Ketegasan kerajaan dituntut bagi menjaga maruah negara

9 08 2012

Limit of insulting the nation

There must be a limit of what could be politicized. In the ultra eagerness to win the hearts and support of Malaysian voters, the Opposition played the insult game.

Somehow rather, the Opposition deride and insult everything their neurons could come across. The Jalur Gemilang flag (by DAP assemblyman M Manoharan and PAS DAP-puppet-MB Nizar Jamaulddin), those who fought for the Jalur Gemilang, maintain law an order against bandits and even HRH Rulers, who are the symbol of custodian of the Constitution. Some of them even ‘sell’ verses of the Al Quran when they are actually ‘anti everything that is Islam’.

Zunar is a PKR supporter. So in Malaysiakini. They have problems drawing the boundaries of what they could do and what they shouldn’t do, as persons domicile in this nation.

This is very much reflective the attitude of the Opposition. They have no limit to draw attention in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ game to win power from the majority.