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7 06 2011



JPA is not as simple as ABC get straight As and you qualify

The JPA Scholarships have been a subject of contention almost every year of its existence, I think chiefly because many lack understanding on the qualifying criteria for a JPA scholarship. Many still think that one get automatic selection when one get straight As, actually no, one gets qualified for an interview when one gets good grades and the interviewers will have set criterias that one have to fulfill before one gets to be awarded a scholarship.

See it this way, when one graduates with a good First Class degree one do not automatically get a job with a company, one applies forthe job and if lucky one get called for a job interview where one’s academic and personality will be evaluated. If pass, then you get the job.

I think this method is used by all Scholarship providers and sponsors, in fact I have been thru a scholarship interview once myself, 32 long years ago, where I had to face 8 interviewers, asking all sorts of questions designed to test one’s personality and knowledge and interest in the course one applied for, some of my friends with better grades were awarded local scholarships, while I was lucky enough(well I like to think I am) to get a scholarship to the UK to study Civil Engineering. 

So, one must correct this perception that straight As student should automatically qualify for a scholarship whether local or overseas. This criteria has been in existence for a very long time in JPA and I believe any other Scholarship Foundations etc. 

There is this excellent post by  blogger Goh Wei Liang:

JPA Scholarship – Rational Review

Yesterday Minister Nazri came out to defend the JPA on the Scholarship award issue:
Nazri defends ‘excellent’ PSD

UPDATED @ 10:36:25 PM 24-05-2011By Clara Chooi May 24, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz went on record today to defend the Public Service Department (PSD) against MCA’s accusations of power abuse, saying its officers were “excellent” and had not been negligent in their duties.

He held a press conference in Parliament here this afternoon to clear all confusion over the issue by explaining the mechanics behind PSD’s scholarship awards, including its selection process and criteria.

In his explanation, Nazri reiterated that in tandem with the prime minister’s pledge last year, all SPM students who scored straight 8A+ and above were guaranteed a place in either local or foreign institutions.

He added that the scholarships offered were centered on courses considered critical to Malaysia’s civil service like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, science and technology, and social sciences.

“We have two major categories for the scholarship awards. One is the PILN (overseas degree programme) for 1,500 students and another is thePIDN (local degree programme) for 2,500 students, both amounting to 4,000.

“We also offer 8,000 spots in local universities for other qualified students who will get scholarships for matriculation or diploma courses,” he said.

He revealed that of the 4,000 PILN and PIDN scholarships awarded to the 2010 batch of SPM top scorers, 2,183 spots, or 55 per cent, were snapped up by Bumiputera students and 1,817, or 45 per cent, were offered to the non-Bumiputeras.

A total of 16,900 students (7,277, or 43.1 per cent, Bumiputeras and 9,623, or 56.9 per cent, non-Bumiputeras) had applied for PILN scholarships, he said, but only 8,857 made the cut with the minimum academic requirement of straight 9A+ and above.

Nazri also explained that out of the 1,500 scholarships offered for PILN, 300 were given out solely based on merit to the highest scoring students.

“If I’m not mistaken, 363 students qualified for the merit scholarship interviews but we could only give out 300 in the end,” he said.

Nazri also explained that since only 1,500 PILN scholarships were offered to the 8,857 qualified applicants, the remaining 7,357 who failed to make the cut were still allowed to apply within the PIDN category.

As there were only 2,500 spots offered under PIDN, he added, the remaining 4,857 students who failed their interviews would still beeligible for the 8,000 scholarships offered to other qualified students who are offered matriculation or diploma courses at local institutions.

Nazri revealed that the government was spending a total of RM1.44 billion for the 4,000 scholarships offered under PILN and PIDN — RM1.08 billion for PILN and RM0.36 billion for PIDN.

Nazri also continued to chastise MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong for raising a hue and cry by alleging abuses of power in the PSD without first attempting to clarify the confusion with him as the minister in charge of PSD.

“We have to be fair to the officers. When you are a politician and you attack a civil servant, they cannot defend themselves. I am doing this on behalf of all the excellent officers that we have,” he declared.

Nazri revealed that both the prime minister and his deputy had been briefed on PSD’s selections for the year on May 5, before the awards were announced on May 13.

Source here.

I think Minister Nazri’s explanation will not be able to cool down the anger of those who did not get selected, whether they are Malays/Bumis, Chinese or Indians students and their families. In a multiracial democracy unique to Malaysia nobody, no one race will be satisfied by what the Gomen of the day can give or do. But one can still try for other Scholarships, the point is do not lose hope keep on trying.

Scholarships in Malaysia.




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7 06 2011


Masalahnya Kerajaan melatah bila disergah oleh kaum cina. JPA sepatutnya tetap berpegang dengan peraturan sedia ada. Kalau pelajar itu tidak layak walaupun mendapat 15 A… pelajar itu memang tidak layak… Kenapa perlu di politikan?

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