Kerajaan Pusat seharusnya lebih bersungguh-sungguh dalam usaha memperkasakan Bahasa Kebangsaan

10 10 2012

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10 10 2012

“merealisasikan cita cita Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa yang besar di dunia menjelang 2020” –

Sebenarnya, BM sudah pun menjadi yang besar di dunia. Di gunakan lk 350 juta maanusia di dunia ini. Apa yang di panggil “kELUARGA BESAR BAHASA MELAYU”.

Hanya penggunaanya perlu meluas di dunia. Sebelom itu, mesti meluas dan menyeluruh di Malaysia. Perlembagaan nya mengatakan BM ada lah bahasa negara ini. Ia itu menjadi Bahasa Resmi, dan Bahasa Kebangsaan. Mereka yang mengaku dirinya rakyat mesti tahu menggunakan BM dan semua sekolah sekolah mesti.

10 10 2012

Ini ada lah c & p berkenaan Bahasa Melayu yang di tutur oleh 350 juta maanuia di dunia itu:


From the book, “The Malay Civilization”, by Mohd Arof Ishak, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, 2007:

The Malay Language Family spoken in the Malay Archipelago or Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu, and beyond, are spoken by about 350 million people. There are as many as 1,200 languages in the Malay (Austronesian) language family, making it the 2nd largest language family in the world. The Malay languages account for 22% of the languages of mankind.

The dialects are more numerous still. The existence of so many dialects is one of the lively characteristics of the Malay civilization. Dialects share more than 80% basic vocabularies with one another thus making them more intelligible.

The scientists have studied the languages of the Malay Archipelago since the time of the British Captain Cook’s voyages to the Pacific Ocean. Since then the experts have listed out the number of Malay Languages in some of the areas where Malay is spoken, as follows:

Malay Peninsula: 1 (+4 Aboriginal Malayan languages)
Borneo: 153
Phipippine Islands: 160
Sulawesi: 114
Sumatra Island: 22
Java Island: 3
Taiwan Island: 23
Madagascar Island: 11

Here are examples of the words that have basic similarities in Malay, Tagalog (Filipino), Fijian, Samoan, etc – see if the native language you speak have them:

dua, empat, lima, enam, mata, jalan, pandan, nior. There are of course so many others.

It’s up to you to accept or not whether you belong to the same Large Family of Malays or Rumpun Melayu based on the similarities in your native language, physical characteristics etc. But the research and studies explained in the book stated above have been carried out scientifically by scores of experts in the relevant fields since the 19th century, even earlier, as Captain Cook brought a scientist who studied the languages of the Polynesian islands.

11 10 2012

We are all related, don’t act like the Nusantara or Rumpun Melayu people were created separately by God.

If you believe in a Muslim or Christian God then you will believe we are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

11 10 2012

Anybody acting?

Yes, created separately – in separate locations at least – but we may have merged in blood over the thousands of years the Malays have travelled and settled in Taiwan, south China, Indo-China etc and the Chinese moving south from northern China.

I have no problem in acknowledging possible blood ties with those who fully respect and abide by the Constitution of this country. But I do have a problem in doing so with the Dong Zong, the secret societies, thugs and gangsters, and those behaving like them.

I’d like to claim Hawaii from the Americans some day as It was first settled by the Malays, hehe. So that I can go in and out of Hawaii without visas. But since we have the same origin from Adam and Eve, maybe I’ll just ask Obama to let me enter US without all the fuss they imposed on Muslims after Nine Eleven and their Patriot Act.

12 10 2012


Agreed. Let us abolish the nations known today as USA, United Kingdom, France, Zimbabwe, China, France, etc etc.. They too should not “act like the American, Englishmen, French or Rumpun Eropah people whom were created separately by God”. Let’s have only one nation and everything else common like having ONE LANGUAGE. Then we all do not have to have passport etc to go to Hawaii or anywhere else on the planet.

Msleepyhead.. let’s descend from Adam & Eve heaven for a while.. shall we? Let’s land on a place called “MALAYSIA”.

Ask yourself.. just one question before going deeper into any subject concerning citizenship. What should be a language that a Malaysian MUST be fluent? Speaking, writing? Will an American accept anyone as citizen if she or he does not prove herself/himself fluent in American? What more if she or he refuses to master American language?

So.. what’s up with certain quarters in Malaysia fighting tooth and nail for SRJKs? Is this land known as People’s Republic of China? or India?

Perhaps KEMPEN SSS is on the right track here by promoting ONE SCHOOL FOR ALL…

… now let’s ascend to Adam & Eve heaven and be ONE again….

12 10 2012

Haha Antu, I’d like to travel the world with no boundaries, no passport, no airport hassles, no queuing in front of Immigration Officers, no hidden cameras at airports, on the roads, in hotel foyers, in the toilets – seen the video said to be of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat man with a female in a toilet?

I’d like to hug and kiss the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Nepalese armed communists, unarmed communists who are thugs and gangsters in China, those in Japan etc. Those Muslims, those Christians, but I don’t know about the others who may not believe in Adam and Eve.

I see in Malaysia those who do not respect and live by the Constitution, even on the National Language, many are non Muslims and non Christians. So how?

Even Lim Guan Eng, Democratic Action Party boss, said by some to be Christian, disputed by others, not using the Joseph Christian name said to have been adopted by him. And DAP supports the Dong Zong that’s the least universal of all, headed by a chap using 2 PhDs that are fake, bought through the Internet. So how?

Ya la, boundaries there must be but must be large enough like the boundaries of Malaysia in thinking. Don’t think like Dong Zong – just within the confines of their own membership, not mixing with others, not accepting Malaysian values. Must unite la and single stream schooling is the way, not the nonsensical three streams of schooling -BM, Chinese and Tamil – that exist now.

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