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31 01 2011

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Muhyiddin – Wait Seminute, Don’t Come Back Yet !

Schoolchildren in Malaysia must be very lucky to have a government that take heavy the issue of education. Now Muhyiddin is in Brunei attending the Asean education ministers conference. Just now he talked to prinsipals and education leaders about our School Improvement Programme ( SIP ) which is an initiative under NKRA of the GTP handled by PEMANDU as part of ETP in accordance with MBE involving KPI add one more i DIE.

I wonder if my old school headmaster also go …. nooo lah, i dont think so. He old school, under 3M. I dont think he can accept another alphabet.

Muhyiddin must be proud, smiling wide talking about our achievement in education. Sure the others must be jealous of our country. I am sure we will share our knowledge with everybody, or else what is the point Muhyiddin go to Brunei, right.

But Muhyiddin, dont come back yet ! You forgot to tell them one more important initiative in education that the government is doing. Remember …… dont be stingy…. not nice… Our foreign neighbours must have missed it so we must share what we have so we can grow together. ( how come we so nice one, my knee head also become soft writing all this )

Muhyiddin, you forgot to tell them about all the advantages of having a vernacular school ! I write about this here. Najib our PM and your boss, is so proud because Malaysia have vernacular school. And Najib not nice, he laugh at Singapore because they so stupid they already cancell their vernacular school. Now Malaysia is THE ONLY country in the WORLD that still have vernacular school meaning Malaysia is THE ONLY country in the WORLD having all the advantages. I’m soooo prouuuuuuuud….

But not nice to keep this secret alone. And not nice to laugh at other country stupidity for not having the same. I’m sure the Education Minister from Singapore is there, you better apologise to him because Najib make joke about his country.

And then you can talk about all the advantages that Malaysia have that they dont have. I am sure you also must be proud about this but try not to smile ok, smile inside only. Afraid the others will take it wrongly that you being stupid arrogant.

Tell all the Asean leaders, we must together all have this vernacular school in all our country. If possible you must tell all the WORLD. Najib must also be proud of you … because he also like to share everything with the world. Everybody also he talk about MBE, about ETP even Obama also he story. So you must continue Najib’s way…

Don’t be like Rosmah, she go to the Arab country AFTER THEY INVITE her, and THEY PAY petrol and everything, meaning Rosmah go there FREE, she even left her purse behind afraid she might use Malaysian Ringgit… she talk about children and woman and Permata but she forgot to tell the Arab people about all the advantages of vernacular school !

Najib so proud of vernacular school but his wife forgot to promote it when everything is FREE …… what a chance we miss. Then again, knowing Rosmah, i think she purposely forgot to talk about vernacular school to the Arab …. i think she hoping the Arab government will one more time sponsor another trip FREE, this time they want Rosmah to talk about vernacular school. hahahahaha very smart FLOM.

So dont forget ok, Muhyiddin …. before you go back make sure you tell everybody about vernacular school …. Najib sure very proud of you …..





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