Sekolah Vernakular Sebagai Agen Pemecah Belah Perpaduan Negara

9 02 2011

PURE SHIITE telah menerbitkan sebuah artikel bertajuk, “Stress Testing The Logic of Vernacular Schooling” pada akhir tahun 2008 dahulu. Kami paparkan semua di bawah ini artikel tersebut di bawah ini.

Stress Testing The Logic of Vernacular Schooling


First of all …i’ve not read that much about vernacular school…..always find the whole thing rather strange…somehow does not fit….since i was small… i’m just gonna write based on the very little that i know of the whole vernacular schooling system in Malaysia…..

Stress Test Scenario

What if Vernacular School students need to pass a verbal interview in Bahasa Malaysia for them to proceed to the next level of anything in their system……

And if they fail any of these interview, they must take additional classes to prepare for the repeat interview………they must then be evaluated measure their “ability” in our National Language versus the Control Sample of Chinese or Indian Students in National Schools who are provided additional classes in Tamil and Mandarin…….it does not not take long you can start with the current 7 year old joining the education system in January…….monitor them and tell us in 1 year …also compare the two sample population in their mother tongue ability (same interview in Tamil and Mandarin should be conducted on the National School sample population)

Then you must also shock the whole system altogether……. if they do not reach a certain standards at the age of 16….they CANNOT apply for a driving or a motor cycle license..they must then take more classes in Bahasa Malaysia and undertake more verbal interviews , Vernacular Driving schools must be eliminated as well IMMEDIATELY ………..maybe that’s why they need multilingual sign-boards…….how does it sound anyway in those strange characters……:”Jha Lan La Ja La Ut”…does it sound like that or do they actually translate the whole thing into say “Walking King Sea”………

Start now …and lets see if “they” can defend their logic in maintaining vernacular school….

Say now if the government PULL OUT completely in funding these vernacular or Sekolah “Jenis” Kebangsaan….euu got jenis one!!… you think the race that control the wealth in our country would sit back ……or do u think they would immediately operate their own Ministry of Education… organize the whole thing complete with funding, printing, construction and education capabilities…….probably thru donation from the community……..the moment people put in money into a cause that they “believe” in……then we are definitely on a direct collision course….we need to readjust this evolving path….that can only be done thru systematic and strategic policy action……… to discourage the funding…..taxes must be used….Parents who send their children to vernacular school must pay additional 5% Income Tax………

Lets say then they apply to operate a private school….make sure they pay thru the roof for the annual license……..make them pay……..just make them pay…….lets see how much money do they actually have to sustain the whole perverted system……

National News should also no longer be conducted in any other language except for Bahasa Malaysia and English…..RTM take note….you must have consistent policy action coordinated in a holistic manner……..Advertisements should also use Bahasa n English only………

Newpapers in Chinese or Indian Language must have 40% Minimum content in bahasa malaysia…..with alternate pages so that the Bahasa section does not end up as alas periuk or something like that………make them pay again…….make them pay………..

Our Constitution is being undermined by agents of disunity……too much vested interest….purely to buy votes of a particular race…………sprinkling the myopic logic on the need to maintain vernacular school further….into the minds of malaysians

Look ahead people….look into the eyes of your children…..what kind of future do you want them to be in………..we must start build that future…………..the one that makes us smile on our death bed………

Nampaknya, “Stress Test” ini juga telah disuarakan hari ini DI SINI (juga diterbitkan semula dibawah ini), di mana soal patriotisma terhadap negara dipersoalkan apabila seseorang, termasuk pemimpin kerajaan sendiri, memperlekehkan kepengunaan bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini.

Non-Malays unpatriotic for neglecting BM, says ex-editor

By Shannon Teoh
February 03, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 — A former newspaper editor has reignited the debate on language proficiency among Malaysians when he questioned today the patriotism of non-Malays, especially Chinese, who do not embrace the Malay language.

Datuk Ahmad Rejal Arbee wrote in Umno-controlled Berita Harian today that after 53 years of independence, non-Malays should be proud of the national language if they were loyal citizens.

“They get so sensitive when their patriotism is doubted but make no effort to use and understand Malay,” the former Berita Harian group editor said.

What loyalty is there if they do not try to learn and use their own national language?” he wrote, adding that what was learnt in Chinese vernacular schools was only to pass exams.

Ahmad Rejal said that there were non-Malays that did not care about and deliberately “belittled Malay” despite calling Malaysia their country.

Recently, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed had said that non-Malays should cut ties with their countries of origin if they did not want to be considered immigrants in this country.

He had said that Malaysia was Tanah Melayu (Malay land) and all Malaysians should accept the culture and language of the dominant community.

Newspaper circulation, especially for the English and Bahasa morning newspapers, have fallen in recent years although Chinese dailies are enjoying growing circulation. However, Bahasa tabloids that focus on entertainment and gossip are selling three times more than other newspapers.

Ahmad Rejal, who was once editor-in-chief of national news agency Bernama, wrote today that despite non-Malays being able to learn and use their own mother tongues, they simply did not make any effort to uphold the use of Malay.

“Can you blame Malays for assuming that Chinese do not want to uphold Malay as the national language?

“When can we hope for Chinese and Indians to speak in the national language in their daily speech?” he added, claiming that in Indonesia, it was the norm for Chinese to speak in Indonesian.

Now a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Fellow, Ahmad Rejal called on the Education Ministry to have must-pass oral exams for students taking Malay.




One response

10 02 2011

Admin SSS,

Saya amat bersetuju dengan artikel-artikel ini dan juga yang sebelumnya.

Pada pendapat saya, kalau ingin mengharamkan sekolah2 vernakular kita harus bermula dengan pendokong2 sekolah2 ini seperti MIC, MCA dan juga UMNO.

Apabila parti2 politik berpuak kaum ini sudah dimansuhkan dan diharamkan bolehlah kita seterusnya menukarkan sekolah2 vernakular menjadi sekolah kebangsaan.

Seperti yang diketahui umum parti2 ini bukan sahaja memberi pelindungan sebagai janji2 pilihanraya, malah memberikan duit yang datangnya daripada pembayar cukai dan juga hasil sumber negara yang seharusnya dinikmati semua apabila parti2 kaum ini membentuk kerajaan. Selagi politik berpaksikan kaum diteruskan selagi itulah sekolah2 vernakular terus menikmati perlindungan daripada pemerintah/kerajaan dan terus menerima sokongan wang ringgit.

Marilah kita mulakan tindakan perundangan, kalau diharapkan kerajaan hari ini dan ahli2 politik, rasanya mereka akan terus menjaga kepentingan sendiri dan bukannya kepentingan bangsa dan tanahair.

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