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10 04 2012


Satu Sekolah Revisit: Dong Zhong’s Racist & Ridiculous Demands…


It has been quite some time since I touched about Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua campaign, a noble campaign that invites and promote unity build up from young age.

However, after reading what Dong Zhong has done few days ago, I think we need to sit back for a little re-think. Before we go any further, let us read this:

We begin to see that there is something more about Dong Zhong than just an academic-related organization. Dong Zhong is almost like a ‘religion’ where the Chinese would just echo every song and every beat it makes without thinking twice about the practicality or its consequences.

With the recent protest by Dong Zhong, the Chinese can no longer deny that Dong Zhong or they, themselves in majority, are hard-core racists.

No other organization ever makes race separation in schools as their main objective, but Dong Zhong.

And to take ‘race separation’ even further, Dong Zhong is now insisting that no teachers without the fluency of Mandarin be supplied to the Chinese schools. In other words, the organization refuses to accept teachers from other races because it is only natural that only Chinese are fluent in Mandarin.

Dong Zhong is making all these protest even when they know that only few Chinese are interested in teaching, which makes it impossible for the government to fulfill its demands.

So, what is the real motive behind all these drama that eventually goes to the extent of punching Deputy Education Minister, Wee Ka Siong?

Is Dong Zhong purposely putting some pointless and inane pressure on the government for the sake of showing its power – the Chinese gangster way?

And why does Dong Zhong think that the Chinese schools deserve some kind of special treatment or be given special privilege that are not given to Tamil Schools or even Agama Schools? Note that not all Tamil school teachers can speak Tamil fluently, especially teachers who are there to teach Bahasa Kebangsaan. And not all Agama school teachers can speak Arabic fluently.

So what is so special about the Chinese anyway?

On top of this, Dong Zhong is also aware that there are 60,000 non-Chinese students in Chinese schools. Many of them are Malays or Muslims. As Chinese schools are also subjected to standard Malaysian syllabus and examination, religious teachers are also appointed to these schools to teach Agama Islam subject. Now, if the government is to kow-tow to Dong Zhong’s demands, how many can we find Ustazs or Ustazahs who are fluent in Mandarin to send to these schools?

Or is this Dong Zhong’s cunning way of getting rid of non-Chinese students in Chinese schools?

Obviously, Dong Zhong only concern is that it doesn’t want to have anything to do with other races.

Schools are just a part of the whole racist agenda. The bigger agenda is making sure that no other races be employed or be given opportunities to work in the Chinese dominated economy. For this, they make sure that they clearly state the requirement of Mandarin in most of their job advertisements.

In view of this, it may not be an exaggeration to say that the ultimate goal of Dong Zhong is to ‘overhaul’ Malaysia by erasing any traces of other races, especially the original settlers and claim the country as theirs entirely with the Chinese as the Master and others, as slaves.

Should Dong Zhong keeps harping on their racist and ridiculous demands, we can only suggest for it to privatised the Chinese Schools. Dong Zhong cannot be asking for more contribution or allocation from the government when it has rubbished all that the government had done for the Chinese schools. Allowing the Chinese or other races to have their own schools is already considered as an extraordinary practice by a country, which in itself proved of Malaysian government’s toleration and sincerity. Asking for anything more than this, is called pure greed and evil.

We can only ask why is there so much hatred in Dong Zhong towards other races? Why don’t they want to blend in and live with others in harmony?

Unfortunately, I have no answer to that. Perhaps, it’s just their communist’s blood.

On Sunday, my dear friend satD twitted me in regards to Dong Zhong matter.

Indeed, in my reply, I mentioned and suggested that for any movement that oppose unity and current basis, should be considered as racist. In fact, in my head, I consider as racist bigots.

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua has all the answer set that have a good mixture and ingredients for national unity since young age. Unlike Dong Zhong who fights to protect the-so-called-extinct Chinese culture and heritage (as if others have lost theirs), Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua has a complete set of Q&A for any who have doubts over this noble idea. In fact, the site prepares in English for those who are unable to understand in Bahasa Malaysia (which kind of illogical to think a Malaysian can’t understand Bahasa Malaysia).

At this juncture, I have been wondering, what is in the mind of Dong Zhong. Yes, many will say Dong Zhong a racist bigot who does not even care about what other Malaysians are thinking. What really bugging me is, their stubbornness  is not seen as racist to some. However, if any bumiputera who stand up to protect the interest of bumiputera (without touching other ethnic’s rights) will immediately labelled as racist.

Can some one explain to me, please?

Question on the street: Is not Dong Zhong a clear racist bigots???