Sangat Kritikal Bagi Kerajaan Untuk Memberikan Sepenuh Perhatian Terhadap Pendidikan

3 03 2012


To Tuit Or Not To Tuit


Sending children to tuition classes is readily becoming a norm in our society so much so that if a child is not sent to tuition it is bordering on being abnormal.

When parents are TOO busy working, tuition classes more often than not are very convenient and usually cheaper.

NST today reported “more parents are sending their children, aged between 7 and 10, for private tuition” [read more]

Reasons cited :

1- competitive school environment
2- crowded classrooms
3- changing standards of language

Also reported is school authorities and parent groups generally agree that sending children under 10 years old for tuition is unnecessary.

Associate Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Ali Hasan, the President of National Collaborative Parent-Teacher Associations of Malaysia, believes that sending pupils for tuition too early could even be detrimental to their social development [from here]

Being a teacher for 30 years now, I see many students who are so tired and stressed out. Despite all the extra classes, I have had students sleeping during exams with unanswered questions.

They’ve been denied their natural development. Their social skills is so lacking. Their self drive is zero. They need to be directed and supervised EACH time.

I salute mothers who opted to stay home and look after their children themselves.




One response

4 03 2012

Betul tu, mokcikZ

My children had a year of pre-school, no tuition through primary and I made them give up sekolah agama. I did a little motivation talk once in a while and a bit or tutoring myself when I could. That’s it. Some regrets about skipping sekolah agama because I couldn’t find time to tutor them agama. So they now become true 1Malaysia type and l don’t mind it that way. I never had desire for them to be best students. I even told them that. They did quite all right in primary. But I also did not approve internet and yielded only 3 years ago.

One is studying aviation today as a result of me making her take up science after PMR following several weeks of convincing against her tears; another did not so good in PMR and I bought her an electric 6 strings she asked.

And yes my wife quit permanently 15 years ago. It was very stressful situation for both of us before she quit.

Children must remain children. Let them grow up. We parents guide them in every way we can. We must have that parental instinct. We have “weaker” children these days.

I don’t believe in commercial tuition class. I tried to but was dissatisfied.

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