PPSMI Yang Dipolitikkan

9 12 2011

Pakatan committed to scrap PPSMI

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  • Whilst the debate is on about BN’s education policy especially on the teaching of Science and Maths in English, Tony Pua had said in his blog that DAP will maintain PPSMI in schools where parents want the policy to be maintained.
  • Does this mean that schools in Penang will maintain this policy? Isn’t this commendable?
  • But wait. Is the DAP the third force? or has it decided that it will breakaway from Pakatan?
  • You see, Pakatan Rakyat’ Supreme Leader Anwar Ibrahim had already openly said that Pakatan is FIRMLY behind the abolition of PPSMI, and this was even further made clear when he met with GMP (Gabungan Mansuhkan PPSMI in a meeting with them on 15th of January 2009.
  • What is even scarier that this man who is projecting himself as the next ‘Prime Minister for all’ believes that those who has this to say;
  • Acapkali saya tekankan betapa mereka yang bertindak meneruskan hatta menyokong PPSMI adalah kalangan yang khianat kepada perjuangan Melayu. Justeru bagaimana mereka yang tegar menyokong PPSMI diteruskan saban waktu mengaku pejuang melayu tulen? Mereka bisa menyinga dalam soal papan tanda di Pulau Pinang, tetapi terus menikus bila memperjuangkan bahasa melayu dalam sistem pendidikan. Aduhai!
  • Kesemua kesatuan guru seluruh Malaysia membantah, apa lagi indikator yang mahu digunapakai Umno-BN untuk mempertahankan PPSMI?
  • I have often stressed that even those who continued to support PPSMI are traitors to the Malay cause. Thus how can they claim themselves to be ardent defenders of the cause and Malay warriors when they perpetuate this PPSMI? They often chest thump in the context of showboating especially on Penang yet they cow away when fighting for the Malay language in the education system. Ah!
  • All over Malaysia Teacher Unions are against PPSMI, so what indicators are used then to defend the Umno-BN PPSMI?
  • The above is my traslation of Anwar’s blog post, and I don’t think I am far off. Remember, this is the man who was then Education Minister during my schooling years and he wanted us to speak Bahasa Baku. saYAH instead of saya….and damn! Because of his ‘tudung’ policy, I never did have a chance at knowing Azura in Chan’s bus……
  • But what is shocking is that Pakatan supporters want us to believe that Pakatan will stand stout in defending PPSMI! Bullsh*t! Clearly they are trying to get votes believing that they can hoodwink the rakyat once again.
  • Is DAP going to maintain PPSMI in Penang? IF anything that is what I am reading in Tony Pua’s statement. That Penang with DAP at the helm will do so……
  • So what have the indicators that we have seen Pakatan at their best lately?
  • Clearly, Pakatan’s not so clear policies are misguiding…..can you see it?



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25 09 2020

Jika ppsmi dipolitikan maka ini akan memasuki babak baru.

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