9 01 2012



Dont Blame The Education System –

My Comment – A Very Interesting and Mind Boggling Article

  • Someone sent me this joke – I think it originates from India. But it applies to us too just as well.
Making Robots Out Of Humans
  • The smartest high school students with many distinctions get admissions to medical, engineering, architect and science schools. They become doctors, engineers, architects, scientists who cure people and build things for society.
  • The students with less distinctions end up getting get MBA’s and LLB’s to manage (or harass) the doctors, engineers and others. .
  • Those mediocre students with no distinctions or just one or two distinctions enter politics, and cause chaos for both categories above.
  • Those students who are borderline cases join the underworld and eventually control all the others especially the politicians and the businesses.
  • And best of all?
  • Those students who are the duds, the school drop outs or who did not attend any modern school system (secular or scientific education) they become the priests, the religious people, swamis, gurus, tok guru and tok imam.
  • This group can threaten all the other people mentioned above (yours truly exempted) with heaven or hell. They control everyone’s mind.
  • Whether you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer, scientist, architect, accountant or whatever, whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever when you go to your temple on Monday, to the mosque on Friday or church on Sunday – you place yourself at the mercy of this last category of people.
  • Forget your PhDs, forget your MBBS, your LLB, MBA, your four years of university education. You surrender yourself to people whom you may not even have noticed when you were both in high school.
  • Conclusion : Dont blame the Education System. Blame ourselves.



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