11 12 2011

Is UMNO Living In The Past?

Hantu Laut

  • Muhyiddin!
  • So you terror one! (in Manglish it has positive connotation, it means you are a hero or super-duper guy)
  • Why you so like that one! Don’t want Malaysians to learn English!
  • You, so terrible one, lah!

  • Make we stupid, lah!
  • About three weeks ago I drove from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and stopped at one of the service areas (Malaysians called R&R) and spotted the signs below.
  • Coution ?
  • Casted apple ?
  • This is just one stop, I am sure there are many more with mangled English and our politicians, or I would rather say our UMNO politicians are oblivious to the declining standard of our education system and mangled English.
  • Malaysians in the kampongs are the biggest losers, particularly the Malays, because they form majority of rural population.
  • The PM, DPM and the whole cabinet misread the whole situation by listening to a few educationists.There will be political backlash.
  • Frankly, I am getting sick of UMNO’s political charades, the double standards and the holier than thou pretence.
  • Take for example the “Sekualiti Merdeka” gethering which TV3 noxiously described as “free sex festival”.
  • Was it bad Enlish or just bad propaganda?



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