DAP mempergunakan sekolah untuk berpolitik

25 11 2011


  • It is one of the most hottest issues in the Chinese media but missed by the English and Bahasa Malaysia mainstream and of course, it is no surprise that pro-opposition Malaysiakini has totally blacked out the news.
  • But Taiping DAP MP Nga Kor Ming has come under heavy shelling for using a Chinese school to campaign for the general election, sparking off angry protest from the teachers and parents, who find such blatant act despicable.
  • So upset is the school that its board of governors chairman Ng Cheong Seng has decided to quit. He had complained that a group of people were behind the campaigning at the Hua Lian School’s Canteen Day.
  • He did not name names but the entire Chinese community is aware that he was referring to the DAP scumbags.
  • But the arrogant Nga has even defiantly asked the media what was wrong with the DAP putting up banners at the Canteen Day! He has even told off Chinese community leaders that in future they should not invite DAP to attend their events following the Hua Lian School incident.
  • Nga and the DAP leaders deserves a smack on their faces for the way they have responded, thinking they are the Kings in Town now.
  • The school board has now appealed to Ng to reconsider his decision to quit his post while his deputy, Chen Bao Sui, has openly said the school did not want to see any politician or political party campaign in the school.
  • The school has also demanded that Nga give an explanation for the blatant campaign at the school. They also wanted him to name “the people” which Nga claimed had used Ng for “political mileage” and “how these people had done so.”
  • The board has also demanded that Nga answer “whether the DAP respects the school’s authority” as the party had put up the banners defiantly.
  • We can be sure that Nga would not have evidence to back his allegations because if he dare to name names, without evidence, he can be sure he would be sued out of his pants.