Najib and his vernacular obsession is ruining nation building

19 10 2012



Speak Bahasa Programme Promotes Proper Use of National Language – D’Cruz

KUALA LUMPUR:The ‘Speak Bahasa’ Programme organised by the National Archive should be held more often to help the younger generation use Bahasa Kebangsaan properly.

Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Senator Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz said of late, many youths seemed to have forgotten how to use the national language correctly.

“Some of them mixed English with Bahasa Kebangsaan apart from using shortened and brief language when writing e-mail and sending SMS.

“As such the Speak Bahasa programme need to be held every year so that the people are reminded on the proper use of Bahasa Kebangsaan,” he said.

Maglin was speaking to reporters after opening a Speak Bahasa programme titled ‘The Correspondence Language of Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah 1882-1905’ held at the Bahasa Melayu Campus of the Teachers Education Institute here today.

Touching on the collection of Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah’s correspondence kept by the National Archive which received the recognition of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) in 2001 as a World Heritage Collection, he said linguistic expert Professor Emeritus Datuk Dr Asmah Omar had conducted a research on the collection and found the language used was unique.

“Results of the study will be produced into a book after this,” he said adding that it was hoped that the book would be an important source of reference
for linguistics as well as other fields such as history, administration, economics and so on.




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