Najib Is Mad, Confirmed!.

28 03 2011

An article published by theStar on March 26, 2011. The link is HERE.

Read how far Najib must go when he spoke about the founding fathers in defending and upholding vernacular education. No further comment.

PM: Only Malaysia has national-type school system


MUAR: The national-type school system – which provides education in vernacular languages apart from the national language – is only practised in Malaysia and not anywhere else in the region or in the world, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the country’s founding fathers agreed on this multi-education approach so that the different races of the nation could continue to use their mother tongue as well as practise their traditions and cultures.

“This is a unique system and only found in Malaysia, where all races are allowed to maintain their language, traditions and cultures.

“Our founding fathers had opted for integration – rather than assimilation – among the different races,” he said, when opening a new school block for SJK(C) Soon Cheng in Sungai Abong, near here, Saturday.

Najib added that although Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, other languages have been maintained.

Regarding Chinese education, Najib commended the community for making education and learning a priority and praised them for always willing to contribute to these matters.

“Such strong commitment to education helped the community to build many Chinese schools in the country,” adding this commitment also helped Chinese Malaysians to achieve economic growth and success.

Najib said besides their academic knowledge in such fields as the sciences and mathematics, the community is also known for their quest of business and entrepreneurial knowledge.

“Making education and learning the top priority is a virtue that we all acknowledge and praise. We also appreciate their roles and contributions in national growth,” said Najib, adding every race in the country has its role in the country.




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28 03 2011


He should be ashamed of himself.
Putting votes b4 future of our children.
Why did d rest of the world rejected vernacular schools?
Why did the academician & politician in the West rejected this system totally?
DJZ must be proud of PM 1Msia.
I hope he gets all the votes he craves for.
Rakyat diutamakan konon.

28 03 2011
lancau lu vernakular

Susah nak sedarkan orang tua bahalol ni. Coz he only sees things in votes and numbers. As long as he sees the votes keep coming his way (as exemplified by the few recent by election victories), he will only be more convinced and determined that his ways are right. Play safe nak mampus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with SSS through and through. But I’m thinking of another way to make this bastard comes to his senses. How laa?

28 03 2011

The situation is out of control….

remember the UEC fiasco…guess what folks…i got this via Facebook

“Ugutan Chua Soi Lek & Wee Ka Siong akan letak jawatan kalau pelajar Cina dari lulusan Sek. Persendirian Cina tidak diterima masuk ke IPT telah luas terpapar di media Cina”

They are currently testing the Ahbeng crowd..don’t be surprised if this goes nationwide soon….

29 03 2011
Rapid Gigabitz

i like it Najib Is enraged, Confirmed!. « Kempen SSS now im your rss reader

5 04 2011

unlike che det (whom i salute and admire), najib was born to earth in a silver (gold?) spoon so to speak. he did not experience real life as a malay amongst cinapek. with the cinapeks controlling the economy. if anything were to happen to M’sia, Najib and the loaded cinapeks may flee the country scot free. malays will be left with all the chaos. this was proven during anwar’s reformasi days. cinapeks already bought tickets to taiwan, canada (why not go back China?) coz there were scared.
thanks to Pak Lah, the cinapeks are pressing Najib for more and more. if he wants the cinapeks votes in the next PRU-lah.
najib, please make a stand, the pendatangs have to be grateful to the Malays. if u want to be remembered and the future malays to be grateful to u (even pray for u), be firm. no more stupid requests from cinapeks. no more vernacular schools. malays deserve MORE JPA scholarships. cos malaysa are the penduduk asal. dont give MCA posts in the cabinet if they do not win in the next election. if the cinapeks disagree with this, too bad. mainland China is always there. for them.

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