It’s more than 10,000 scored straight A – ‘Syok Sendiri’ Frenzy

24 03 2012

Correction : 10,803 Scored Straight A’s In SPM

  • Sorry folks, yesterday I was fooled by the headlines in The Star and Berita Harian. I thought only 559 students scored straight As in the SPM. The number is actually higher. 10,803 students achieved straight As in all subjects in the SPM. Wow! Here is The Sun :
559 score high distinctions, 10,803 straight As in SPM (Update)

  • PUTRAJAYA (March 21, 2012): A total of 10,803 students scored straight As in last year’s Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Education Ministry director-general Datuk Seri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud said today.
  • From that number, 559 (0.12%) scored high distinctions, obtaining A+ for all their subjects.
  • This must mean that the PPSMI is working very well. 10,803 straight A students in the SPM. Last year 38,000 students scored straight As in the PMR. So there is no need to abolish the PPSMI.
  • The PPSMI is making our students geniuses. So why fix something that is working so well?Unless we are to believe that by abolishing the PPSMI, we can double the number of straight A scorers in the PMR and the SPM? So after we abolish the PPSMI, the number of straight A scorers in the PMR will reach 76,000. Or the number of straight A scorers for the SPM will hit 20,000.
  • I think Malaysia is already at the top of the league in the entire world for having so many tens of thousands of students who score straight As in all subjects in public examinations like the PMR and SPM every year.
  • Somehow I do not feel comforted by these figures at all. After I blogged about the SPM results yesterday, I received feedback that the passing grade for Additional Mathematics is only 8 marks. If a student scores 8 marks, he or she passes Additional Mathematics. The passing grade for Mathematics is supposed to be around 15 marks only. Can the Ministry of Education confirm or deny these numbers?
  • If it is true, we are making a mockery of our young students. We are really insulting them by giving them false hopes. I am not saying that we must fail our students, but it is worse for the entire nation to set such low standards in our education system.
  • So I hope the Ministry of Education can divulge this simple information. Why are important issues concerning the education of our children made such big secrets? The question was raised in Parliament last year but went unanswered. Apa rahsia besar sangat? What are the passing marks for the SPM sujects? And what are the marks to get an A or an A+ in the SPM?
  • How do we get 10,803 SPM students getting straight As, yet the bulk of our students have such poor knowledge skills?
  • The different grades A and A+ are also confusing. What is the difference in marks between an A and A+? This will also make our SPM results more difficult to be deciphered by foreign educational institutions. In the 80s, when we showed our SPM or MCE certificates to foreign universities, they could easily appreciate an A or a Credit 3 – 7. Things were much simpler and practical then. Nowadays everything is so complicated and not practical. No one can explain anything either.
  • Since the SPM results came out on Wednesday, more stories of schools not allowing weak students to take the SPM are still going around. Recall the case in Sabah where three weak pupils were not allowed to sit some exams (not SPM) because their teachers did not want to jeopardise their KPIs. The DPM cum Education Minister even warned about this before.
Here is some old news :
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday warned of action against schools which deliberately prevented any pupil or student from sitting for important examinations.
  • There have been reports recently that some schools prohibited pupils weak in their studies from sitting for examinations so as to maintain a high pass rate.
  • This is a very, very evil thing to do. How can any teacher deny a child from taking the SPM or any exam just because they are considered weak students?
  • If that is the case, then why torture them with school in the first place? Just tell them they do not need schooling. Tell them straight away that they are only fit to become drug addicts, dropouts, hooligans and useless elements of society.
  • Better still, why not we just electrocute these students? Or give them rat posion. Wont that put them out of their miserable lives? I mean if a student is not fit to sit for an exam, what is the purpose of living anyway? So lets just gather all the weak kids and kill them off. Maybe the Education Ministry can set a KPI for this as well. ‘Program “Final Solution” Pelajar Dungu’ Apa macam? Bagus tak idea ‘OutSyed The Box’?
  • When the KPIs were introduced into this country in 2004, I knew straight away that it was among the dumbest things ever thought up to administer a nation. The idiot Ministers who thought this up are still in the Millionaire’s Club aka the Cabinet. KPIs are best suited for a production environemnt like a manufacturing plant where output can be clearly measured. If you set a KPI to produce 1000 Proton cars per day, that is something that is quite precise. Either you achieved it or you dont.
  • However KPIs are not as suitable in an administrative environment where output is not easily measurable in number of cars manufactured or number of units produced. Instead, cheating, mistrust and non cooperation have been spawned in the administrative system when there is too much emphasis on KPIs. Teachers preventing weak students from sitting for exams is just one clear manifestation. The teachers do not want to risk not achieving their KPIs.
  • Even in the Civil Service, civil servants tend to take care of their own KPIs and care less about others once their own KPIs are achieved. In one crisis involving a GLC, where cooperation with Government departments was important, the GLC Boss just said ‘As long as I achieve my KPI.Its all about KPIs now.
  • Twice a year, when the PMR and SPM results come out, the education system is engulfed in a ‘syok sendiri’ frenzy of 10,000 straight As, 38,000 straight As and such. I dont think we are being honest with ourselves. We are also not being fair to our young generation.
  • Despite the thousands of straight As and the fantastically high number of passes, the reality is a large number of our high school graduates cannot fit easily in the workplace. Kita tak boleh nampak ke? Why does the marketplace prefer to employ foreign workers over our own high school graduates. And lets not talk about our university graduates.



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