Sekolah Negara – Proposal For New School Type

14 11 2011

Malaysian Schools

November 12, 2011 by drrafick

  • Children who study and play together built the lasting bonds. This is very true in my own personal experience. So on that basis, I was glad that KJ raised the issue of developing a new school system for the country. Unfortunately, the champions of VC have immediately put a caveat for their own selfish reasons by raising their legal and political excuses.
  • I am not sure what KJ has in mind but if I am the given the chance I would approach it with a firm commitment and get all the political parties to agree on the plan before it goes public. This is to avoid anyone from using the issue as a political tool. My plan is simple which can be outline by several simple steps:
  1. Create a new school type. Let say we call it Sekolah (Rendah or Menengah) Negara (SN).
  2. Outline the basic structure of SN where for mother tongue, English and BM is promoted as a compulsory subject to all students. The type of mother tongue, I assume would be different for those in Peninsular and east Malaysia.
  3. Create incentive for all type of SK, SKJT and SKJC to encourage them to convert their current school into the SN scheme within a specific time frame.
  4. Incentive would be in the form of financial as well as equal merit points for entry in local universities and application of government scholarship. The decision-making should be left to each school parents by taking a consensus approach.
  5. Those schools that chose not to be converted into Sekolah Negara will have to be converted into a private school and run independently. They will be given a one-time grant and they need to find ways to be self-sufficient. These schools will be subjected to Private School Act, which will outline the way they will conduct their education practices.
  6. I am sure like any new plan and ideas, it has to go trough a series of vetting process. If we stay focus and put the national integration as the primary objectives, I believe we would be able to find a decent solution.
  • The ball I believe lies with the MOE.