begins in 1954. It was in 1954 that the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its order for desegregation. President Dwight David Eisenhower sent the U.S. Army out in 1957 to assist U.S. Marshals in enforcing the order. 60 years later they have Obama as their president. So are we ready for ONE SCHOOL system?

23 05 2014

Only if they see and feel that the Malay language is of high class would they converse it. How can the language be lifted as such ? Until then , the language is always seen by them as backwards and of no-class.

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