Dong Zong will breed more

28 04 2012

Extremism in our Education Part One

A huge blow to Dong Zong

  • “The mentality of thugs and bullies can now be seen clearly in Dong Jiao Zong, the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia. 
  • “It is very disturbing to see an NGO like Dong Jiao Zong, which is supposed to be looking after the education of our children, having the mentality of gangsters and bullies by being intolerant and arrogant, demanding to have it all their ways and their ways alone. Instead of leading the children towards unity and instilling patriotism, this education-related NGO is doing all the opposites .. “

  • “It is not an exaggeration, I guess, to say that Dong Zong actually represents the majority, if not 100% of the Malaysian Chinese mentality.”

  • -[6 April 2012,]

  • Dong Jiao Zong has been around a few years before Merdeka. Since its inception, it has openly been opposed to the British and later the Malaysian government’s policies on education. Today, there are Malaysians who view it as “extreme” and many, like the writer of the article Dong Jiao Zong: The Real Danger? above, blame Dong Zong for the few times that we Malaysians had to live dangerously on the edge. Me, I believe Dong Zong will breed more 
  • I cannot agree, however, with Azuardi Alias’ conclusion that Dong Zong represents the majority, if not 100%, of the Malaysian Chinese mentality. I think the reason Dong Zong is screaming at the top of their lungs today is because they are losing their appeal, especially to the young and more educated Chinese.
  • Still, some politicians in the Opposition are making sure that Dong Zong does not stop the pressure on the government that is led by their rivals from the BN. Yes, politics again, In Malaysia, money is not the only root to all our problems.
  • And here’s where the authorities responsible for our nation’s security ought to watch closely and not blink, not even once. If anyone from Dong Zong or the politicians cross the line and put multiracial Malaysia in jeopardy, bring them in.
  • Read also Joceline Tan’s The Other End of the Blog (The Star, April 1)
    and Pasquale’s … Or Malays should be equally Chauvinistic? (Barking Magpie, April 6)



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