Kenapa digelar PENDATANG dan tidak diterima sepenuhnya sebagai rakyat MALAYSIA?

10 08 2012

If we don’t want our politics to be race-based, then….

There are actually a lot of people of foreign origins in Malaysia who seem to have forgotten their origins. These are the people of Indian, Arab, Indonesian and even Turkish and European origins who are accepted as indigenous people by all of us. They have been so accepted because they identified themselves fully with the indigenous people. They speak the language of the indigenous people habitually, practice the customs and traditions of the people they have been assimilated into and incidentally they are Muslim.

They and their children speak Malay, the national language.

On the basis of length of stay and mastering of the national language, they qualify to be citizens of this country. And so the acquired citizenship.

By comparison we have many citizens who cannot speak the national language who were accepted as citizens.

If we don’t want our politics to be race-based, then we must forget our racial origins, speak the national language as our mother tongue and swear allegiance only to this country. We can retain our religion however.

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