Malaysia’s educational excellence Part l

23 04 2012

Malaysia’s educational excellence Part l: Dong Zong

With updates

Did the double (or is it triple?) PhD holder deserve this?

Original article:

  • The World Economic Forum’s report on Malaysia’s academic excellence is making some Malaysians extremely unhappy. I was going to comment about this earlier today but since they are still jumping up and down like those monkeys in our Dewan Rakyat did this afternoon, I thought I’d let them calm down a little first and draw your attention to this Dong Zong boss (right) who is said to hold two PhDs, both allegedly unaccredited! Now, if this is true it is certainly affect Malaysia’s world ranking, no?
  • [The Star went to town with Dr Yap’s PhDs like any good rag would but, just for the record, it was our “mole” SatD who broke the story in Standing “Obengtion” for Dr Yap on March 26, complete with a photograph of him getting punched in the nose!]
  • My take on WEF’s ranking of Malaysia later ..



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