REAL reformer? A REAL transformer?

5 10 2011

PM Najib announced bold Law reforms, why not be bolder and reinstate the PPSMI as well

On the eve of Hari Malaysia 2011, PM Najib made a couple of shall I say brave announcements on Law reforms that will be talked about, digested, talked about, criticised and praised. PM Najib made the following announcement: 

1. Abolishment of Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960, which allows detention without trial.

2. Three Emergency declarations to be lifted.

3. Amendments to freedom of assembly laws, which will recognise Article 10 of the Federal Constitution but will be “strongly” against street demonstration.

4. Annual renewal of publishing permits for newspapers will be replaced with a one-off licence, which can be withdrawn.

5. Repeal of Banishment Act 1959 and revision of Restricted Residence Act 1933.

Apparently the ISA will be replaced by two Acts which will be tabled in Parliament not this year but probably next year as I understand the 2 Laws are still being revised. Blogger Jebat Must Die wrote a post on the implication of the abolishment of the ISA what he thought could replace it:

The usage of the ISA has prevented Malaysia from having to face massive upheaval and violence such as bombs exploding in our streets and public buildings, we are an oasis of calm when bombs were exploding in the US, Indonesia, UK, Madrid and many other places globally. 

It is not by accident that we have so far been protected from such terrible violence, the ISA gave the Police preventive powers to detain without trial people who they consider a threat to national security. If Ops Lallang had not been initiated by the Police in the 1980’s Malaysia as we know it today would have been be ruined by communal and religious violence.

So despite the kudos dan pujian tinggi melangit that PM Najib has been receiving from minority pressure groups normally instigated by the Pakatan politicians who uses any issue to hammer the BN, there are the majority rakyat who are law abiding citizens who don’t give two hoots about people who are detained under the ISA as long as our streets are safe, the majority will only be happy if the ISA is abolished and replaced by laws that are better than the ISA. 

Our Law makers should keep these wise opinions in mind when formulating any new pre-emptive Laws to replace the ISA:

Neither Politicians and Judges should decide on Preventive Laws

Mengkhianati Sarjan Jamil Mohd Shah Dan Pejuang Bkt Kepong

I would agree, decisions on preventive laws cannot be placed on the hands of Politicians and Judges, it should be on the IGP who has the necessary secret intelligence garnered domestically and internationally. Yes terrorism are not normally home grown, terrorism has become a sophisticated global phenomena and only the Police and Intelligence agencies are equipped to handle them. Judges will want evidence , hard evidence before they can make a decision but can what one thinks is in a terrorist mind, be evidence accepted by the Courts? That is why the USA has Guantanamo Bay for detention of suspected terrorist and it is no accident that the USA has had no terrorist attacks since 11 Sept 2001 ok. The AG and the PDRM will have their work cut out to replace the ISA, I wish them best of luck.

Politicians come and go, but the Laws will be there and the rakyat will bear the burden of any mistake long after the politicians has gone.

Now comes the question whether the abolishment of the ISA and amendments to the various Laws would bring in the votes to BN? Like I said just now, the majority rakyat do not  care about who the Police detain under the ISAas long as our streets are safe (note: except for that unfortunate accident when the cute reporter was detained under the ISA for her “protection”). The people who are asking for the ISA to be abolished are mostly aligned to the Opposition, so no I don’t think PM Najib’s nor BN’s popularity rating will be up by much with the slew of BOLD announcements on Law reforms necessary for the safety and security of this blessed nation.

I have this suggestion for PM Najib, want to be known as a Leader one who has balls? a REAL reformer? A REAL transformer? how about this: Announce the reinstatement of the PPSMI as soon as possible and I am sure the votes will come in droves from grateful Parents and Students who cut across parties, race and religion. 

The full text of PM Najib Speech can be read here.

The reinstatement of the PPSMI is one flip flop decision that will be welcomed

7 09 2011

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dear BN Gomen, lets give our Children the best deal possible, reinstate the PPSMI

Sometimes I can’t understand this BN Gomen, with every changing of a PM there will always be some fundamental ways how the new Prime Minister will run this blessed country, why can’t a Gomen from the same ruling coalition stick to agreed beneficial long term policies as before?

Of course undeniably I am grateful that many changes are good but  today I am in no mood  talking about the good, preferring to talk about the bad specifically the cancellation of the PPSMI – Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris OR The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics and Science in the English Language which received widespread protest by many Parents in Malaysia the protest has turned into a movement called PAGE led by its  tireless Chairman Noor Azimah. 

I have posted a few articles on the PPSMI too here and here, to help where I can to raise awareness to this pressing PPSMI issue which I promise the Gomen will not go away and hidden buried under the carpet of replacement Acronyms like MBMMBI (Upholding the national language, strengthening the English language)

OK Lets read the news shall we, it started with a statement from the DPM and Minister of Education:

Still under study Tan Sri? I think the Cabinet are wasting valuable time for our children as the world passes us by, all this while  Gomen talks about encouraging Malaysian to be able to compete and work globally even wanting to import Ex-malaysian Talents from overseas who are presumably fluent in English to work here to the detriment of the loyal local work force  already in place in Malaysia. 

I say the future of our children in education especially should not be sacrificed on the altars of political expediency to get  political support for the incumbent Gomen from selfish groups with vested interests.

I totally support PAGE’s Noor Azimah open letter to the BN Gomen:

We have a ready solution
Posted on 17 August 2011 – 11:20am

THE decline of English proficiency among Malaysians was long foreseen when English-medium schools were abolished in 1970.

It was made worse that students were influenced by young activists and ultra-nationalists who were adamant that speaking the English language meant being “colonised” and that one could survive with Bahasa Malaysia only.Ten years ago, the then prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his cabinet, resolved that the best way possible within the confines of the Federal Constitution, was to introduce the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English (PPSMI).It was a policy that was two-prong, superior, tried and tested, and visionary. It addressed the importance of acquiring the knowledge of science, technology and international finance which was desperately needed to achieve developed nation status in 2020 and, simultaneously, provided a context in which the English language could be applied and practised.PPSMI is now being replaced by MBMMBI (Upholding the national language, strengthening the English language), a policy which now appears not well thought out, in that exposure of students to the English language in terms of subject hours is now halved as compared to what was implemented under PPSMI.

The very basic question for the deputy prime minister to answer is, “How will English proficiency improve if exposure to the language is halved?”

PPSMI has proven itself to have improved English. Since its implementation in 2003, the SPM results have revealed, every year, that rural students (92.3% passes) have continued to outperform urban students (91.0% passes), in science which is in English, at the last count.

With English, during the same span of time, rural students have tremendously improved in their English proficiency, from as low as 61.4% passes at the start, gradually trending upwards and now achieving up to 71.2% passes, a marked incline.

PPSMI is a ready solution which needs to be improved upon. Rebranding Malay-medium schools is not. Neither is yet another review.

Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim
PAGE Malaysia

The Najib BN Gomen must remember their mantra:


The reinstatement of the PPSMI is one flip flop decision that will be welcome by thankful parents throughout Malaysia. The Gomen is at a cross road, the moment of truth is at hand, reinstate the PPSMI and Malaysians will forever remember this Najib BN Gomen as one who really walk the talk not just walking about with the rakyat.

Perkasa meminta Kementerian Pendidikan tidak terburu buru atas apa jua desakan

5 09 2011

Pendidikan : Tidak Perlu Bagi Pilihan

Suntingan oleh Aug 17, 2011

PERKASA 17082011: Kerajaan tidak perlu bagi pilihan sekolah didalam memilih program matematik dan sains dalam BI atau BM. Akan timbul discriminasi di kalangan pelajar dari segi jangka panjang.

Merujuk pada satu kenyataan akhbar hari ini yang menyebut ” Kerajaan sedang menimbangkan cadangan untuk membenarkan sekolah memilih sama ada menggunakan bahasa Melayu atau Inggeris dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran sains dan matematik.”

Perkasa berpendapat,teruskan dengan dasar yang ada sekarang,Perkasa meminta kementerian pendidikan tidak terburu buru atas apa jua desakan. Menurut satu kenyataan media yang di keluarkan oleh Pejabat Presiden Perkasa YB Dato Ibrahim Ali sebentar tadi.

Kenyatan itu juga menyebut “Yang penting Dasar Pelajaran Kebangsaan mesti di pertahankan,usaha memperkasa bahasa Ingeris memang di alu alukan tapi jangan sampai bahasa Ingeris di letak sama taraf dengan bahasa Melayu dari segi perlaksanaan nya”.

Sebelum ini Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berkata, Kementerian Pelajaran tidak mahu kelonggaran itu nanti menjejaskan pelaksanaan dasar Memartabat Bahasa Melayu, Memperkukuh Bahasa Inggeris (MBMMBI).

Kenyataan Dato Ibrahim juga menybut “Begitu juga agama Islam adalah agama resmi Persekutuan,walaupun agama lain bebas di amalkan,tapi ianya tidak sama dengan kedudukan agama Islam”.

“Begitu juga soal bahasa Melayu yang termaktub dalam fasal I52. Perlembagaan”.

“Segala urusan resmi kerajaan mesti dalam bahasa Melayu. Pendidikan kelolalan kerajaan adalah urusan resmi dan tertaluk di bawah fasal I52″.

PPSMI Abolishment – It’s all about MONEY?

2 09 2011


Government Ignoring The Rakyat

First here is a shocker :

MUAR: The Education Ministry has set the target for all schoolchildren to be able to read by Year Three, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. . . “There have been cases of students who could not read when they entered Form One ..”
You would have thought that pupils would know how to read in Year 1 (seven years of age). Or even earlier in Tadika.
I think the Deputy Premier was referring to some children only who have reading problems. The vast majority of pupils can read by Year 1. If a pupil cannot read by Year 3 (nine years of age) then the pupil will have even more problems with subject like mathematics because a lot of mathematics in primary school is word based. If you cannot read, it will be also slower to learn Maths.
There are serious issues involved in the education system. I hope to discuss some of them later, maybe after Raya. Here is news about the indefatigable Datin Noor Azimah of PAGE.
PAGE wants to meet Cabinet over PPSMI policy
PETALING JAYA: The Parent Action Group For Education Malaysia (PAGE) has called for a meeting with the Cabinet on the issue of teaching of Science and Mathematics in English, better known as PPSMI.
Parents do not want to have to go to the streets to be heard. We want to be heard in a civilised setting.
Noor Azimah said a precedent should be set for disputes on national issues to be resolved through the Cabinet as it was the “ultimate channel”.
The PPSMI advocate said she had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak
PAGE members were worried that a deputy education minister seemed intent on ending the PPSMI policy despite a statement three days earlier from Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that the Government was keeping its options open on Mathematics and Science being taught in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.
Noor Azimah said the Education Ministry was merely “paying lip service to the voice of the people” by taking cursory note of various surveys done on the issue.
“..poll done by Dr Mahathir on his blog showed 86% were against the abolition of PPSMI.
“A PAGE survey, with letters from parents (from) Long Lama, Sarawak, Bukit Keteri, Jengka, Jeli and Kodiang, showed 95% supported the PPSMI”
telephone survey done by the ministry itself never saw the light of day because ..results showed a very high percentage of parents wanting ..PPSMI.
survey Jaringan Melayu Malaysia showed 66% of parents in rural areas agreed (with) PPSMI
First of all a huge thank you and syabas Datin Noor Azimah for standing up for something that is so important for the future of this country.
I have a suggestion Datin Noor Azimah : just tell the Government that if they dont maintain the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English we will not vote for you. That should work.
Millions of people are already angry with the Government because of the parasitic AP policy. People are really becoming fed up with the AP policy which does nothing except make a few lucky people rich at the expense of the people. Angry people will not vote for you.
Now it looks like millions more people will have reason to be angry with the Government if they abandon the PPSMI. These angry people may be tempted not to vote for the Government because of this short sighted idea to abandon the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English.
People are wondering why some people (especially that very small and minority breed known as the politicians) are so against the PPSMI. The reason is simple : money.
  • the Jaringan Melayu Malaysia survey showed 66% of parents in rural areas agreed (with) the PPSMI.
  • the poll on Dr Mahathir’s blog showed 86% of the people support PPSMI.
  • the PAGE survey (covering parents in Long Lama, Sarawak, Bukit Keteri, Jengka, Jeli and Kodiang) showed 95% support for PPSMI.
  • the telephone survey by the ministry itself showed a very high percentage of parents supporting PPSMI.
Why does the Government turn a deaf ear to so many surveys like these? There is a very, very small but very rich and powerful group of people who are lobbying very hard to abandon the PPSMI. They are the book publishers. They publish school textbooks in Malay. The other group that lobbies strongly against the PPSMI are the Chinese school textbook publishers.
To them if the PPSMI is abandoned, there are big bucks to be made from publishing more books in Malay and Chinese. I have a friend whose family business includes publishing school text books. They are craving for the PPSMI to be abandoned. If they get a contract to publish just one school text book, its worth millions of Ringgits. Money talks loudest. So it is not surprising if the deputy Minister of Education also dances to their tune.
The interests of the suffering majority is going to be sacrificed in favour of the well connected rich minority. Its the AP business all over again folks. They dont serve the peoples’ interests.
I have a suggestion. Why not we conduct a public referendum? Just put one question on the ballot : Do you support the PPSMI. Answer : Ya, saya sokong PPSMI or Tidak, saya tidak sokong PPSMI. Then go by the majority vote. This is a democracy and this is a very important issue.

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali – Saturday, August 27, 2011

PPSMI Will Affect The Nature of Chinese Vernacular Schools

11 07 2011

Dari laman blog WAKE UP!

One School For All

 27 July 2001 (From Malaysiakini)

Teaching Science, Maths in English will affect nature of Chinese schools: Ting

Teaching Science and Mathematics in English will change the nature of Chinese primary schools, said MCA secretary-general Dr Ting Chew Peh at the party’s 49th annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur today.

“All of us agreed with the effort to improve the proficiency of English, so the government has proposed the usage of English in teaching Science and Mathematics,” he said.

But this will change the nature of Chinese primary schools and cause a great impact on the running of the schools, he added when taking a delegate’s question during the question-and-answer session.

Ting, who is also the party education bureau chairperson, outlined two possible scenarios.

“Their (the students) English may improve but their results for the two subjects may decline. If this happens, the gain is not worth the loss.

“Or their results for all the three subjects may be affected. In this case, the schools will not gain anything at all,” he said.

The MCA leader said a lengthier study should be conducted before implementing the proposal, and also include the consideration of the Chinese community and educationists.

He also explained that Mandarin was the administrative language used in these schools and the language is also the teaching medium.

“Therefore, if we use English, the character of Chinese primary schools will be affected,” he said.

Clear message

The debate also saw other party delegates voicing their objection towards the government’s proposal to teach the two subjects in English

A delegate from Johor, Phang Tian Hock urged the government to hear the voice of the Chinese community on this issue.

“We have delivered our message very clearly, we insist on the use of Mandarin as the medium of teaching in these schools,” he said.

“Party leaders who are not clear on their stand have caused members to be confused. Our worry is that once the party leaders agree [to the implementation], they will tell us this is a ‘peace and stability’ formula,” he added.

The delegates also claimed that students from Chinese primary schools do not lag behind as far as proficiency in English is concerned.

In view of this, they argued, that there was no need for the new policy.

However, a minority of delegates supported the policy saying it will enable them to face the challenges of globalisation.

The government said the new policy will be implemented in phases beginning next year.



Whatever the Chinese feels should not be done, must be done.

No other country in the world except Malaysia, have allowed vernacular school to exist.

Not only that, in Malaysia, they got the financing from the government too.

Can you name me any country in the world who will finance the Chinese vernacular or Indian vernacular schools?

If you say that I am being racist, so what? So are you. The Westerners are more racists.

Tun Dr Mahathir had this to say about the medium of teaching.

1Malaysia should mean that there is only 1 medium of schools for all Malaysians if the government wants to unite the different races here.

The existence of the vernacular schools will only divide the different races further apart.

If you can’t even speak proper Malay, the national language, don’t bother to call yourself a Malaysian.

Now is the right time to implement the one school system.

Masyarakat Majmuk berSATU dengan SATU BAHASA – Bukan Satu (seluruh) Malaysia bertutur dengan Pelbagai Bahasa!

25 05 2011

“1” adalah “SATU”, bukannya “Pelbagai”. Masyarakat majmuk yang pelbagai bahasa ibundanya akan berSATU, dengan menggunakan SATU BAHASA yang seragam. Bahasa apa lagi kalau tidak Bahasa Kebangsaan negara? Bukannya SATU Malaysia menggunakan bahasa yang PELBAGAI.

Inilah yang amat peliknya 1-Malaysia yang diwar-warkan oleh DS Najib, seolah-olah SATU MALAYSIA, yakni seluruh Malaysia disarankan menggunakan PELBAGAI bahasa, lalu terhasil-lah iklan PETRONAS Primax Fuel yang menggunakan 4 BAHASA (Melayu, Cina Mandarin (?), Tamil dan Inggeris), iklan Maybank yang suatu ketika dahulu menggunakan salahsatu bahasa ibunda sebuah kaum di Sarawak (dengar tidak faham, kena baca terjermahan baru boleh faham).

Macamana hendak bertoleransi dan Menerima sedangkan diperingkat awal lagi SUDAH TIDAK FAHAM BAHASA?

Kita tidak menolak, malah mengalu-ngalu kefasihan dalam pelbagai bahasa dan sebanyak mana bahasapun yang terdaya dipelajari. Tetapi, tidak fasih dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan adalah sama sekali tidak dapat diterima. Fasih dalam bahasa Kebangsaan dahulu sebelum mempelajari untuk fasih bahasa-bahasa lain. Jangan jadikan keadaan tunggang terbalik di mana bahasa asing dikejar, bahasa Kebangsaan dibelakangi.

April 28, 2011

28 APRIL — Rakyat Malaysia sewajarnya berbangga dan harus meningkatkan usaha untuk menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan, bukan sahaja sekadar bertutur, juga dengan memajukan suasananya dalam pembacaan dan penulisan, terutamanya di bidang sastera. Di sinilah dapat dilihat keterampilan bahasa ibunda kita yang menonjol indahnya, murninya, ayunya dan kena dengan bunga-bunga kata yang ekspresif.

Kejayaan yang wajar disemarakkan dan dimegahkan ialah, Malaysia, kini diiktiraf oleh Badan Pendidikan, Saintifik dan Kebudayaan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (Unesco) sebagai negara terkehadapan dalam penerbitan buku di rantau Asean dan berada di tempat ke-16 dunia. Syabas Malaysia dalam kecemerlangan ini. Memang berwibawa rakyat Malaysia yang bertauliah.

Semangat untuk mentelaah ilmu demi membangunkan negara haruslah disemai dan diberi setinggi-tinggi keutamaan agar negara kita terus giat dalam membina masyarakat yang berfikir dan berperspektif makroskopik. Ini amat penting untuk memelihara persefahaman dan keseimbangan harmoni rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum dan kaya dengan budaya dan bahasa unik masing-masing.

Biarlah kekayaan budaya, tradisi dan bahasa ini dijadikan mimbar untuk membuka mata dan hati rakyat mempelajari, memahami dan menghormati keperbezaan yang unik ini, hanya ada di negara kita. Sudah tentu kita boleh menikmati manfaatnya dan meningkatkan hasil pencarian serta mengaut keuntungan dengannya. Potensi untuk menerbitkan lebih lagi buku amat subur memandangkan banyak bahasa yang dipergunakan di sini. Seorang karyawan yang fasih dalam lebih dari satu bahasa mampu menzahirkan lebih dari satu edisi buku, lagi meningkatkan hasil pencarian.

Faedah kepelbagaian bahasa ini terbukti yang ada juga segelintir ibu bapa Melayu yang faham dan mahu anak mereka menyelami bahasa Mandarin agar anak mereka tidak ketinggalan untuk menyahut cabaran dan peluang yang disediakan negeri Cina buat masa depan. Tidak boleh dinafikan yang di SJKC, pendaftaran pelajar melayu kian meningkat. Inilah peluang yang dapat diambil oleh ibu bapa yang peka dan sedar akan kepentingan bahasa yang bertaraf lingua franca. Bak kata perpatah sediakan payung sebelum hujan. Jika mereka tidak dapat mendalami bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa untuk mendokong ilmu, maka bahasa Mandarin seterusnya diangkat.

Tidakkah pejuang bahasa, sasterawan melayu, pakar linguistik bahasa Melayu sedar tentang kesan yang bersabit dari penyekatan mendalami bahasa Inggeris di sekolah secara tidak langsung menaikkan taraf bahasa Mandarin? Walhal saya menghormati permintaan dan pilihan ibu bapa yang mahu mendidik anak mereka mengikut kehendak mereka, tetapi yang saya hairan ialah mengapa sekolah jenis kebangsaan terselamat dari dicerca oleh kononya pejuang bahasa?

Mengapa hanya menyentapkan segolongan para ibu bapa yang mahukan anak mereka di didik bahasa Inggeris seperti mereka yang mahukan pembelajaran dan pengajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI)? Itu hanya pilihan, seperti pilihan diberikan kepada bahasa Mandarin dan bahasa Tamil.

Jikalau benar pejuang bahasa hendak memartabatkan taraf bahasa Melayu, haruslah dilakukan dengan cara lain yang aman dan saksama, dan tidak mengganggu perjalanan untuk mencari ilmu. Pejuang bahasa harus sedar yang langkah mereka tegaskan untuk membela bahasa melayu adalah mengongkong dan hanya menekankan aspirasi agenda melayu mereka. Ia adalah zalim. Janganlah salah anggap dan begitu tergopoh melabel mereka yang mahukan ilmu dalam bahasa selain bahasa Melayu sebagai tidak patriotik. Mencari ilmu bebas dan tidak boleh disamakan dengan semangat patrotisma.

Mohon Kementerian Pelajaran agar memberikan peluang untuk perilaku konsumen “market forces” mengecapi dan memajukan sekolah kebangsaan sebagai sekolah pilihan. Dengan PPSMI, ramai yang akan menjadikannya sekolah pilihan. Disinilah rumusan untuk menyatupadukan bangsa Malaysia, agar pengalaman bergaul dan saling memahami antara bangsa majmuk negara ini dapat dipelopori tanpa perasaan curiga, cemburu dan iri hati. Untuk membangunkan negara Malaysia yang maju dan mantap bersaing, haruslah kita bersepadu, berganding bahu dan bersiap — sedia bersaing dengan dunia yang kian kecil dan amat kompetitif. Kalau hendak meluntur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya.

Saya mengharapkan yang pejuang bahasa sedar dan mampu melihat konteks pembelajaran dari kanta untuk membina dan memajukan modal insan yang bercendekiawan agar negara kita tetap aman dan progresif. Sekolah kebangsaan seharusnya diberi mandat dan dorongan untuk mengajar selain dari bahasa Melayu dan MBMMBI, pilihan PPSMI dan memajukan serta meningkatkan prestasi pengajaran bahasa Mandarin, Tamil, Arab dan lain-lain agar ia dapat dijadikan sekolah pilihan rakyat Malaysia dan tapak semaian mesra masyarakat majmuk negara kita. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita rebah roboh.

* Aminah Kedah adalah pembaca The Malaysian Insider.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.

PPSMI benefits are proven in the statistics

9 05 2011

Dari laman blog LAMIAFAMILIA (MY FAMILY) :-


WE refer to “Performance gap narrowed” (Sunday Star, March 27) and applaud students, principals and teachers, as well as the Education Ministry and its respective education departments, for achieving success, as “rural students performed better than their urban counterparts in several subjects such as Bahasa Melayu and Science”.Let the statistics speak for themselves. The achievements of the rural students this time around are very impressive.Marked improvements of 3.1%, 4.0% and 1.4% were shown in the numbers who passed English, Mathematics and Science, respectively, outperforming urban students who had made only modest gains compared with the year before.

Incidentally, every percentage point that is gained translates to an improvement of 3,685 students.

One can deduce that the improvement in English may have been the residual effect of the policy of teaching and learning Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI). It had provided the context in which students were compelled to apply and use the language.

As for Mathematics, although rural students have yet to match the levels set by that of urban students, it appears that the rural students have grasped the terminologies of the subject and continued to advance.

By far, the one that deserves the coveted bragging trophy is the rural students’ passing percentage in Science. At 92.3% it is the best performing subject in the SPM, in which the rural schools reign supreme, surpassing their urban counterparts.

It must also be made known that the rural schools scored better in Bahasa Melayu this year, coupled with their remarkable performance in Science. This shows that the policy of teaching and learning Science and Mathematics in English had not jeopardised their level of Bahasa Melayu whatsoever.

Therefore, the PPSMI policy has worked perfectly to “uphold the Malay language and strengthen the English language” which, incidentally, is the desired result of MBMMBI, the policy that was devised to replace PPSMI.

If PPSMI is working as proven by the SPM results, why should it be scrapped?

Overall, it appears that teachers are more experienced and adept in teaching Science and Mathematics in English. All they needed was sufficient time to adapt to the change and subsequently move forward to meet the challenges.

One of the main reasons for the abolishment of the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English was the supposed widening of the performance gap between urban and rural students.

However, the opposite is now true, in that subsequent performance gaps have been narrowing albeit in small, but sure, numbers. Hence the decision to abolish this very important policy should be highly re-considered.

Rural schools are the ones which would lose out should this good policy be taken away from them. Allow the English option alongside Bahasa Melayu in national primary and secondary schools. The benefits are evident in the statistics.

Chairperson, PAGE.


The aftermath of PPSMI policy

27 04 2011

Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI (GMP) dan Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Najib, kedua-duanya mempunyai persamaan apabila membicara soal mendaulatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan Negara ini. Mereka kedua-duanya bertanggungjawab merendahkan lagi kedudukan Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini walaupun kedudukan Bahasa Kebangsaan telah sedia termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Negara serta Akta Bahasa.

Menjadikan PPSMI sebagai alasan, GMP yang kononnya dikatakan berjuang menegakkan Artikel 152 Perlembagaan, turut sama berjuang untuk menegakkan bahasa-bahasa asing seperti Mandarin dan Tamil dalam isu PPSMI ini. Apa yang sebenarnya diperjuangkan oleh GMP adalah bahasa ibunda, BUKANNYA bahasa Kebangsaan. Ini menyuburkan lagi penggunaaan bahasa-bahasa asing di negara ini melalui sekolah-sekolah vernakular, yang sebenarnya HARAM, apabila mengenepikan bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa penghantar.

Pelajar-pelajar Melayu, di mana bahasa ibunda mereka adalah Bahasa Melayu, yang menjadi Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini, sepatutnya mengasah diri masing-masing dalam bahasa kedua, iaitu Bahasa Inggeris. PPSMI adalah salah satu di anatara cara terbaik bagi membolehkan pelajar-pelajar Melayu memahirkan diri dengan lebih lagi apabila mempelajari matapelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Dari sudut ini, perjuang GMP dan DS Najib adalah tiada bezanya dalam merendahkan lagi martabat Bahasa Kebangsaan. DS Najib telah terkenal perjuangan beliau membela sekolah-sekolah vernakular sehinggakan digelar sebagai BAPAK VERNAKULAR. Beliau juga melalui konsep 1-Malaysianya yang pelbagai itu, turut sama mempelbagai bahasa-bahasa pertuturan negara ini dengan tidak menjunjung bahasa Kebangsaan, malahan menggalakkan lagi penggunakan bahasa asing seperti Mandarin, Tamil dan lain-lain, kononya untuk mera’ikan kepelbagaian (diversity) di negara ini.


Sebuah artikel dari JEBAT MUST DIE, “The aftermath of PPSMI policy”.

Back in 2009, the Government had made their decision to reverse PPSMI and gradually abolish it. Starting from 2012, the subjects on Mathematics and Science in all schools will revert to Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin and Tamil in respective schools. By the year 2017 in primary and 2016 in secondary, all children in both primary and secondary will learn all the subjects in Bahasa Malaysia, with the exception of the English subject of course.

And, with the exception of children in vernacular schools too.

All children in national schools will learn mathematics and science in Bahasa Malaysia again, while all children in mandarin and tamil schools will learn those subjects in their respective mother tongues.

That is the outcome of the opposition’s relentless pursuit to oppose anything just for the sake of opposing. I mentioned the opposition because Pakatan Rakyat leaders were involved in the various platforms conducted by the Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI (GMP) which incidentally headed by A. Samad Said, an iconic ‘pejuang bahasa kebangsaan’.

Much is left to be desired when this so called pejuang bahasa kebangsaan stopped short in asking the vernacular schools to switch its medium of teaching language to Bahasa Malaysia. Hence I find it really hypocritical of him when he assumed that GMP will bring dignity to Bahasa Malaysia among Malaysians.

In fact, his foray in politicising the national language will further alienate the races between each other.

I believe the PPSMI would be one of the factor that would attract Malaysia parents to send their children to the national schools. The other main factor is the lessening of Islamic /Arabic influence in the daily routine of activities of the school. But that is another matter altogether.

At that time, if GMP and the Minister in Education said that Bahasa Malaysia has finally and correctly ‘dimartabatkan’, then so be it.

The aftermath of the decision has led to various lobby groups being set up to lobby for the return of PPSMI. The most prominent is called Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE).

The stark contrast between GMP and PAGE is the absence of street demonstrations. We all remember the pretentious street demonstrations organised by GMP and led by several opposition leaders back in early 2009. It was pretentious because Bahasa Malaysia now became the domain of the Malays; not the rest of Malaysians.

Only the Malays should dignify the national language. The non-Malays can continue strengthen their own mother tongue. Only the Malays are chastised if they use English as their main language to converse. Non-Malays can use English with impunity.

Nevermind the fact that Bahasa Malaysia should be used by all Malaysians. GMP forgot to support the one stream education system which suggested the use of Bahasa Malaysia as the main medium of learning in most of the subjects.

GMP, if they were serious, should make Bahasa Malaysia the mother tongue of all Malaysians.

To me, it doesn’t make sense to chastise Malays who wanted to learn mathematics and science in English when Bahasa Malaysia is already their mother tongue. Being the mother tongue of approximately 17 million of the population is already a dignified accomplishment of Malaysia. What they should have pursued is the usage of Bahasa Malaysia as the mother tongue of 100% of the population.

Hence the one stream education system is the way to go. But GMP seemed more interested in looking at narrower view i.e., looking only at the Malays and not the overall populace.

That is why they are labeled as pretentious and not serious enough in their battles for Bahasa Malaysia’s survival.

Fortunately and finally, PAGE’s objectives had been heard by the Government. Last week, the Minister of Education, the same minister that announced the possibility of a dual medium of instruction in schools.

Although the details are sketchy, I believe the MOE will give schools the power to decide which language to teach mathematics and science. The Parent-Teacher Associations of  each schools will undoubtedly be given the voting power to decide on this matter.

But what is unclear is whether this will cover vernacular schools as well. Those  powerful vernacular cartels such as Dong Jiao Zong will almost certainly and vehemently defend their racial turf.

We all know a lost cause when we see one. The only way for them to see beyond racial lenses is to have a strong national leader that can make them see the benefits of having one stream national education system.

All things considered, I think this is the best time to propagate PPSMI. In 2009, the MOE made a good decision to limit the number of subjects in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) to 10 subjects.

With smaller number of subjects for the students to study, all the excess energy that was used to gain 15As, 18As and even 20As  in the previous years can be channeled into learning mathematics and science in English. Also, extra co curricular activities will automatically be emphasised more by the students as they would certainly want to make their curriculum vitae more marketable than their peers.

Being in sports, clubs, societies and uniformed groups will enhance their social skills and leadership qualities.

Those are a couple of great assets for an aspiring student to venture into the realm of tertiary education and beyond.

The recent survey made by Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) listed the ability of good written and spoken English as the main criteria to employ new employees.  Out of ten traits, 68% of employers listed that as the most sought after attribute of a prospective employees.

Good academic results came out 7th at 37.9% while 56.2% of employers valued interpersonal skills as the 3rd most sought after trait.

Bottomline, your paper results will not be nearly as important as your social interactivity skills. And the ability to write a nice business letter and to speak English with confidence top everything else.

You will be a star employee if you can master scientific or business terminologies with ease.

Anyhow, we hope the Ministry of Education will not forget to improve the overall standard of education in our national schools and continue to produce more positive news and good results in order to promote the national education to the masses.

It is enlightening to read about the news that among the non native English speaking country in this world, Malaysia is ranked at 9th position and the 1st among Asian countries with population that has high proficiency in English.

It is ironic to note that Singapore which has Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil as their official languages  is not considered non native English speaking country anymore. In other words, Singapore is now considered an anglophile state according to international standards.

They do speak good Singaporean English.

But Malaysia, that had laid so much importance towards her national language, can strive to be among the best English speaking country in the world, speaks a lot about our education system.

We want to be global. Yet, we retain our identity as Malaysian.

Orang Malaysia bukan sahaja mesti pandai berbahasa Malaysia tapi mesti pandai berbahasa Inggeris juga. Baru boleh duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi. Boleh mengharung globalisasi tapi tak hilang jati diri.

Terima kasih. Thank you.

Chinese Schools supports PPSM”BM” ?

22 01 2011
Sebuah artikel baru terbitan PURE SHIITE untuk dikongsi bersama.
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wee Ka Siong Lu biar betul…..Chinese Schools supports PPSM”BM” and the PAGE White Flag?

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong has confirmed the government has no plans to backtrack on its decision to abolish the teaching of Maths and Science in English despite relentless efforts by a pro-English lobby group to reverse the policy.
Wee also denied that the decision to stop the policy, known as PPSMI (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris), was politically motivated as alleged by the group, the Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE).
“The reversal of the PPSMI was done through four roundtable discussions, so after much deliberation the Cabinet made its decision based on the findings,” he told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.
Wee shook his head when asked if the move was the Barisan Nasional’s strategy to recoup its loss of the Malay rural vote in Election 2008, as alleged by PAGE members.
No, no. Even the Chinese schools wanted the teaching instruction of the subjects to be in Bahasa Malaysia. Just take a simple example and seek comments from some professional groups and you will know,” he said. More here
Gua malas mau cerita banyak banyak… 

Bahasa Malaysia?????

Kalau betul Alhamdullilah…..and why stop at 2 subjects?

If you really wanna know what they actually said with regards to PPSMI

Chinese Organisations’ Rejection Very Dangerous, Says Najib

November 12 , 2002 19:50PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 (Bernama) — The rejection of the Chinese organisations Dong Zong and Jiao Zong of the move to teach Mathematics and Science in English at national type Chinese primary schools is very dangerous, Umno vice president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Tuesday.

Najib, who is also Defence Minister, said that the Chinese organisations’ rejection was dangerous as it was a form of sedition and Umno would monitor them very closely.

It’s very dangerous because it can tantamount to being seditious…we will monitor very closely. I’m sure they are being monitored very closely,” he told reporters after chairing the meeting of the Special Cabinet Committee on National Service at the ministry here.

However, Najib said, the rejection of the Chinese organisations should not be seen as a disaster and called on them to allow a certain period of time for the government’s efforts to succeed and should not reject it outright.

“It’s not a disaster. They should give it a chance to work. I think we have to accept this positively but if you reject this at the outset, then you are not giving it a chance to work,” said Najib.

Meanwhile, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Rais Yatim, when met after the meeting, said that the Home Ministry was monitoring the recent statements by the Chinese organisations.

On his part, he said, he would advise the Dong Zong and Jiao Zong to no longer play up racial issues over the use of English in the teaching of the two subjects.

I understand that the Home Ministry is already fully aware of such consequences and we would like to tell the extremist groups to no longer raise racial issues over the use of English in the teaching of Mathematics and Science,” he told Bernama.

He said that it was not wrong if the Chinese organisations were to question the use of English on the academic aspect but it was another thing to venture to undermine certain races.

“…if they had expressed their anger or to undermine matters pertaining to a race, this concerns sedition and an offence under the law,” he said.

Umno Youth chief Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein who is also Youth and Sports Minister, when met by Bernama, said that the Chinese organisations only displayed their narrow thinking in raising matters that were baseless.

“By their rejection, I regard them as a small group who are still narrow-minded, still playing up racial issues and still playing politics,” he said.

The stand taken by the government on the use of English, according to him, was well accepted by the people and should proceed even if rejected by the Chinese organisations.

Another Umno vice president, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, said that the Chinese organisations should respect the government’s decision and the wish of the majority.

“If they choose to reject it, that’s their right. But they should respect the voice of the majority expressed through parties in the Barisan Nasional. They have been elected by the people,” he said at the launching of a guidebook for new car buyers here.

He said that the Dong Zong and Jiao Zong only represented a group of race and was narrow-minded when asserting that the mother tongue would lose its importance following the teaching of the two subjects in English.

Deputy Education Minister, Senator Datuk Abdul Aziz Samsudin said that he would not dismiss the possibility that the Chinese organisations’ rejection of the move was more of personal interest.

He said that they felt that their stand would show to a small section of society that they were doing their job especially those who were members of schools’ board of governors.

“That’s possible. They will not be seen to be doing their job if they don’t reject,” he told reporters at the lobby of parliament house here.

— BERNAMA Go here

Strange don’t you think……in 2008 they UGUT the Government of the Day.
Jiao Zong warns of mammoth demo
By: Kong See Hoh (Tue, 09 Dec 2008)
JIAO ZONG (United Chinese School Teachers Association) president Ong Chiaw Chuan warns that Dong Jiao Zong will launch a massive protest action should the government decide to continue with its policy of teaching Science and Mathematics in English, the Chinese press reported yesterday.
Dong Jiao Zong, which comprises Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) and Jiao Zong, has maintained a firm stand that the government should revert to the use of mother-tongue languages to teach the two subjects in primary schools.
Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein is expected to make a decision after chairing the fifth roundtable discussion on whether or not to continue teaching Science and Mathematics in English.
“The Chinese community has to act if the issue is not resolved,” Ong said on Saturday.
He believed the majority of people from the various communities wish to see a reversal to the use of mother-tongue languages to teach Science and Maths.
He urged Chinese-based political parties and Chinese ministers, especially those from MCA, to be firm in fighting for the use of Mandarin as the medium of instruction for Science and Maths in Chinese primary schools.
“They also need to be mentally prepared, as once the government decides to carry on with the policy, Dong Jiao Zong will launch a massive protest action,” said Ong.
He said Dong Jiao Zong feels that the teaching of Science and Maths in English is currently the greatest threat to Chinese education. More here
I pity Azimah……. 

But the third instalment of a forum held at the Bar Council building here last night saw feeble response, triggering talk that it was time for PAGE to throw in the towel.

Admitting that the struggle had nearly reached a dead end, PAGE chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim suggested at the forum that the group call it a day.

“We speak about blasting (promoting) this out through the Internet and all that, and we blasted for today but look at what we have.

We did blast and blasted for a week so if this is an indication of the so-called tsunami we hope to achieve … I think we should throw in the towel,” she said.

Her suggestion met with protests from participants but the crestfallen Noor Azimah pointed out that “it has already been two years, you know.

“And it’s not that people do not know about us. The media has given us fantastic support … some politicians even envy me because I get more media coverage than they do,” she said.

PAGE activists and members also conceded during the forum that the major stumbling block in their fight was politics and in their decision to avoid using violence and aggression to achieve their goals.


Takkan 2 tahun nak give up?

Stay true to your struggle… is constitutionally OK anyway……refer here

Perhaps you should look at the Satu Sekolah Project…..

Ask yourself a simple question…..

Do you as a Law abiding citizen of Malaysia close one eye to the RAPING of OUR CONSTITUTION by allowing the SEKOLAH HARAM TO CONTINUE?


Let us USE THE LAW………

And we’ll see if Politics can supersede the Law………..

Ask yourself another question….