What policies? What plans?

4 11 2012




Education Policy: What is BN’s and PR’s policy if either wins the GE13?

Education, needless to say is the cornerstone of a country’s development and even civilisation. It is an investment into our children to make them good persons, good and useful citizens. WE cannot look at education merely to produce technocrats but weak and valueless human beings.

It is no secret that almost most will agree that generally the education standards in our country, from primary to tertiary is low. We have been having inconsistent education policies for the past many years that has caused major damage to the education of our kids.

Again, I cannot be accused as being excessive when I say that much of our education policy is weak and not well thought out because it has been unnecessarily politicised rather than being focused on quality and proper objectives. The standard of English in our country has declined to an embarrassing low due to politics interfering into our education policy making process. We produce graduates who seem to lack the ability to think and reason.

IF we look at the Government schools, it is plagued with all sorts of problems such as gangsterism, truancy, low quality teachers and school environment. Too much religion in school, especially “Islam”, instead of focusing on academic excellence has also contributed in wastage of resources. We seem to lack commitment to give our children the best education possible in the best environment possible.

We may have KLCC and world class physical facilities at KLIA, but our government schools, especially the National Type schools are generally pathetic. This probably explains why there is an increase in private schools. One barometer of how good our schools are is to ask this question: how many of our Ministers and MPs have their own children studying in Government schools?

After more than 50 years, we still have not come up with a solution to the separation and the consequences of having sekolah kebangsaan and vernacular schools.

With all the above problems, wouldnt the Rakyat like to know what is the education policy and plans that BN or PR have before they cast their vote?

Peace !

Foundation To Build A Nation

27 01 2012

Pre GE13: If The Foundation of BN is Race & Ethnicity… Pakatan Rakyat?

Barisan Nasional is racist! UMNO, MCA, MIC are all racist bigots!!!

I guess that what is normally heard for the past few years. In a way, those kind of statement are due to the member of Barisan Nasional coalition are majority and largely made of race based party. The three main – UMNO to take care of the Malays and Bumiputera; MCA taking care of chinese matters and MIC on indian matters. Is it racist if one to concern of his/her own race?

Before we go any further..what is the definition of racist in the first place? Racist, according to thefreedictionary.com is defined as a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

If someone is concern about his/her own race development and achievement, does it made him/her a racist? I don’t think so, unless the concern or remarks he/she made belittled other race. For example the word “nigger” if it is said to certain people, you will get beaten as nigger is an offensive slang.

So, are most of us in Malaysian really understand the use of the word “racist”? Do most of us use it in a right condition? I let you to think, and perhaps you can share your thoughts here (with the exact wordings, so that I can understand where do you come from).

OK, back to the topic.

Barisan Nasional is a coalition based on few race based party which one of their main objective is to take care the welfare of their own race, without jeopardising the unity of the nation. In another point of view is, each of the party member also has a task to look after their race/ethnic’s concern and development. It is organised in a such a way, and focused. I guess, that’s the Barisan Nasional way of doing things and it is their system.

How about Pakatan Rakyat? What are they made of?

We have DAP, who claimed they are not racist based party, a party for all Malaysians. Recent development and the news they throw in the limelight shows that they are getting members from Malay (in which, I don’t understand the need if really they are not dominantly controlled by a single race). The news they shout out to show they are not racist as one accused them of. But hey, the malays/bumiputeras who joined them are merely members and not leader rank type. If they are, they should be also in the leadership hierarchy. Oh well, we’ll see how they are going about this, especially when the date of GE13 is announced.

We also have Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), who also claimed they are a party for all Malaysians. Hmm.. okay, another party claimed for all Malaysians. So, two parties for all Malaysians in a single coalition? Hmm.. what are their differences? Can you tell me?

Another giant and important party in Pakatan Rakyat – PAS, which a party known their purpose is for Islam. Since Islam is not limited by a single race, technically, they are also a party for all Malaysians… but can a non-muslim be part of the party? If yes, what happened to all the accusations to UMNO saying working with kafir makes them a kafir too? Can someone explain?

In an overview, Barisan Nasional is made of race based parties, working towards to the unity of all. As for Pakatan Rakyat, they are made of parties for all (with one additional clause – Islamic based), working for all, but each of them having different intrepretations and directions.


Maybe I am wrong how Pakatan Rakyat is made of and how they work… can someone tell me? I am very much confused!!!

Question on the street: How long the Pakatan Rakyat agree to disagree can last? If they are to rule Malaysia, they need to agree on the foundation. If not, it will chaotic once broken.

Keazaman Yang Hanya Pada Tulisan & Kata-Kata

15 04 2011

KEMPEN SSS terjumpa sebuah artikel bertajuk “Piagam Barisan Nasional & Peristiharan Rakyat, 1995” yang dimuatkan oleh penulis blog ANAK JENGAYAN.

KEMPEN SSS ingin memetik perenggan-perenggan berikut :-

“Dengan itu Barisan Nasional menegaskan keazaman untuk terus :
  • Mempertahankan kemerdekaan dan kedaulatan negara, mendukung perlembagaan dan institusi Raja berpelembagaan, serta mengamalkan prinsip-prinsip Rukunegara.
  • Menegakkan Islam sebagai agama rasmi negara sambil memperaku dan menghormati hak dan amalan agama-agama lain. Kita percaya bahawa kehidupan beragama sebagai asas kekuatan moral, tunjang kebaikan dan nilai murni serta asas keutuhan keluarga dan masyarakat penyayang.
  • Menjamin kedaulatan Bahasa Kebangsaan (Bahasa Malaysia) sebagai bahasa rasmi negara, serta memperluaskanpenggunaan Bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa-bahasa lain.”

(sila baca artikel sepenuhnya DI SINI)


Silakan bertanya kepada Pengerusi Barisan Nasional yang juga merupakan Perdana Menteri negara ini di samping menjadi Presiden sebuah parti politik orang Melayu & Bumiputera yang terbesar negara ini.:-

  1. Mendukung Perlembagaan dengan begitu tegar membela sekolah-sekolah haram vernakular (cina)?
  2. Menegakkan Agama rasmi? Apa tindakan yang diambil dalam isu al-kitab injil dan isu nama “Allah”?
  3. Menjamin kedaulatan Bahasa Kebangsaan. Adakah ini suatu bahan lawak yang dicipta oleh Pengerusi Barisan Nasional?