Wee Ka Siong and the violent chinese in Malaysia

29 03 2012


Is Violence A Product of Chinese Schools?


PETALING JAYA: MCA national youth deputy chairman Dr Mah Hang Soon criticised Pakatan Rakyat for not condemning the unruly behaviour of the crowd at yesterday’s rally at the New Era college in Kajang.

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong was jeered and almost punched when he attended the United Chinese School Commitees Association’s (Dong Zong) protest rally (also known as 325 rally).

“If they do not condone heckling from the audience, why did Pakatan leaders in attendance not address the crowds and advise them to be at their best behaviour?……..

My comment:

I really feel sorry for Wee Ka Siong, for having to endure the unruly behaviour of the Chinese ‘educationists’. If not for scores of Malay policemen and other security-related personnels, Wee Ka Siong could now be nursing bruises or even broken ribs and bones…

The incidence reminds me the atrocities committed by the Chinese-centrered  ‘bintang tiga’ communists who took over certain towns in Tanah Melayu immediately after the Japanese surrender in 1945. They could not wait for the impending arrival of the British re-occupying forces before setting up their own ‘kangaroo court’ and passed ‘death sentence’ to huge number of people, mainly out of sheer VENGEANCE.

The way Wee Ka Siong was treated, obviously the 5,000 crowd are supporters of  Pakatan, to be more precise, DAP. DAP stands for DEMOCRATIC Action Party. By the name alone, DAP are supposed to inculcate into their supporters CIVILITY and GOOD MANNERS. The failure of scores of Pakatan MPs and State Asemblymen to even attempt to control the emotion of the unruly crowd was clear proof that even their leaders are not fit to talk about democracy, freedom of speech, rights of peaceful assembly, and such other rights which would be highly by CIVILISED PEOPLE.

Worse still, those who attended the rally or assembly were those interested in  Chinese-typed education. Are they fit to be leaders of Chinese-typed education. According to a Malay proverb ‘bapa kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari’. Meaning, if those who are entrusted to be leaders in Chinese-typed education are themselves are unruly and violent, what sort of behaviour can be expected of their students.

We Malaysians really hope that VIOLENCE is not one of the products of Chinese-typed schools…we all really do.

Teeny Weeny Miny Mo, Referendum is the Way to Go


…but a Teeny Weeny little Napoleon from a Barisan component party, MCA, made some noise, an act memorable for its humourous ludicrousness than anything else. Interestingly, this Wee Ka Siong @ Wei Jiaxiang chap is a Deputy Minister of Education, in effect a public servant voted by the Rakyat and sworn to serve us Rakyat irrespective of ethnicity or background. Perhaps Teeny Weeny’s actions are quite understandable. You see, Teeny Weeny wants to be the new hope of his stuttering party after their near demolition by DAP and PKR in PRU12, and he gets more than his fair share of bludgeoning in Parliament by the DAP Chinese zealots who accused him of not doing enough for Chinese schools in this country. Hence, Teeny Weeny’s need to be seen as the champion of Chinese Rights in Malaysia today, and prove to his DAP and PKR and even Gerakan detractors that MCA is not a running dog of UMNO. This spawned his foolish bravado of demonising Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua to the extent of threatening a police report for “crimes” only known to him. The MIC didn’t criticise Satu Sekolah, but did their part to further polarise our children as well.

Yes friends, we are living in interesting times indeed. You push an initiative to unite Malaysians, you get threatened with a police report by no less than a serving deputy minister of Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia government. But when others spew seditious garbage against the Malays, Bahasa Malaysia, the Raja-Raja Melayu, Islam, NEP, even Malay Reserved Lands, they are feted as heroes by some, by the ungrateful beings who now deify the megalomaniac Chin Peng against all logic and realities of our country’s political history.





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