Angry with Bahasa Kebangsaan

20 06 2012

Why do we have to propose it when we already have Article 152 of the Constitution and strengthen it even more with The Official Language Act?

At the the time of posting, there seems to be many FMT readers felt “angry” with the article below. Just who are these readers? Where do they come from? Are they Malaysians?

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20 06 2012

Bravo. Excellent news. This is what I have waiting fro. From Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka DBP). Long overdue. Quiet from that front for a long time. Now it appears to be doing its work. Its functions and responsibilities. Let’s hope it’ll come to fruition.

It’s fitting that DBP says it at and is a part of (?) the National Education Dialogue. The Minister of Education has repeatedly told the public to come out with their views. No one can say that DBP has not made its views known. And remember, DBP is under the Ministry of Education. Its views should and must carry weight.

The Kempen SSS people have written their Memo to the Education Minister about 2 years ago. Though they may not be letting their views known to the National Education Dialogue, their views have been known for a long time. They were discussed in the mass media and even raised in Parliament at that time. And that Memo, the SSS FAQs etc have always been on this blog since then.

The fact that the Education Minister made a decision on making History a compulsory subject suggests that the Minister or Ministry was aware of the Kempen SSS. In the Memo prepared by the Kempen SSS people, the same suggestion was made. Of course the Kempen SSS people would not have presumed that the Minister would not have thought of the wisdom and the need for that decision on his own. But it’s comforting to know that the views of the Minister of Education are the same as those of concerned citizens who prepared the Memo, as far as History being compulsory in schools is concerned.

Now we must come out as much and as often as possible in support of the DBP and the National Education Dialogue. We must have Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction in all schools. There must be single stream schooling and only one system of education in the country. The reasons have been written endlessly. They may be written again and again until that proposal becomes a reality.

20 06 2012

The Education Act 1996 stated by the Director General of DBP gives exemptions on the use of Bahasa Malaysia. But those exemptions are not permanent in nature. Such exemptions rest with the Minister of Education.

Let’s now urge the Minister to consider the matter of single stream education thoroughly from the point of view of national unity and the creation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. One entity, one identity, each one proud to
call himself or herself a Malaysian, not a Bangsa Rojak – and wavering or doubtful loyalties on the part of many – as we have now.

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