What are the passing marks for all SPM subjects? “Syok Sendiri”?

22 03 2012

  • Yesterday I was at a school in Petaling Jaya with our foster daughter waiting for her SPM results. She did quite ok. Nowadays even before the SPM results are out, the kids can already enrol in college, which is what our foster child is doing.
  • This year’s SPM results are said to be the best ever. 559 out of 468,808 students scored straight A+ in all subjects. Congratulations to all these kids.
  • However the statistics are becoming more complicated and cannot be understood by the layman. For example, “The overall SPM achievement for 2011 improved from the year before, with the National Average Grade at 5.04 compared with 5.19 in 2010.”

  • What does this really mean?
  • “This is indicative of an upward trend of the National Average Grade from 2007 to 2011,” said Education director-general Datuk Seri Abd Ghafar Mahmud. “The lower the National Average Grade is, the better the performance of students.”
  • Huh?
  • Why cant we just say out of 468,808 students who took the SPM last year, how many students passed (A) and how many failed (B)? Then A divided by total SPM candidates will give us the percentage who passed.
  • It gets even more confusing : “The overall achievement of schools also improved, as the number of schools in the excellent’ and good’ categories increased by 13 and 60 schools respectively,” he said. Of the 2,208 secondary schools in Malaysia, 80 are considered excellent, 400 are good, 1,679 are satisfactory and 49 are less satisfactory but with potential.”

  • What is the meaning of “less satisfactory but with potential“? I think all this double talk is purposely designed to confuse the public about the real state of our education system.
  • Here is something I have been asking for a long time but with no answers forthcoming. The question has even been denied an answer in Parliament.
  • I would like to know what are the passing marks for all SPM subjects? I think all responsible Malaysian parents should support me on this issue.

  • We must know what are the marks required to pass a subject, what are the marks required to get an A, A+ etc ? Why is there so much secrecy about divulging the passing mark? Apa rahsia besar sangat?
  • Is it true that the passing grade for Mathematics is only 15 marks?
  • The last time I spoke about this, one village idiot threatened to make a Police report against me. I hope someone will make a Police report because we really need to know what are the passing marks for Mathematics, Science, English etc.
  • Or are we just being given ‘syok sendiri‘ information like 559 straights A+s, National Average Grade at 5.04 compared with 5.19 in 2010, 38,000 all As in last year’s PMR etc.
  • The fact is even our university grads are becoming quite unemployable. What more our SPM leavers. If the passing marks for Mathematics or Science in the SPM are set at 15 marks or 20 marks, we are just cheating ourselves with more “feel good” cocoons. And we are not being fair to our children at all.
  • Finally may I strongly suggest that the Six Core Subjects be reduced to just five. Presently the Six Core subjects are :
  • 1. Bahasa Melayu
  • 2. English
  • 3. Islamic Education
  • 4. History
  • 5. Mathematics
  • 6. Science
  • Time is precious. We cannot afford to squander our children’s study time. Here is the school motto from my late father’s high school – “Let not thine winged days be spent in vain, when gone no gold can buy them back again”.

  • So lets use the time to teach the kids more useful and practical, everyday knowledge. There is no point teaching them imaginary fairy tales that no one knows if they even really happened.



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