A Two-Prong Approach for School System

15 08 2011

Dipetik dari lamn citra ANAS ZUBEDY, artikel bertajuk, “1MALAYSIA: The Twin Challenges by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar“.

“As far as the school system is concerned, we should adopt a two-pronged approach. Avenues for effective interaction among pupils in the different language streams should be enhanced. Establishing a common football or badminton team or setting up computer clubs that will draw pupils from the different streams and even those in religious schools together are some of the yet untapped avenues for interaction. What about a common monthly school assembly or a shared sports day or a shared annual concert? The Wawasan School idea mooted in 1985 aimed to do some of these things but it evoked strong opposition from sections of the Chinese community and was subsequently abandoned. The time has come to revive and refurbish the concept.

The second prong would be to make our national Bahasa Malaysia based primary school more attractive to all Malaysian parents regardless of ethnicity and religion.Yayasan 1Malaysia in fact submitted a 10 point proposal to the government in February 2010 aimed at improving the quality and image of national schools. Among our recommendations were the rebranding of the national school so that it is perceived as “multi-religious and inclusive”; the recruitment and employment of quality teachers; teacher training programmes that strengthen awareness of what national unity entails; improving the standard of English; effective teaching of Chinese, Tamil and other vernacular languages; emphasising shared moral values; reducing bureaucratisation in the administration of schools; and ensuring that education departments and the Ministry of Education become more representative of the multi-ethnic population mix. If these reforms are implemented with the sincere support of all communities, it is quite conceivable that over time the national school will emerge as a truly national institution.”





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