DAP & educational policies

12 06 2012


Ideological weaknesses of DAP leadership (Part 2)


DAP has no constructive educational policies. Since its founding years, the party’s policy has been one of opposing for the sake of opposing. When MCA initiated the Tunku Abdul Rahman College, the DAP in 1968 “accused the MCA of using education to produce a race of fanatics who were prepared to sacrifice ordinary laws to the party machinery (source: NST 16th September 1968)”.   [JMD – very much like the DAP law-breakers we have now..] 

It further slandered MCA by saying that TAR College teachers would be “indoctrinated with the beliefs of MCA and that text books would be written to glorify MCA”. The DAP compared MCA’s proposed TAR College to schools in Germany turning out Hitler’s Youth who graduated into the Gestapo.

This is the type of opposition leadership within DAP of yesteryears and the quality of its leadership has since deteriorated by employing new political gimmicks, malicious methods and destructive means to keep the DAP afloat. Not only does DAP wants to do nothing to the cause of Malaysian education, the DAP leadership also wants “others” not to do anything worthwhile towards education our younger children. Envious and jealous of MCA initiating the TAR College in 1968, the DAP spread malicious lies, sowed seeds of suspicions and doubts among the community just to sabotage a beneficial community project. If DAP had been successful in sabotaging the TAR College project, hundreds of thousands of Malaysians would be deprived of educational opportunities and careers. To be exact, 40,500 TAR College graduates would be deprived by DAP of their educational opportunities and thousands of careers wiped out at the costs of nation-building.

Today, DAP lies have been proven to be malicious and has further proven that those DAP leaders who made such lies are liars. None of these graduates has been ‘indoctrinated” by MCA and not a single graduate turned out to be a Hitler Youth! [JMD – but these days it is alleged that most students in UTAR are pro-DAP. Irony.]

There is a mentality among voters who support the DAP for the very reason that the opposition was needed to “voice their grievances” and to provide “checks and balances” in government. In reality, DAP is “morally and ethically incapable of voicing your grievances for the very simple reason that DAP leadership is no longer capable to protect your interests. DAP is predominantly occupied by protecting its own political survival.

Recently the dAP has adopted “new political technologies” to survive. It has mastered the art of “claiming credits” to its name. Never mind, whether the achievements are economic, political or social related. Malaysia’s development progress is attributed to DAP’s existence! And DAP hopes to “hoodwink” the voter in the street even though it might be an insult of intelligence to the man on the street. Another “political technology” employed by DAP since Tanjong Two failed to materialise was to “beg” for sympathies by threatening to “resign”.

Lim Kit Siang during his 25 year political career as DAP Secretary General has threatened to resign no less than 50 times either within DAP or to the electorate, an average of two threats per 12 months of his political office. His practice of using “tricks and threats” to solicit sympathies is synonymous to Lim Kit Siang’s norm and childish prank he endears to, in order to keep absolute power.



read the full article by JEBAT MUST DIE, here….




One response

13 06 2012
Gejala Jahanam

Ini lagi satu gejala jahanam. DAP. Sama dengan Dong Zong. Tak hormatkan Perlembagaan. Mahukan sekolah Cina dan Mandarin sebagai bahasa pengantar.

Mana boleh. Perkara 152 Perlembagaan kata BM ada lah Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini. Mandarin boleh di pelajari sebagai mata pelajaran pilihan di Sekolah Kebangsaan. Sekolah Cina perlu diserapkan kedalam sistem SK, sistem sekoolah satu aliran. Apekedarahnya ada tiga sistem pelajaran – SK, SJKC, SJKT – seperti sekarang.

Mana tak berterabur masyarakat sekararng. Tak ada perpaduan lansong. Pada hal semua orang di merata dunia akui bahawa bahasa ada lah suatu alat penting bagi menyatukan bangsa. Sekolah ada lah tempat bagi anak anak muda bercampur gaul, memupuk semangat bersatu berdasarkan Perlembagaan negara. Perlu ada suatu Bangsa Malaysia timbul di negara ini. Semua rakyat memegang harapan dan aspirasi yang sma terhadap kemajuan negara. Tidak ke sana sini, bertempiaran pemikiran dan kelakuan. Ini boleh tercapai melaui satu sistem persekolahn, satu sekolah untuk semua, atau SSS.

“Since its founding years, the party’s policy has been one of opposing for the sake of opposing.” Saya tak setuju. Atau, setuju tapi dengan tambahan. Tambahannya: mereka membangkang sebab mereka anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam. Dah banyak orang cakap di sana sini. Saya setuju benar DAP anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam. Banyak buktinya. Tapi kerana mereka selalu tuduh liar, saya pun malas nak keluarkan bukti kali ini. Kalau ia pun, dah banyak bukti di keluarkan berbagai pihak. Seperti di rencana tersebut di atas.

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