A paragraph in Anas Zubedy’s letter to Raja Nong Chik

18 02 2012

The letter can be read in full, HERE.

The message in the paragraph should also be read by the Education Minister and especially by the PRIME MINISTER.

Here is the paragraph:-

viii. Initiate a process to work towards one-stream schools which also adequately provides for all who want to learn their vernacular languages, to be established within the next fifteen years. Propose a contitutional change to make this happen within six months after elections.





2 responses

19 02 2012
khong khek khuat


,if after 50 years the chingkies have steadfastly held
to the chinese school, would a letter fr some shithead anas
changed their mind?

Certainly not.

It is stupid and without merit.

Melayus can continue with the bm schools and Indians use
the almost empty Indian schools for promotion in the teaching service.

Case in point

SJK tamil jalan Merpati [behind quality hotel] is

practically empty. But the schools by virtue being a school

have a lot of senior post. There are practicall no pupils but

many samys, meena or devi are getting higher pay

using the posts fr the school and teaching in some other indian

school in batu arang probably.

Try remove the empty schools?

Pundek-samy or some pundek -socka wd come after you.

with the chant – Melayus busuk hati….

khong khek khuat

1 03 2012

yo kkk

melayu bukan busuk hati. melayu baik hati;p tengok baik
memang ada melayu yang busuk hati; china tak ada ? india tak ada ?
its busuk hati percentage is much higher among non melayu comparatively
tengok siapa busuk hati; tengok your choice of “language” in example
we are all trying to malaysians in true sense
lu otak apa ada isi dalam ?
some like you are “steadfastly” holding to vernacular regime
we need to move forward lah, brother
you may not experienced the joy of going to school in the yesteryears to understand it; among us no color. we had colorful teachers
who don’t want to teach today ? who gave all this a start ? melayu ka ?
melayu dulu pergi sekolah pondok la, kkk bongkak
sekarang melayu suka sekolah bukan pondok
melayu nak kongsi sekolah sama orang lain. lu memang buta hati kkk
lu kena belajar celik hati sikit
sk ajar itu semua; ini lu rukunegara pun tak suka, lu rakyat malaysia ke ??

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