Tidak Tahu Berbahasa Malaysia

11 05 2012

Councillors who don’t know BM and a certain “powerful MP”

  • The letter DAP won’t publish. The “emperors” in DAP don’t tolerate dissent, full stop. Look at what happened to YB Wee Choo Keong. And Lee Lam Thye. As it is, the ex-Transparency International man Tunku Aziz, described not so long ago by the DAP leadership as a Towering Malay when he decided to join the party, belongs to the gutters and is an “embarrassment to the party” for daring to spell out his personal views on Bersih 3.0.
  • The emperors are, therefore, not going to be too happy today. The Star has the story of a another “suicidal” DAP chap. His name is Dr Cheah Wing Yin and he is the state assemblyman of Damansara Utama. He has written a letter to Lim Kit Siang and son, Karpal and Dr Chen Man Hin telling them that the four years of Pakatan Rakyat rule in Selangor has been “a comedy of error”. Read DAP rep flays Pakatan.
  • Dr Cheah is unhappy with a few things, including the appointment of a fresh grad as a councilor in the state, DAP councilors who could not write or read Bahasa Melayu, the national language, and a certain “powerful MP” who had “the final say” on the appointment of the councilors.
  • The article did not say who the “powerful MP” is but the newspaper made an attempt to contact Selangor DAP chairman YB Teresa Kok, who is the Seputeh MP. As a former editor, I can tell you usually that means that the newspaper knows, or at least suspects, that she is the “powerful MP” meant by Dr Cheah in his stinging letter.
  • And usually, when this happens, the emperors will issue a gag order to shut everyone up.