The Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign, a great idea whose time has not yet come?

7 12 2010

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Just My Thoughts…

yang menyuarakan isu yang sama sepertimana artikel yang telah disiarkan sebelum ini. VOICES AROUND pula, dalam posting terbarunya dengan secara agak sinis telah cuba membayang pandangan 3-D DS Najib terhadap kempen SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA. Apakah dia “Pandangan 3-D” itu? Sila KLIK DI SINI.

Berikut adalah tulisan yang dimuatkan oleh JUST MY THOUGHT:-

The Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign, a great idea whose time has not yet come?

This here is a very rousing policy speech from Barisan Nasional Chairman YAB DS Najib, delivered at the BN 2010 Convention at Wisma MCA:

‘Equal partners in serving the people’

It is a superb speech by any measure of standard, all but for a small part of the speech which goes like this:

“As a matter of fact, we should be proud that we are the only nation in the world that allows the establishment of national schools that continue with the use of the mother tongue as the medium of instruction”

Well if this is a policy speech by the ruling BN Government, then the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign have a very long way to go before it can become reality, because the only people who has the power to change the school system are the politicians that we put in power to steer our blessed nation forward.

Sadly, at this moment in time it seemed that there are no politicians in Malaysia from both sides of the political divide who has the confidence or the political will to change the multi school system that we currently have. It is all about getting the votes and political expediency, political survival, for now I guess, sigh.

I predict that the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua will only become reality with demographical changes when the Malay/Bumis approached the 80% population level.

In the mean time the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign should and must proceed for the sake of long lasting and solid unity among the races in Malaysia, by words of mouth, in discussions and in forums in cyberspace.

Good ideas comes from sharing, in time it will become a reality.

Posted by eddy at 00:51 TUESDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2010
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7 12 2010
Untuk Memember | Travian Bot

[…] The Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign, a great idea whose time has … […]

7 12 2010

Admin SSS,

Saya rasa kita, yang menyokong SSS dan juga supaya penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia lebih meluas lagi, sedikit munafiq apabila lebih kerap menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris di dalam blog dan juga memberikan ulasan.

Hakikatnya, saudara/i juga tahu kepentingan Bahasa Inggeris kerana ia adalah bahasa ilmu pada masa kini, dan yang sedihnya BM tidak dikembangkan dan dimajukan selepas negara kita merdeka.

Dipercayai, saudara/i juga tahu sekiranya semua bahan bacaan blog ini dalam BM, maka bilangan pengunjung ke blog ini akan turut menjunam.

Oleh itu, ada kebenaran apa yang ditulis oleh Tuan Syed:

Cubalah gunakan hanya BM dalam laman ini dan lihat apa yang berlaku.

7 12 2010
San Peng.

1Malaysia akan tinggal hanya satu angan-angan selagi orang Malaysia memperkenalkan diri mereka dengan berkata “aku Cina Malaysia” “aku India Malaysia ……….

8 12 2010

And the ironic part is that some even not bother or do not have the ability to translate their English article back to BM.

1) What have the government done to promote the common use of BM?

2) How many BM books you can find while walking into a bookstore?

3) Does BM good enough to achieve a knowledgeable society? Can it act as a language of cultural needs and fulfillment?

I know only BM and Chinese when I finished school. Then I realize I need English and nothing else during my working life. What do you think the language I aspire most for my kids?

Solution :

1) Revive English school and improve quality, so you people don’t need to waste time promoting SSS.

2) Merge BM with Bahasa Indonesia, you may call it Bahasa Nusantara as you like it, and government promote the use of this language that could become a language widely spoken by 300 to 400 million peoples, similar with language like Chinese.

3) Embrace diversity.

The demand for submission is merely for the sake of pride, of course everyone have diverse opinion how we shall assess pride.

11 12 2010

Well, having “Malay/Bumis approached the 80% population level” is one way. The other procative action for the Malay/Bumis is to EMPOWER their economic status through sheer numbers as they are already in the majority.

If all Malay/Bumis were to consciouly support their own retailers, there might just be a shift in economic wealth.

The middleman in this economic chain are the biggest benefectors. Remove the middlemen and the economic wealth will insyallah be in the hands of Malay/Bumis.

I have seen a chinese family who owns a double storey bungalow with several lorries and numerous baskets. I saw the kampung folks who are Malay/Bumis coming to this bungalow with baskets of durians.

Now the Malay/Bumis are “farmers” – primary producers of product (durian) who sell cheaply to the middlemen (bungalow owner). Middlemen sells to retailers at a higher price. They hire drivers who are Malay/Bumis at meagre salary to transport product durians to neighbouring countries, at pumped up prices.

Simply put the Malay/Bumis are WORKING and PRODUCING but earning pittance while the middlemen with all the CONTACTS are easily earning double, triple or even quadruple for their tiny sweat.

The same goes for the fisherman who risk lives and limbs to fish in treacherous waters only to sell to wholesalers (middlemen) at suppressed prices. These wholesalers with all the CONTACTS will sell their bought-over products to retailers at higher prices with zero risk.

Malay/Bumis should takeover this middlemen role and EMPOWER their economic status. Please note that the REAL work are done by Malay/Bumis, while the middlemen mostly just distribute.

So when the economic monopoly is abolished and shifts to the majority, the Malay/Bumis voice will be heard.

18 01 2011
Pendokong Tegar dan Juara Sekolah Vernakular « Kempen SSS

[…] The Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign, a great idea whose time has not yet come? […]

31 07 2014


The Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign, a great idea whose time has not yet come? | Kempen SSS

14 11 2014

Our PM ( who ironically introduced 1Malaysia ) does not support this Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua campaign. Deal with it.

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