Between political wants and Nation Building

12 04 2012

After the Dong Zong/DAP rally its Urgent to look at the SatuSekolahUntukSemua Idea


If the Gomen capitulates to extremist demands of the Dong Zong and like minded whose obsession to the Mandarin Language is really out of place in a multiracial Malaysia, I am afraid  in the longer run the barrier to racial interaction will become bigger and bigger and will be  too big to overcome even if  all politicians from both sides of the divide  belatedly tried to finally do something about it. What will happen to Malaysia as an oasis of racial tolerance then?

I totally agree that the whole education system needs to be revamped. The answer to the increasing issue of racial interaction and hence polarisation in a Malaysia where the majority are Malays/Bumis and where the Chinese and Indians are a decreasing minority group can and will only be found in a a one School For All System. Read here too.
  • Read the rest of the article, HERE







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