“SATU BAHASA SATU BANGSA SATU NEGARA” tidak perlu dinodai oleh “1-Malaysia” yang mencelarui identiti negara bangsa

19 11 2012
  • Remember when KEMPEN SSS was first launched by the Deminegara community? It was way back in August 2009.. over 3 years ago..
  • LOOK AT THE LOGO BELOW and read the tagline when the KEMPEN SSS Logo was designed by (presumably) a member of the Deminegara community. What does the tag line say?
Now read, HOT FROM THE OVEN… latest article by KijangMas of Deminegara.
(You melayu or me-LAYU or malaiyoos or malai lembus MUST READ this article by KijangMas)

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Apakah tagline yang dipilih sempena Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan tahun ini?
What say you Mr. BAPAK VERNAKULAR?

Between sips of bad coffee and soggy burrito in a place chock full of people, I observed the American berbagai bangsa tapi satu bahasa phenomenon in action. You see, Americans come in all colours and origins. My Santa Monica zipcode alone has over 120 ethnic/national groups. Malaysian diversity is nothing compared to these parts. But unlike confused Malaysia, these people proudly speak in one language — English — although less than a third of Americans have English-speaking ancestors. 

“hey its interesting to see these people, irrespective of colour or creed, communicating clearly and confidently in one language, as one proud patriotic nationality, in one country” – hence, Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.



Menggadai Negara kerana undi politik?

14 11 2012




Education and the Invasive Species

  • Bro SatD highlighted to me something interesting a couple of days ago.
  • Remember Teeny Weeny? Yup, the cherubic crybaby who threatened to lodge a police report against the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua grassroots movement started right here in DN.
  • Now, this very same Teeny Weeny recently launched (in his capacity as the Deputy Education minister) the Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan Sektor Pendidikan 2012. The catchy tagline for this month-long observance is none other than the SSS’s own Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara. Yes folks, the very same motto emblazoned in the SSS logo.

This is indeed a fortuitous aberration wrapped in a delicious irony stuck up the ass of Teeny Weeny. So Teeny Weeny, SSS is not going to go away. It would hit you in similar cryptic ways in the time to come.

Below is the report, in the gutter media no less!

  • As for the Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara tagline, it occurred to me in a dusty diner on California Highway 41 literally in the middle of nowhere between San Luis Obispo and Fresno not far from James Dean’s crash site. I had driven my trusty Hummer H2 (not another Michael Chia gift lah; this beast was bought used for US$35,600 four years ago) up from LA to view some ranch land offered for a song, a distressed asset hard hit by America’s real estate meltdown at that time.
  • Between sips of bad coffee and soggy burrito in a place chock full of people, I observed the American berbagai bangsa tapi satu bahasa phenomenon in action. You see, Americans come in all colours and origins. My Santa Monica zipcode alone has over 120 ethnic/national groups. Malaysian diversity is nothing compared to these parts. But unlike confused Malaysia, these people proudly speak in one language — English — although less than a third of Americans have English-speaking ancestors. 
  • Back to the diner scene, I observed an Asian chap, with Hispanic chick in tow, heartily discussing NFL football with a couple of White guys — in English of course. Standing in line was a half dozen ethnic-Korean LA high school kids Americanized to their kimchi core trading banter and teenage lingo in perfect San Fernando Valley twang.
  • My business associate in that trip, Andy (actually Andrei, an immigrant from Belarus) shared with me that intriguing scene of a multicoloured, multicultural huddled mass of humanity interacting proudly and boldly in one language. By his own admission, Andy himself has long foregone his Russian/Belarusian except for the occasional phonecall to Minsk.
  • I told Andy, “hey its interesting to see these people, irrespective of colour or creed, communicating clearly and confidently in one language, as one proud patriotic nationality, in one country” – hence, Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.
 Multiple colours and creeds. 
But one school, one language, one nation.


But what do we have back in Malaysia?


Yes, absolute, unadulterated language and cultural confusion.

And it’s going to get worse, people. Much worse.


Well, PM Najib Razak’s government itself is now a perpetrator of an unconstitutional outrage – the overt approval and recognition of vernacular schools.

You see, where other nations, even the multicoloured, multi-everything USA, have pushed a one school one language agenda for national cohesion, inexplicably the Najib government is now openly encouraging, financially supporting and perpetuating the vernacular school menace in our country.

No nation on the face of this earth is doing this.

This one act of stupidity, motivated by sheer political expediency, will guarantee Malaysia’s socio-linguistic and cultural confusion in perpetuity.

PM Najib himself recently proclaimed that Malaysia is:-

… the only country outside China which has got Chinese education as part of the national system. We have recognised Chinese education in Malaysia, and I think that is of great significance … Please see that in this context, we have recognised Chinese education as part of the national system.

Are we Malaysians supposed to be proud of this anomaly, a one-off phenomenon unseen anywhere else on earth?

Why should we?

PM Najib, why do you think our neighbours abolished Chinese schools decades ago? Do you know what Lee Kuan Yew thought of the Chinese educated? Of their inability to carry Singapore’s growth agenda, indeed, to ensure survival of the city state itself? I won’t elaborate on the Thai and Indonesian actions on Chinese schools as I have mentioned them many times in the past.

So why should Malaysia, our Tanah Tumpah Darah, be saddled with this one-of-a-kind burden? Another Malaysia Boleh moment? Yet another weird world’s first?

And this is not even constitutional. 

I challenge anyone from both sides of the political divide to rebut that statement. Show us where Chinese and Tamil schools are allowed in the Malaysian constitution. Where taxpayers money can be legally disbursed for these unconstitutional racket. Where UEC certificate holders can be given scholarships underwritten by our tax ringgits.


Mana ada.

Slowly but surely, our constitution is ignored and circumvented to suit ill-fated political adventurism. Many non-Malays and now PM Najib himself don’t take our constitution seriously.

And they will do this at their peril.

On hindsight, fortunately the framers of our constitution were not vote-seeking political desperados. They were thoughtful scholars geared to please neither the stateless pendatangs nor the Malay masses. They had to forge a practical blueprint for nation-building for an eclectic collection of nine petty Sultanates and two colonial enclaves in a turbulent region quivering from the undercurrents of post-colonialism. Malay Rights and Privileges, status of the Malay language, status of Islam, status of the Malay rulers, Malay reserved lands, and the Malay Regiment were all key pillars of this embryonic edifice of nationhood. National cohesion underpinned by a strong, unmistakable Malay essence was the goal, indeed, the key guarantor of the federation’s long term tenability.

But today?

Political desperation has driven PM Najib to commit this constitutional sacrilege. He thought he could buy Chinese votes by dishing out all sorts of extra-constitutional bribes and goodies. In effect, he is trying to out-Chinese the Chinese, by giving something to the detriment of all to get something for the benefit of few.

Would these myopic giveaways sway the Chinese votes? 

No. Absolutely not.

The Indians, having tasted DAP racism and Hindraf implosion, may partly sway to the BN. But not the Chinese. They are hell bent on consolidating their new found political clout in what they perceive as the dawn of a new Malaysia.

No amount of giveaway and sweet talk by Ah Jib Gor (那鸡哥) will change their stand. Indeed, they are even more determined now, having interpreted PM Najib’s unprecedented appeasement as a sign of weakness, the manifestation of a stumbling, flailing prey ready for the PRU13 knockout punch.

Till this day, PM Najib does not understand the inner workings of the Chinese mind. These descendants of the hardy sin kheh respect strength and decisiveness. And they can smell a calculative rat bearing false gifts from a mile away. Unless of course you are Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, the chief Malai Lembu who has sold his soul to the DAP tokongs, indeed to anyone else and at any cost, to aid his quest to be Prime Minister. You see, the Chinese can also smell political sleazoids like Brother Anwar, this time from two miles away. His psychotic obsession to be PM is also viewed by the Chinese as a weakness. And they are exploiting this weakness to the core, as the golden opportunity for them to grab Putrajaya albeit embedded inside a malleable Malai Lembu façade.

Either way, they have gained concessions beyond their wildest dreams.

Let’s be frank here.  The Chinese is an invasive species wherever they set foot on this earth. Even China was not so “China” until a thousand years ago when Chinese hordes radiated out of their Yellow river habitat to crowd out adjacent ethno-cultural groups, from the Manchus of the north to the Tibetans and Uighurs in the far west to the various southern ethnics of Yunnan.

Like snakeheads and Asian carps in America, this invasive species, given half a chance, would devour and obliterate everything in its wake. In Malaysia, politics is their new frontier, the ultimate guarantor of their preferred ecosystem in this foreign land. Malay preeminence, indeed the very essence of this nation, is relentlessly challenged. Riding on the backs of the dumber-than-dumb Malai Lembus of PAS and PKR, this invasive species will not relent until they supplant the divided Malays and govern this nation by proxy.

Part of this process involves wholesale troublemaking, to destabilise the status quo, to agitate the masses, to rock the habitat by provoking the admittedly complacent Malays into innumerable little skirmishes over race, language, religion, education, culture and everything else under the sun. Everything must be questioned, unraveled and brought into disrepute. Heck, even the origin of the Malays has become a point of contention. A typical SJKC-minted cyber nut would openly declare that the “Malay Race” does not exist! In their ching-chong ching-chong cyberchats, the Melayus are just a random collection of transplanted Nusantara transients with little history of pre-colonial nationhood on this land that bears their name. Oh yes, Parameswara was an Indian fella, Hang Tuah was a Chinaman soldier of fortune, and “Melayu” means to “run away” in some obscure pre-Sailendran Javanese idiomatic nuance. Suddenly, Ms. Kum Hia Nao, a lambut kalat bimbo in a dingy unisex salon with a form three education morphs into an expert on Malay anthropology in her Facebook postings. Likewise, pimply-faced Sekolah Menengah-dropout Thong Sum Pah who failed Sejarah in Form One remove class has become an eloquent expert on the political history of the Hinduised Kingdoms of Southeast Asia, merrily typing away (atrocious grammar notwithstanding) fairytales of Malay history he picked up among likeminded cyberfriends.

Hilariously ridiculous as it may seem, this reflects the thought process of the invasive species. I can argue with these SJKC-minted cadres that my ancestors have ruled Kelantan since 1190 (over 200 years before Melaka existed) and our progenitor Langkasukan civilization (centered near present-day Yarang, Patani) dates back to 200AD per imperial Chinese records no less. But no. Not good enough. Their inner soul has already been shaped, fine-tuned and calibrated at the SJKC and Chinese Independent High School to abhor anything Malay, to dismiss Malay history, to dismiss their Malay Tuan Tanahs as lazy, tongkat-dependent numbskulls devoid of culture and identity. To these SJKC-poisoned crowd, the Malays, including PM Najib, is only one degree removed from the Indo maids and labourers they have been exploiting and mistreating all these years.

Once the prey is shed of its social status and dignity, with its history and culture stripped bare, relentless political offensive follows.

That’s the modus operandi of this invasive species.

First they stealthily slither into a pristine new habitat. Like the invasive snakehead fish dubbed fishzilla that is terrorising American rivers, they would methodically out-hunt, out-eat and out-breed the endemic species.

Then they would crowd out the natives who will be banished to less hospitable niches towards the road to oblivion.

Go to any supermarket check-out counter. Typically, the Chinese would be a minority in these lines, perhaps 4 to 6 out of 20. But notice who makes the most noise, the most obnoxious in manners and disposition, with the baddest, noisiest and meanest kids imaginable. Yes, this invasive species. I was in line at Ikea, Mutiara Damansara, last month. The aggressive shopping cart maneuverings and high volume ching-chong-ching-chong by four famiies, yes four, completely dominated the scene. The other 20 odd families waiting in line — mostly Malays, a couple of Indians and some Mat Sallehs — were reduced to nothing more than sedentary, captive audience forced fed a grotesque show of kurang ajar-ness. In loud pidgin Cantonese or Hokkien, the Ah Sohs would liberally throw comments about the stupidity of the Malay cashier, the old Mat Salleh’s brown ass girlfriend and the frail Makcik impeding their rush to the exit. Yup, ching-chong-ching-chong all the way to their luxury SUVs (… so much for a “repressed minority” eh?).

Same thing in a typical office or apartment elevator. You see, where you have six Malays and one Chinese, the ride would be blissfully quiet. You add just one more Chinese in the mix and you’ll have non-stop ching-chong-ching-chong from the 42nd floor all the way to Basement 3! And the Malays, typical of endemic species, would just look down, shut up and tolerate the noise pollution.

See the trend, the behavioral trait? Invasive species, though smallish in number, would typically expel the natives though sheer social turbulence and distruption of the habitat and food chain.

And to consolidate their hold in newly won habitats, the invasive species require strong reinforcements from subsequent generations. This is where Chinese schools come in, as the supplier of fresh young aggressive cadres with little exposure or affinity to the native Malays. These next-gen ching-chongers stick out like dog turd in the crowd. Go to any McDonald’s, even in Kota Bharu (near the UMK campus) in the Malay heartland. A few members of this invasive species would wreak havoc. In no time, the pleasant, relaxing ambience would degenerate into noisy, chaotic Pasar Borong free for all. Many Malay families would quickly consume their meal and leave the premises with a sense of anger and bewilderment.

Again, invasive species wins.

The cadre pipeline, Chinese schools, are the lifeblood of this invasive species. No SJKC, no more nasty little pests to push the invasion. Hence, it is not  surprising to witness their determined stand on Chinese schools.  True to their nature, these invasive species would fight tooth and nail to maintain their cadre production line, the means to expand their alien footprint in a new habitat at the expense of others.

 Malaysia Boleh!
Nowhere else on earth.
Three parallel educational universe underpin 
an angry, confused society.

So who’s the culprit behind this unprecedented SJKC building boom?

Kit Siang or Guan Eng. No.
Brother Anwar? No.
The long-skirted mullahs in flip flops. No.

Teeny Weeny? The chief alien, Donkey Kong’s Yap Sin Tian?

None of the above.

Then who?

PM Najib Razak.

Yes, PM Najib is the single biggest catalyst for the spread of the ching-chong-ching-chong invasive species in this country’s history.

 Down payment towards a chaotic future.
RM3 million down, another billion to give. 
Do you think that grinning Ah Pek will vote BN?

And the sad part is that all of his efforts — the hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money squandered, the nation’s future compromised — would come to zilch as the Chinese would still vote DAP, PKR and their subservient Malai Lembu stooges of PAS. Yes, all the compromises, appeasement, giveaways, bribery and promises for nothing!

Go here for a taste of the arrogance and ungratefulness of this invasive species.

Boleh bincang sama ini macam punya manusia ka? Boleh kawtim ka? Boleh tolak ansur ka? Ya lah Jib, dia olang tolak, lu ansur-ansur undur.

Seriously, PM Najib must be a borderline compulsive obsessive delusional twit if he thinks he can seduce the emboldened Chinese with gifts and promises. Sorry lah Dato’ Seri, you don’t figure in their plans post PRU13. Sure, being the predatory invasive species that they are, they will sapu and tibai whatever gifts you throw at them. They might even say talima kasih latok sili  to your face in front of the cameras. But they are already deadset in their political roadmap, and you are not in the picture. 

Meanwhile, the invasive species marches on, gaining more ground as the hopelessly divided Malays reel under the weight of their own political stupidity. More SJKCs would be demanded. More independent Chinese secondary schools would be demanded. The banishment of non “Chinese language qualified” teachers, even teachers of Bahasa Melayu, would be demanded. More of everything would be demanded …. and more would be given to them.

“We want more, we want more, we want more of everything. 
Chinese schools are enshrined in the constitution.”
Yeah right Ah Seng, the constitution of what country? People’s Republic of China?

So how now? Macam mana sekarang bang?

Sorry, its already too late for the hows and the macam manas.

We rakyat tanggung saja lah.

As for the Melayus, don’t blame the invasive species. You yourselves created this problem. 

According to the 2010 census,Malays and other Bumiputras make up almost 70% of the population. Yes, almost three-quarters! Yet your behaviour andmindset is akin to a powerless minority, outmaneuvered on all fronts by the cunning invasive species constantly threatening your livelihood and unsettling your way of life. Even “Allah” must be shared now. You don’t even have a collective agenda. You bicker among yourselves over petty stuff, often reduced to juvenile name calling and taunting — Khalid Gagap, Khalid Gereja, Si Kitol, Imam Selipar, Si Kemetot, Mike Tyson, B.A.B.I., Isa Doraemon, Semi Value, Mahafiraun, Tokong, Al-Kataki, Musang Hitam, Big Mama ……..  macam-macam ada. You see, when your take on national politics is reduced to the level of TV3’s Melodi, you are in trouble, big time!

You have become tools of others. Nik Aziz, the PAS Chief Mullah, would regularly sanitise and “halalkan” racial and religious insults thrown by the DAP subversives. And UMNO is silent when MCA’s Soi Lek took it upon himself to repeatedly chastise hudud although it has no bearing on him or his fellow infidels.

Since the collapse of the Srivijayan thalassocracyat the end of the 13th century, there has never been a true Pan Malay leader, an empire builder, someone who could inspire, unite and mobilise the Malays into a cohesive socio-political force. Even during the Melaka Sultanate, Malays on both sides of the Melaka Straits were chopped and diced into little fiefdoms ruled by constantly conspiring potentates. The far away invasive species, the Portuguese, conquered Melaka with less than a thousand men and a dozen ships. How? Well, not often mentioned in history, they were aided by Malay disunity in the Melaka realm. If the Malays were united then, you seriously think a few hundred seasick soldados crowded in creaking carracks and caravels from Cochin and Goa could sail alive through the lanun infested straits and, laden with heavy arcabus matchlocks and espadas, could wade past the muddy mangrove to storm the stockades and subjugate thousands upon thousands of pahlawans and perwiras led by laksamanas on war elephants? It would be practically impossible.

Add in the double-crossing Chinaman and Indian element and Melaka met its doom. You see, in the heat of battle, true to their nature, the local Chinese merchants — who had greatly prospered under the hospitality and security of Melaka’s Malay rulers — gave the Portuguese five large junks complete with crew and provisions plus logistical details and battle secrets — Melaka’s troop strength, firepower, encampments, stockades, even the Sultan’s bunker! The local Indians (known as Klings those days) did their part in Melaka’s downfall as well. Nina Chatu, a wealthy sleazoid and favoured confidant of Sultan Mahmud Shah,  secretly passed letters from Rui de Araújo, one of 19 Portuguese held by the Sultan, to Afonso d’Albuquerque, detailing Melaka’s riches and fortifications. This became a catalyst for d’Albuquerque’s attack. Nina Chatu (and his Melaka Kling clansmen) would later vigorously assist the Portuguese in minting coinage and administering the city. For his collaboration, Nina Chatu was made Bendahara, a position later made hereditary for his lineage.

Another collaborator is Utimuti Raja, leader of the large Javanese community who secretly sent presents to d’Albuquerque and provided safe passage for the exhausted Portuguese force through Melaka’s Javanese quarter and joined the invasive species in the conquest. BTW, this Utimuti Raja character was later executed by the Portuguese when he got involved in too many deals and double deals with all sides of the conflict. See, invasive species have killer instinct and destroys any semblance of treachery among fellow predators.

Five hundred years later and not much have changed.

Look at Malaysian politics. Just like Melaka of a half-millenium ago, you Malays cannot see the threat of the treacherous invasive species on your own land and cannot rise above your trademark affliction of dengki, dendam and tamak haloba that has split your race three ways and with your lot now hurtling towards the abyss of political and economic oblivion. You are disunited in your own little habitat that is already under siege by today’s version of the Melaka Chinamen, Nina Chatu and Utimuti Raja. And again akin to history, you Malai Lembu types collaborate with the invasive species to your utter detriment, which you are too stupid to realise until nasi sudah menjadi bubur down the road. And you the PM throws taxpayers’ money at SJKC alien-production lines as if this is your only ticket for another five year stay in Seri Perdana.

Baca sejarah lah kengkawan! Bila dah di ulangi jangan pula menyesal …

So people, as PRU13 looms, Malaysia has not one but TWO men desperate to be Prime Minister at all costs: the can-give-everything incumbent and the will-give-everything challenger. Either way, the invasive species gains. Indeed, they have gained more in the last four plus years than the previous five decades.

Jadi bang, PRU13 undi siapa? Jembalang yang mana satu?

You decide.

Looking beyond PRU13, can this invasive species be contained, with the socio-economic and political ecosystem made amenable for the endangered endemics as well?

It is for the Malays themselves to answer. The old adage, Bersatu Tegoh, Bercerai Roboh would be a good guide. Add in a sense of Berdikari liberally spiced with Bekerja Keras and we may have some hope yet.

Would the Malays evolve out of practical necessity to out-maneuver and out-compete the invasive species? Would this sedentary native prey mutate and reload to mimic the survival traits of the ruthless predator?

We shall see.

Anti Constitutional tendencies

15 10 2012


An Anti-Constitutional warning

The Regent of Perak HRH Raja Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlah Shah in his contstitutional capacity, issued a warning to all the Anti Consitutional elements which include the Opposition leaders.

Published: Thursday October 11, 2012 MYT 6:24:00 PM
Updated: Thursday October 11, 2012 MYT 8:30:02 PM

Raja Nazrin: Desecrating flag an attack on nation’s sovereignty

KUALA LUMPUR: The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, likened the act of desecrating the Jalur Gemilang, which is one of the national symbols, as an attack on the nation’s sovereignty.

“Whatever our political or ideological differences, our national symbols belong to all citizens.

“By allowing these symbols to be trashed, we are opening ourselves up to a host of consequences, including the possibility of inflaming passions, inviting tit-for-tat retaliation and so forth.

“Hate and anger are some of the most powerful human emotions. When they take hold of society, they are difficult, and oftentimes impossible, to control.

“Our national symbols should therefore be placed above the political fray,” he said when launching the Malaysia Brand Forum 2012, here on Thursday.

Raja Nazrin said the act of desecrating a flag was more than one individual’s statement of disrespect and criticism.

“The act is deliberately designed to insult what many others treasure and consider a source of pride and joy.

“Whatever one may think of the rights of individuals to express themselves, the larger consequences of their actions cannot and should not be ignored,” he said.

Raja Nazrin said some countries had enacted specific laws to protect their national symbols, including Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland, with specific penalties for the desecration of their national flags.

Raja Nazrin also expressed concern over the tendency of some quarters to discredit and undermine the national symbols that play such an important role in Malaysian national life.

“I am also concerned about the extent to which some are pushing against the institutional pillars that are holding up this nation.”

He said there were at least two reasons why this might be the case.

One is a fundamental misunderstanding of how individual rights and freedoms are to be exercised within the context of a nation.

The other is the impact of generational change in eroding the significance, meanings and value of nation building and its symbols.

Raja Nazrin said human beings had always craved for freedom, however, “if boundaries are disregarded in the exercise of individual freedoms, we will end up weakening rather than strengthening the bonds that bind us as a nation. We need to instil in our young a sense of responsibility and community”.

As with generational change, he said: “With each passing generation, people become less familiar with the circumstances around which this country was formed and built. That is why I cannot over-emphasise enough the need for both well-thought and well-taught history in our schools.

“In this way, our students can better appreciate and respect the national institutions and symbols around us. This appreciation and respect are clearly missing when national symbols are deliberately desecrated.” – Bernama


They have clearly demonstrated their Anti Constitutional traits, in their sordid attempt to come into power and impose themselves against the will of the majority. In the process, they have desecrated Jalur Gemilang, honour the leftists who were outright supporters of the communist rebels and terrorists, insulted Islam and Muslims and insult HRH Malay Rulers.

The plot gets thicker. Some Opposition leaders not only take their politics to the church, but openly support some churches effort to prosetylise Muslims. This is is clearly against the Federation of Malaysia Consitution, where Islam is the religion of the federation of Malaysia.

Even younger Malaysians openly demonstrated their Anti Constitutional tendencies, due to the ‘Politics of Hatred” strategy.

For a Ruler to issue such a strong titah, really reflect the severity of these Anti Consitutionalists. And his is not a first time a ruler issued a warning via a titah. HRH Tuanku Sultan Johor also issued similar titah against former DAP-puppet Menteri Besar of Perak Nizar Jamaluddin for his twitter insult against HRH Tuanku, in the opening ceremony of the Johor State Assembly on 14 June.

Some Opposition leaders have been advocating and practicing these Anti Constitutional traits since 45 years ago. It is clear they are unable to convince the majority for their support, via the democratic political process. So, they resorted to the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

Identiti MALAYsia : Didikan Sekolah Kebangsaan & didikan sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan – Apa kata Najib Tun Razak & Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia?

7 09 2012

  • 1. Kata Hang Tuah “Tak akan Melayu hilang di dunia.” Dapatkah kata-kata keramat ini menentu yang Melayu tak akan hilang di dunia?
  • 2. Di Singapura kerana tidak ada lagi sekolah Melayu dan bahasa penghantar di sekolah-sekolah di Republik itu ialah Inggeris dan China; segala urusan rasmi dan tidak rasmi menggunakan Bahasa Ingggeris atau China, maka orang Melayu sudah pun tidak menggunakan Bahasa Melayu. Mereka menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris walaupun semasa bercakap dengan anak pinak, keluarga dan kawan-kawan Melayu.
  • 3. Budaya, adat istiadat Melayu juga terhakis. Yang tinggal hanyalah agama Islam mereka.
  • 4. KeMelayuan mereka sudah tinggal separuh. Kita boleh ramal yang hakisan keMelayuan mereka akan berterusan sehingga akan hilanglah Melayu di Singapura.
  • 5. Di sebelah utara pula kita dapati orang keturunan Melayu yang tidak dapat bertutur kata dalam Bahasa Melayu. Mereka Islam dan bangsa rasmi mereka ialah Thai. Maka hilanglah juga Melayu disitu.
  • 6. Tetapi di Malaysia juga kehilangan Melayu sedang berlaku. Ada anak muda Melayu yang tidak lagi ingin dikenali sebagai orang Melayu. Mereka orang Malaysia. Ada pula yang hanya akui mereka orang Islam dan tidak perlu dikaitkan diri mereka dengan kaum Melayu.
  • 7. Tetapi yang akan menghilangkan Melayu di dunia ialah dakwaan bahawa sesiapa yang bercakap berkenaan dengan bangsa Melayu, mereka akan dituduh “racist”. Oleh itu orang Melayu sudah tidak lagi berani menyebut perkataan Melayu kerana tidak mahu dituduh “racist”.
  • 8. Kasihan Hang Tuah. Besar kemungkinan kata-katanya tidak lagi akan menjadi kenyataan. Demikianlah apabila kita bergantung kepada kata-kata hikmat untuk nasib kita, akhirnya akan hilang hikmatnya.

Apakah Identiti Kita?

4 09 2012


Artikel Dr Chandra yang sangat bagus dibaca menjelang Malaysia 55 tahun Merdeka:Apa maksud identiti Malaysia? — Chandra Muzaffar

August 20, 2012

20 OGOS — Selepas 55 tahun selepas Merdeka, rakyat Malaysia masih belum mencapai kata sepakat tentang identiti negara tercinta ini. Ia bukan sesuatu yang luar biasa. Kebanyakan negara lain, terutamanya yang berbilang kaum dan agama, menghadapi cabaran yang sama.

Bagi negara-negara yang mempunyai status berbilang kaum akibat daripada proses penjajahan, cabarannya jauh lebih rumit jika dibandingkan dengan negara-negara yang memperolehi ciri-ciri berbilang kaum melalui penaklukan atau integrasi wilayah mahupun penerimaan pendatang dari luar yang ditentukan oleh elit pribumi negara itu sendiri.

Sebagai contoh di Malaysia, para Sultan Melayu tidak terlibat di dalam membuat keputusan untuk menerima ratusan ribu pendatang dari China dan India dalam kurun 19. Pihak penjajah British yang bertanggungjawab ke atas penghijrahan ini untuk kepentingan ekonomi kolonial mereka.

Justeru, sistem ekonomi yang wujud dari kurun 19 memperlihatkan pengasingan kaum Cina dan India dalam gelanggang ekonomi masing-masing daripada bangsa Melayu yang terus terikat dengan ekonomi desanya dan sistem pentadbiran kesultanan-kesultanan Melayu.

Pengasingan ini membawa implikasi besar kepada sistem pendidikan, corak hidup sosial dan alam budaya kaum-kaum yang menetap di negara ini. Kesan-kesan negatif daripada sejarah kolonial ini boleh dirasai sehingga ke hari ini.

Mungkin dampak yang paling serius adalah dalam sikap dan pandangan sebahagian besar kaum Cina dan India terhadap identiti diri mereka dan identiti Malaysia.

Untuk memahami cabaran ini, kita harus merenung kembali sejarah identiti kelompok-kelompok Cina yang berhijrah ke Tanah Melayu pada kurun 15 dan selepasnya — iaitu sebelum zaman kolonial British — dan cara mereka menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran keMelayuan.

Walaupun kelompok-kelompok ini kekal dengan agama Buddha, bahasa dan budaya tempatan mudah diserap kerana mereka mahu menyesuaikan diri dengan budaya dan masyarakat induk yang dikuasai sistem kesultanan ketika itu.

Pada zaman kolonial, sebagai bangsa terjajah, Melayu hilang kedudukan puncaknya.

Manakala, kelompok-kelompok Cina yang bermastautin di Melaka, Terengganu dan Kelantan pada masa itu adalah dalam jumlah yang kecil .

Latar belakang sejarah ini telah mempengaruhi sebahagian daripada perspektif tentang identiti negara dan penduduknya selepas kemerdekaan. Pada keseluruhannya, kita dapat mengenalpasti tiga perspektif.

Pertama, sebahagian daripada masyarakat Melayu menganggap Malaysia adalah sebagai negara Melayu. Dari segi fakta sejarah tidak dapat disangkal, kesultanan Melayu merupakan teras sistem Persekutuan yang dibentuk pada 1948.

Ini diperkukuhkan lagi dengan kewujudan dinasti kesultanan yang tertua di dunia iaitu kesultanan Kedah yang diasaskan pada tahun 1136. Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa latarbelakang negara ini berhubungkait dengan sistem pemerintahan Melayu.

Tetapi, sekiranya Malaysia ditonjolkan sebagai negara Melayu dalam konteks semasa, ia akan menimbulkan kegelisahan di kalangan dua komponen rakyat Malaysia. Bagi Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, khususnya Kadazan dan Iban, konsep identiti nasional sedemikian seolah-olah meminggirkan mereka.

Begitu juga bagi kaum Cina, India dan minoriti lain di Semenanjung Malaysia, termasuk, Orang Asli yang bukan Islam.

Kedua, di kalangan orang Melayu terdapat beberapa kumpulan yang berpegang pada idea bahawa Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Islam. Benar, majoriti penduduk negara — lebih 60 peratus — adalah penganut agama Islam. Malah, sebelum zaman kolonial, Islam merupakan asas perundangan di dalam sistem pemerintahan kesultanan Melayu.

Tetapi, sudah tentu 40 peratus masyarakat bukan Islam tidak dapat mengidentifikasikan diri mereka dengan negara yang mengisytiharkan dirinya sebagai negara Islam. Sekiranya, komponen warganegara yang begitu besar merasa terasing daripada identiti sebuah negara, usaha menyatupadukan masyarakat berbilang agama ini akan terancam.

Ketiga, bagi majoriti bukan Melayu pula Malaysia adalah sebuah negara berbilang kaum dan agama. Itulah identitinya. Deskripsi Malaysia sebagai negara berbilang kaum dan agama mencerminkan realiti masyarakat kita.

Tetapi, bagi sebahagian besar bukan Melayu realiti ini terpisah daripada sejarah dan latarbelakang negara yang berakar-umbi dari sistem Melayu-Islam. Ini menyumbang kepada keengganan mereka mengiktiraf peranan istimewa bahasa Melayu dan agama Islam dalam pembentukan identiti negara.

Jelas, ketiga-tiga perspektif yang dibincangkan tidak menepati pencarian satu identiti nasional. Oleh yang demikian, apakah konsep identiti yang paling sesuai, yang peka pada sensitiviti semua kaum di negara kita?

Ternyata konsep yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah konsep yang adil, sesuai dan menepati sifat-sifat identiti bagi negara dan rakyat kita.

Perlembagaan Malaysia mengiktiraf kedudukan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan dan bahasa rasmi yang tunggal. Islam juga dinobatkan sebagai agama Persekutuan. Ini adalah pengiktirafan dan penerimaan terhadap sejarah dan latarbelakang negara dalam pembentukan identiti Malaysia.

Dalam hubungan ini, peranan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, khususnya, amat penting dari segi evolusi identiti nasional. Dalam masyarakat berbilang kaum walau di mana-mana, jika bahasa dapat memudahkan komunikasi antara kaum dan budaya yang berbeza, ia akan membantu proses interaksi dan integrasi.

Inilah peranan yang dimainkan oleh Bahasa Melayu sepanjang sejarah sebagai lingua franca (bahasa perantara) yang paling berkesan dalam mewujudkan identiti serantau Nusantara.

Kembali kepada Perlembagaan Malaysia, dokumen ini juga mengiktiraf kedudukan dan peranan bahasa-bahasa lain.

Pada masa yang sama, Perlembagaan kita menegakkan hak penganut agama-agama bukan Islam untuk mengamalkan agama masing-masing. Akomodasi bahasa-bahasa bukan Melayu dan agama-agama bukan Islam dalam Perlembagaan adalah pengakuan bahawa bahasa-bahasa dan agama-agama ini juga adalah sebahagian daripada identiti Malaysia.

Kepimpinan nasional — kerajaan mahu pun pembangkang — gagal menyebarkan kefahaman identiti yang adil dan seimbang ini yang merupakan kekuatan Perlembagaan kita kepada khalayak.

Sekiranya sistem persekolahan kita, dari sekolah rendah sehingga sekolah menengah, memberi tumpuan kepada perkara ini — mempertingkatkan kefahaman pelajar-pelajar tentang Perlembagaan sebagai asas identiti nasional — sejak Merdeka pada 1957 dahulu, mungkin suasana masyarakat kita lebih harmonis pada hari ini.

Sebenarnya, konsep identiti dalam Perlembagaan telah dikembangkan secara tidak langsung melalui Rukunegara dan Wawasan 2020. Oleh kerana identiti tidak terbatas pada soal kaum dan agama semata-mata, dua dokumen nasional yang penting ini memperkukuhkan lagi konsep identiti Malaysia yang juga merangkumi institusi-institusi serta nilai-nilai.

Sistem Raja Berperlembagaan, Keluhuran Perlembagaan, Kedaulatan Undang-Undang dan sistem Demokrasi Berparlimen, yang ditekankan di dalam Rukunegara juga mencirikan identiti negara kita.
Begitu juga nilai-nilai yang terkandung dalam Rukunegara seperti perpaduan, keadilan, pendekatan liberal terhadap kepelbagaian budaya dan tradisi masyarakat, dan sikap progresif terhadap sains dan teknologi merupakan dimensi-dimensi penting dalam usaha kita membentuk identiti rakyat dan negara Malaysia.

Wawasan 2020 terus memberi keutamaan kepada nilai-nilai murni yang sama. Malah, dokumen ini juga menyuarakan iltizam negara untuk mewujudkan masyarakat yang “berjiwa bebas, tenteram dan maju dengan keyakinan terhadap diri sendiri” dan melahirkan masyarakat beretika dan bermoral.

Nilai-nilai ini boleh dianggap sebagai nilai-nilai yang berpaksikan kepada Kepercayaan pada Tuhan iaitu, prinsip pertama Rukunegara. Dalam sebuah masyarakat dimana lebih daripada 80 peratus penduduknya percaya pada Tuhan, prinsip ini harus diterima sebagai ciri utama identiti bangsa Malaysia.

Untuk memastikan bahawa kepercayaan pada Tuhan adalah prinsip identiti yang benar-benar dihayati, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita semua untuk menegakkan keadilan, keihsanan dan kejujuran dalam kehidupan masyarakat Malaysia.

Perlembagaan, Rukunegara dan Wawasan 2020 yang menjurus ke arah identiti nasional pada hakikatnya termaktub dalam idea 1 Malaysia. Ini bermakna bahawa 1 Malaysia merupakan intipati identiti Malaysia.

Menegak dan mengukuhkan identiti rakyat dan negara adalah cabaran besar yang dihadapi oleh kita pada ulang tahun Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 55, terutamanya akibat beberapa perkembangan semasa. Di peringkat domestik, sentimen kaum dan agama lebih ketara dan menjejaskan usaha ke arah identiti nasional.

Identiti nasional juga terancam akibat politik kepartian yang melampaui batas. Di peringkat global, proses globalisasi yang membawa impak pada hampir setiap budaya dan bahasa sudah mula menggugat bahasa kebangsaan dalam bidang-bidang tertentu. — Utusan Malaysia

Saya berdoa supaya pemimpin politik kita terutama Pak Menteri-Menteri Kabinet sekarang dapat menghayati apa yang dinyatakan oleh Dr. Chandra, jangan dok sibuk kira berapa undi boleh dapat dari kaum itu dan ini sahja! 


Satu BANGSA yang terdiri dari pelbagai kaum atau etnik – Jangan biarkan rakyat Malaysia terus berada dalam kesesatan

26 06 2012


June 23, 2012

23 JUN — Banyak istilah yang terang-terangan salah dalam bahasa Melayu. Contohnya Amerika Syarikat. Saya yakin ianya diterjemah langsung dari bahasa Indonesia yang menggunakan “Amerika Serikat”. Syarikat dan Serikat adalah dua perkara berbeza. Syarikat adalah “company” dalam bahasa Inggeris manakala Serikat ertinya “Union”. Jadi, terjemahan yang paling sesuai untuk “United States of America” adalah “Kesatuan Amerika”.

“Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang mempunyai rakyat dari pelbagai bangsa seperti Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Kadazan dan ramai lagi”. Ayat ini pasti anda akan temui apabila membaca pengenalan tentang negara kita. Sebenarnya, ayat diatas seharusnya berbunyi begini, “Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang mempunyai rakyat dari pelbagai etnik atau kaum seperti Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Kadazan dan ramai lagi”.

Melayu boleh dipanggil bangsa Melayu jika Almarhum Dr. Burhanuddin Al Helmy adalah perdana menteri pertama dan bukan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Dalam bukunya yang bertajuk Perjuangan Kita, dengan jelas Dr. Burhanuddin ketengahkan konsep “Melayu sebagai rakyat kepada Malaya”.

Pada ketika itu, konsep “Melayu” masih lagi diperdebatkan. Melayu seperti yang dipanggil pada hari ini masih belum wujud dan terpecah kepada Bugis, Banjar, Jawa, Minang, Darah Keturunan Arab (DKA), Darah Keturunan Keling (DKK) dan pelbagai lagi.

Hari ini, Melayu adalah kesatuan kepada Bugis, Banjar, Jawa, Minang, DKA, DKK dan pelbagai lagi. Oleh itu, Melayu itu adalah etnik dan bukannya bangsa. Bersesuaian dengan konsep Melayu pada hari ini. Begitu juga Cina dan India. Cina boleh dipanggil bangsa Cina apabila ianya merujuk kepada rakyat China. India juga lebih sesuai jika kita merujuk kepada rakyat negara India. Etnik atau kaum lebih sesuai digunakan jika kita merujuk kepada Cina dan India di Malaysia.

United Malay National Organization (UMNO) lebih sesuai digantikan kepada United Malay Ethnic Organization (UMEO). UMNO adalah sebuah parti yang mewakili etnik atau kaum Melayu dan bukannya bangsa Melayu. Jika tetap mahu menggunakan istilah “Bangsa”, UMNO perlu mencadangkan agar berlakunya sedikit perubahan dalam perlembangaan persekutuan. Ambil konsep “Melayu” sepertimana yang dibawa oleh Dr. Burhanuddin Al Helmy. Lebih jelas menggambarkan sebuah negara bangsa.

Apabila menteri besar Kelantan, Datuk Nik Aziz, menghentam UMNO, beliau seringkali menghentam “faham kebangsaan” atau dalam bahasa Inggeris nya merujuk kepada “Nationalism”. Beliau terkeliru dengan penggunaan istilah. Sebenarnya, ia merujuk kepada fahaman politik etnik atau kaum yang menjadi ideologi UMNO.

Tidak ada masalah dengan fahaman “Nasionalis”. Seorang nasionalis akan meletakkan kepentingan negara melebihi dari kepentingan politik atau diri sendiri. Kita boleh huraikan dan bahas lagi mengenai nasionalisme dalam penulisan akan datang. Istilah-istilah yang salah dalam bahasa Melayu perlu dibetulkan semula. Pakar-pakar bahasa perlu mula membuat kerja. Jangan biarkan rakyat Malaysia terus berada dalam kesesatan. Apalagi apabila bahasa Melayu itu adalah bahasa kebangsaan bagi negara.

* Pandangan di atas hanyalah pandangan peribadi penulis.

Has the national school become the ‘step-child’ of our education system?

21 06 2012



If a Chinese Malaysian can pursue his entire education in Chinese, from primary to university level, how much exposure would he have to Malaysian students and teachers from other communities? How would this affect his attitude towards, and outlook on, the other? What would be his notion of a Malaysian identity?

Chandra Muzaffar

  • Electoral politics in multi-ethnic societies sometimes undermines the quest for national unity.
  • We are witnessing that in Malaysia now. As the battle for votes in the coming General Election intensifies, the major competitors for power are going all out to project themselves as the champion of this or that ethnic constituency. This is obvious in their approach to Chinese education.
  • While Chinese primary education is integral to the national school system, the push for secondary education in the Chinese language beyond what is provided for, at present, has become more pronounced. The clamour for an independent Chinese language secondary school in Kuantan is part of this. Political parties in the Opposition and in the Government are now in the forefront of this demand. If the limit upon independent Chinese secondary schools — there are 61 now — is set aside, it is quite conceivable that the number would increase dramatically in a short while. Would this lead to the emergence of a complete Chinese secondary school system that would parallel the national secondary school system in Bahasa Malaysia? The implications of such a possibility should be understood within the context of the Government’s recent recognition of most universities in China.
  • If a Chinese Malaysian can pursue his entire education in Chinese, from primary to university level, how much exposure would he have to Malaysian students and teachers from other communities? How would this affect his attitude towards, and outlook on, the other? What would be his notion of a Malaysian identity?
  • It is not just the silo that an exclusive Chinese education would create that is a challenge to us all. Many urban Malay parents are now opting for Islamic religious education at primary and secondary school level for their children. With the proliferation of Islamic universities and colleges in the country, they could choose to continue their tertiary education in a largely mono ethnic, mono-religious environment. Needless to say, this will also have a negative impact upon inter- ethnic, inter-religious ties in the future.
  • There are other current developments that will also impact upon the national school. The Government has made it easier for Malaysians to enrol in private schools which ipso facto will be patronised by those from the upper echelons of society. Thus, a class division which is already entrenched will be further exacerbated. A handful of Malaysians want the authorities to allow for English medium education, without much concern for what it will do to a school system that is already dichotomised in so many other ways.
  • It appears from all this that there isn’t that much commitment to the national school. Has the national school become the ‘step-child’ of our education system?
  • Since the Malaysian Constitution recognises Malay as the national language, it follows logically that the national school with Malay as the main medium of instruction should be the pivot of our education system. The Razak Report of 1956, the only comprehensive education report that the nation has had, acknowledges this. It is emphatic about the role of the national school as the channel for promoting national unity.
  • It is not widely appreciated that the Malay language had for hundreds of years served as the lingua franca— the language that facilitated communication among diverse ethnic communities— of a vast region that is today described as the Malay world. It created a sense of cultural unity and forged an identity— the Malay identity— that transcended ethnicity, making the Malays one of the most cosmopolitan people on earth. In contemporary times, Malay, as Bahasa Indonesia, has also helped to develop a national identity out of tremendous ethnic diversity in Indonesia. Malay can play that role in Malaysia too, if the national school becomes truly national.
  • To become national, the Bahasa Malaysia based school has to emerge as the school of first choice for all Malaysians. Its quality has to improve significantly. Bahasa Malaysia, English and other languages should be taught well. This also applies to other core subjects such as Mathematics, Science and History. Parents will also be impressed by the school if student discipline is strictly enforced within a caring environment.
  • Competent, dedicated teachers would be the essential pre-requisite for such a school system. They should not just impart knowledge and skills but also try to mould the young under their charge into honest and trustworthy human beings. Teachers should treat all students, regardless of their backgrounds, with fairness and a sense of justice.
  • The national school teaching community should be much more multi-ethnic and multi- religious than what it is today. More non-Malays and non-Muslims should be appointed as School Heads and Senior Assistants. At district, state and national levels, the education office or department should reflect the multi-ethnic composition of the nation. Qualified Dayaks and Kadazans should be given administrative roles outside Sarawak and Sabah.
  • What this means is that within the three component elements of the education system — administrators, teachers and students — ability should be recognised and rewarded. It is only when the education system is perceived to be promoting ability and excellence that parents will have the confidence to send their children to the national school. At the same time, the national school should extend a helping hand to the disadvantaged student, irrespective of cultural or religious affiliation.
  • In a nutshell, there has to be a total transformation of the national school. The Ministry of Education, I am sure, is working towards this goal. It is a transformation which will have to be carried out in tandem with other fundamental changes to the education system as a
  • For a start, let us try to reduce the impact of electoral politics upon education and national unity.

    Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan 1Malaysia.

Demi Negara

3 06 2012

Robin Again … BERSIH Filth, Demagogues and Such

I was nodding away during a hyperactive young man’s presentation on some Canadian oil sands investment opportunity at my KLCC office when I received a text message from Robin. Yes, Robin my old buddy.
Robin texted:-
Bosz, I know you always busy. Can meet for makan tomorrow ka? Same place.
“Same place”? That sleazy PJ kopitiam with the horrendous food, bad company, and worst service? But I’ve not had a chat with Robin for a while and I couldn’t ignore an old friend, twisted or otherwise. I accepted his invite and agreed to meet him for late lunch.

I arrived 40 minutes late after wading my way through flooded streets amidst mind-numbing torrential rain. So much for the not-so-SMART Tunnel, the glorified sewer that was supposed to end KL’s flood woes.

Robin was seated in a corner, with glazed eyes and a blank stare to complement his forlorn look. I said, “what’s up buddy; what’s with the sour face?” Robin did not answer my query but instead partake in the Klang Valley ritual of bitching about the ubiquitous traffic jam.

He pointed to the gridlock a few feet from our table to prove his point. I said, “yeah my friend, do you know that your car added to the congestion?” alluding to his illegally-parked Korean sedan blocking one lane of traffic. Robin said, “haiya Bosz, everyone park like that lah. If I don’t park there, someone else will park there one.” I said, “not me, you know where I park my ride? At the private carpark across the street where they charge RM3 per hour.”
Robin protested, “it’s not the money lah …” I said, “of course not. I know you’ll say it is for the convenience.” He nodded while I added, “so for your convenience, you have inconvenienced countless others.” Yup folks, a couple dozen Robins would quickly cripple KL traffic in no time.

The small talk behind us, I summoned the kopitiam worker and ordered the usual fare. This guy named Ameer, an illegal  Bangla who spoke reasonably good Malay (unlike abject BM retard but MyCard carrying Robin) said, “boss, sekarang orang order Ice Blended Coffee, bukan Kopi O Beng, baru ada class.” I looked around at the assorted uncleansed simpletons slurping away at the ice blended whatever but I don’t see any upward revision of their castes and demeanor. I insisted on my Kopi O Beng while Robin fell for the ice blended concoction.

I asked, “yo buddy, what’s up with the dejected disposition? Lost yet again in your nombor ekor bets ka?” while catching a glimpse of a mapiau slip fluttering under his vintage mobile phone. Atau lu baru kasi suap lagi satu orang gomen ka?” Robin replied, “haiyaa Bosz, don’t lah tease me, be serious lah.” I said, ” ok, ok, I’ll try to be serious, but I thought you don’t like it when I’m serious as I tend to demolish every morsel of argument manufactured by your convoluted mind poisoned by the DAP swivel-eyed nut jobs.”

Robin doodled ugly cartoons on the overturned mapiau slip as he touched on the Bersih 3.0 fiasco. I asked, “hmm, so you are sketching Babiga’s face while asking me about the Bersih riots? I didn’t know you can do two things at one time, I’m impressed.” Robin replied, “woii Bosz, Am-bi-ga lah, where got Babiga!” I said, “Babiga, Ambiga, AmbikKau … whatever, but the point is that this bored menopausal meenachi is now unwittingly in bed with the Devil Incarnate himself to fracture, polarise and radicalise Malaysia to a state of existence where ultimately the likes of her would find it too socially distressful to call home.”

  Only in Najib’s 1Malaysia
 Where else could a menoupausal meenachi from a tiny 7% minority cripple the capital of a World Top-20 trading nation with a demonstration over NOTHING spiced with riots and mayhem perpetrated by tens of thousands of clueless PAS and PKR Melayus — the Malai Lembus — whose very actions will only hasten the political erosion of their race in their own homeland.

I told Robin I’m intrigued by the abject failure of the non-Malays, the nons, to figure out Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Perhaps their overriding hatred of the predominant essence of Malaysia — an essentially Malay Muslim country in roots, identity and socio-political outlook with enough wiggle room for dissension by a rowdy, self-alienising pendatang minority inherited from lax British immigration policy — blinded their perception of this character.

All the way back to his student activism days of the early 70s, Brother Anwar takes to chaos and mayhem like duck to water, indeed, as happy as a pig in mud whenever he can hijack other peoples’ causes and create havoc with his coterie of freakish delinquents and miscreants. For the past four decades, Anwar and chaos are synonymous.

Look at his grin below.

This malignant rabble rouser was having the time of his life while directing his malai lembu horde to breach police barricades and invade Dataran Merdeka in contempt of a court order and to wreak havoc and to attack and provoke the hitherto patient police force. Bersih 3.0 was a god-sent for his flailing relevance to Malaysian politics. Is this what Ambiga is about? Reduced to become Anwar’s pliable meenachi; a glorified menial housemaid in the bigger scheme of things; the latest in the long list of Indians misused and abused to the hilt by Anwar to pursue his singular obsession of becoming Prime Minister at all costs?

The Lingering Curse on Malaysia
As long as this raving megalomaniac remain in the political scene,
Malaysia’s social and political climate will continue to be
precariously volatile and combustible.

Actually, Ambiga and her Bersih 3.0 misadventure is just the latest in a long series of social movements latched-on, hijacked, dominated and ultimately destroyed by Anwar. True blue reformists can see this. And many are speaking out against Anwar’s blatant hijacking of their cause like this and this and this and this.

As for Ambiga, she has truly bitten more than she can chew. She cannot just trigger large scale mayhem that caused untold damage to public property and jeopardise the livelihoods of traders dotted inside the riot footprint and then merrily hopped and scotched back to the comfort and security of her posh Bukit Damansara mansion without any recourse to aggrieved parties. Indeed, as to be expected, pissed-off street vendors affected by her Bersih 3.0 riots gave her a taste of her own medicine right on her front gate.

Babiga Burger, Bukit Damansara
Free Bersih 3.0 T-Shirts for every purchase?
If you indulge in street protests, you’ll get street justice.

The Babiga Burger binge was followed by a “butt exercise” in front of Ambiga’s front gate by a group of armed forces veterans.

Butts for Babiga
Brother Anwar would love these gyrating leathery asses on his doorstep.
What next for the Ambiga circus? Titillating tits by the Pan-Malayan Lorry Drivers Association?

According to the Star, the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association pledged more action by army veterans if Ambiga continues to tarnish the country and “warned her not to bring anymore trouble to the country.” The association’s president also challenged Ambiga to take legal action against him and if she does not, a bigger group of butt swaying army veterans would gather near her frontgate.

Robin protested, “why they do this to her?” to which I said, “the affected merchants and concerned citizens likewise asked why she did this Bersih riot thing to them?”

So how now?

A cold, ruthless obstinate perpetrator who wouldn’t listen to reason cannot just conveniently morph into a victim the moment the tide of public opinion turns against her.

This is reality, people. If the means to ease your boredom, to find meaning in your empty life and to tackle bouts of menopausal psychosis is to incite and instigate the people and challenge public order and general public wellbeing, then you must be prepared to face the consequences. Call it karma, call it divine providence, neraka atas dunia or whatever, but you reap what you sow.

I said, “we must also choose our friends wisely. If you sleep with the devil, don’t pretend to be an angel the next day. Ambiga accepted Brother Anwar into her bosom; she is tainted now.”

An irritated Robin added, “o.k. lah Bosz, Anwar has his faults, but he is our best bet against evil UMNO and its coalition running dogs. Anwar will lead us to Putrajaya. He will be the next PM.”

I said, “hey my friend, ‘Anwar has his faults’ is the understatement of the century. This guy is the epitome of the failure of Malaysian democracy. A man of such history and character defects would have long been tossed to the political dumpster in more enlightened democracies. His smörgåsbord of lies (“we have enough seats to take Putrajaya on 9-16″), deceit, treachery, social emotive manipulation and cunning political opportunism could fill a library. This rabid anarchist with a mean streak will go to any lengths to take control of this country and ultimately impose his one man dictatorial rule in a polarised, chaotic country — the way he runs PKR and Pakatan today — in which case you nons would be wailing in futility in your boarded-up ethnic ghettos, regretting your stupidity for the rest of your wretched lives.”

Robin protested, “but Bosz, he has reformed; he is now a good Malay. He promised more empowerment of non-Malays, more cultural space, wau-lau Kit Siang will be the Deputy PM and uncle Karpal can be Law minister and Teresa Kok the Women, Family and Community Development minister, Hannah Yeoh the Tourism minister and Bro Tony Pua would be the economic czar and …”

I interjected:-

“… yeah, and Babiga would be the Chief Justice, Tian Chua the Interior minister, Irene Fernandez can be Human Resource minister and Mat CPM Sabu as Defense minister … and pigs can fly and kucing dah bertanduk and Elvis is sighted at the Tapah R&R gouging on overpriced Musang Kings.”

A flustered and incredulous Robin uttered, “c’mon lah Bosz, why you talk bad about Anwar one? You think Najib and his corrupt UMNO goons are better kah? You dreaming ah? Why Kit Siang or Karpal cannot be DPM? This is our country also maaah.”

I replied, “I’m not ‘talking bad’ about Brother Anwar; I’m just stating the tip of the rotten truth. Sure Najib Razak is far from perfect either; in fact to me he is a jargon-laden soft wimp who has no idea how to forge a cohesive nation based on shared values, shared socio-cultural norms, with one school for all and a dominant national lingua franca. But Najib does not go to town lying about takeover dates or promising the untenable to minority politicians or instigating crowds to break the law and riot at every opportunity and then morphed as the cherubic, angelic victim to the gullible foreign media while dragging Malaysia’s name through the mud of global public opinion.”

People, remember Bersih 2.0 when Brother Anwar put on a not quite convincing dramatisation of being near-death from an imaginary police beating to the amusement of many? This is from the same confidence trickster who manipulated the national psyche with Oscar-winning pantomimes of crippling back problems and horrific arsenic poisoning.

Flashback: Bersih 2.0 
When riots fail, feign near death from police brutality

As for being corrupt, I told Robin that it comes with the territory lah, meaning politics and corruption go hand in hand like nasi lemak and teh tarik or pizza and beer or China-malee lambut kalat female “tourists” with prostitution. Sure, many BN politicians are corrupt. Absolutely no apologies or excuses for the dastardly act. But many PR politicians are corrupted as well, rotten to the core, many ooze sleaze, some are slimy to the touch, and these scums are steadfastly embedded in PAS, PKR and DAP.

Kit Siang or Karpal Singh or even Mr. Irrelevant Loh Gwo Burne or for that matter any MyCard carrying Malaysian as DPM? Yeah sure, if the electorate vote for their party/coalition to command a majority in parliament and they are chosen to lead by their party and coalition partners. Whether its realistic is another thing. And I told Robin don’t lah cry unfair, unfree and unclean elections if his party loses. Indeed, how come there were no complains of unfair, unfree and unclean elections in states won by PR — Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Perak (then)– as well as in many contentious seats won by wafer thin majorities?

Having said all that, the bigger tragedy here is the political stance of the nons. You see, in politics the nons are not objective and far removed from the meritocracy, best-person-for-the-job goobledygook they want the world to believe. They vote on emotions and prejudices. For the past five years, they have been indulging in some sort of self-immolating sado-masochist politics where their irrational provocations may ultimately court Malay Muslim overreaction that would be tragic for all.

The political agenda of the nons, beyond fuzzy little tales of justice, fairness and equality, is singularly dominated by their pathological hatred of the very essence of the Malaysian nation, be it Malay pre-eminence, Malay as the national language, Malay-based symbols of nationhood, the nation’s accepted history, the institution of the Malay royalty, and Malay-based cultural heritage. This racist, subversive sentiment percolates into the cesspool of communal hatred known collectively as the DAP.

But that is only part of the story.

The other, even more tragic, part is the extent the nons go to prop and embellish their Malay frontmen, the malleable Malai Lembus — a necessary evil given demographic realities — to infuse the necessary Malay flavour to their political misadventure. Hence, Brother Anwar, for all his character defects and overall sleazy demeanour, is propped and deified — and repeatedly sanitised amidst his series of lurid scandals — as the “leader” of their anti-Malay revolution. Beyond Anwar, CPM-loving Mat Sabu, the PAS deputy president no less, is a Tuhan-sent. An eclectic collection of pseudo-liberal Malays, Melayu celups, Malay-like nons, semi-Melayu cultural freakzoids and Melayu lost souls form a somewhat palatable veneer over their racist, anti-Malay toxic core.

Hence, we end up with an opposition peppered with shady Melayus (in its various shades and spiritual incarnations) of questionable character in the upper echelons of leadership.

I asked Robin whether this lethal combo of shady Melayus and toxic, subversive nons can actually administer this country? Look at Selangor. Its level of governance and political stability since the 2008 PR takeover is now at Banana Republic level, with the administrative agenda crippled by talks of brothels, sand thieves and water supply issues. And we are talking about the most advanced, the most prosperous state here.

Robin interjected, “but Bosz, the people have spoken. They want free and fair elections. They are fed-up with UMNO’s rule.”

I said, “Free and fair elections? You kiddin me? Was Brother Anwar Ibrahim ever elected as the chairman or leader of Pakatan Rakyat or even his PKR party? No. He proclaimed himself as Ketua Umum, some sort of ‘de facto leader,’ based on what principles? Democracy? That’s laughable.” An ignoramus Robin scoffed, “what’s so funny, Bosz? PKR is a democratic party maah. Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali are fighters for democracy!”

“Fighters for democracy?” Anwar? Azmin? What weed have ya been smokin’ man? Obviously this pathetic little non with a poisoned mind haven’t followed the PKR leadership election sham, with thousands of phantom members voting en bloc for candidates pre-approved by Anwar and Azmin. Digest this and this and this and this.

Before Robin could further articulate his fairytale views, I added, “what about your CPM-incarnate DAP? Got any ‘free and fair elections’ in this father-son party? When was the last time Kit Siang was openly challenged for the leadership? Got right of free expression kah? Look at the ruthless attacks by the DAP leadership and their cyberzealots on the party’s vice-chairman, Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim for his views on lawlessness and violent demonstrations.”

Tunku Aziz, who joined DAP based on his ignorant read of the party’s phony democratic ideals shrouding a subversive, anti-Malay agenda, quit after citing “irreconcilable differences” and reiterating that the plan to sit in at Dataran Merdeka was “clearly against the law,” adding, “I found it extremely difficult to support anyone breaking the law.” Tunku Aziz had earlier said: “Bersih 3.0 organisers are not a group of angels descended from heaven who are completely blameless. The Bersih organisers should accept that there are substantial elements within the rally from people whose intentions were to create havoc and cause chaos as long as it is possible.”

The extent of the DAPster attack on Tunku Aziz, including not renewing his tenure as a senator in the Dewan Negara, reflected their gross misperception of the man. They had brought him on board — complete with a giddy vice-chairman post — to be their prized Melayu puppet, an obedient stooge who will toe the party line, to add legitimacy to the party’s hollow Malaysian Malaysia rhetoric. But the moment this erstwhile stooge speaks his mind, the DAPsters went berserk, almost incredulous at the audacity of this Malai puppet to have an independent viewpoint, to have a mind at all. So much for fighters for democracy. Got free speech ah? Got free thoughts ah?

The Tunku Aziz saga is a scathing indictment of what the DAP is all about. His parting shot, referring to party sec-gen. Lim Guan Eng, said it all: “A deep sense of relief of being freed from the tyranny of a demagogue.” Another Malai Lembu has extricated himself from the subversive shackle and fought back. More to come as they inevitably realise the irrationality of their association with a blatantly anti-Malay, anti-Islam party.

Tunku Aziz’s unceremonious exit is just the latest in a long series of DAP Maoist-style purges. In the past, pragmatists like Lee Lam Thye and Wee Choo Keong were thrown out and today the likes of P. Ramasamy and M. Kulasegaran were treated as nothing more than glorified parias, the obligatory tauyoons. And don’t let me get started on how Brother Anwar’s PKR treats Indians. Even diehard Anwarwallas, Nallakaruppan and Gobalakrishnan, left after realising the absurdity of their existence in this husband-wife-daughter party.

Robin interjected, “but Bosz, many towering Malays have joined the DAP maah. UMNO have no room for these smart people. These good Malays want justice for all.” I said, “yeah my friend, you can see a definite psychotic commonality in these Melayu collaborators. You know, in any form of human conflict through the ages, be it armed, social or political, enemy collaborators are bound to exist. Some do it for the money and promised positions; some just want to gain attention after being rejected by their old party, UMNO; some are just Melayus ingrained with the “hamba” mentality, where they need a foreign Tuan, a Bangsa Asing to lord over them and validate their existence. Yet others are not Melayus in the first place, the type that was brought up by a non-Malay, Muslim-on-paper-only parent and feels stuck and constraint under a Malay skin while he/she is actually a Chinese or Indian or a metallic brown Mat Salleh-wannabe.”

But the sick irony of it all is that after all the berpaling tadah and penderhakaan kepada bangsa charade, these Melayu talibaruts are finding out the painful way at the dire lack of fairness, democracy, fair play and accountability in the DAP itself. Imagine, after enduring scorn and ridicule for collaborating with the anti-Melayu, anti-Islam Maoists, they ended up as third-class Malai puppets, trampled and pinned down by the filthy soles of the gang Bapak-Anak. Pathetic!

“Anyway buddy,” I asked, “you can trust traitors kah? Do you know how collaborators and traitors are dealt?”

Robin whispered, “I don’t know here, but no mercy for these kinds in China during Mao’s era. And it’s even worst in today’s North Korea. Whole families sent to the gulag for life.”

Changing tune, Robin said, “but Bosz, what about PAS? Cannot be bad also lah. These hajis are very alim one, always pray, and treat us Chinese as equals because race doesn’t exist in their religion.” I responded, “ya kah? Then how come PAS always bicker with DAP/PKR in the Kedah government? How come DAP’s biggest enemy in Selangor since PRU12 has not been UMNO but their buddy PAS? How come you people don’t like Hasan Ali?”

Talking about PAS, nothing much to expect from a party led by sleepy mullahs, CPM boot lickers and simpleton comedians and guided by an ignorant village charlatan who actually thinks his flip flops are holy objects capable of bestowing divine blessings on those who stole them from his dusty doorstep. I live part of the year in Kelantan. I can write a thick book on PAS mismanagement in that state. The crumbling or non-existent infrastructure, perennial water woes, incredible lack of basic public hygiene and abject government non-accountability are obvious for all to see.

Now, back to the discussion on democratic ideals, I asked Robin, “remember the ill-fated MCLM, where a bunch of bored, flaccid middle-aged men appointed themselves as the jury, the gate-keeper to chose and “approve” candidates for PRU13? Who the heck do they think they are? Some sort of extra-Constitutional Election Candidate Clearing House? Isn’t their actions tantamount to tampering with the process of democracy, where free and fair elections entail a citizen’s inalienable right to stand as candidates and the public’s right to freely chose its preferred candidate, free from coercion or deception by a bunch of constipated, self-righteous narcissists?”

Robin jumped in, “yor lah Bosz, I agree on that one. This MCLM was led by one beer-drinking Indian fellow with a Malay name and a few of his pub kakis. Waah, they think they can just nominate some friends and force Pakatan parties to accept them as some kind of parachute candidates kah? But now no more MCLM. Sudah kong. Kaput maah.”

Robin added, “anyhow Bosz, I don’t know about you, but I want free and fair elections.”

I said, “yeah, I want free and fair elections too. Free from unsubstantiated claims of fraud and phantom voters and street demonstrations and chaos and mayhem brought about by people who know the only way to gain power is not through free and fair elections but via street violence and revolution by the confused masses.”

I asked, “do you demand free and fair elections by running amok like madmen and madwomen in downtown KL? What if you lose in a free and fair election? Will you accept the result like an honourable fellow, or do you still insist it is not a free and fair election and again run amok like madmen and madwomen in downtown KL and demand the country hold another “free and fair” election. What if you lose again? Another round of demos? So you’ll be running amok like madmen and madwomen in downtown KL after every election rerun until you actually win the election? What if you’ll never win the election? You’ll be running amok like madmen and madwomen in downtown KL in perpetuity? Or do you run amok only in states/seats where you lose? What if UMNO/BN supporters run amok as well in areas where Pakatan wins? So imagine the Pakatan people run amok in Barisan states and the Barisan people running amok in Pakatan states.”

I said, “in that case the whole country will run amok! You really want to see me run amok and use you as target practice for my tekpi, kelewang and kapak bungkus arsenal, not to mention my kris collection?”

Robin protested, “haiyaa, no lah Bosz. We only want to cari makan here maah. Why you like this one?”

“Cari makan?” I asked. “Lu sudah kenyang sampai buncit hamil 3 bulan mau makan apa lagi? Lagi pun, macam mana lu boleh cari makan kalau lu orang sekarang banyak main-main sama api, cari gaduh sana sini? Ini macam bagus kah? Boleh tahan kah?

Indeed, how can all these anarchy be good for the country? Do these Bersih 3.0 instigators care about the country? Do the rioting Malai Lembu stooges even understand the bigger picture? “What about you, Robin?” I asked, and added, “do you even know what you’re fighting for, apart from cheering at some incoherent anti-UMNO, anti-establishment circus?”

Who are the movers, the puppeteers of Bersih? Do they represent the nation in terms of demographics and regional representation or are these people just a lunatic fringe of the minority periphery of Mainstream Malaysiana?

Robin jumped in, “they represent all facets of Malaysia lah Bosz. Semua kaum ada one.” I said, “yeah, tell me about Malay representation. Proportionate or token?”

You see, Malays formed only 28.5% of Bersih’s 21-person Steering Committee, while the nons make up the other 71.5%, with Indians forming the single biggest group. Is this the country’s demographic sampling? How many of these self-appointed caretakers of Malaysian democracy are from the east coast? From the Borneo states? Do they represent me? The almost 70% of Malaysians out there?

Just look at the Bersih demands. How many of those are within the ambit of the Election Commission? And fully four out of the eight demands — free media, strenghtened public institutions, stop corruption, stop dirty politics — are nothing more than vague concepts way beyond the scope of the EC. I say these are not bona fide demands at all but rather whimsical political rhetoric, like some sort of spoiled brat’s Christmas wish list. In fact, the very same four demands could be thrown at the incompetent, bumbling Pakatan state governments of Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan.

Faced with a famine of facts, Robin blurted out, “whatever lah Bosz, but we have the right to support a cause we believe in.” I replied, “o.k. brother, ditto here. But you must at least understand the cause, the struggle, the end game … and not just grin at the sight of the powerless, under-equipped police being attacked by criminal hooligans just because you have been brainwashed by your SJKC roots and your self-alienising community to hate the Malay police and other forms of Malay authority. Now, that is not a fight for democracy; that is just crude racism.”

Look at the so-called Auntie Bersih below. Totally bewildered by conflicting signals — fighting for “freedom” and “democracy” but witnessing the very same freedom being hijacked and brought into disrepute by Brother Anwar’s rampaging mat rempits and sampah masyarakat which she so despise and have little in common. She fights for free speech; but when given the podium by the “alternative media,” she could only shrug in contempt at the polite Malay reporter, brushing him aside with a very rude berambus lah remark. This kind of person is a role model kah? Ada adat Malaysia kah?

This ingrained alienisation — borne of divergent social, educational and linguistic paradigms — is the true target for reform, not the incoherent demands by Bersih.

A visibly flustered Robin changed tune and said, “haiyaa Bosz, the police started it all lah. The Bersih people were peaceful until the fascist cops attacked them mercilessly. So brutal maah.”

I said, “say what? Police brutality? How you know? You were there kah?” Robin replied, “no lah Bosz, I read it on Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider and the Chinese papers maah. The police so damn brutal one.”

I asked, “you want to talk about brutality? How about brutality of the lembus as instigated by Brother Anwar?”

I told him the police showed considerable restraint and were almost sedentary. In some locations, they even exchanged greetings and accepted flowers from some Bersih ladies. They acted — that’s what the police and law enforcement forces are for anywhere on earth — only after the barricades were breached and when the Malai Lembu rioters invaded Dataran Merdeka and wreak havoc on public property and actually attacked the police force.

Robin smirked and queried, “woii Bosz, you dreaming kah. Where got the Bersih people atack the police one? Mimpi kah?”

Mimpi? Dreaming?

Nah, tengok ni. Siapa serang siapa dulu? Si Malai Lembu Unit Amal PAS bahalol tu tahu polis tidak akan belasah mereka pada tahap yang sepatutnya. Jadi beranilah si jaguh-jaguh kampung ni.

Nah tengok, anggota polis kita yang cedera. Dipukul oleh sesama Melayu Islam kita juga. Camni, siapa rugi? Siapa untung?

I said, “woii Robin, anywhere on earth, once you break the law, vandalise public facilities, and attack police officers, of course lah the police will act. Otherwise, what are they there for? Defenseless sitting ducks for the Malai Lembus kah?”

I added, “kalau orang tiba-tiba hantam lu, kasi rosak lu punya harta benda, kasi kacau lu punya anak bini, lu tak mau hantam balik ka?

Robin shot back, “haiyaa, of course lah I will hantam back. Where can allow like this. I will use my ….. umm Bosz, can pinjam your kapak kecik and parang ka? Just in case …”

Ha, there you go. So much for this guy’s phony peaceful disposition. Even a little teaser of physical encroachment by others brought out the ferocious killer animal in Robin. So please lah don’t bark police brutality when all along the perpetrators of the violence came from the Bersih people.

As for our police force, outfit them appropriately lah. Macam mana mau hadapi beribu Malai Lembu gila dengan hanya ber-uniform gaya mata-mata Kampong Telor Dua Butir? Pakai lah riot gear secukupnya. Baru lah boleh belasah si Malai Lembu kaw-kaw, sampai serik hingga ke anak cucu. Dong Zong Donkey Kong ke, Hindraf ke, Unit Amal PAS ke, DAP Socialist Youth ke, mah chai-mah chai Sam kemetot PKR ke … semua boleh kasi belasah cukuuuup, cukuuuup.

Nah Shamsiah Hussein Onn, tengok ni. LAPD punya “FRU.” Barulah boleh berentap betul-betul dengan si Malai Lembu pencacai Babiga tu.

I told Robin I’ve seen first-hand punitive riot police action in my travels over the past three decades. I was caught in the middle of a pitch battle between German skinheads and left-wing anarchists and tough riot police near Munich’s Olimpiastadion some years ago. Brutal affair, with the polizei coming out clear winners after methodically beating the sh*t out of both groups of rioters. Now, that is brutality, though necessary.

Of course, living in Southern California is not complete without getting caught in the occasional insurrection by one of the megalopolis’ myriad of interest groups, ranging from disenfranchised chicanos to gay biker gangs to drunk over exuberant grid iron fans of my famous alma mater. And don’t expect the LAPD and LA Country sheriff deputies to be restrained softees and sitting ducks like the Malaysian cops at Bersih 3.0. They’ll beat the sh*t out of these anarchists to clear the streets and freeways as rule of law takes precedence in those parts.

Nah, a mild sampling of LAPD intolerance of street dissent.

Now, you want to complain about arrests and detentions of the anarchists after they created havoc in downtown KL? You mollycoddled little nons want to use that as fodder against the “cruel regime”? You think the West is better? You kidding me? You want real detention without trial for a crime you didn’t commit?

Check this out.

Did this Daniel Chong or his lawyer cry race or “White oppression against an innocent Chinese youth” in a press conference conducted loudly in Mandarin? Any outcry by the Chinese community in the U.S.? Was this even on their news radar? No. Asian Americans would likely utter “who cares” and “serves this drug delinquent good” for such incidents.

Want more stories of real police brutality? Google Communist China’s bloody occupation of Tibet and East Turkestan and witness the methodical oppression of whole communities by the Han communists.

A defensive Robin scrambled more off-the-cuff dissent when he said, “but Bosz, you cannot just dismiss these Bersih Malay boys as lembus and dumb tools of Pakatan. Surely they must be angry about something, with UMNO’s injustices and corruption and nepotism and cronyism and profiteering and …”

I cut him off, “… yeah, how come they demo only about UMNO/BN ‘injustices and corruption and nepotism and cronyism and profiteering’ and not rampant PKR/DAP/PAS ‘injustices and corruption and nepotism and cronyism and profiteering’ in the states they rule? Unless, of course, it was nothing more than partisan politics — the machinations of one side choreographed by Pakatan puppet masters — to bring down the other side through violent means.”

“But Bosz,” Robin added, “why are they so violently angry, not just angry, but with the energy and vigour to cause mayhem and take on the might of the police?”

I told Robin he should ask that question to his PAS and PKR collaborators. Ask the mullahs and Malay Apologists what message they preached to their congregation, what sort of mischievous propaganda they infused into the minds of these gullible youths.

Robin’s rhetoric aside, I feel the Bersih 3.0 mayhem was reflective of a bigger problem, a structural economic disequilibrium skewed by an unsustainable overdependence on foreign labour. With all forms of labour outsourced to legal and illegal foreign workers, many of these idle, underemployed and unemployable youths have become society’s lost souls. Uneducated; with zero job skills; with neither business capital nor acumen; and afflicted by acute motivational deficiency, this huge and ever growing pool of bored young Melayus are easy prey for political opportunists. And this falls right into Brother Anwar’s territory. Hence, for these idle youths with lots of time in their hands, a little anarchist fix with like-minded friends in downtown KL is more exciting than roaming the shopping malls or watching reruns of Maharaja Lawak Mega or attending mediocre Malaysian Super League matches.

Robin asked, “like this how Bosz? The Melayus beranak banyak maah. More troops for Anwar. Like this Bersih 4.0 will be bigger. Bersih 5.0 even bigger. And then we’ll have MegaBersih!” I told him that may indeed be the prevailing issue for Malaysia for years and decades to come — providing meaningful lives for a burgeoning young population who are academic underachievers and mostly averse to hard work (or any work at all) and with little drive or ambition. An observant Robin added, “how to control this young people explosion ah Bosz? We got no tsunami or volcano or megaquake or tornado. We certainly got no famine, with everyone getting fat and lazy, especially bloggers. We got no wars to fight …” I interjected, “you mean we have no means to cull the population? So you cull by warfare? Then maybe we should go liberate the Malay region of Patani …” Robin said, “Patani? Where is that? Near Pattaya kah? Once this Patani land gets liberated and joins Malaysia, we’ll have even more Melayus to march for the upcoming MegaBersih. Like this how?”

I said, “no my friend, the four million Patani Malays endured over a century of foreign rule. They know that a main cause for their subjugation to Siam in 1902 was their own disunity and the role of Melayu talibaruts in their midst. They will not repeat those follies. And they will make sure new Melayu talibarutswill not appear in this country.”Not satisfied with the underwhelming fare of rock-hard vadey and soggy popiah, I suggested we adjourn to a nearby KFC. With a glint in his little beady eyes, Robin became melodramatic in his abhorrence of the fast food chain. “Haiyah Bosz, where can go there one.” I feigned ignorance and uttered “why?” Robin replied, “you donno ah? Those racist workers will attack us lah. Wau-lau-eh, some even use steel bars maah!” I said, “where got lah my friend. Mana ada guna besi hantam lu orang?” to which Robin interjected, “got lah, they use besi one. Sedap hingga menjilat besi maah …,” alluding to the Colonel’s famous tagline. That brought a hearty laugh out of me, not just at his surprising wit, but also at Robin’s unbridled seriousness about the whole affair.

I said, ‘that KFC fracas is old news lah buddy; anyway, how do you know the ‘victim’ was not the real culprit?” An agitated Robin pointed to KFC Malaysia’s apology, staffers suspended and such.

“You people have some kind of fetish for apologies kah?”, I asked, alluding to the nons’ proclivity to demand apologies for people’s reaction to situations the nons themselves started in the first place. I added, “you blatantly break the law and societal norms and then you go crybaby with your own laughable fairytales of innocence in the predictable DAP media circus (like this and this) and demand apologies from the law enforcers and others who caught you redhanded.”

Robin fired back, “but Bosz, how come you all layanthem and actually apologise? It would just be fodder for more demands for apologies about everything! Haiyaa, when you apologise, you sudah admit guilt lah, betui kah?” I told Robin my own form of “apology” to false accusations and outright lies would be a nice, personalised imprint of my royal knuckles right between the slanties, plus a well-placed kick up where the sun don’t shine with my custom-made platypus beak tipped, koala fur fringed, saltwater crocodile hide wingtips.Anyway, Robin has a point there. I believe this culture of apology — budaya meminta maaf tak tentu hala — started during the dark days of political psychedelia under the stewardship of the sleepyhead PM, the era where sheer political inertia smothered by leadership stupidity and a sense of helplessness emboldened the nons to challenge the very essence of Malaysiana. Remember when the old sleepyhead sent then Home Minister, Azmi Khalid, to Communist China to profusely apologise for alleged police maltreatment of what later turned out to be a Chinoid-looking Malay woman! Even the veritable New York Times headlined the story, mischievously equating the “Chinese” woman’s treatment to American military atrocities at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles, and the rape and killing of ethnic-Chinese women in the immediate post-Suharto Jakarta. Wow! And as if that was not enough, the Times added:-

The Malaysian video has also sparked protests among the country’s ethnic Chinese minority, who say the likelihood that the woman in the video may well have been a Malaysian citizen only attests to the discrimination they face.

Wau-lau-eh. Biar betul Beng. See the crybaby syndrome erupting yet again? And to the Noo Yorkk Times no less! What next? Holocaust? Ethnic-cleansing? Well, looking at the smug faces of the overfed Ah Peks and Ah Sohs and their ching chong ching chong offsprings in their shiny Mercs and Bimmers rolling in and out of KL’s Golden Triangle malls and noisily piggying out amidst 80-dish dim sum spreads while staring contemptiously at the poor natives, I don’t think they are worried about being banished to a tropical Auschwitz anytime soon. The New York Times reporter, in fact, has a far better chance of being mugged and trashed by my Harlem Brathas in his dingy local subway than anything ever happening to these “discriminated” pendatang fat asses in Malaysia.

Oh yes, the moment it was revealed that the “Chinese woman” was actually a run-of-the-mill Melayu lock-up detainee, the DAP-led anti-whatever crusaders whittled into thin air and the “outrage” dissipated faster than Brother Anwar’s quicky with the China hooker. The chief instigator, Teresa Kok, slithered back into her foreskin after leaving a trail of political. social, media and legal mayhem all the way to Beijing and New York. Yup, these DAP slimeballs are far from their phony multiracial, Malaysian Malaysia facade; their party is nothing more than an unbridled Untuk Cina movement of the ultra-totok kind.

As for the KFC incident, the loud-mouthed Ah Beng ultimately got what he asked for after incessantly barking like a bitch in heat at the overworked staffers? Yup, caught on tape (below) posing like a 3-inch dick version of Hulk Hogan while shouting at and provoking the employees to the chagrin of other customers.

   Gelagat si Ah Beng  kemaruk ayam goreng
 Waah, manyak eksi maaa. Lu ingat lu sorang saja kena tunggu ka?
Lain orang boleh sabar, tunggu giliran, order apa saja yang belum habis.
 Tapi apasal lu sorang manyak gelisah? Lu spesial kaa? Betul mau gaduh kaa? Jadi apahat lu komplen bila sudah kena hantam? Apahat manyak manja? Lu bikin provokasi, tapi pura-pura jadi mangsa. Mau kasi satu dunia  kesian sama lu ka? Ini macam punya perangai boleh terima ka? Gua boleh terima lu jadi Rakyat Malaysia sejati sama darjat sama gua ka? Boleh Ka? Patut ka?

Yup, lo and behold; after igniting the mayhem, this little cissy had the nerve to put on a straight face and lie to the media with delusions of victimisation by Malay thugs working at KFC. Of course, the subversive gutter media (Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and such) typically lapped at such news with gusto and fuel yet another round of Malay-bashing by their cyber-choirboys (with Malay rebuttals conveniently moderated away obviously).

Robin’s feeble rebuttal was doused by my sense of wonder at his species. I said, “I just don’t understand you people. You cannot even lose honourably. If you kena tangkap by the police for the myriad of offences (like this and this and this) that seem to permeate your very soul, take it like a man (or a woman) lah! Terima saja laa. Kalau takmau kena cekup, jangan bikin salah laa. Kalau tak mau kena hantam, jangan start dulu laa, jaga mulut sikit laa.” I asked, “Why this need, almost an obligation, to stage sham press conferences in Communist China’s national language with the DAP subversives and turn every single iota of your wretched life into a racist anti-Malay freakshow?”

… and, as expected, the Botak turns up! 
 Haiyaaa …. so typical of these DAP Agent Provocateurs.
First they provoke the Malays, they cause trouble ….
then when the Melayus react, they will cry racism in a
slick press conference ching chong, ching chong, ching chong-ing away in Communist China’s national language geared for the subversive gallery and rollout the whole  
We-Are-The-Innocent-Defenseless-Victims charade for global consumption.
See how fast the DAP subversives grabbed and spin this customer-from-hell episode into a full-blown manifestation of the “brutal repression of the angelic, innocent and faultless Chinese minority by racist Malay bullies.” Look at that botak fellow. Yeah, this Lim Lip Eng character, typical of his Chinese Chauvinist DAP cadres, likes to poke his bald pate into curdling social cesspools to stir enough turd to sustain his party’s untenable Sinocentric stance among the clueless, unwashed masses of debilitatingly alienised nons.

So people, this is the gritty outcome of PM Najib’s 1Malaysia appeasement policy where racial, cultural and linguistic distinctions among our citizens are inexplicably unearthed, revived, propagated and embellished.

Sadly to say, more racist-tinged fracas will appear online as the Malaysian nation morphed from a relatively stable land based on a strong Malay historical, socio-cultural and linguistic essence into a sad, incoherent jumbled collection of angry kaums, bangsas and tribes bent on projecting exaggerated renditions of their ethno-cultural and linguistic specificities.

Robin sat in contemplative silence while compulsively shaking his ice-blended something and loudly slurping the gooey content almost in tacit protest over nothing.

I added, “Like this susah laa. How can you minorities have a meaningful existence in this country if you regularly bitch to the world — in some foreign language no less — on some illusory grand Melayu conspiracy against your pursuit of wealth and happiness … and a place in the next round of Malaysian idol?”

The reigning poster boy of the crybaby species minted
by the SJKC alien-producing factory.
Note the resemblance to the KFC crybaby. The Dong Zong Donkey Kong weirdos have been very effective in forging these lost alien look-alikes in our midst. Seriously people, are these lost souls our future Anak Bangsa Malaysia who will fight for our Tanah Tumpah Darah alongside the Melayus and other Bumiputras? Heck, can these self-alienising beings even communicate meaningfully with the majority in a common language?
Well, since KFC-phobe Robin won’t follow me for some sedap hingga menjilat besi fried chicken, I summoned a waiter to order more food. A vaguely familiar character smiled and chuckled as he shuffled and squirmed towards us through a sea of sweaty torsos pungent with cheap perfume and even cheaper smokes.

“Hallo boss, lama tadak nampak?”

Now, who could this be? By golly, it is “Tyrone”, the bumbling Rohingya PATI who added spice … and broken bowls … to our last visit here a couple of years ago. Tyrone is now the supervisor. He has put on quite a bit of weight and seemed happier.

I asked, “mee kari ada kah” and this triggered laughs all around as we relive the drama of Tyrone’s slippery mishap that ended with five bowls of piping hot curry mee splattered on the floor near my feet.

We ordered curry mee of course, but this time neatly served in individual bowls placed carefully on our table.

With real food on the way, I told a somewhat disconsolate Robin to let go of his argumentative, the-world-owe-us-our-happiness mindset for once and enjoy the fare at this his favourite makan place. Robin said, “ok lah Bosz, arguing with you is very tiring maah, make me hungry one.”

Before long, a more relaxed Robin was feasting his eyes on a group of giggling teenage girls. This closet romeo was beaming ear-to-ear when the girls made suggestive gestures that tantalise his fancy. I said amidst the din of the incoming evening rush hour office worker crowd, “waah buddy, finally your famous ‘clubbing ah mois’ have turned up in this god-forsaken joint. I thought it was just a kinky figment of your imagination. I must admit I’m beginning to find this place a wee bit tolerable now that I have something else to see apart from your Babiga doodlings.”

With his eyes still trained on the new attraction, Robin said, “let me enjoy the view lah Bosz; I know they are not your taste one. You must be the dangdut lady type, what’s her name? Ahh yes, Amelina. Betui kah?”

Amelina who?

KijangMas doing Dangdut? I asked myself. In addition to Springsteen and Dire Straits?

Gaining my composure, I said, “sorry to disappoint you lah friend, but I’m not a dangdut kaki, although the Kelantan version can be quite entertaining. Anyway, forget dangdut. Make way for the real K-Pop, Kelantan Pop that is!”

I added, “by the way ma man, do you know that I used to have a crush on Sara Loo, a somewhat popular Chinese Malaysian singer of the nineties. A surprised Robin uttered, “ahh Bosz, you … have a crush? On some loo lady? Wau-lau-eh, I thought you only crush people, not having a crush on someone. Serious ah Bosz? How did it go? You proposed ah? Tell me lah …”

I said, “whooa, hold on to your smelly underwear man. I didn’t get to meet her lah. Mana boleh propose to someone you tak kenal.”

A bemused Robin went on the offensive, “waah Bosz, I didn’t know you go for Chinese chicks. I thought you want to exterminate us all, or at least sent us back in your famous rickety tongkang.” Half jokingly I said, “well Robin, your suspicions are correct; I want to banish all you ungrateful subversives to Pulau Bidong, off Trengganu … except Sarah Loo and a couple others.”

Robin inquired, “got others kah? Woi, how many Chinese girls you simpan in your closet ah? Got room for me kah? I don’t think I want to go to your Bidong gulag lah. I want to be with your many ah mois. I will be good company for them when you are away … he he. Can ahh Bosz …?”

I replied, “sorry buddy, the ‘couple others’ are Ah Tiam, my trusted auto mechanic; Ah Fatt, my Mr. Kaw Tim who, on very short notice, can arrange anything from dinner party for 20 at some obscure Port Klang seafood paradise to a tuxedo with matching suede shoes; and Ah Seng, my late father’s old sometime butler/handyman/driver who has nowhere else to go.”

A flabbergasted Robin said, “woii Bosz, this is too much. You, Mr.wanna-banish-us-chinkies-from-Malaya, have a closet retinue of one ah moi heartthrob complete with ah pek mechanic, servant and fixer.

This is a revelation!

I must buy four digit number maah. What is your age times your height divided by the square root of your waistline ahh Bosz? The numbers sure win first prize one. Ten Big, Ten Small maah … first prize I will go holiday in Tokyo Disneyland. Oh, you can bring Sara Loo as well. I belanja. But no Ah Tiam, Ah Fatt and Ah Seng lah. Mana ada syiok with these old ah peks in our first class A-380 cabin …”

My pleasantly hilarious premonition of a first class flight aboard a spanking new A-380 with a reincarnated early 1990s Sara Loo and with my buddy Robin fighting over seating arrangements with the three ah peks was rudely cut short by the sound of bowls and chopsticks dumped on our table. An observant Tyrone asked, “waah Boss, pikir apa? Macam tengah mimpi manis saja. Ada bini baru kah?”

I quickly changed the subject and asked Tyrone about his life. Tyrone said he is now a permanent resident, having courted and married a local Malay girl in a whirlwind romance. “Sekarang saya akan jadi Bapa Melayu,” he said. Confused, I asked what that means. Tyrone proudly said, “bini saya sudah 8 bulan mengandung lah boss. Lain bulan, dia kasi lahir saya punya anak. Itu surat beranak kita kasi masuk kaum Melayu lah. Jadi saya jadi Bapa Melayu lah.” I said, “waah, banyak bijak ahh. Awak tak mau balik negeri kah?” to which Tyrone replied, “apa hal balik negeri boss? Sekarang ini Malaysia saya punya negeri. Bini saya Melayu, anak saya Melayu, saya Bapa Melayu. Kami sudah bayar deposit mau beli itu flat kos rendah dekat sana Puchong. Nanti sudah beranak, saya punya bini mau buka warong nasi campur belakang itu Motorola Sungei Way sana. Saya kasi tolong sana lah. Hari-hari cash masyuuuk. Saya banyak syukur sama itu Tuhan Allah.”

Wow, this is the same Rohingya pendatang who could hardly cakap Melayu a couple of years ago. About to become a Bapa Melayu and thrive in his adopted land.

I told Robin my prophecy has rung true. Back in our last meeting here, I said Tyrone would probably overtake him in the social entitlement ladder as he morphs into a Melayu. Between loud slurps of the curry mee, Robin acknowledges my point but his body language revealed an inability to comprehend the delicious irony.

As we sat there quietly consuming our truly Malaysian dish, Penang style curry mee, the logic disconnect and dichotomy of thought between two fellow citizens on all aspects of this country’s life, society and politics encapsulate failed government policy over the decades on unified schools, linguistic commonality and socio-cultural integration.

So folks, brace for more dissension as we further explore the dark crevices of the mind of an alienised Malaysian.

Needless to say, to be continued …

Tidak boleh menggelarkan diri mereka sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia jika apa yang tersemat di hati mereka adalah China.

28 05 2012

Lemahkan PERKASA Tetapi Kuatkan Dong Zong?

Pada 18 Mei, Sin Chew Daily melaporkan bahawa Dong Zong telah keluar dari mesyuarat meja bulat yang dianjurkan oleh kerajaan dalam membincangkan mengenai pendidikan Cina. Mereka mendakwa bahawa mesyuarat itu hanya memberi tumpuan kepada kes-kes teknikal dan kecil tanpa mengambil kira bantahan yang dibuat oleh mereka mereka terhadap guru-guru yang tidak fasih dalam penggunaan bahasa Mandarin yang dihantar ke sekolah-sekolah Cina ‘. Sin Chew telah mencadangkan Dong Zong untuk mengukuhkan lagi kedudukan mereka bagi menangani masalah ini.

Ini bukanlah sesuatu yang baru yang dapat kita lihat dari Dong Zong. Sebaliknya, ia adalah sesuatu yang tidak menghairankan rakyat. Sejak ianya ditubuhkan, puak ekstremis ini tidak pernah menunjukkan semangat toleransi mereka kepada sesiapa pun. kehidupan mereka hanya berasaskan keperluan dan perkara yang yang akan menguntungkan kaum Cina. Kaum-kaum lain dilihat sebagai sesuatu yang tidak memberikan manfaat kepada mereka kecuali sebagai pekerja mereka.

Kepentingan rakyat dan negara juga, tidak ada kena-mengena dengan mereka kerana mereka hidup dalam dunia mereka sendiri dengan tanahair asal mereka yang sentiasa disemat di hati dan minda mereka. Aspirasi kerajaan untuk menyatukan rakyat adalah satu perkara yang tidak pernah terlintas dalam pemikiran mereka.

Jadi, adalah tidak salah bagi kita untuk menyatakan bahawa Dong Zong tidak langsung mempunyai semangat patriotik terhadap negara dan tidak salah bagi kita untuk menyatakan bahawa kita sepatutnya menganggap mereka sebagai kaum pendatang.

Ia adalah jelas bahawa apa Dong Zong mahukan adalah untuk menubuhkan satu lagi kerajaan negara China di seluruh Malaysia di mana semua kaum-kaum lain ‘ditelan’ ke dalam dunia kapitalis Cina. Jika anda mahu bekerja, anda perlu fasih berbahasa Cina dan jika anda mahu menjalankan perniagaan, Hanya orang Cina yang boleh maju kehadapan.

Untuk merealisasikan impian mereka ini, mereka perlu terlebih dahulu memastikan bahawa bahasa Cina dan sentimen kaum Cina menjadi kuat. Dan mereka hanya boleh lakukan ini dengan mengukuhkan kedudukan sekolah Cina di Malaysia.

Inilah perjuangan Dong Zong yang secara terang-terangan melangkaui semangat perkauman yang kuat, ini adalah satu bentuk penjajahan.

Dalam usaha untuk mencapai matlamat untuk membina ‘China di Malaysia’, mereka perlu terlebih dahulu melemahkan budaya kaum-kaum lain, terutamanya peneroka asal, ancaman mereka yang terbesar, yang paling patriotik, orang Melayu.

Jadi mereka kecapi slogan ‘Malaysia pertama, Melayu kedua’, yang membawa maksud kepada orang Melayu perlu meletakkan budaya mereka dibelakang, lupakan bahasa ibunda mereka, mengenepikan dan terima budaya baru, dimana budaya bangsa Cina sebagai budaya utama.

Ancaman hanya mereka untuk mencapai matlamat ini adalah UMNO, lebih-lebih lagi, PERKASA, yang dilihat sebagai kumpulan Melayu yang dikatakan sebagai ekstrem.

PERKASA, bagaimanapun, berjuang demi perpaduan. Logik dan sejarah mengajar kita bahawa perpaduan hanya boleh dicapai melalui sekolah,dimana ianya perlu dibentuk dalam diri seseorang sejak dari kecil lagi. PERKASA sering memperjuangkan perkara ini, sistem persekolahan bagi semua kaum.

PERKASA mengikuti aspirasi kerajaan dalam mewujudkan sebuah negara rakyat Malaysia tanpa perlu menyatakan mana-mana bangsa kita. Tetapi sebelum itu, kita mesti terlebih dahulu bersatu-padu.

Apa yang Dong Zong perjuangkan adalah jauh berbeza berbanding PERKASA. Jadi, PERKASA perlu menjadi dilemahkan – idea negara Malaysia perlu kekal sebagai ‘impian’ semata-mata. Ini adalah kerana hanya ’1Cina’ boleh menjadi aspirasi bagi negara ini, kaum-kaum lain hanya boleh menjadi pekerja.

Dengan Sin Chew meminta agar Dong Zong mengukuhkan kedudukan mereka, ini juga memberi makna bahawa mereka ingin kaum Cina agar membawa sikap perkauman mereka ke arah yang lebih ekstrem.

Kedegilan Dong Zong dalam berurusan dengan parti-parti lain, terutamanya pihak kerajaan, dengan tidak mahu menerima sebarang cadangan hanya menyerlahkan lagi sifat chauvinis mereka. Sikap ini boleh menghancurkan Malaysia dan ini membolehkan Dong Zong menyebarkan ajaran mereka ke seluruh pelusuk negara.

Namun, apakah yang boleh dilakukan agar Dong Zong sedar akan perkara ini dan belajar untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada Malaysia? Apakah cara yang boleh dilakukan untuk menyedarkan puak-puak ini?

Lambat laun, Dong Zong mungkin akan sedar bahawa seseorang itu tidak boleh menggelarkan diri mereka sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia jika apa yang tersemat di hati mereka adalah China. Jika seseorang itu tidak belajar di sekolah Cina, itu tidak memberi maksud bahawa mereka bukan sebahagian daripada kaum Cina.

‘Terlalu bertoleransi’ kerana takut hilang kuasa.

5 05 2012

  • (Sinar Harian 16 Apr 2012)
  • Setiap kali bila isu pendidikan vernacular disentuh, saya diserang habis-habisan. Kedua ibu bapa saya, terutama ibu saya yang baharu sahaja meninggal, dihina dan dikutuk, menggunakan perkataan yang amat lucah. PengIslaman sayapun dikeji. Perkataan khitan (bersunat) dipermain-mainkan, hanya kerana saya tidak kulup lagi. Sehingga Yang di-Pertuan Agong yang tidak bersalah pun dibabitkan sama. Lebih serius lagi, ada ugutan mencederakan saya. Jika di Singapura, tempat yang menjadi pujian dan pakatan ultra kiasu, sudah lama mereka ini dihumban ke dalam penjara. Tetapi di negara kita, begitulah keadaannya, ‘terlalu bertoleransi’ kerana takut hilang kuasa.
  • Persoalannya, di mana salah saya? Apakah yang dilontarkan itu tidak benar? Jika menyimpang, perbetulkan. Itu baru namanya, kita orang yang bertamadun. Bukannya menganggap diri bertamadun, tetapi berpelakuan amat hina,  berfikiran dan bertindak seperti orang hilang akal. Kenapa diri atau peribadi yang diserang, bukan hujah yang dibahaskan? Saya menghormati mereka yang berlapang dada dan dapat membincangkannya dengan baik.
  • Baiklah, jika masih tidak berpuas hati, saya akan ulangi apa yang telah ditulis sebelum ini. Buktikan kepada saya di manakah negara dalam dunia ini memberikan kebebasan mendapat pendidikan perkauman sebegini rupa?  Ataupun sekurang-kurangnya menyamai sedikit apa yang dilakukan oleh negara kita? Tidakkah Malaysia adalah syurga kepada kaum selain Melayu dalam mengekalkan identiti dan jatidirinya? Kita terus kekal seperti mana asalnya, tanpa langsung diusik dan dijentik. Anak Cina/India kekal tulen Cina/India, malah lebih Cina dari di China. Di China pun tidak ada kebebasan dan tidak setulen seperti ini? Apa lagi yang kita mahu? Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak yang mempunyai lebih hak pun jarang bertindak seekstrem kita hari ini.
  • Saya harap pihak berkuasa tidak akan tunduk demi masa depan negara tercinta ini. Jika kita tunduk, maka tergadailah maruah dan jati diri sebuah negara yang terletak di kepulauan Melayu. Apakah mungkin manusia mati meninggal nama? Pada saya, jika harimau mati meninggalkan belang, gajah mati meninggalkan gading. Apakah mungkin Melayu mati, di mana tulangnya? Sepuluh jari saya susun jika orang Melayu tersinggung dengan tulisan ini. Terimalah muhasabah ini dengan lapang dada, kerana ikatan agama kita teramat kuat daripada ikatan bangsa membuatkan saya berani bersuara.
  • Saya sudah tidak rasa diri berbangsa, kerana Islam mengajar saya, Allah tidak akan tanya dikubur nanti, apa bangsa kamu! Cina atau Melayu! Tetapi pertanyaan yang amat takut tidak dapat dijawab, walaupun soalannya telah bocor, adalah “siapakah Tuhan kamu”? “Apakah agama kamu”? dan sebagainya. Wahai rakan seagamaku, percayalah dalam hati ini, tidak ada kepentingan lain, melainkan untuk melihat agama Islam dan umatnya, dibela dan terbela, disanjung dan dijunjung, terus kekal di bumi bertuah ini. Bukannya, dihina dan dipijak-pijak. Saya sudah tidak hirau lagi dituduh pengkhianat, hatta disuruh jangan lagi menggunakan surname TEE.
  • Saya tidak pernah diupah oleh Umno untuk menulis, mahupun menerima habuan Umno atau pihak ketiga. Saya tidak akan bersuara, jika semuanya teratur dan berjalan dengan baik. Saya tidak mahu mencari masalah. Saya mahu hidup aman, bebas dari kutukan, makian, hinaan dan cercaan orang lain. Namun, apakan daya, selagi Islam dan umatnya tidak terangkat dan terdarjat, selagi itulah perjuangan tidak selesai. Mudah-mudahan Allah memberi kekuatan dan membuka hati kita semua. Ia perlu dilakukan dengan cepat, kerana masa tidak menunggu kita. Jika kita terus berpolitik, saya bimbang, kesempatan mungkin tidak datang untuk kali kedua. Sementara berkuasa, lakukanlah yang terbaik untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.
  • Ultra kiasu sudah menjadi terlalu kuat. Semakin terus menggunakan segala ruang dan peluang pada waktu kritikal ini, kerana mereka takut ruang dan peluang ini mungkin tidak datang lagi, walaupun mereka tahu ruang dan peluang itu masih terbuka luas, dengan adanya orang Melayu Islam yang belot bersama mereka, sepakatan dengan mereka. Justeru, wahai saudaraku, sekali lagi saya paparkan apa yang telah diberikan selama ini, selain daripada tuntutan ultra kiasu yang terbaru. Bacalah, saya tidak akan ulangi lagi.
  • Pertama, SJKC sebenarnya tidak boleh disentuh sejak kewujudannya. Kita hanya berjaya menyeragamkan silibus pelajaran daripada berkiblat negara asal kepada silibus kita. Itupun masih lagi dipersoalkan, kerana penyeragaman itu tidak berlaku secara menyeluruh kerana kita terus tunduk.  Subjek Bahasa Melayu walaupun telah diseragamkan, tetapi teksnya tidak sama berbanding aliran kebangsaan. Bahasa Melayu di SJKC/T lebih mudah, berbanding sekolah kebangsaan. Penyeragamanya ditentang oleh ultra kiasu kerana jika diberatkan bahasa Melayu, penguasaan bahasa ibunda akan berkurang.
  • Kedua, cadangan penambahan waktu pengajaran dan pembelajaran (P&P) bahasa Melayu di SJKC juga gagal. Cadangan kerajaan ditolak mentah-mentah. Alasannya, jika ditambahkan waktu P&P bahasa Melayu, ia akan mengambil ruang masa subjek bahasa ibunda. Penguasaan bahasa ibunda akan terjejas.
  • Ketiga, cadangan P&P subjek sejarah (Malaysia Negaraku) di sekolah rendah, untuk meningkatkan semangat patriotism. Pun tidak berjaya. Jika subjek ini mahu diajarkan juga, mesti diajar dalam ibunda, bukannya dalam bahasa Melayu, kerana akan menjejaskan penguasaan bahasa ibunda.
  • Keempat, kegagalan Sekolah Wawasan. Semua Sekolah Wawasan yang telah didirikan gagal untuk menarik perhatian orang Cina. Alasannya, percampuran dengan orang lain, akan mengurangkan penguasaan bahasa ibunda. SJKC mesti beroperasi dengan penuh kecinaan, baru murid-murid dapat menjadi Cina tulen.
  • Pokoknya, mereka tidak mahu menjadi Cina Pisang. Titik. Mereka mahu jadi secina cinanya. Persoalannya, apakah tindakan sebegini baik untuk pembinaan sebuah negara bangsa? Mereka tidak mahu dikaitkan dengan Melayu. Dengan orang putih tidak mengapa.
  • Pendek kata, ultra kiasu langsung tidak mahu bahasa ibunda mereka cair. Sebarang gugatan akan ditentang habis-habisan, tanpa memikirkan agenda negara. Pada mereka, biarlah anak-anak mereka langsung tidak tahu berbahasa Melayu, asalkan mereka mesti tahu berbahasa Cina.
  • Fikirkanlah wahai pemimpin sekelian. Benar, undi dan pengekalan kuasa penting. Tetapi fikirkanlah kepentingan agenda membina negara. Saya tidak menjadi masalah atau tidak pernah risau, jika perkara ini berlaku di negeri China, tetapi ingatlah kita berada di Malaysia, perkataan ‘Malay’ itu masih wujud, dengan sedikit penambahan perkataan ‘Sia’. Jika tidak berlaku kemasukan Sabah dan Sarawak, negara ini akan terus kekal dengan nama Tanah Melayu. Bayangkan jika perkara ini terus berlaku, sedangkan namanya masih kekal Tanah Melayu. Bolehkah sejarah ‘Tanah Melayu’ dipadamkan begitu sahaja?
  • Profesor Madya Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah
  • Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

Kerajaan yang lemah juga bertanggungjawab terhadap polarisasi perkauman yang semakin meluatkan

30 04 2012

Bahaya tuntutan ultra kiasu

  • Ahad lalu kita dikejutkan dengan Perhimpunan 325 ultra kiasu sekitar kolej perkauman mereka, ala universiti merdeka di Kajang. Saya tertanya-tanya bagaimana perhimpunan perkauman sebegini diberikan permit. Sepatutnya ISA lah jawapannya. Tetapi kita tidak pernah lakukan. Ini toleransi dan mulianya hati budi pemimpin. Berbanding dengan undang-undang di Singapura, panggilan ‘anjing’ sudah membolehkan seseorang itu dipenjara atau didenda dan beberapa kemudahan ditarik balik. Di negara kita, tiada sebarang tindakan dikenakan walaupun perkataan lebih hina dan lucah digunakan serta sentimen perkauman dimainkan.
  • Saya telah pergi ke kolej yang dipunyai oleh ultra kiasu ini (tempat perhimpunan) enam tahu lalu. Operasinya langsung tidak mencerminkan identiti kebangsaan, sama seperti kolej di negeri China. Laman webnya pun langsung tidak menggunakan bahasa Melayu. Saya tidak faham bagaimana kolej ini boleh diikhtiraf sebagai salah satu IPTS negara ini. Apa boleh buat, semua telah diluluskan. Kita tidak pernah bertegas, malah semakin tunduk kepada tuntutan dan tekanan. Malang sungguh negara ini, identiti kebangsaan langsung tidak tertonjol,yang menonjol adalah identiti orang lain.
  • Beberapa laman web ultra kiasu melaporkan perhimpunan tersebut disertai oleh lebih 5000 orang. Manakala akhbar ultra kiasu melaporkan lebih 7000 orang. Angka tidak penting, walaupun sering dimanipulasikan oleh akhbar ultra kiasu untuk menunjukkan mereka hebat. Tidak mustahil bilangannya agak ramai kerana jika pelajar-pelajar dan ibu bapa kolej ultra kiasunya turun, sudah cukup mendapatkan angka tersebut. Pada saya, perhimpunan ini tidak perlu dianggap sebagai satu gugatan. Apa yang penting adalah tindakan pro aktif kita, bukan action oriented, takut kepada mereka. Agenda kebangsaan mesti diperkasakan daripada agenda perkauman komunis mereka.
  • Tuntutan mereka amat tidak logik dan begitu ektrem. Inilah strategi komunis yang dipakai sekian lama. Walaupun komunis telah tiada, tetapi pemikirannya masih kuat. Tuntut sebanyak-banyaknya, mereka tahu kerajaan tidak akan tunduk. Namun, kerajaan akan beri sedikit. Pemberian sedikit itulah kemenangan terbesar buat mereka. Kerajaan sepatutnya sudah dapat membaca strategi lapok ini. Jangan gentar sama sekali dengan ugutan menjelang pilihan raya. Biar kalah, tetapi bermaruah, daripada menang, tetapi tergadai segala-galanya. Generasi akan datang menderita. Kita akan dikutuk sampai bila-bila
  • Antara tuntutan kumpulan ultra kiasu ini adalah;
    • Pertama, segera keluarkan guru Cina yang tidak latar belakang sekolah Cina atau mengambil mandarin dalam sijil SPM.
    • Kedua, sediakan kursus khas bahasa Cina kepada guru yang mengajar Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris, minima tiga tahun, supaya mereka dapat menguasai ketiga-tiga bahasa ini.
    • Ketiga, rombak silibus latihan perguruan supaya guru bahasa Cina benar-benar layak untuk mengajar bahasa Cina.
    • Keempat, rombak akta pelajaran bagi memastikan sekolah vernakular dilindungi dan setaraf dengan sekolah kebangsaan.
  • Siapakah ultra kiasu ini yang begitu biadab dan kurang ajar, yang begitu berani mencabar kerajaan? Mereka tidak layak hidup di negara bertuah yang memberikan banyak kebebasan sehinggakan identiti negara tidak terserlah. Tuntutan ini amat tidak masuk akal. Sebahagian orang Cina sendiri tidak selesa dengan tuntutan terlalu ultra ini. Justeru, tidak wajar kita salahkan semua orang Cina.
  • Saya cadangkan ultra kiasu membawa tuntutan yang boleh memporakperandakan negara ini ke negara komunis China. Saya amat yakin, komunis China pun tidak dapat menerimanya walaupun berkaitan dengan agenda bangsa Cina, kerana memberi ancaman kepada keselamatan kerajaan. Tidak perlu pergi jauh, lihatlah berapa ramai yang menjadi korban dalam peristiwa Tiananmen 1989, hanya kerana mereka menuntut kebebasan dan demokrasi? Seramai 400-800 orang (The New York Times) telah menjadi korban dan ribuan cedera. Selain tindakan ketenteraan, kerajaan China telah melakukan penangkapan besar-besaran untuk menyekat kebangkitan penunjuk perasaan dan pengikut pro demokrasi di seluruh China.
  • Media asing diharamkan dari membuat liputan. Media awam dikawal dalam membuat segala liputan media mengenai kejadian tersebut. Lihat betapa bertuahnya negara ini, media ultra kiasu mempropagandakan isu ini tidak pernah habis dan terus memainkan sentiment perkauman. Kita terus berlembut. Jika adapun tindakan, hanya surat tunjuk sebab dan amaran, pun tidak berani menjentiknya. Kenapa? Takut mereka tidak mengundi kita. Nasihat saya, berilah sebanyak manapun, ultra kiasu tidak akan mengundi kita.
  • Apa yang dibuat oleh kerajaan kita terhadap perhimpunan perkauman ini? Boleh dikatakan tiada. Mereka terus melakukan provokasi. Jika Kementerian Pelajaran tunduk kepada tuntutan ultra ini, maruah kita berada di tahap yang paling hina dan amat rendah sekali. Jangan terlalu mengharapkan undi sehingga maruah dan harga diri negara ini tergadai. Pentingkan agenda kebangsaan berbanding agenda bangsa. Jika mereka benar-benar ikhlas sudah tentu agenda kebangsaan (bahasa Melayu) dibincang atau dibawa bersekali. Ini tidak, semuanya mesti cina, cina dan cina seperti di negeri China.
  • Mereka tidak pernah risau sebahagian produk SJKC yang langsung tidak boleh menguasai dan berkomunikasi dalam bahasa kebangsaan. Malah mereka tutup kedua-dua belah mata. Masalah yang dihadapi oleh kementerian pelajaran, langsung tidak mahu diambil tahu. Mereka hanya tahu hak mereka mesti dipenuhi. Hak orang lain langsung tidak dihiraukan. Sedangkan toleransi kerajaan sudah sampai ke tahap maksimum. Tindakan sebegini hanya akan membuahkan dendam.
  • Dalam pembinaan negara bangsa, tidak salah jika orang Cina kurang sedikit kecinaannya, lebih kepada kemalaysiaannya. Lagipun mereka bukan bangsa majoriti. Barulah betul dikatakan Malaysian first. Saya tidak nampak identiti dan jatidiri orang Melayu dan bumiputera hari ini begitu terangkat dan terdarjat walaupun mereka adalah majoriti. Mereka sanggup berkorban menggadaikan identiti bangsanya, demi menjaga hati orang lain. Namun, madu dibalas tuba. Ingatan saya kepada kerajaan, jangan biarkan pemikiran komunis ini menguasai kita.
  • Toleransi kita sudah tidak ada tolok banding. Dahulu, terdapat peruntukan Akta Pelajaran 1961 memberi kuasa mutlak kepada Menteri Pelajaran untuk menghapuskan sekolah vernakular. Sebagai menghormati hak bangsa lain, peruntukan ini telah dimansuhkan dalam Akta Pelajaran 1996. Menteri Pelajaran tidak ada kuasa lagi menghapuskan sekolah vernakular. Nampaknya, pemikiran komunis tidak pernah menghargai toleransi kerajaan.
  • SJKC yang dahulunya dikategorikan sebagai sekolah bantuan modal, hari ini hampir ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan. Ini tidak termasuk hampir 400 SJKC yang dibina sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan termasuk bangunan dan tanah. Menjelang pilihan raya, ke mana sahaja Perdana Menteri membuat lawatan ada sahaja SJKC/T baru yang diluluskan. Rumah ibadat janganlah dicerita.
  • Saya tidak pasti penambahan Sekolah Kebangsaan dan sekolah agama, sebab tidak dilaporkan. Yang pasti, bangsa lain semakin mendapat tempat dan diraikan menjelang pilihan raya umum. Tidak cukup dengan itu, kaduk terus naik junjung, mereka terus mendesak ditambah lagi, seolah-olah tidak pernah cukup, termasuk penambahan Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan (SMJKC) dan Sekolah Persendirian Cina serta sijil-sijil sekolah perkauman (UEC) yang mesti diikhtiraf.
  • Maka tidak hairanlah, baru-baru ini Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi telah menerima 146 institusi pengajian tinggi di China menjadi kumpulan pertama yang diiktiraf Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia (MQA), susulan Perjanjian Pengiktirafan Seiring (MRA) yang ditandatangani Malaysia dan China pada 28 April 2011.
  • Antara universiti China yang diiktiraf ialah Universiti Anhui, Universiti Beihang, Universiti Fudan dan Universiti Donghua. Ini tidak termasuk kerjasama dengan Taiwan. Saya tidak menolak akan kerjasama tersebut, tetapi apakah mekanisme seterusnya. Siapakah yang akan belajar di sana? Apakah kritirianya? Menggunakan SPM atau UEC? Bagaimana pemantauan boleh dilakukan dengan lambakan IPTS perkauman yang tidak terkawal terutama kolej ultra kiasu di Kajang itu. Selepas ini dan selama inipun mereka terus mendesak supaya agar graduan-graduan mereka ini diterima memasuki perkhidmatan awam tanpa syarat.
  • Jika demonstrasi inilah yang mahu dijadikan ukuran untuk menggegarkan kerajaan, saya fikir sekolah agama rakyatpun akan berdemonstrasi juga. Lihatlah dan pergilah membuat lawatan ke sekolah agama rakyat, ibarat segan mati tak mahu. Pernahkah orang Islam membuat tunjuk perasaan seperti ultra kiasu. Sedangkan hak Islam dan orang Islam dijamin dengan jelas dalam perlembagaan, terutama perkara berkaitan dengan pembinaan institusi Islam yang mesti dibiayai oleh negara.
  • Saya tidak pernah risau majoriti mereka mengejek timbalan menteri pelajaran ketika perhimpunan. Ini sebahagian daripada taktik strategi mereka. Selepas ini perkara ini akan dibawa kepada menteri pelajaran dan diminta menebuskan balik penghinaan tersebut untuk menagih simpati. Akhirnya, kerajaan jadi sedih bersimpati, dan memberikan segala tuntutan mereka. Taktik lapok ini sudah lama saya fahami. Bila tuntutan itu dipenuhi, malah menteri tersebut akan dijulang kembali oleh ultra kiasu.
  • Bayangkan jika kita tunduk kepada tuntutan tersebut, apakah akan terjadi kepada agenda kebangsaan dan pembinaan negara bangsa. Saya menyeru kepada Umno dan Pas, jangan tunduk kepada ultra kiasu ini. Sama ada dipenuhi atau tidak, tuntutan mereka, mereka tidak akan mengundi Umno (BN) dalam pilihan raya akan datang. Bukti yang ada sudah cukup jelas. Jika diberi, bermaharajalelalah mereka. Jika tidak diberikan pun, mereka masih menang, kerana mereka sudah ada wakil dalam BN dan kerajaan ultra kiasu di beberapa negeri.
  • Justeru, janganlah lihat demonstrasi ultra kiasu ini sebagai ancaman. Tetapi lihat demontrasi itu sebagai peluang untuk kita memperkasakan agenda kebangsaan, bukannya tunduk kepada pemikiran komunis ini .
  • Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah
    Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

Komunis menggunakan sekolah Cina untuk menyebarkan fahaman mereka?

17 04 2012

Jangan hancurkan masa depan negara

(Sinar Harian 2 Apr 2012)

Lanjutan daripada artikel saya minggu lalu bertajuk “bahaya tuntutan ultra kiasu”, ekoran perhimpunan bantahan mengenai masalah kekurangan guru di Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC), saya telah menerima begitu banyak emel, terutama kalangan guru-guru bukan Cina, termasuk guru Cina (Muslim) yang mengajar di sana. Mereka melahirkan rasa amat tidak selesa dan tidak berpuas hati dengan tindakan ultra kiasu itu.

Salah seorang daripadanya, Anuar Koh (Cina Muslim) yang mengajar di SJKC, amat bimbang mengenai usul ekstrem yang dikemukakan dalam perhimpunan tersebut. Antaranya, menggesa Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia supaya menarik balik penempatan semua guru yang tidak berkelayakan Bahasa Cina termasuk guru-guru Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris yang ditempatkan ke SJKC. Mereka juga mendesak Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia menempatkan semula guru-guru yang berkelayakan Bahasa Cina ke SJKC yang dipindahkan sebelum ini.

Ini adalah strategi yang amat licik ultra kiasu untuk menjadikan SJKC sarang orang Cina, tanpa ada bangsa lain, seolah-olah berada di China. Amalan selama ini, guru-guru bukan Cina seperti guru-guru Melayu, India atau kaum lain, ditempatkan di sekolah Cina untuk mengajar matapelajaran Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris. Mereka ini memang tidak ada kelayakan Bahasa Cina, atau mendapat kepujian atau kredit dalam Kertas Bahasa Cina dalam SPM. Adalah sesuatu yang amat sukar untuk mencari guru bukan Cina boleh menguasai bahasa Cina. Ultra kiasu mahu mewajibkan mereka memahaminya. Ultra kiasu ini siapa sebenarnya?

Persoalan, kenapa anak-anak Cina ini langsung tidak mampu berbahasa kebangsaan? Apa yang dilakukan saban hari di rumah? Kenapa mereka boleh menjadi sebegitu jahil dalam memahami agenda negara? Kenapa apabila kita pergi ke luar negara seperti Jepun, Korea, Perancis, German dan lain-lain, kita tidak wajibkan mereka memahami bahasa Melayu terlebih dahulu sebelum mengajar bahasa mereka terhadap kita.

Suka atau tidak, tahu atau tidak, kita kena paksa diri, mesti belajar bahasa asing, jika mahu berada di negara mereka dan menimba ilmu mereka, walaupun sepatah haram bahasa mereka tidak difahami. Akhirnya, fasih juga kita berbahasa asing. Ini bukan soal guru atau apa, tetapi soal sama ada kita sensitif atau tidak, dengan agenda membina negara atau kita terlalu perkauman? Sosialisasi politik kita sama ada di dalam rumah mahupun di luar rumah amat perkauman. Tidak ada keinginan langsungkah untuk bercakap sepatah dua bahasa Melayu di rumah?

Jika kerajaan tunduk kepada tekanan ini, maka niat mereka hendak menghalau semua guru bukan-Cina atau Cina yang bukan berpendidikan Cina akan tercapai. Mungkin sebagai langkah taktikal, tuntutan 325 hanya mahu pihak kementerian ‘menghalau’ guru-guru sedemikian yang ditempatkan tahun ini. Tetapi, kalau tuntutan yang berbau perkauman yang amat ultra ini dilayan, maka, langkah seterusnya tentulah untuk menghalau semua sekali guru-guru bukan Cina.

Menurut sejarahwan Inggeris yang banyak menulis mengenai sejarah orang Cina di Malaysia, Victor Purcell, ketika berlaku penghijrahan, bukti-bukti menunjukkan, komunis menggunakan sekolah Cina untuk menyebarkan fahaman mereka. Saya tidak kata ianya berlaku di SJKC kini. Saya cuma tidak mahu kita mengulangi kesilapan demi kesilapan. Takkan kita sanggup melihat sesebuah institusi kepunyaan kerajaan dihuni oleh satu bangsa sahaja. Di sekolah agama dan di UiTM pun tidaklah sebegitu ekstrem. Masih ada wajah-wajah bukan Melayu.

Lantaran, saya amat tidak faham dan amat sedih bagaimana pemimpin kanan Pas begitu tergamak mengangkat tangan setinggi-tingginya, menyertai perhimpunan ini dalam usaha mereka hendak menghalau semua guru bukan Cina, terutamanya Guru Melayu (termasuk India), keluar dari SJKC. PKR usahlah dicerita, mereka hanya mabuk kuasa.

Dengar khabar, pertubuhan ultra kiasu ini sedang merancang untuk menghalau semua murid bukan Cina yang sekarang belajar di SJKC, atas alasan murid-murid bukan-Cina telah menghalang perjalanan licin pengajaran Bahasa Cina. Untuk merealisasinya, langkah pertama ialah dengan menghalau dahulu guru bukan Cina, kemudian dikuti murid bukan Cina sebagai langkah kedua. Berbeza dengan SJKC di luar bandar, mereka akan berkempen habis-habis agar orang Melayu menghantar anak mereka ke sana. Ia bertujuan memastikan SJKC ini survive, walaupun terletak di kawasan Melayu.

Jika perancanganlicik ini berjaya, pertubuhan ultra kiasu, dengan sokongan kuat dari Pakatan Rakyat yang begitu yakin akan menang dalam PRU 13, akan menetapkan perlunya kelayakan Bahasa Mandarin bagi mereka yang ingin terus menginap di Malaysia. Pada masa itu, semua orang Melayu akan dihalau keluar Malaysia jika tidak berkelayakan Bahasa Mandarin.

Dalam perhimpunan tersebut, selain membidas kerajaan kerana tidak pernah mahu menyelesaikan masalah kekurangan guru di SJKC sejak tahun 1968 sehingga kini, mereka turut memperlekehkan pembinaan Menara Kembar Petronas KLCC dan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) yang dianggar membazir berbanding dengan pelaburan dalam pendidikan Cina.

Pertanyaan saya, buktikan SJKC boleh memenuhi agenda nasional negara? Bagaimana dengan produk SJKC yang langsung tidak boleh berbahasa Melayu? Kajian menunjukkan, orang Cina aliran kebangsaan lebih mudah bergaul dengan orang Melayu berbanding produk SJKC.

Kebimbangan saya lagi, Kementerian Kewangan mengumumkan minggu lalu, pengecualian cukai akan diberikan kepada mereka yang menderma secara tunai kepada sekolah dan rumah ibadat, tertakluk kepada pindaan undang-undang Akta Cukai 1967. Sebelum ini, Menteri Pelajaran ada mencadangkan agar derma Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG) turut diberikan pengecualian cukai. Saya tidak pasti sejauhmanakah perkara ini telah berjalan dan dibincangkan.

Cadangan ini amat baik. Tetapi sebelum dilaksanakan, kajian mendalam perlu dilakukan terlebih dahulu, bukannya dengan membuat keputusan politik. Menggalakkan orang menderma adalah amalan mulia dan dapat mengukuhkan kewangan sekolah dan rumah ibadat. Apabila sudah mempunyai kewangan yang kukuh, sudah tentu ia dapat berfungsi dengan lebih efektif. Namun demikian, perlu juga difikirkan bersekali dengan implikasinya. Tindakan ini tidak menguntungkan agenda kebangsaan, malah akan menjadi identiti kebangsaan semakin pupus. Paling membimbangkan agenda perkauman semakin menebal, kerana logiknya setiap kaum akan membantu institusi masing-masing. Perkara ini telah berlaku sekian lama. Tanpa bantu kerajaanpun, institusi mereka tetap megah berdiri. Bayangkan jika semua bertindak menghulurkan derma mengikut institusi kaum, mampukah umat Islam bersaing dengan mereka?

Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah
Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

Mereka mahu mengubah Perlembagaan Negara – Sampai bila kita harus bertolak-ansur?

5 04 2012

Kenapa puak-puak EKSTREMIS ini TIDAK dianggap cuba meLANGGARi PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA?



Kalau DULU kita sering diKEJUTkan dengan penCAPAIan CEMERLANG murid-murid kaum CINA dalam peperiksaan AM seperti SPM atau PMR.. Sekarang ini semakin ramai murid-murid kaum LAIN menDAPAT keJAYAan yang serupa.. Dalam KONTEKS ini, kita meLIHAT perKEMBANGan bahawa keBIJAKsanaan itu bukan lagi MILIK satu-satu KAUM.. Mana-mana KAUM pun boleh menjadi BIJAK asalkan berUSAHA dengan JUJUR dan IKHLAS.. Malangnya, ada jugak puak-puak EKSTRIMIS dalam kaum CINA ini yang GAGAL meLIHAT REALITI sebenar dan berSIKAP semacam mereka aje yang BIJAK!

Apabila memBACA TULISan juruBLOG SatD, kita hanya mampu mengGELENGkan KEPALA meLIHAT bagaimana puak-puak EKSTREMIS ini begitu berNAFSU mahu mengubah POLIRALISASI NEGARA ini yang MAJORITInya adalah Melayu/BUMIPUTERA.. ->KLIK<-

Dengan kata lain, mereka ENGGAN menerima Sistem PENDIDIKAN KEBANGSAAN sedia ada sebaliknya masih mahu memperTAHANkan sekolah-sekolah VERNAKULAR ciptaan mereka yang semakin TIDAK relevan pada ZAMAN ini.. Kenapa tak sekolah aje kat China? Ooo.. Rupanya kat China pun mereka ini cuma mampu belajar SASTERA aje..

Ilmu apa pun sebenarnya boleh diPELAJARi di NEGARA ini.. Bahasa hanyalah sebagai MEDIUM untuk pemBELAJARan.. Kalau nak belajar BIO-Teknologi dalam bahasa KEBANGSAAN pun boleh.. Malah, dalam KONTEKS NEGARA ini yang jelas tercatat dalam Perlembagaan NEGARA bahawa bahasa Melayu adalah Bahasa KEBANGSAAN, jelas sekali TUNTUTan puak EKSTREMIS ini sudah TIDAK RELEVAN langsung! Mereka hanya menCIPTA alasan-alasan yang TIDAK MUNASABAH untuk meWAJARkan penerimaan sekolah-sekolah VERNAKULAR ciptaan mereka yang TIDAK diMINATi oleh kaum sendiri!

Apakah OBJEKTIF sebenar mereka? Sudah tentu mereka mahu mengUBAH PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA ini.. Selama ini pun mereka TIDAK pernah mengIKTIRAF perkara-perkara dalam PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA seperti Bahasa KEBANGSAAN, Institusi KeSULTANan Melayu, keDUDUKan agama ISLAM dan lain-lain.. Pernahkah anda terBACA atau terDENGAR kenyataan puak-puak EKSTREMIS ini memperTAHANkan PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA? Pernah? Yang mengHAIRANkan tu, ada pulak SPESIS Lebai-Lebai DUNGU seperti MP PAS Pokok Sena yang berSEKONGKOL dengan mereka ini.. Ini KES takde SPM tapi nak meNAMPAKkan diri tu BIJAK la tuh..

Kita tak HAIRAN pun jika mereka mengumpulkan 10 RIBU orang untuk menuntut perkara sebegini.. Kita jugak tak HAIRAN mereka sanggup menumbuk Timbalan Menteri yang seKAUM dengan mereka untuk menyuarakan TUNTUTan ini.. Walhal kaum mereka sendiri ENGGAN memilih perGURUan sebagai KERJAYA sebaliknya memilih kegiatan ‘UNDERWORLD’? Merekalah puak-puak EKSTREMIS yang tahu pulak MARAH jika PERKASA atau GPMS menyuarakan TUNTUTan yang sama? Apakah puak-puak EKSTREMIS Melayu pada PANDANGan mereka ini TIDAK berhak berSUARA?

Jadik, apa kata kalau PERKASA, GPMS, AMANAH (Sampai bila nak simpan ‘TELOQ’?) atau segala macam NGO-NGO Melayu turut sama menJADI EKSTREMIS demi memperTAHANkan PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA ini? Sampai bila kita harus berTOLAK ansur dengan EKSTREMIS kaum CINA ini yang PERASAN mereka aje yang BIJAK? Jika ada keTEGASan dalam SOAL ini, mereka akan IKUT Sistem PENDIDIKAN sedia ada kerana mereka pun tak mahu anak-anak mereka tak berILMU! Jadik, NGO-NGO Melayu patut berSUARA dalam HAL ini.. Nak HARAPkan Pemuda UMNO? KAH!KAH!KAH!


Pra-syarat Kewarganegaraan

27 03 2012

Letakkan Pra-syarat WAJIB Fasih Berbahasa Malaysia Untuk menjadi Warganegara

Kedaulatan Bahasa mesti dipertahankan, dimana A Samad Said yang dahulu begitu lantang dalam soal bahasa, saya mahu anda A Samad Said mengemukakan satu draft kertas kerja kepada kerajaan untuk  meletakkan syarat ketat ini kepada semua warganegara sebagaimana anda sendi katakan  mendaulatkan Bahasa  telah dicemari oleh kerajaan dalam pelbagai isu.

Bahasa Kebangsaan iaitu Bahasa Malaysia atau melayu merupakan syarat terpenting untuk menjadi warganegara Malaysia, tetapi hal ini berlaku sebaliknya apa bila warganegara Malaysia sendiri  terutama dikalangan orang Cina  yang tidak faham dan fasih berbahasa Malaysia.

Tidak lama dahulu  mereka telah meletakkan syarat fasih berbahasa Mandarin untuk  sesiapa sahaja berkerja di syarikat syarikat milik mereka, dengan demikian  agak  janggal didalam sebuah negara yang mempunyai bahasa ibunda sendiri telah dibelakangkan  dalam sudut bahasanya.

Apakah tidak mencukupi segala yang diberikan oleh Kerajaan untuk mereka. Sikap Extreme ini akan menjurus kepada satu keadaan yang tidak seimbang didalam negara yang mana telah termaktub didalam perlembagaan terutama pengunaan bahawa tersebut.

Dengan demikian saya mencadangkan bahawasanya  Setiap warganegara Malaysia terutama dikalangan bakal pemimpin parti WAJIB FASIH berbahasa Malaysia sebagai Pra syarat untuk menjadi pemimpin. Ini juga boleh di kuat kuasakan disemua warganegara agar mereka mempunyai nilai nilai menghormati bahasa ibunda  dan menghargai apa yang termaktub didalam negara ini.

Jika kita lihat di Indonesia , pada satu tahap sehingga kan nama diri pun digunakan didalam bahasa Indonesia, Tetapi di Malaysia memadai hanya fasih  bertutur dalam bahasa, jangan kita lihat seperti Ahli Parlimen DAP Bakri yang berbahasa  seperti ayam mencari padi di padang. Sepatah pun payah nak dengar.

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7 03 2012

A plea for common sense

A question allegedly from a Form 3 History workbook

This snapshot is currently making its rounds in Facebook pages. And many people are aghast with this type of question and criticise it as against the spirit of 1Malaysia.

To the masses that feed on sensationalised issue and unable to think beyond the typical knee jerk reaction, this question was deeply riled as a racial and political plot to promote the much maligned ‘Ketuanan Melayu’  dogma.

If people would dare to apply their common sense and step back and breathe for awhile, the question posed was in the context of Malayan Union and the struggle of Malayans against their British oppressors.

Obviously the exploits of Datuk Onn Jaafar was learned by all of us and kids these days are not excluded from learning the history of Malaysia.

Try answer the question please.

Done? What have you answered if you were Onn Jaafar? What would you do in order to maintain the status quo of the Malays at that time in the face of being colonised formally by the British through the Malayan Union?

Don’t know? Are you not Orang Malaysia? Why are you offended with this type of question in the first place?

It is part of history.

The snapshot above is from a History subject. It is not a subject about 1Malaysia or current affairs or current political studies.

This is History education.

I wrote sometime back which greatly emphasised this exact issue:

History as a subject has two pronged objectives. One, to instil patriotism into the heart of every citizen from their childhood stage. Two, as source of knowledge on their surroundings and how they perceive their world.

In America, History was a touchy subject for the people especially with the advent of multiculturism among its people. With the influx of foreigners and the calls for equality among the afro-american movement, history as a subject was a sensitive issue indeed.

For example, how do you reconcile the fact that George Washington, the founding father of United States of America, has many black slaves and treated them harshly?

How can one see Abraham Lincoln as one of the greatest President the United States had ever had but at the same time he ‘supported projects to remove blacks from the United States’ and said that ‘blacks could not be assimilated into white society and rejected the notion of social equality of the races’?

Multi-culturism pose a big threat to the learning of a country’s history because history in the eyes of each community living in a particular country is different from one another.

Was the Great Settlement of the Mid West by the white colonials in America a great human achievement for the whites? Or was it a mass extermination of the native Red Indians and their way of life by the europeans?

So what if George Washington owned slaves? So what if Abraham Lincoln was racist?

Each and every American out there reveres them both as the founding father and a great leader based on their achievements alone and what good they had brought to the Americans even centuries after they had passed away.

In other aspects, the native Americans in the USA are very patriotic regardless what happened to their people in the past.

Back in Malaysia, we hear so many negative opposition from the people who are against the subject of history made compulsory in schools. This is precisely because their views came from the racial angle.

All the prejudice, the stereotyping, the paranoia are the by-products of segregated education they experienced in their early childhood. At the very least, their views were contaminated by the very people that champion the need to segregate our children.

In the end, history is being promoted by these clustered group of people as evil and should not be taught to our children. We see so many unsavoury characters in the cyberspace trying hard to re-write history based on fiction and malicious motives.

In any case, like how the Americans are accepting their history, Malaysians must accept their country’s history from the eyes of Orang Malaysia.

The need for racial posturing when it comes to history must be stopped. Only desperate politicians would look through the racial lense and try to skew history to further their agenda for power. People must not look at history as if it is a disease that must be eradicated.  – Full article here.

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