Yang Berhormat?

22 04 2010

Now, why on earth “responsible” people want to behave in an irresponsible and unbecoming manner. They include Yang Berhormats shouting and abusing. What a joke. They are law makers, for goodness sake. Shouting and abusive in the law-making house, the State Assembly. No decency. No decorum. No respect for the law-making State Assembly which they are part of.

They should behave properly to add to the sanctity of the laws they pass. They are responsible for the laws passed whether they are the ruling or opposition parties. If they are opposed to the laws being discussed, just state the reasons, their statements are recorded in the State Assembly or Parliamentary records, that is more than enough in the discharge of their duties as ADUNs or MPs. There should be no shouting, standing up on the table, no fracas or rowdiness. Extremely unacceptable behaviour.

Why do we elect the rowdy ones to office in the first place? Why do we give such fellows our vote? Think, people, think. Value our votes.

Now that they are in, what do we do about them? What do you think? Let’s talk here.

Good of HRH Sultan Perak drawing the attention of the people to such nonsense. Shameful acts, those “YBs”. Interesting that Pakatan Assemblymen “did not receive invitations” to the Sultan’s birthday function.

And others who go abroad bad-mouthing Malaysia. Even the Aussies now want to teach us about our legal system. How dare they, those 50 Aussie MPs, trying to tell us how to run DS Anwar’s court case? And we having to dance to US tune.

The Star Online has the story:


Tuesday April 20, 2010

Perak Ruler unhappy with those who disgrace Malaysia at international forums


KUALA KANGSAR: The Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah expressed regret at the actions of certain individuals and groups who disgraced their own country at international forums.

This, he said, gave an opportunity to outside powers to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

“I call on the people to use their wisdom for the sake of the nation and not to be influenced by their emotion based on desire which would eventually be to the detriment of the country,” he said at the investiture and pledging of loyalty ceremony in conjunction with his 82nd birthday at Istana Iskandariah here yesterday.

Sultan Azlan Shah noted that all members, be it in Parliament or the state assembly, should respect the sanctity of the august House.

“Those who are called the Yang Berhormat should show exemplary behaviour,” he said.

“It is embarrassing that proceedings in the august House are done in an environment filled with shouts and abuses,” said Sultan Azlan Shah.

“It is also an insult to the assembly if members bring placards with degrading words and hurl abuse at each other,” he added.

At the same event, Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said elements of ill-mannered behaviour by people in high positions and professions were not happening on the streets or in markets but in places that should be regarded highly and respected.

Dr Nazrin said courtesy was the key factor that determines the rise and fall of a country and its leaders.

“Politeness plays an important role in shaping a society let alone a prosperous and steady country,” he said.

Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir said that the Barisan Nasional government would do its best to maintain peace and harmony in the state while continuing with its development.

Dr Zambry noted that he had during the March 31 state assembly, called on Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen not to jeopardise the people’s welfare with their never-ending politicking.

At the investiture ceremony Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Almarhum Sultan Iskandar headed the list of 912 people conferred with awards and medals in conjunction with Sultan Azlan Shah’s birthday.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was conferred the Darjah Kebesaran Seri Paduka Sultan Azlan Shah Perak Yang Teramat Dimulia (SPSA) which carries the title Datuk Seri Diraja.

No Pakatan state assemblymen were present during the ceremony.

When contacted, state DAP chairman and Sitiawan assemblyman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the Pakatan state assemblymen did not receive any invitations to the ceremony.

“We have been waiting for the invitations but none of us received any,” he said.

State secretary Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim could not be reached to verify Ngeh’s claim.




11 responses

22 04 2010

“No respect for the law-making State Assembly which they are part of.”

Doesn’t it mean they don’t respect themselves? Then how to call those disrespectful people YB? Is there a law saying they must be call YB I want to know.

22 04 2010
SSS Admin


Subject to further checking, it is possible that the terminology “Yang Berhormat” was derived from the “The Honourable” i.e the form of address of British Members of Parliament. Our laws were based on British laws, our Constitution was drafted by British experts at the time prior to independence when the British were still ruling this country. British MPs originally comprised the nobility, the elite members of society, most of whom were aristocrats, well brought up “gentlemen”. The word “gentlemen” alone at that time was synonymous with good upbringing, politicians engaged in politics as a vocation rather than as an occupation, held on to very high principles and would resign if they strongly disagree with policies.

Alas, in Malaysia, we have all sorts who make up State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament. Said to be “people of the people”, some behave the way HRH Sultan Perak spoke about. Something ought to be done in order that we would not end up as the laughing stock of the world, Parliamentary or State Assembly-wise. The Indians are on record for talking the longest at the United nations; one Indian Foreign Minister literally talked until the next day. Let us hope that Malaysia would not be known as having a Parliament or State Assemblies with the loudest shouting and the most vocally abusive in the whole world.

In the US they are simply called Mr Congressman or Mr Senator.

22 04 2010
Orang Lama

Of course what to do with them is that we don’t vote for them again next time. But maybe they appeal to the rowdy crowd. The question is what do we do with the rowdy crowd. Those who demonstrate illegally, without Police permits, get photographed being sprayed with water, then claim to the press about brutality and so on. I face traffic jams and late to office and appointments many times. Now retired I still don’t like traffic jams.

22 04 2010
SSS Admin

Orang Lama,

If only most people would think like you. This thing about politics is a funny business, sometimes. They say politics is dirty but people ought to realise it’s the politicians who make them dirty, and those with no principles and those said to katak lompat for money, if proven, are themselves dirty. Then there are those who engaged in the grabbing of the Speaker’s songkok, the fellow photographed standing on the table shouting loudly to opponents inside the august Assembly hall. That is really clownish, they being so-called YBs.

The use of money to attract crowds is another dirty business. There has been talk about coupons being issued to participants at public rallies and demonstrations, such coupons exchangeable for cash. Politics have become an expensive business. In some cases it has really been looked at as a business where a few may raise money deemed as capital and recouped their investment after being elected or upon being approached to withdraw nominations to avoid “spoiling the votes” badly needed in constituencies assessed with low win margins.

22 04 2010

Mane boleh nye? Bukanke orang deme yang baring atas jalan menghalang Raja Muda negeri saya tahun lalu.

Gomen patut ambik tindakan tegas. Macam dua orang yang mengotorkan laman citra DYMM TUanku dulu. Heret keMahkamah, lepas itu denda deme baru deme tau. Yang lain kecot sikit lepas tu.

Kalau ADUN atau WR, kan ade Speaker. Kan ade Standing Order (Perintah Berdiri!). Suruh deme yang kelakuan tak betul berdiri kemudian halau keluar dewan le. Selalu buat macam tu pun takpe. Kalau tidak, jadi macam Parlimen Taiwan le. Asyik nak bertumbuk diParlimen. Macam budak budak.

23 04 2010
SSS Admin


Selain dari Yang Berhormat-Berhormat, DYMM Tuanku juga menegur mereka yang pergi ke foram antara bangsa diluarnegeri membusukkan nama Malaysia. Mereka ini memang ada agenda mereka sendiri. Orang politik lagi lantang, mahu dapatkan simpati asing kapada isu yang mereka kemukakan sebagai pembangkang. DS Anwar telah berbuat demikian sejak pemerintahan Tun Dr Mahathir lagi, lebih giat dipemerintahan Tun Abdullah. Sekarang dimasa pemerintahan DS Najib masih berbuat demikian sehinggakan 50 Wakil Rakyat Australia mahu menunjukkan Mahkamah Malaysia bagaimana sistem keadilan kita harus dijalankan. Orang Australia itu sudah sampai kepringkat biadab, tidak tahu dasar perhubungan antarabangsa, sepatutnya tidak mencampuri urusan dalaman (internal affairs) dan menghormati keagongan (sovereignty) negara lain.

Demikian juga mereka yang ta’at setianya kapada negara dicurigakan. Mereka melepaskan geramnya kapada negara dan bercerita bermacam macam yang tidak benar berkenaan Malaysia. Mereka yang sudah cabut lari dari Malaysia berhijrah secara emigrasi kenagara lain mungkin tidak menjadi hal besar, walau pun ada yang mengoyakkan paspot dan memfitnahkan Malaysia mengikut salah nasihat yang mengatakan lebih peluang mendapat kebenaran tinggal tetap dinegara berkenaan jika berbuat demikian; ini berlaku diEngland dihujung tahun lalu. Tetapi yang tidak mahu cabut lari tetapi hanya membusukkan nama Malaysia bila diluar negeri itu perlu diawasi.

23 04 2010

Dia lari sebab fedup “govenment tidak fair tak kasi equal semua orang sudah jadi rakyat. Sekolah punya hal misti boleh pilih sekolah apa dia mahu”.

22 04 2010

Perhaps the era now is for the government to grip on their political powers and the opposition to wrest this power away, government and opposition will then be switching positions. Nothing else matter, but ruling power.

Rakyat ternganga melopong memerhatikan lakunan para the so-called “Yang Berhormat”. YB tahi kucing !!!! Yang Bergaduh, Yang Berak, Yang Bingai, Yang Bangang agaknya lebih tepat kut?

The government is more and more into ‘apologetic’ policies while the oposition keep on barking like mad dogs.

1. Bila isu rumah terbengkalai ini nak selesai? Ada bapak segala Sale & Purchase Agreement pun tak boleh pakai. Kerajaan buat apa dengan kompeni-kompeni kroni yang tibai duit pembeli tu? Bank bayar, hartanah entah kemana. Nak mengadu kat mahkamah? piiraahh!!

2. Undang-undang yang ada dalam negeri semakin jadi perhiasan. Anak luar nikah yang belum tentu bapaknya siapa pun boleh di bagi bin dengan membelakangi undang-undang. Ini contoh yang kerajaan berikan? Apa kerja Menteri dalam negeri ni?

3. Orang nak satu bahasa satu bangsa, si PM pula dengan 1Malaysia rojaknya. Apa kejadah ni?

Inilah akibatnya ada Perlembagaan pun, buat perhiasan saja. Hari-hari kerja nak buat duit saja, tak kira halal ke tak halal, asalkan duit masuk. Perasaan kesedaran sivik, ethic, campak buang entah kemana. Sepatutnya kerajaan lebih banyak kepada program-program yang menekan ke arah jati diri, nilai diri, kesedaran sivik, identiti bangsa dan dan negara, jangan kemaruk sangat dalam mengejar high income yang menghalalkan segala cara.

Aku amat heran kalau kempen semacam SSS ini pun kerajaan macam acuh tak acuh aja, apa lagi bila si PM dok menggalakan sekolah-sekolah vernakular lagi.

Tahi kucing!

23 04 2010
SSS Admin


Satu kemungkinan sebab merosotnya mutu wakil-wakil rakyat kebelakangan ini ialah rasuah yang menyebabkan keruntuhan akhlak atau moral dalam masyarakat. Bila rasuah sudah menjadi perkara biasa dalam masyarakat, nilai baik buruk dalam masyarakat pun terjejas. Nilai-nilai masyarakat bertukar. Maka akhirnya masyarakt jadi keliru, tak kisah atau sinis. Begitu banyak yang runtuh akhlaknya diantara orang politik sehingga banyak yang bertanding pun kurang akhlaknya. Lihat sahaja skandal skandal rasuah, perhubungan jantina diluar kahwin, wakil rakyat kahwin tidak sah, dan kelakuan sebagainya diantara wakil rakyat. Maka pengundi pun jadi tak kisah. Yang kisah tidak ada pilihan jika terpaksa memilih dinatara dua tiga yang akhlaknya longgar.

Sebaliknya, mungkin pihak yang menentukan siapa menjadi calon pilihan raya juga akhlaknya diperso’alkan. Dari segi tamakkan atau pelahapkan kuasa, mereka pilih calon yang difikirkan boleh mendatangkan kemenangan. Justru, bekas Menterin Besar yang partinya mendapati dan menghukum dia rasuah pun dicalonkan. Dan rakyat pilih dia, dia menang. Tidakkah ini bermakna bahawa keseluruhan masyarakat kawasan tersebut sudah rebeh akhlaknya, nilai-nilai kemasyarakatannya?

Naik turun masyarakat dan tamadun maanusia dalam sejarah melibatkan pelupusan masyarakt itu dari dunia. Masyarakt Aztec, Inca, Khmer hilang dari dunia walau pun mencapai kegemilangan pada puncak tamadunnya. Malaysia belom pernah mencapai kegemilangan. Apa boleh kita mencapainya disuatu masa nanti?

22 04 2010

Mebbe it’s their ways. Just say what they want, whatever way they want. In the heat of the moment, just blurt out whatever comes to mind. When desperate shout out to be heard.

The sad thing is that they are in the Assembly Hall when doing it. They forgot manners. Mebbe a few of them think the their supporters would like it if they do it. Appear willing to “fight” for their cause. Sad when society allows people with that kind of values.

23 04 2010
SSS Admin


There is no excuse to behave in an unbecoming manner when they are Yang Berhormats. They have to live up to their name, to their title. They have to respect their name, their title. In other words, they have to have self respect. They have to have dignity. There is nothing lower than a non self-respecting and undignified YBs. Utter shame.

Yes, it is a reflection on the society we live in, a reflection on us, especially those who voted the uncouth fellows in. Standing up on a table and shouting to others inside the Perak State Assembly Hall is certainly uncouth. Then there is the gangster type or the gangster-associating ones. As alleged by one PKR ADUN and one PKR MP, the DAP Exco in Selangor was associating with “the Underworld” in the premises of the Selangor State Government. Whither are we heading to?

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