This Is Malaysia

27 08 2012

Serious Racial Tension ??

  • Here is a news report and picture from The Star:
  • SJK(C) Puay Chai 2 opens up its carpark for those going for prayers during Ramadan
    • ..suraus difficult to accommodate large turnouts during terawih prayers
    • ..a helping hand, SJK(C) Puay Chai in Bandar Utama allow Muslims in its carpark. Surau Al-Syakirin is across the school.
    • Puay Chai 2 headmaster said this practice going on since 2001 
    • “…open our carpark during Ramadan, major (festivals)
  • Convenient: Muslims returning to their cars at SJK(C)’s Puay Chai 2’s 
  • carpark after their Isyak and Terawih prayers.
    • “When the school first started, we didn’t have a lot of students so the surau’s management helped to chip in for our electricity bills.
    • “Now..more students, surau also allows parents to wait on its premises..”
    • surau hired a security guard to help the school’s security guard patrol parking lot.
    • “.. open for tai-chi sessions in the evenings. .. just about time for the Isyak and Terawih prayers,” 
    • prevented traffic congestion 
    • “have been worse if the school had not opened parking space,” .
    • “don’t have to leave car along Lebuh Bandar Utama and inconvenience residents,” 
    • This is Islamic. The surau has helped the school and the school returns the favour. This is Malaysia. This is the real Malaysia. We still see this in many small towns and kampongs throughout the country. People are not as hung up over differences. People tend to find more peace when they look for similarities. The need for car park space, the need to avoid disrupting the road traffic (by parking indiscriminately), helping our own neighbours first.
  • Racial tension? In Bandar Utama?
  • p.s. Congratulations to The Star for highlighting this story. Thanks bro.